Explicit Board Content & Criteria - Updated 1/3/19

It is the responsibility of every user to keep up with any rule changes and to monitor this area on their own.
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Explicit Board Content & Criteria - Updated 1/3/19

Tue Aug 14, 2018 4:48 pm

  • Hello Scribes! Due to a little confusion over the criteria and content of the Explicit Board we have created this announcement to help clear up some of the vagueness.

    Advanced Scribes takes no responsibility in the actions that take place within the board. While we moderate it, the content you choose to submit into it is entirely your choice and the consequences must be governed by you only. The only requirement we ask of you when joining the board is to state you are at or above the age of 18. We pride our site on the freedom we give to you, the members, when expressing yourselves through the written word. We want to provide a safe and supportive place for you to publish your works. However in regards to smut of the more graphic genre's we have to limit the visibility for the safety and comfort of both you, the author, and viewing members. The explicit board is also not limited to sexual content and may contain disturbing topics that go past the comfort of the general board.

    Note: Taboo subjects like adultery, light BDSM (voyeurism, rigging, ect), erotica through characters(pornographic images are not allowed on AS and are considered spam) and prostitution are allowed in minor detail on general forums. If you feel like a subject is toeing the line of acceptable then please feel free to contact a staff member for clarification.

    Content that is found illegal and therefore restricted to the explicit board are:
    • [*]Genital mutilation.
      [*]Graphic torture.
      [*]Forced prostitution.
      [*]Rape/sexual assault.
      [*]Graphic suicide/self harm.
    This list is subject to being updated and edited as seen fit by AS staff and as stated before, any confusion should be directed to the staff so we may best assist you.

    To request access to this forum, please PM an Admin Aide and have your date of birth entered in your account.

    Clarification on the forum: This forum is created for role plays that are based entirely around explicit content. Glorifying sensitive topics (as listed above) or sexualising them in a role play will have the thread moved to the invisible forum. If you create a role play that mentions these topics but does not actively include them in content, you are required to add warnings on the first post of the thread before you continue. Anyone who reads past these warnings is responsible for what they witness as they have received sufficient information about the content. If no warning is placed and you witness mentions of specific content, that thread will have such warnings placed. If you find graphic content consistently mentioned in a public thread then it will be moved to the invisible forum. AS likes to leave writers and audience responsible for what they read and create.

    Spam: Due to a recent rise in spam both on forums and in PMs we would like to remind members that advertising outside of the appropriate forums is NOT tolerated. Posting in discussions and unrelated threads, advertising role plays or outside sites can result in a warning. Doing so in private messages can result in either a warning or a temporary ban. Members are responsible for reporting sightings both on the forums and in private messages so that this can be prevented. Please refer to listings for role plays and external websites to advertise your own sites.
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