Prepping for 100 Days of Summer

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Theme (1-3), Challenge Days (4-5), Prompt Style (6-7), Social Media (8-9)

Theme: 1 theme for the whole event
Theme: No theme; full variation is better
Theme: Maybe do a theme per each 25 days (4 themes total)
ChallengeDays: Yes, I’d like to do this again to make it more interesting
ChallengeDays: No; even 1 day a week with more rules is too much
PromptStyle: I prefer just one-word prompts
PromptStyle: I prefer the variation we saw last year (quotes, words, lyrics, etc)
SocialMedia: Yes, post them on social media too!
SocialMedia: It isn’t really worth posting there; don’t worry about it
Total votes: 203
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Prepping for 100 Days of Summer

Wed May 08, 2019 4:07 am

    • Happy May! Now that it is only one month away, it’s time for us to iron out the details for the 100 Days of Summer event. We do still intend to run it for the full 100 days and are working on better communication among the team to make sure the prompts are posted without fail and ideally around the same time every day. We understand that such consistency is very important to everyone! The schedule is still set to begin June 1, have day 100 land on September 8th, and the event fully conclude at the end of September 10th.

      Again, people would be welcome to participate as much or as little as they would like, to skip days, to cherry pick which prompts appeal to them, etc. People can write and post every day as the new prompts are published, or do batches as it suits them, such as on weekends when they may have more free time.

      Shifting to other aspects of the event however, in 2017 there was a theme for the whole event but the prompts were rather unvaried in style as they were each one word but we did have ‘challenge Sundays’ where there was a special requirement. In 2018, there was no overall theme, however prompts were more varied, and no challenge days.

      We hope everyone will give us feedback via the poll above! And if there is something that hasn’t been addressed or your have an alternative suggestion, please let us know below!

      In an effort to get the most out of the poll feature, I have combined 4 general questions.
      You are able to select 4 total options (one for each question).

      The first three listed options refer to whether we should have a theme and whether said theme should run the whole 100 days.
      The next two options are in regards to the challenge days - in 2017, every Sunday prompt had a special requirement, such as post length minimum/maximum, type of poem, etc.
      The next pair of options refer to the prompts such as one-word prompts, quotes, lyrics, phrases, vocabulary, etc.
      The last pair of options are about whether users want us to post the prompts both on the forum and social media or just the forum.

      For an idea of what the themes could be, in 2017 the theme was simply 'Summer', but this year themes could be Summer Blockbusters, Love, Unusual/Create Vocabulary, Colors, etc.
Happy July!

- Finalize the AS survey results
- Finalize Archivist roles and permissions ✔
- Finish getting Smamm set up with sorting ✔
- Create the 100 DoS prompt list ✔
- Update the anon box thread
- Finish PM responses
- Discuss the workshop idea
- Update the afflatus coding
- Prep afflatus images
- Update the team page
Also: discuss themes status

Happy Birthday to all of the July blueberries!
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