Happy New Years! - Taking on new moderators - Closed!

Happy New Years! - Taking on new moderators - Closed!

Postby Strider » Sat Jan 28, 2017 8:03 pm

Happy Holidays!

With the beginning of a new year, it’s time to bring on some new staff members here at Advanced Scribes! There are a number of exciting new positions available, and we’re going to be looking for qualified members to take on these specified tasks. So come on by and shoot us your application!

The Essentials:
-No age limit. (Your efficiency will be determined by your actions, not your age.)
-Have not received an official warning prior to applying. (Verbal warnings are different and will be overlooked.)
-Have been a part of our site for at least one year. (Some members create new accounts and ditch their old. If you have been a member for over a year but have started a new account, evidence will need to be provided of your old account whether another user confirms it or you have old posts.)
-Enough time available to visit Advanced Scribes frequently.
-Maintain a cool head when faced with conflict and social skills.

      Archivist - 1 Position Available
      As an archivist you will be the promoted voice of the site. Advanced Scribes has ambitions to have a consistently updated blog/magazine that will feature popular works from members of the site as well as snippets of discussion about new features and moderator talk. Furthermore you are responsible for moving expired announcements to the Old Announcements forum in the Staff Area and watching over moderator activity so that everything stays clean and orderly. You are not required to clean any of the creativity or role play boards, as there are mods for those sections. An archivist is largely focused around staff issues and keeping an eye out for material to use in the site magazine.

      Attendant - 4 Positions Available
      As a site attendant of AS, you are essentially the welcoming committee to all members that join us. Our expectations of a site attendant is someone who is moderately active and familiar with all the forums on the site. When users have questions or queries about the site, you are the people to go to. The fore front of the staff, you should be friendly, approachable and capable of handling situations in the case that they escalate. Note: Attendants have no moderator powers. (Cannot delete/move posts, warn users, ect)

      Global Moderator - 1 Position Available
      As the Global Moderator you are the deputy to the admins and govern largely over the ‘Other’ boards like General, Clubs and Games. While you are free to watch over any sections of the site, the Other board is your priority and you are expected to subdue any fights/discrimination/spam.

      Overseer - 2 Positions Available
      Site Overseers are a new role to AS, combining creativity moderators with site coders. You will be used to primarily govern over the Creativity Board. This will include ensuring role play discussions remain civil, making sure the Advertisements Forum and the 1x1 thread adheres to all rules, writing resources do not involve copyright infringement or anything of the sort and generally keeping all Creativity based threads maintained. A new feature to this role is helping to keep AS up to date on style, theme and features. You may be asked to complete small tasks involving php coding and your voice will have strong influence regarding the layout of AS.

      Role-Play Moderator - 2 Positions Available
      As a role play moderator you are required to govern over the role play boards and all threads within that forum. The 1x1 threads are to be checked regularly and marked when appropriate along with making sure the right icon is applied to warn users of content. The rest of the role play forums along with private and 1x1 must stay up to literacy standards with warnings given out when justified. One moderator will be in charge of overseeing the 1x1 forum, and the other will be in charge of moderating the realistic, fantasy and animal forums.

      Note: There will be a three month trial run for all those chosen. During this time you will be given several tutorials on how to help manage the site, and be supervised until the three months pass and you are deemed fit for the position. Don't be afraid to apply! We'll be looking at all the applications sent to us, and be sure that everyone has a fair shot.

      Please send your application to Amoux. All sections must be filled out.

      Most of the applications we have received so far have been for role play mod. If you are not deemed fit for the position, you may be asked to become an attendant instead, as these positions are vital for the website. Every position on our team is important.

      Code: Select all
      Position Applying For:
      How old are you:
      Duration as a member:
      How active are you as a role-player?
      How many hours a day are you online?
      What irl responsibilities do you tend to?
      Do you have experience modding, administering or coding? (PHP)  Provide us links.
      Why do you feel you'd be good for this position?
      Provide methods of any off site contact:

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