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Anonymous Feedback Discussion Thread

Wed Apr 17, 2019 3:19 pm

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      Hey all! As you all know by now, we’ve implemented an anonymous feedback box to help members feel more comfortable sharing concerns, questions, and suggestions with the team. If you didn't know, here's a link to the announcement so that you can get caught up! I know you are all curious about what other members have submitted, so they will be posted here so that you guys can all see and where we will try to answer. Please keep in mind that blatant bashing or inappropriate submissions will be omitted from sharing.

      I don't like the idea. I believe it'll be like a popularity contest type of thing. It really isn't necessary either. Like I don't understand why it must be implemented. There isn't really a merit to the house points either. If they resetted every year or every half the year and the members get something, then cool. I don't think there needs to be a running tally for everyone.

      I see that this is in regards to the idea of positivity points so this reply is likely moot now, but yes you are definitely heard about not liking that idea! It was voted down and will not be implemented. For the house points in general - you aren’t the first to express that if there was an actual prize that it would hold more weight. Unfortunately, the logistics of that have been challenging - not only would it get tricky based on what the prize was, but also determining who all received it, as I reckon members would have some opinions on this since not all house members participate in the events. For the running tally, I’m not sure I understand entirely. We don’t update terribly often as the main contributors are the afflatus and the events (3-4 main events, sometimes a couple smaller ones). If members would prefer a different system or schedule, we could certainly discuss that sometime? At the moment I’ve been aiming for updates at the end of each major event, done via a post in the Mini Announcements thread.

      (what) happened to different backgrounds i hate white

      NeverNever will be working on this and we still hope to fill out the team a bit more, so if you or anyone else has any experience and feels they could be a great asset to the team, please please please throw in an application when the time comes! Some of the staff also prefers a darker color scheme so you definitely aren’t alone in that.

      I think a good idea to consider might be a dark theme or some kind of night mode? Sometimes the bright white on black causes eyestrain especially when I'm on for long periods of time working on posts and I need to take breaks which in turn delays my replies. Thanks!

      Absolutely! Please refer to the above post as hopefully that addresses your submission adequately.

      It's not really a suggestion but a question or a... complaint? not really. I have no idea if this belongs here or not but as an AS User I am not ready to share it together with my username so I thought I am going to use this new feature: Don't get me wrong, AS is a great place to roleplay but not a good place to make new friends or feel welcome, at least for me. I have been on AS for quite a long time by now but I do not feel like being part of the community, despite being fairly active. Whenever I post something in my house common room it hardly ever gets reacted to, even if it is a question or an idea what we might do together as a house. Even if people do not like it, they might simply say 'no' or 'no because', however, this is not happening. In my opinion, AS has a few tight-knight users that are very close between each other (what is perfectly fine) but otherwise has no 'real' or let's say functioning community. I feel like I am completely on my own when I face an obstacle on AS or generally just straying around on the page, feeling 'homeless' with no safe harbour to withdraw to. Of course, I know that the staff cannot do anything about single people's attitudes but when people do not reply to my PMs while being otherwise very active it does not make me feel comfortable to come to AS and be active there. I considered quitting this page because of this behaviour, people being generally rude and unwelcoming. I sometimes feel afraid to discuss political or controversial topics on the forum, even if it is just writing down my thoughts, out of fear that users who are somewhat affected by the topic (e.g gender and gender identity) will hammer down on me with unpleasant messages and I guess this says a lot about how I feel about this page. While there are many events to participate in there are (in my opinion, I have been absent for a while) there are hardly any to strengthen the community and the bonds between users. However, I have to be honest: I have no idea how an event like this might look like. As said above, I have absolutely no idea if this belongs here or not, but I thought I might give it a try. Best regards, many thank yous for your hard work and lots of love, a user

      Hm, that’s a really tough one. Ideally, members would always be welcoming to new blood - new potential housemates, roleplay partners, friends. But this isn’t always the case. We have noticed this as well in how people often form friend groups and cliques and are sometimes disinterested in new faces. We get comfortable with what we know, and sometimes new and different perspectives and possibilities can feel offputting. I think think there is any single or easy solution to what you have described, but hopefully with others reading, we might all come up with some ideas?

      To me it seems like staff has trouble with all the layout work. Why didn't two overseers get picked during the last openings? A second overseer may help AS a lot.

      When we were accepting applications before, it was while Meraki was Overseer already, so bringing on another would have totaled 2. Unfortunately, just as we were bringing NeverNever on, Meraki ended up leaving the team, and so we were at just one again. We absolutely intend to rectify this; Overseer projects can be tough and it’s always great to have a second mind to brainstorm and share the load with.

      Perhaps, before implementing other ideas, work on what we have right now and improve on them. How can we have more house members participate? How can we further improve on the house events this year? How can we be certain that no one will cheat/take advantage (such as having multiple roleplays going on for the onexone competition) that dissuades users from participating?

      This is a very good point and something that we are trying (perhaps poorly) to balance. Input at the end of events is usually jotted down, and this year more than ever I’m working to provide opportunities for people to ask questions before it’s too late - the 1x1 certainly showed that this needs to happen! Typically, event threads are written up in a staff board so that other moderators can have a look in case they notice anything or such is the goal. The 1x1 mishap definitely slipped b me and will not happen again. But as for encouraging participation... That is definitely a struggle. How to encourage without pushing? While the points are great motivators for some, others get tired of the focus on them or think it’s silly since we haven’t yet been able to offer any sort of prize for the house with the most points at the end of the year. Input on how to respectfully encourage member participation is something we absolutely welcome!! We are only a few people out of the whole of the AS userbase, so we can’t always think from every angle!

      It seems that staff has problems with overseer duties. If being an overseer takes up so much time to fix things, then shouldn't it be more beneficial for the site to have the only overseer not also be a house keeper? So they can focus on the layouts?

      Thus far, we’ve shied away from having the Keepers be their own roles rather than piggy-backed onto an existing team member’s title because it wasn’t seen as enough to keep a person wholly occupied. Also, we try to keep the number of staff a balance with how many active members we have, without going overboard. It’s harder to gauge with the Overseer because while the themes are a huge project, much of the time the Overseer doesn’t have too much on their plate aside from little tasks or researching future ideas. It isn’t as steady in workload as the other roles. This is definitely something I’ll be writing down for future discussion though (whether the Keepers ought to be separate).

      I feel like staff is overdoing the discussion about things. While user feedback is good, we don't need to voice our opinion about every single thing happening. We just want to be kept in the loop.

      You have a good point about balancing it. So far, we have worked to tackle a couple issues and then let things settle down, so hopefully things are doing okay right now. With the beginning of April, we’ll now have this thread and one for discussing the feedback submitted via the big AS survey. The goal is that the April Poetry event and the Social Media Events are both decently ironed out now thanks to feedback, so that we can focus on bigger issues that have been bugging members beyond single events.