What are you listening to right now?

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it's hard to tell just what you're after

Thu May 09, 2019 2:27 am

  • mutual - shawn mendes
    • i need to know
      if this is mutual
      before i go
      and get way too involved
      i want you bad
      can you reciprocate?
      no, i don't want to have to leave
      but half of you is not enough for me
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━━ ✩ let's run away !! ━

Thu May 09, 2019 12:19 pm

    • ➳ ─ ( R U N A W A Y ) ───
      so let's run away, run away,
      to a place that no one knows
      a night that's made for just me and you

      on a dark night
      lit only by moonlight
      no one disturbing our time together

      i really wish this night would last forever
      just to stay like this a little longer
      nights without you
      leave me so lonely

      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ( eric nam. ) - - - -
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Re: What are you listening to right now?

Thu May 09, 2019 2:36 pm

    • Two-Seater Bowling for Soup

      I wanna wake up in your arms
      I wanna set off your alarm
      I wanna break into your car
      and I wanna take out the back seat
      The one where you told me everything
      I thought I always wanted to hear
      The one where you told me that it's over

      And every time you look in your rearview mirror
      I hope you see me
      And all the stuff we did when we were back there together

      I hope you like your two-seater, no radio
      keymarks parallel to the pinstripes
      windows broken, your t-tops stolen
      now it's one of a kind,

      Thanks for the ride
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What are you listening to right now?

Thu May 09, 2019 9:29 pm

  • monster (under my bed) by call me karizma
    • monster, monster under my bed
      come out and play, 'cause i need a friend
      you're so damn close that i feel your breath
      you're the only one i have left
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Thu May 09, 2019 11:04 pm

    • hollywood undead. >> day of the dead.
      • this is exactly what has to be done, it happened so gradually
        it's like i magically happened to be this phantom that candidly
        lets this dagger cut jaggedly while you're gasping so rapidly
        while you gag on this rag i feed you while laughing so happily
        it's okay to get startled and be afraid of the dark
        i'll just wait here to swallow your soul and tear you apart
        and i've already started, there ain't no saving your heart
        this is the day of the dead, this ain't no day in the park
        here i come, here i come, grab your guns and crossbows
        and run, better run from the skull and crossbones
        the fun has begun, yeah, it's hard to swallow
        and when i'm done, i ain't done 'cause it's hell that follows
        now get ready for sorrow
        'cause it's hell that follows

        hold on, holy ghost
        go on, hold me close
        better run, here we come
        it's the day of the dead
        hold on, holy ghost
        so long to the ones you know
        better run, here we come
        it's the day of the dead
    • disfigure. >> blank.

      just because it's a good bop.
      (what is my music taste. heavy metal and electronica. k, fam.)
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living for the captain marvel & endgame soundtracks rn

Fri May 10, 2019 3:42 pm

    • kiss me deadly - lita ford

      had a few beers getting high
      sitting watching the time go by uh-huh
      it ain't no big thing
      nothing to eat and no tv
      looking in the mirror don't get it for me uh-huh
      it ain't no big thing
      but I know what I like
      I know I like dancing with you
      and I know what you like
      I know you like dancing with me oh yeah
      kiss me once
      kiss me twice
      come on pretty baby kiss me deadly

      i'm just your average marvel nerd & starmora
      enthusiast. feel free to pm me about anything.
      still suffering from post-endgame depression.
      julienuhhh100 days of summerstorage


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Re: What are you listening to right now?

Sun May 12, 2019 7:48 pm

    • to be human - marina

      all the people living in, living in the world today
      we're united by our love, we're united by our pain
      all the things that i've done and i've seen
      still, i don't know, don't know what it means
      to be human
      still, i don't know, don't know what it means
      to be human, a real human being

      i like to think about how we all look from afar
      people driving fancy cars look like beetles to the stars
      the missiles and the bombs sound like symphonies gone wrong
      and if there is a god, they'll know why it's so hard

      to be human
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What are you listening to right now?

Mon May 13, 2019 1:27 pm

      • i guess it’s just another one of those nights
        when i’ll spend way too much time
        on something so small
        that no one really cares about at all
        i guess it’s just another one of those thoughts
        and i can’t really find a cause
        whether it’s all just in my mind
        or something more here in my life

        it’s u, it’s u
        oh god, it’s u
        it’s u
        if you’re awake, then i am too
        if you’re lost, then i’ll find you
        if you’re hurt, then i’ll fix you
        if you go blind, i’ll describe the view
        if you can’t feel, then i’ll hold you
        if you fall, know i’ve got you
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Re: What are you listening to right now?

Mon May 13, 2019 6:40 pm

    • dreams - the cranberries

      this song has such a magical feeling attached to it
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Re: What are you listening to right now?

Mon May 13, 2019 6:43 pm

the bastards, the vultures, the wolves - the wonder years

   jake says i got good intentions,
   and i say that i hope he's right,
  ' cause i've been burning every bridge
   that i can fucking find tonight.
   the devil's got a rifle on my front porch
   with me in his sights.
   he knows i came looking for a fight.
   i came here looking for a fight.
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