tattoos + body mods

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Re: tattoos + body mods

Post by toast » Thu Aug 10, 2017 3:45 am

    • to kind of build off of what thunder said but also kind of remedy it, for anyone looking to get tattoos in a visible area of their arms, compression bands can be a good way to hide tattoos in a somewhat discrete way. Like the ones you can find at sports stores

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Re: tattoos + body mods

Post by thunderofthedrum » Thu Aug 10, 2017 4:22 am

Oh! I have seen those on a couple people but I can't remember where I was. I remember being at Petsmart and a groomer had huge bandaids all up her neck that looked so sucky to have to do each day. Petsmart more recently has opted to allow tattoos, so that's cool.

Yeah I can't remember where it was. Pretty certain it was food or retail. Pizza places don't seem to care (from my experience anyway). My coworker has a sleeve but wears button downs all the time, even though polos are also permitted during our off season. Another guy has some visible arm but simple and not a sleeve, and I've seen a few foot and ankle tattoos on the women. I dn 't bother to hide the back of my neck but i think the lanyard of my badge tends to cover it anyway. Btw I work in an office environment.

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Re: tattoos + body mods

Post by cσммαиdєя รнєραяd » Thu Aug 10, 2017 4:46 am

  • I have four tattoos and counting. My next Tattoo is scheduled for next Friday *u*. The piece I'm currently working on is a Sleeve. Most work places wouldn't accept something like mine, but all my visible ones are video game related, and I work at a video game store... soo My boss is cool with it. I'm open to sharing pictures, for any video game enthusiasts. Just PM me!

    I go to one of the best shops in my town by the name of Levelup. If you can't guess by the name, they specialize in video game tattoos c:. I have a set of dog tags on the inside of my left ankle, a regrettable tattoo of my first car on my lower back, a Titan insignia on the inside of my left wrist, and the Normandy from Mass Effect on my right forearm. I love each and every one of them, and my tip to you guys is to NEVER get a tattoo when you're drunk or you'll end up with a tat on your lower back.
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Re: tattoos + body mods

Post by Actually.A.Herondale » Sat Aug 12, 2017 6:21 am

I didn't want a tattoo ever, for the longest time. Then a friend of mine (adult friend? Mentor kind of?) calls me and tells me she's paying for my 1st tattoo. And some stuff happened and she ended up helping me pay for horse food instead because I having a hard time with money.
Then I decide I'm ready for a tattoo, it's around thanksgiving time I guess, and I thought I would just get a little one. A Fearless rune, from the Mortal Instruments book series.
Well, there's this saying..."Go big or go home."
And I take that a little too seriously. So I got a massive tattoo of a celtic horse triskele. It's almost the size of my hand and right on my thigh. And it HURT LIKE HELL when it started to heal.
Here's the design in a necklace: Image

Then a few months later, I go for my next one. A much smaller one, just the basic outline of a horse head with the words "Give me strength when I'm standing and faith when I fall", as a tribute to one of my horses who got really sick and almost had to be put down. He's fine now, but no one thought he would make it but me.

And now I have like...7 planned. And it's been less than a year since my first one.

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Re: tattoos + body mods

Post by Neforium » Wed Aug 16, 2017 2:06 am

Im surprised I didn't see this thread sooner ;0;
But hey Im Nef! Im really into tattoos and body mods of all sorts B) Im looking to make a career in the field myself.

And just to toss the topic out there:
How do you guys feel about more extreme forms of body modification? Such as tongue splitting, Scarification, Blackwork, subdermal implants? etc.

Personally I really enjoy it and Im kind of sad to see the hate that those aesthetics get (the comments under the artists I follow are always like "Why would you do that to yourself?" "This is digusting" "Good luck finding a job")
I understand its not for everybody but about 85% of the time when people get drastic mods like that or thick, black tattoos, its because they are well aware of the impact it will have later and they like it because its on /their body/
Plus on the right people, those black tattoos that cover a lot of area are so beautifully done omg

I want too many different tats to dedicate that much skin to just blackness tho

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Re: tattoos + body mods

Post by Novacaine » Sun Sep 24, 2017 9:17 am

Just got most of my werewolf half sleeve done like.... A little over 24hrs ago. It hurt like a b*tch and I still have to get the blood moon finished on it but I'm really happy about it and my artist did such a good job and didn't charge me nearly what I thought he was going to <3


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