possible roleplay plot?

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possible roleplay plot?

Sun Dec 27, 2015 10:28 pm

hello all!
not sure if this is the right place to post, although a mod advised me that that this was the best place for it. :)
i have a small roleplay idea that i quite like, but i'm not sure if it would gather enough interest to start.
so, the basic plot centres around a group of young adults (18-26ish?) who are starting a revolution against their society and the way everyone is classed. people in this world are organized by their star sign (which alters their physical characteristics - i'll clarify a little later), with cancer as the lowest, and aries as the highest possible star sign (so the list would go cancer, pisces, aquarius, capricorn, scorpio, libra, virgo, leo, gemini, taurus, and then aries at the very top). cancers and the lower half of the signs would be basically treated like human garbage - many would be servants and labourers. the upper class of the signs would be the ones able to reach higher positions in life (doctors, scientists, politicians, etc.), but the aries sign would be literal royalty. aries are always male.

as i said a little while back, a person's star sign would affect their physical characteristics. lower star signs would be shorter compared to the higher ones (so they are always forced to look up to them). lower star signs also have physical abnormalities (like a scorpio might actually have a scorpion tail, or an aquarius might be feline-esque). upper class signs look more and more 'human' as you go up the hierarchy. this is the main gist of the hierarchy. please pm me any questions! :D

the world this roleplay is set in is kind of like a classic final fantasy or D&D world, i guess? so, giants, dragons, demons, weirdass monsters just roaming around. because of this, magic is v v necessary for the characters! :) the kind of magic the character uses is up to you, but it either manifests in a certain item that they carry (e.g a pisces may carry a whip made of fire or something like that), or by the character physically manipulating the area (think avatar). physical manipulation of a landscape requires is incredibly physically taxing, however, and your character will probably not be able to move mountains, or send fire raining from the sky. not at first, at least.

so this is it! :) so, to finish, this is just about twelve mages who're rebelling against the social hierarchy. if you like it, let me know! :D i just wanna see if there's enough support/interest for me to carry this on further. please vote in the poll; it would be much appreciated! not that i'm telling you how to live your life.
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