Things That Made Your Day V.4

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Re: Things That Made Your Day V.4

Wed May 08, 2019 11:45 am

I had a nice quiet home and work birthday on the seventh. Treated myself to a takeout lunch, had a han dinner and massive cake waiting for me when I got home. Work gave me a card, gift card and a birthday pin to wear the whole day so some random customers gave me birthday wishes too! One of my parents remembered to call me even Haha. It was nice to feel so much love even for it one day.
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Re: Things That Made Your Day V.4

Wed May 08, 2019 11:51 am

Got a 90% from my other paper, too! Hoping my last one is going to come out just as good. ♥

Also managed to get two new elective subjects that I wanted to take part in: forensic science and peculiarities of juvenile criminal liability! It's kind of sad that I couldn't take victimology because it's not available this year. I already imagine dying while taking forensics, but I'm excited about this course. c:

Boyfriend is coming back tomorrow, so we're going to go shopping; just remembering that he's going to be here until mid-September and will be there for me when I need support or love is enough to keep me going these last few days, which have been terrible with no one to talk to. I'm so lucky to have him.
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Re: Things That Made Your Day V.4

Wed May 08, 2019 2:12 pm

    • Started some great new roleplays with some awesome people. And a Starmora one too! It feels so good to write for Gamora again and it's awesome writing with someone who roleplays Peter so well. I do hope my old roleplay picks up again one day in the future, though, as it has such a special place in my heart, but I'm thankful for what I got out of it and can only hope it continues one day. I also have Endgame round three tonight with an old friend, and round four on Friday with my mama gays! Then playoffs on Saturday ahhh this week has been really great. <3

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Re: Things That Made Your Day V.4

Wed May 08, 2019 4:22 pm

    • my dad bought the tickets to fly out to colorado. i'm so excited to go back, i love it so much there. these next few weeks can't go by fast enough
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Re: Things That Made Your Day V.4

Wed May 08, 2019 10:50 pm

Got 2 cover letters done and applied to both positions already today.
Happy October!

- Finalize the AS survey results - working on it!
- Update the anon box thread - working on it!
- Announce new Overseer ✔
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- Dear Stag ✔
- 100 DoS follow up poll
- Update the team page ✔
Also: discuss themes status

Happy Birthday to all of the September blueberries!
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Re: Things That Made Your Day V.4

Thu May 09, 2019 4:44 am

    • i found my old ass ipod shuffle while i was going through my things
      so angsty. so many people who just can't wait to get out of this god-damned town.
      i'm cackling. people really just let me walk around acting this emo!! ...damn traitors.

      my girl lights still goes hard af tho. no regrets on that one.
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Re: Things That Made Your Day V.4

Thu May 09, 2019 6:28 am

  • it technically happened yesterday, but i was too tired to post but who cares
    i finally told my friends about my most precious wife and they were so happy for me!!!
    it's such a relief tbh, i'm super glad none of them commented anything bad abt it
    they even called them a cutie and said they'd love to meet them and i'm just so !!!

    now i can openly gush about my prettiest, most talented wifey and it feels good
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Thu May 09, 2019 8:35 am

    • i got to drive the lift equipment in the rain tonight!! nobody else wanted to drive the lp in a downpour in the middle of the night, so i got to do it. it was?? probably the most fun i've ever had at my job??? my coworkers gave me some grief bc i got Absolutely Drenched and was Shaking bc it was a chilly rain, but it was a blast
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Re: Things That Made Your Day V.4

Thu May 09, 2019 3:32 pm

  • been a super busy couple of days but i think that’s me got everything ready for archery on Sunday at last!!
    and just spent most of the morning and afternoon so far baking and decorating a cake for my mum’s birthday which turned out better than i’d been expecting - so excited for her to get home to see it :’))
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Re: Things That Made Your Day V.4

Thu May 09, 2019 9:11 pm

  • @gold stop being so disgustingly gay on main bitch, wtf, yeet that crap outta here

    having my first energy drink in almost five days right now. tonight probably wasn't the best time do to that because my spiking anxiety won't let me enjoy it 100%, but damn, i've missed my nightly ritual. i also took a really nice smelling bath and i'm pretty tired already and it's like 10 PM, i feel like a grandpa. if it weren't for that unrealistic "but what if they hate you for not being straight" thought, i'd be passed out in bed already, ngl

    i also saw a really cute, young magpie while walking dreamy today and honestly? so much love for those funky little dudes. i'm also not sure if it's the european turtle dove pair or the common wood pigeon pair i usually see around, but one of those two couples built a nest already and i'm living for it. and then there was this male blackbird who was collecting materials for his nest in front of this grocery store and i'm cheering for the man. you go build that nest buddy! go have little blackbird kids with your blackbird wife in your blackbird nest!! you deserve the world!!!

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