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AS Compliments

Mon Apr 18, 2016 7:14 am


So, I know we have the Warm Fuzzies thread for this sort of stuff. But, not everyone really feels too
comfortable posting mushy things, I suppose? My school has a Facebook page dedicated to this sort
of stuff. I find it pretty cool. Basically, the person who runs the page is messaged by someone who
wants to anonymously compliment someone. The person who runs the page then posts it, and tags
the person in the post so they see it, without revealing who said the compliment ^-^

So basically, I kind of want to try this out here. People can message me a compliment they want to
anonymously give another user, along with a link to their profile. I'll post it here and then message
them so they'll see it ^-^

Thought it would be a nice way of making people's days. Especially if users don't know each other
very well and are too hesitant to approach them, but appreciate a certain aspect of them. :)

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