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Warm Fuzzies

Tue Dec 03, 2013 3:13 am

[Originally posted by a now-inactive account.]
      • The warm, pleasant sensations one feels in the stomach and heart area when emotionally moved by an act of goodwill or love.
        • I've decided to start a Warm Fuzzies thread. You may post about whoever you like, whether you know them or have just seen them around. The idea is to say something nice about that person. Compliment them, tell them what you like about them-- The options are limitless.

          The person may not see it, but the point of this is that when they do see it, it makes their day brighter. Too many people, including me, have been having bad days, bad weeks, bad months. With this, we have a possibility of brightening even one minute of that.
          And that one minute could make all the difference.

          Want to wish someone a Happy Birthday? Do so in the Birthday Thread! (:
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my niggas

Tue Dec 03, 2013 9:52 pm

I have to keep these short, because I have too much to say.

Talin: I met this person on CS what seems like a long time ago. She's always there for me, and I know she'd be willing to be there for anyone! I don't know how she always finds a way to make me happy, but she does. I truly love her, and it's an honor to know her.

Toast: Oh jesus christ, such a fun person! We have a lot in common and she never fails to keep the conversation alive. Really fun to talk to, 10/10.

Zoruko: If you want to laugh, talk to her. Honestly hilarious, and makes you forget about your problems.

Darth Nine: I have a lot in common with this person too. Her dreams are inspiring to hear, and she's really entertaining.

Banter: She is really sweet. An amazing listener, too.

Bliss: Never talked much to her, but she seems really nice on the giant chat thread. I really like to hear what she has to say.

the demonic angel: her fucking cool username aside, I love her thread. It's really brought us together as a website and she should be commended ^_^
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Re: Warm Fuzzies

Tue Dec 03, 2013 11:18 pm

Currently, I have one person to thank. The list will expand c:
I'm rather selective on who earns my trust and full respect

Haytham's TARDIS: HP, you may have changed your username, but you still are HP. The RP may be dying, but I will always be there for you, don't you forget that. I'll try to keep things going with you, start other RPs, whatever. You've said nothing but nice things to me, and have an opinion on things that I can't help but agree with. You remind me of my best friend, maybe that's why I like you so much. Either way, you've earned my trust and respect - seeing as how I have trust issues, this is something special. Thank you HP ^^
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Re: Warm Fuzzies

Wed Dec 04, 2013 5:07 am

fondu au noir.

    • Stormy is my "twin." I'm sure we can be deemed crazy by most, what with the amount of RPs we have with each other. But..she's wonderful <3 We used to only talk through our RP thread, It's Complicated. She was the first to move here, and before that, I was pretty much against joining a second site. But, Stormy moved, I wanted to keep our RP, and so I came along too. Since then, we've actually gotten a lot closer and we talk every single day, nearly every moment, unless one of us is busy. We kik, we PM, we get on our personal chatzy, do joinmes. I love it. I love talking with her, it makes my day. She's crazy, in a good way. We both share the same viewpoints on some things, she's there for me when I need her, offering me little snugs, and in turn I'll always be there for her <3 Stormy's listened to me rant about so many things, and I'm so, so, so glad that she puts up with my sudden rants cx lmao she'll manage to find a way to make me laugh or smile no matter how upset, depressed, gloomy, or pissed off I am, and I really need that. Gaaaaaaaah there's so many things I have to say, want to say, but they escape me at the moment, but dammit she better know how special she is :U

      -- Papaya
    • I haven't really talked to Seth for a long time. We have one RP currently....on which I need to post on. I'm so sorry, I'm a sucky partner, I know. Honestly, Seth and I have only recently really started talking. He's a sweet guy and I know he's going through quite a bit right now. I saw one of his TTAY rants, and I just want to say that a man who cries isn't weak .n. He seems like a sensitive guy--if I knew him in RL, I probably wouldn't feel too awkward with talking to him, like I normally do with anyone of the opposite gender...honestly I'm just awkward in general. And the fact that he cooks and gardens is really cool ono Like I can't cook at all...I'm envious .-. Eh, I'll try to learn soon cx
      I really need to get to know Seth more, so I can say even more wonderful things. I've seen some of his plots though, that he posts on the 1x1 search thread, and they're wonderful. Simple and easy to follow, I love them cx Especially our plot, and I'm glad he agreed to do a 1x1 with me ouo I'm just sorry I suck at being a partner. v.v

      -- Dream

i'll have to do aspie, kiwi, aaron, and many others later bc i really need to do hw and yeaaaaaah ono procrastination!
rough patch. trying to catch up with prompts first, then replies. sorry for the wait.

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My people~

Wed Dec 04, 2013 5:49 am

  • These are just a few of the people here on AS that I have come to know. They are each amazing <3

    • We've really only just begun to talk, but I can already tell you're a good person. I made a post on the TTAY thread and you didn't hesitate to message me, even though we hadn't yet spoken. That meant a lot to me, and it shows how willing you are to go out of your way if you see someone isn't really up to par. I admire the strength you have after all you've been through. I know you might not feel like a manly man because you've cried, but you've cried because you care and there is no fault in that. Overall, I think you're a great person and I look forward to talking to you more.
    • Oh, Blu <3 I'm so glad you were the one to answer my roleplay request on CS and that you were so willing to move it here. I really am sorry I haven't posted for it in so long. Tomorrow, I swear. But seriously, I feel like it was fate that we met each other. I clicked with you almost immediately and we've been together ever since. Sometimes we don't talk for longer than I'd like, but things pick right back up where they left off once we start up again. I love ya bunches and admire your patience despite what may be going on at home. Ah, and thanks for always having my back and rooting me on <3
    • You were the very first person on AS to ever message me. I remember it was to invite me to join a roleplay with you and the rest of the gang. If it weren't for you, I don't know if I would have stayed on AS. You made me feel welcome and it was easier for me to come out of my shell. I met so many amazing people thanks to you. You're a wonderfully sweet person, and as I've come to learn, you're strong as well. I admire you, dear. Oh, and I adore your name c:
    • I always think of you being the one to finally convince me to join a roleplay with you all. While they never seem to last-- which I feel is my responsibility-- they have given me more confidence. I looked up to and still look up to you and the others and can only hope that I may be as good as you all one day. Until then, know you have given me a love for writing again. One I had lost because I didn't think I was good enough. I thank you immensely.
    • You are just a blast. Like Julia said, you're hilarious. I regret saying that we haven't talked as much as I would like to, but I'd love to change that. And I'd especially love to attempt a one x one with you if you're game. I was interested to see what would happen with Rolly and Erica c:
    • While Bevynne and Julia got me out and into the roleplaying world of AS, you gave me the character confidence I was lacking. It seems so trivial that my self-esteem could be boosted simply over a character, but it had been and I must thank you for that. I also want to thank you for just being who you are. I love that you put your thoughts out there without worrying over what someone might think about you. You're just a cool cat.
    • You are the one deserving of the nicest person award. I really hadn't talked to you before tonight, but all of a sudden you're popping in and saving the day. You definitely have a giving heart. Your creativity and sweetness has saved me from my muse-dead, plot sucking soul and given me new ideas to get back into action with. You're pretty incredible and I really want to get to know you better. We have to talk more outside of just you saving my butt, okay? Deal.
    • You already know I admire your random knowledge and guitar playing abilities, but I knew I still had to do you. (wow, that sounded bad...) I wish we could have talked more outside of just site business. We'll have to change that when you get back. You always seem to come up with the coolest ideas for roleplays and amazingly developed characters. I can't believe it sometimes. Outside of all of that, you and Lily have created a refuge for roleplayers like myself who don't want to be restricted to certain things. I seriously can't imagine my life without AS now. I've met so many great people and it's all thanks to you and Lily. Now, you just have to come back from your break so I can get to know you better.
    And Lily:
    • You are such a sweet person. I'm glad for my modship, as it has put me in a place where I had to talk to you. Admins had always been idolized in my eyes, but you and Aaron are so different. Instead of walking around like gods, you interact with us. You especially made it easy when I first got my modship and helped me adjust, even understanding when I had problems that would keep me from my duties. I still can't believe that you're only sixteen, unless your profile is lying. You act with a maturity that is beyond me and it is an admirable quality.
    Lastly, for Hazzie of CS, who may never see this.
    • You have been my friend for over two years now. It started with a roleplay that died and was taken to PM. From there are friendship budded and grew. You were there for me through so many things, the biggest one being when my mom got sick. I can't thank you enough for the support you offered me and the care you showed towards my family. It was genuine and not something you felt you had to do. I could tell because of the way you kept asking about how we all were, even months after she was better. I sincerely love you and the relationship we have. I hope it's something we can continue to hold onto even after we get busy and caught up in the adult world. I love you, Hazz <3
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my fuzzy pandas

Wed Dec 04, 2013 4:04 pm

    • I can't get everyone I'd like to on here 'cause the entire AS community are totally awesome. Just saying.

      heron - funny, smart, creative, incredibly talented artist and epic at putting up with my atrocious posting habits.

      neebooty - terrible at spelling, old, gorgeous and one of the nicest people I have ever met in my life.

      qol - super intelligent, amazing writer, super supportive and all-round awesomesauce.

      zuchi - hilarious, amazing roleplayer and legendary for putting up with me.

      accalia - you are gorgeous and if you don't put my name in the dedication for your book I am disowning you.

      bow - super friendly, adorable and, of course, the #1 boki shipper. Oh yeah.

      arty - you're the most stunning roleplayer I have ever met, for real. Never stop writing. EVER.

      There are so many other people who I'll add eventually but I love you all far too much <3
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Re: Warm Fuzzies

Wed Dec 04, 2013 10:15 pm

Right now, I don't know that many people on here. I have one friend from real life, and one who's been my roleplay buddy since, well, a long time. X3

ChemicallySleeping, you are amazing. You're always there to talk whether it's about Doctor Who or emotional things I'm going through. I've never actually rp'ed before, which we should probably do sometime. You need to move back to Canada so we can have sleepover and SuperWhoLock marathons. <333

Lady Enchanted, our RP is my favourite, by far, of any I have ever done before. Every time you reply, I get really excited because of all the Whouffle feels. c; You're a really fun person to rp with, and you reply a lot which I love. I hope our Whouffle rp continues for a long time to come, and hopefully the Doctor and Clara will move out on their own and start their own family. I can't wait to rp that out with you Liz. <3

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Formerly river.

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i triiiied

Wed Dec 04, 2013 10:54 pm

    • i have a horrible feeling i'll miss people out... but i'll give it a go
      [ may be here for a while ]
        • regals - my dearest spock
          i love you to bits. i first met you on cs quite some time ago, i think. for our first roleplay together, i remember fretting for heck knows how long on making my posts long enough and decent enough for you because i'd seen you roleplay before and i didn't want to embarrass myself with my shameful posts. i talk to you all the damn time, i can tell you everything and anything, we have the same tastes in everything... and when i've been going through rocky patches, i can always rely on you, my dear stalker, to cheer me up. i honestly don't know what i'd do without you woman. you're the spock to our khock. c; 5ever.

          consulting detective - my ice-man-not-the-virgin c;
          oh my. well. i actually only really met you relatively recently, actually. since i tend to stalk everyone, i spotted you on cs and saw your evident love for tom and sherlock and pretty much pounced on you when i couldn't take the silent stalking any more. [wow that doesn't sound creepy at all] you're pretty much one of the many outlets that i vent my benedict cumberbatch love through. i'm surprised you're not sick of me yet. you're an amazing roleplayer - even though you constantly say otherwise - and your yet another online friend that i seriously couldn't live without.

          arty - my deteeectiiive
          wow well you're just amazing. your writing literally blows my mind and i die a little inside each time you post in our roleplays. no matter how long it takes. actually, the longer it takes the more i'll probably spaz out over it. i love talking to you and you're an amazing, intelligent person. i've seen you around loads on cs though only really recently started talking to you... though i've secretly always admired you, js.

          aw pie. <3 i perhaps don't talk to you as much lately but i still really enjoy talking to you and how you haven't hunted me down and slaughtered me for being a terrible roleplay partner, i have no idea. you're a brill writer as well as a brilliant person.

          well i've known you for aaaages. i first met you on cs and i swear it was around 2011 or something like that. you're an amazing writer and your book is going to be amazing when you finally finish and publish it. you're writing is just... wow. you're always there when i need a little help or am going through a rough patch - certainly in the area of university cx - and though you're busier now with university yourself, i still love roleplaying and messaging you whenever you're free.
      uuuurgh there are so many.
      i can't list them all and i know i have definitely missed loads of people.
      everyone i've ever spoken to i love in some shape or form.
      there are so many amazing people online that it would seriously take me hours to write you all out.
      i love you all and, hopefully, you know who you are. <3
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Re: Warm Fuzzies

Thu Dec 05, 2013 4:26 am

Okay first: Bliss, Feliz, pegasus (um heron for those who think i'm referring to pegs XD), and whoever else gave me a warm fuzzy, thank you <3

Secondly, add this onto Feliz's post: he knows how to play piano and he's actually willing to teach others. envy envy envy right now .n. annnnnd he's super understanding and like I said sweet x3

Thirdly, for any of you who are able to tell that I'm upset with even the subtlest hints, and message me about it, thank you. It's amazing that you picked up on such things, and these people know who they are (mostly on CS, so they may never see this).


    • Aspie, aspie, aspie. My wifey <3 we only met a few months ago, and despite not talking all that often, or not having known each other very long, I think you're really, really, really sweet, and really, really, really strong too. I remember getting in one of the club chatzys (chatzies?) and seeing people were saying that you were a lot like me. I don't know what progressed from there, but all of a sudden, I was being claimed as a wifey lmao. I think I've been claimed before or something happened, idk, but you're the one who actually stuck and don't let me forget about it cx I love how you're always there to greet me when I'm on the Giant Chat aro <3 you should PM me more so I can talk to ya even more and just...yes. And we need to get our 1x1 up soon xD also. Your cursing is amusing, and I apologize, but I may have to watch Freedom ship you off to sailing school xD you seem to always he really annoyed with your computer or something. You seem to have days where you want to give up, curl up, and hide away in a dark corner of the world, but you need to hang in there <3
      Like I said, you're strong. Don't listen to anyone around you. It's hard, I know, but you're not alone. Come talk to me if you ever have a problem, okay? >->
    • Like Seth, I haven't known you awfully long. We had one RP together, but it died, but now we have another and I'm also a terrible partner to you and I must start it soon. I'm sorry. But, anyways, onto the nice warm fuzzy things. I'm so bad at being sappy I'm going to apologize in advance. I don't even know where to begin with this. We'll start with your poetry and short stories. They're beautiful and heart wrenching. I only read one of your short stories and you managed to have tears form in my eyes--that usually takes a whole lot to do, while I'm reading something. Normally, I just get a heavy feeling in my heart, and that's about it. Your poems? I love how they rhyme, and they obviously give insight to you, your beliefs, views, values. I'm going to have to read the rest of that thread now that I've browsed through some of your poems.
      You're sweet and nice too. Haha thanks for trying to encourage me into joining the beauty pageant, and I'm sorry that your efforts went to waste, as I didn't join. You're strong too--you put up with a lot, you've gone through a lot, and I wish I could help in some way, but all I can offer is virtual hugs :c I hope, however, you overcome every obstacle in your life.
      There's a lot more I can say here, want to say, but I have to go do homework and studying and well..I'm actually forgetting what else, sorry D:

more to come tomorrow guys .3.
rough patch. trying to catch up with prompts first, then replies. sorry for the wait.

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Re: Warm Fuzzies

Thu Dec 05, 2013 6:11 pm

  • seren!ty
    lemme tell you about this wonderful person
    i'm not great at being sappy, but you know.
    for starters, she's really funny and nice, and has an impeccable taste in men.
    asdfggkl she's just a really awesome person okay
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