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Re: tattoos + body mods

Thu Feb 22, 2018 1:57 pm

    • for me, i have one tattoo right now, a semi-colon butterfly, but i have the following planned out:
      - Elephants with "I am because you are" for my parents
      - Dove with halo for my grandmother
      - "Be brave. Live." Quote from Buffy
      - Horse silhouette for obvious reasons
      - Cape Breton tattoo of the Seal Island Bridge
      - "It is what it is"
      - "This too shall pass"
      - Equality infinity sign
      - Kakashi upper arm sleeve. God it's going to be badass
      - Ryuk because yessssss

      I think my Kakashi one will come first, then the one for my parents, then grandmother. Then we go from there. I'll probably get the Kakashi one in the next few days. Also might change my user to Kakashi, but we shall see xD

      as for piercings, i just have my lobes done. probably going to get my naval (if my gf can convince me lmao I hate pain) and my nose done, but im in no rush for those at all.
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Re: tattoos + body mods

Tue Jul 10, 2018 8:21 pm

  • Not sure why it took so long for me to notice this was a thread, hah.

    I've been a fan of body modifications and tattoos since I was in literally sixth grade. Apparently, as a kid, the concept of having meaningful artwork and words 'drawn' onto the body was a genius way to self express. I felt similarly about piercings and the idea of having something to mess around with considering I'm always twiddling my fingers.

    I currently have double nose rings in my right nostril, a labret and a tattoo that says 'finis vitae sed non amoris' over where my radius is in the inner part of my arm. My nose rings and labret can be seen in this photo and my tattoo can be seen in this photo.

    I am currently looking to get my next tattoo commissioned by a lovely member right here on AS her art blows me away and I am honored to have a chance at being her first customer of an owl with a cosmos/space backdrop behind it. Owls are my favorite animal and my boyfriend and I have a thing for the owl and fox dynamic so we're hoping to get matching tattoos based on that. I am thinking of getting the owl tattoo done on the inner part of my left forearm.
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Re: tattoos + body mods

Tue Jul 10, 2018 8:53 pm

    • So my boyfriend just linked me here to show me this was a thing and wow. First off let me compliment that beautiful boy's face up above because he's precious and wholesome and my favorite being in the entire universe and a few down over.

      Now. I have always been into tattoos and piercings and all that fun stuff. Pain has never been much of an issue so I've always been eager to jump into my own piercings and tattoos, the only limiting factor being money that is. I currently have this tattoo on my wrist, snake bites, and a septum ring. I also had my ears gauged up for a while but finally gave up on it as my ears just didn't seem to appreciate it that much.

      But yes, Halo and I are getting a commission from an amazing member on here pretty soon to have matching pieces like big fat saps and I'm beyond excited.
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