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Find a Board! [ For One-Plot/Fandom Centric RPG Boards ]

Tue Oct 01, 2013 3:48 pm

Hello there!

As I'm sure some of you are unaware of there are such things as RPGs that span an entire board instead of having many within one. I am a person who prefers it that way, and am a member on many sites. As such I would like to offer my services up to help people search for boards that maybe that they're looking for!

But of course there are some rules:

  • 1) As I don't want to appear to be advertising post your application on here, and I'll PM you with a couple of link choices. If you wish to then tell others about this link, then go ahead.

    2) I'm not giving these boards so that you can send hate messages to the owners and members on these boards. If you're looking for a board please be sincere in wanting to join one that matches your desires.

    3) I am not a mind-reader; so please give me as much detail as you can if it's an large scale idea (magical schools, mythical creatures, etc..) There's just too many options.

    4) Please use the form that I have provided, as it'll help me find what you're looking for!
  • Code: Select all

    [b]Literacy (on average):[/b]
    [b]Type of Board:[/b]
    [b]Details (this is critical if it's an original idea):[/b]
    [b]Anything Else:[/b]
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