Would you be interested in an interactive romance story?

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Would you be interested in an interactive romance story?

Yes! I love otome games and reverse harems and think it's worth trying.
No, it sounds like it wouldn't be possible to pull off successfully.
No votes
No, I don't like the concept.
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Yes. I don't have much experience with this genre but I like the concept.
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Would you be interested in an interactive romance story?

Wed Aug 26, 2015 6:32 am

Okay, so it's confession time. Once upon a time I was a popular choose-your-own-adventure romance story writer on a site, now long gone. In a way, a text based Otome game or reverse harem story.

Now many of us write personal stories, or have in the past, but I seem to have lost my touch, because plan as I may, it's just been too long since I've written a real story, but the idea keeps nagging at me and a cast of characters somehow came about within minutes of the idea of writing romance again, so I decided it was worth at least seeing if anyone would read it, let alone participate. Here's a basic explanation, followed by a quick Q&A.

Everyone who loves a good story knows the tropes- the never-fail formulas that writers seem addicted to. Orphans, chosen ones, love triangles, prophecies, the whole enchilada that was created long ago and stuck in the freezer of the writers and nobody has eaten or thrown out. I propose a new story built on tropes and will still break every single one. A story where the readers, by weekly poll, control the outcome of the next chapter, but first I need to know would you read it?


Q: Who is the Heroine?
A: An unknown woman. I plan to leave the heroine slot very open so it can be very immersive.

Q: Who is the love interest?
A: The love interest can be one of several characters, each representing a trope archetype seen in almost every romance offering game or reverse harem. I have four outlined right now.

Q: Which tropes will be represented in the love interests?
A: The immature, funny, little brother type is our first. The second, the Tsundere -slash- mysterious character. The third, the older and mature type, and lastly but not least, the fourth character is the timeless playboy.

Q: Will the heroine be lame and wait for the boys to save her or...?
A: Now, now. This is about tropes after all... But of course she's not going to be a damsel. :roll:

Q: When will it be updated?

A: Weekly or bi-weekly depending on how many people take an interest in it.

Q: How long will it be?
A: Weekly posts will hopefully be fairly long, I'll have to play around with it to get a feel. I'm making an outline but I don't expect the whole thing will last longer than eight months unless things get fairly popular.

Q: Where will this be posted?
A: Hopefully in the forum for shared writing on here.

Q: How will it be "Interactive?"
A: With each update a poll will be posted with a number of options of where the story could go. You'll have a certain amount of time to vote (Two or three days probably) on which would be best. If it's a tie, I'll try to do the leading paths as best as I can in one post.

Q: What will happen at the end?
A: I'll post alternate endings for each love interest, also voted on by you. You can choose which one you want in the end, but we all know if you make it that far you'll probably read them all.

Q: What Genre will it be, aside from romance?
A: Comedy and Supernatural.

Q: How will you balance four love interests?

A: Ever seen a reverse harem? Something like that. Hopefully, each LI will get their own screen time. Maybe I'll even do some short stories?

That's all I could think of, but if you have a question feel free to submit below or PM me!

I would absolutely love to hear feedback, suggestions, ect, from anyone interested, and I encourage discussion on it. Please take time to answer the poll attached, and maybe it will be a project worth looking into.
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