Welcome and Rules (Updated January 3rd, 2019)

It is the responsibility of every user to keep up with any rule changes and to monitor this area on their own.
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Welcome and Rules (Updated January 3rd, 2019)

Tue Apr 25, 2017 2:47 pm

xxxxxWelcome to Advanced Scribes! For the most part, this thread will be your one-stop shop in getting to know what this forum is for, who runs it, and how to get involved. The rules are few but very important and can be found below.
xxxxxStrider created this site back in December of 2012, and since then it has grown so much more than we could have dreamed! Here at AS we provide a great community to chat and roleplay, where story content is less restricted. While behavior between users should always be respectful and civil, mature themes and language are permitted in roleplays and stories. Make sure to occasionally check the Announcements area and our newsletter the AS Afflatus for any news, check out the Event Schedule, and get to know the staff via the Team Page. Should you have any other questions that haven't been addressed here, please check out the AS FAQ!

  • Here on Advanced Scribes, we welcome you to join us and take part of the house system. Of course, it is not mandatory but it livens up the site in many ways and can help you expand and make new friends! While taking the sorting quiz, please remember to use the current email associated with your AS account - this is used for identification purposes and you will not receive an email from AS unless we cannot find the submitted email in the forum system. It is extremely vital that you do so, otherwise, we will not be able to find you on site and deliver you with your house result. If you do not recall what email is associated with your account, you can click your username in the upper right-hand corner and on the drop-down select User Control Panel. From here, please select the ‘Profile’ tab and then ‘Edit account settings’. If you have trouble, please PM staff to assist you.
Click here to begin your quiz!
Image General Behavior
  • This forum is intended for members aged 18+ and content may reflect that. While there are few restrictions on roleplay content, members themselves are expected to behave maturely and interact with civility. Three big issues we do not tolerate are: spamming, harassment, and bullying. If you witness any of this, whether on the forums or in PMs, report it. Even if you aren't sure, let the staff take a look.
    [list=none]Spamming: Examples of spamming include: sending out generic messages or to multiple people, sending PMs to random people seeking roleplays or getting people to join your roleplay/website/group, and posts just to bump threads.
    Harassment: If someone declines your interest in roleplaying, do not keep contacting them. Do not call them names, do not keep asking. If you feel someone treated you badly, do not fill their inbox or post in their roleplays. Report it.
    Bullying: Pressuring someone into roleplaying, into certain plots or characters, or into letting you have your way are all examples of bullying. If you dislike someone or feel they wronged you, filling their inbox is very inappropriate. Allowing all your friends to 'stand up for you' and fill their inbox on your behalf is also inappropriate.
Literacy ✔
  • AS is intended for more advanced writers. To encourage this, all roleplay posts should be on average 300-400+ words per character, though after a few characters this can become more flexible. Each member should strive to achieve 300 words or more per character. Moderators will allow some breathing room of 200-300 words per character in cases of severe writer's block. However, if posts are hovering around 200 or below more than a few times per page, a staff member will let you know first with a verbal warning. You will be allowed some time to improve, but if things do not, staff may increase the consequences to locking your thread and/or a board warning. Staff are here to help, so if you have any questions on literacy or how to improve your writing, just ask or look at our Resources section. Roleplay threads that are considered literate will be given a checkmark ✔ by staff, but they will still check in occasionally to make sure that the standard is maintained. Any member caught adding a check mark themselves will immediately have their thread locked and risk further disciplinary action.
How to get an RP
  • There are a few ways to find a new roleplay partner or group. The Listings board contains two of these options. The 1x1 Search Thread allows you to post a current ad to display your most up to date interest. The Listings area itself is where members may post more of a long-term ad as an individual thread with a max of 3 posts (to avoid incessant or unfair bumping). In that thread, you can explain more thoroughly your style, expectations, the plots you seek, characters you want to use, what you want in a partner, and more. Another route is to browse the ads, listings, and writing of other members and if one catches your eye, send them a private message. Keep this personal and infrequent; while it can be very flattering to receive special interest in this way, it is against the rules to spam users with generic messages. Lastly, a third way you can advertise yourself is to utilize your signature.
1x1 Thread
  • Here you may post once every 3 pages. Any sooner will be deleted. If you have already received a verbal warning, you then risk a board warning or further consequences. This thread is a great resource to browse most recently posted ads and to show people that you are currently seeking additional roleplays. There is a separate search thread for explicit topics located in the Explicit board, do not post seeking for explicit role plays in the normal search.
RP Symbology
  • While many members are legal adults, age does not always indicate a member’s interest or comfort level with various mature themes. For this reason, please utilize symbols to show that your roleplay or story contains certain mature themes or triggers. romance, violence, swearing, other, multiple.
  • Give credit or retain link when using the artwork of others. Claiming art as your own is not permitted. This also applies to characters (aside from canons), writing, and copying/pasting elaborate coding that someone worked hard on. Inspiration is common and normal, but failing to put in your own work is not.
  • Be mindful of others, and avoid rapidly flashing GIFs or they will be removed.
  • Inappropriate content or unnecessarily large images will be removed.
Explicit Roleplays
  • Smut written between two legal consenting adult characters is permitted anywhere on the site so long as it does not contain any of the following. Roleplays containing things such as Rape, Beastiality, SlavexMaster, Vore, Incest (be it the characters know or not), erotica, and excessive torture are required to be placed in the Explicit Board. Need access to the Explicit board? Here's how.

  • 1. Intense Romance Image
    Romance would be any kind of graphic description of sex. This would include describing anything past laying together in a bed near-naked. There must be some kind of layer of clothing on both characters in order to keep the RP from having the heart icon.

    2. Intense Violence Image
    Violence would be descriptions of torture, violence or injuries that would make people cringe. Slowly cutting flesh, pins in eyes, graphic descriptions of cuts or burns or injuries. Role plays that might have a decent amount of self-harm or suicide should also add the fire icon.

    3. Intense Swearing Image
    Some users are not interested in going onto a thread and having "fuck" or "bitch" be the first words they see. One or two swears are all right, maybe a little more if the character is a sailor mouth, but if you know that swearing is going to be a common theme in the role play then it is necessary to add the bubble icon.

    4. Other Image
    There are other themes and subjects that could be considered mature, such as excessive drug use or characters with severe mental disorders (such as a role play based in an asylum or mental hospital). This is more up to the moderator of the role play as to whether or not their role play will have themes that might need the star. You must also write down exactly what is going to be expected in the rules, or at least somewhere on the page.

    5. Multiple Mature Themes Image
    If an RP is going to have heavy duty swearing and romance, or violence and swearing, or any kind of combination then you are going to have to add this icon as well as a description of which suggestive themes are going to be present.

    6. Extreme Themes Image
    This symbol is to be used for more extreme themes, namely rape, gory sexual scenes, bestiality, incest, and pedophilia. While we don't want to start curbing everyone's freedom, there is now a distinction between regular mature themes and ones that may be considered particularly taboo, triggering, or just plain uncomfortable. This content is not featured in broad daylight on our website.
    There is a hidden forum with rps that hold such themes. If you would like to be a member of this forum, please PM an administrator for access and it will be granted so long as you are 18 years of age (please have your date of birth included in your account information).
Image Report feature
  • This feature is there to be used. Whether you are sure or just think maybe something breaks the rules, go ahead and report it. This is a way to simply flag a post or private message for review by staff who will make the final decision. This is also useful for flagging posts that have other issues, requesting a thread be locked, marking a spam account, calling out harassment, and more.
Bump a thread: How to use the bump feature.
  • Please visit this guide to view how the bumping feature works!
Belt Ranks for Regular Members:
White Belt: 0 posts
Yellow Belt: 100 posts
Orange Belt: 250 posts
Green Belt: 400 posts
Blue Belt: 550 posts
Purple Belt: 700 posts
Red Belt: 900 posts
Brown Belt: 1,150 posts
Black Belt: 1,500 posts
Bronze Belt: 3,000 posts
Silver Belt: 5,000 posts
Gold Belt: 10,000 posts
Platinum Belt: 15,000 posts
Obsidian Belt: 20,000 posts
Diamond Belt: ???

NOTE: Suggestions for this post are welcome! Send me a PM. After all, this is for YOU guys, so let me know what has not been clear to you or what we could reiterate. What would be helpful for new members?

Please go take the survey about the Afflatus so that we can better design it for 2019 - even if you don't typically read it! Tell us what would get you to start.

Also make sure you are ALWAYS up to date on announcements!
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Advanced Scribes Contest Schedule!

Tue Jul 04, 2017 7:31 pm

The Contest Schedule
The schedule has been somewhat edited. This is the official 2018 Contest Schedule.
We understand that contests are somewhat packed. They go right from one to the other, with two months of rest.
It is up to the individual to carefully select which ones you'd like to enter. Make sure to give yourself some time to rest!

Jan - 1x1 Competition / Resorting
Feb - 1x1 Competition / Resorting
March- Group RP Contest
April - Group RP Contest
May - Group RP Contest
June - Summer Prompts
July - Summer Prompts
August - Summer Prompts
September - Rest
October - Rest
November - Nanowrimo
December - Holiday Event
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GDPR Minor Announcement 25 May 2018

Sat May 26, 2018 5:22 am

  • Good evening!
    Staff wanted to bring up the General Data Protection Regulation that is currently in effect as of yesterday, 25 May 2018. The General data protection regulation, or GDPR for short, applies to the processing of personal data in the context of the activities of an establishment. This includes IP address, email addresses and other personal information used on the internet. Members of the Advanced Scribes staff only have access to your IP address and only Overseers, Archivists, and Administrative level staff have access to email addresses, and we in no way violate this privacy as we do not use the information for anything outside of managing user accounts and upholding forum rules. It is simply required of us to let users know that we do not store any of your personal information within our database aside from what the website logs as regular forum structure and protocols for knowing which account made what action, nor do we pass out any of your private information to any outside companies/businesses. Keep in mind that Staff will NEVER require your personal information such as names or addresses! If you are curious about how this may affect you, you can read more about the GDPR here.
    Thank you for your time!
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Reporting & Social Media

Wed Sep 05, 2018 12:46 am


It has come to my attention that there's a lot of reports that involve people reporting others for small matters such as illiteracy and small issues such as that. While it's encouraged to report if matters such as that become excessive--I wanted to gently remind people that reporting should be only used for serious matters. Issues such as harassment, any form of cyberbullying, if any fights break out, plagiarism of forms, roleplay coding, characters, etc, dangerous matters (such as a user implying suicide or any sort of self harm), spammers, and things such as that. While help is certainly appreciated, please keep in mind that excessively picking out small things such as illiterate posts is a form of mini-modding and is not allowed. Our roleplay moderators, global moderators, and overseers are usually right on top of things and it's more than likely that they've already caught it and have it on watch. If you feel like one of us has missed something, however, please feel free to mention via PM and we'll take a look at it!

Tumblr and Twitter

And last, but certainly not least, I want to proudly introduce Advanced Scribe's new tumblr and Twitter pages! We have high hopes for both and we hope that all of you enjoy the content that we're planning to post on them.

Eventually for the Tumblr, we are hoping to organize face claims, animal pictures, general pictures, prompts, writing tips, and more! The Twitter will have inspiring quotes, tips, and memes, as well as serving as a quick way to get updates out about AS, whether it is a reminder, a a coding issue we want to mention, or an invitation to participate in something! We encourage you to check out the page and leave your own suggestions in its askbox of what you believe would be cool to add to the blog or any questions you have regarding it. We are aiming to basically make these accounts places that you are able to come to if you either need inspiration, certain pictures, or just a good laugh as we will be posting humorous things as well, with the Twitter also providing valuable updates on AS issues and events.

You may find our tumblr here at https://advancedscribes.tumblr.com/ and the Twitter is @advancedscribe - we invite you to follow along! We are also looking to add more music to it to the tumblr, so feel free to send your personal ideas into our askbox as well! We are looking for more relaxing, inspirational music for people to listen to as they search through the blog or if they want to have it in the background as they write.

If you have any further questions about anything in this announcement, feel free to come to either myself or Thunder and we'll happily assist you! Thank you and have a nice day!
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