It's been over 2 years!

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It's been over 2 years!

Wed Feb 11, 2015 11:01 pm

  • Okie, hey there. So recently someone reminded me about this website that I used to go on. And it didn't seem like long ago really. So here I am, back here again, and the deja vu man. Oh goodness, I looked back at some of my old posts. Has it really been two years? Time has gone fast! I remember how this site was pretty much just a better place than CS to roleplay, is it still made for that? I also remember when the '[centre]' didn't work and we had to make do with other things and it was such a small community. (Just noticing there still isn't a centering BB code xD) This website has grown quite a decent amount since then, and I'm wondering if anyone from 2013/2013 is still on here. If so, please give me a wave and a hello :3
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