Explicit Content: UPDATED 7/6/17 Spam Rule Reminder

It is the responsibility of every user to keep up with any rule changes and to monitor this area on their own.
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Explicit Content: UPDATED 7/6/17 Spam Rule Reminder

Post by Strider » Tue May 30, 2017 10:17 pm

  • There has been recent discomfort and uproar over a number of role plays that have been coming up as of late that feature content that some members may find disturbing, and has been causing many of our members distress. I would like to thank all of the members that have brought the issue to the our attention. Your concerns have been heard, and we have come up with a compromise that we hope everyone will be happy with.

    We are in the process of creating a forum that will be invisible and unable to access to all registered guests, unless we place you in a special group that will allow you entry. If you are not a part of this group, you will have no access to this forum, and will be unable to view or post. It will be non existent to those that do not voluntarily expose themselves to such mature content. In doing so, all whom find such content to be disturbing can choose to not be exposed while those who'd like to carry out their creativity are free to do so.

    Content that will be available on this forum are: Rape, bestiality, erotica, pedophilia, excessive torture, vore. If we're missing a topic you feel needs to be added, please let us know.

    First, I'd like to state the purpose of our website, and explain the reasoning of this decision. Advanced Scribes was created to be a platform where writers are able to express themselves in whatever fashion they see fit. It was created with no intention to censor topics, no matter what they may be. Please know: Advanced Scribes does not condone that which is allowed to be written about on our website. We promote the safety and well being of all of our members, which is why we have taken this matter very seriously in regards to finding a compromise that everyone can be satisfied with. We understand that many members wish to not be exposed to such content, but we are also firm in standing by the original purpose of this website. To provide a safe enviornment, where users are allowed to write whatever their heart desires without the fear of censorship, and restriction.

    If you would like to be a member of this hidden forum, please PM night fury and he will add you to the list of users with access. Once the forum is created, you will be notified and added to the group that will permit you entry, and the moderators will begin moving already existing controversial rps to this forum. If you find such an rp that we may have missed, please send it in and we'll be sure to add it.


    Clarification on the forum: This forum is created for role plays that are based entirely around explicit content. Glorifying sensitive topics (as listed above) or sexualising them in a role play will have the thread moved to the invisible forum. If you create a role play that mentions these topics but does not actively include them in content, you are required to add warnings on the first post of the thread before you continue. Anyone who reads past these warnings is responsible for what they witness as they have received sufficient information about the content. If no warning is placed and you witness mentions of specific content, that thread will have such warnings placed. If you find graphic content consistently mentioned in a public thread then it will be moved to the invisible forum. AS likes to leave writers and audience responsible for what they read and create.

    Spam: Due to a recent rise in spam both on forums and in PMs we would like to remind members that advertising outside of the appropriate forums is NOT tolerated. Posting in discussions and unrelated threads, advertising role plays or outside sites can result in a warning. Doing so in private messages can result in either a warning or a temporary ban. Members are responsible for reporting sightings both on the forums and in private messages so that this can be prevented. Please refer to listings for role plays and external websites to advertise your own sites.


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