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Hey there. You can call me Strider or Amoux. I've been writing (or learning to write) for about six years now, having joined Chicken Smoothie in 2010. Two years later, in 2012 I created Advanced Scribes. And it has been an amazing four years working with the staff and members here on AS. For a bit of personal information, I am a member of an incredible family and in a relationship. I live on the shores of Lake Michigan, which is one of my favorite places to go to relax with those close to me. I'm a Greek Geek and Lord of the Rings is life. I love my dog, I hate cats, my favourite colour is blue, and I love nutella but really shouldn't. Shoot me a pm if you have any questions or would just want to rp, I'm always open for new ideas. You can reach me here or kik (Amoux.14). I hope each and every one of you have a fantastic time here on AS and it has been a privilege giving you weirdos a place to connect and write.

I'm a chick in my late twenties who has been involved in forums and online roleplaying for a good fifteen years. I studied wildlife and GIS (and work in the latter) and I have both a cheeky, affectionate rabbit and a pretty awesome boyfriend. I love seeing people brought together through roleplaying and online conversations and was very flattered to be made global moderator in early 2014 and then administrator later that year. I'm a quirky, nerdy, and friendly person with a respect for women in STEM fields, a love for Harry Potter and Star Wars, and a never-ending quest to organize. I have an open door policy and I can also be reached via Kik and email if you PM me for my information and identify yourself when you message me outside of here (so that I know you aren't spam).

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Blacksteel Alchemist:
Hi guys! I'm Blacksteel Alchemist! Most people end up calling my BSA, Black, Steel, or Alchemist. I'm fine with any of those. I'm currently a senior in college, and getting my degree in Criminology. Once I graduate, I plan on going to the police academy, then to get my vet tech license all to become a humane officer. I volunteer as often as I can with a cat rescue, and during high school I fostered kittens. I have three kitties of my own, two are sisters who are 12, Princess and Tiger. And Riley, our fat cat who's 9. I'm a total book and TV addict. I love Supernatural, Criminal Minds, and Sherlock. (And there are way too many books for me to list, as I read a new one weekly.) And I love writing about (especially Supernatural) my fandoms.
Love, BSA

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