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Feedback Needed

Sun Sep 13, 2015 2:40 am

Would any of you guys be interested in a semi-small lit magazine that publishes art/writing pieces by ordinary, everyday (ex: your next door neighbor, you, your friend, people from tumblr, people from this site, etc) people?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated as this is something I'm looking into starting up, but would like to get a grasp on how many people may or may not be interested in this (whether reading it/looking at the art, submitting, etc).

If you have any questions or need clarification on anything, please don't hesitate to ask/pop me a pm.

merc wrote:I'm not sure what kind of issues there might be with it, though, with content from other sites [?]

pietro maximoff wrote:I didn't want to spam the thread (quite yet), but can you clarify what you mean?

merc wrote:when you say take content from for example tumblr users did you mean they would find us and contribute or that we would ask them to use their content?

pietro maximoff wrote:I probably should have clarified on that, I suppose.
Basically, I'll have a tumblr set up for this magazine and I'll do some advertising. If an artist, or writer, from tumblr sees my magazine and seems to be interested in it, then they can email me an application (w/examples).

(going with the idea that the person is a writer)
If we decide that "hey, we like this person's style and they'd be a good fit for the magazine" then they'd be contacted and told what the magazine is looking for in terms of the upcoming issue. They'd then write a piece based off of that information and submit it to the magazine and they'd be published.

I hope that made sense? Of course there are even more details besides that, but that's basically what would happen. So, we wouldn't be asking anyone to take their work and publish it (we may go out of our way to ask if someone would like to contribute).
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