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Post by apathy » Thu Apr 06, 2017 12:02 am


  • to one of the most inspirational people i have ever met; my raptor bro,

    • where do i even begin, man? you put so much passion into everything that you do,
      whether it's your writing, anything and everything you do you put your heart and
      soul in to and it really does show. you're such a caring, honest person and i'm so
      lucky to have met you. you've given me a confidence i never thought i'd have, i
      know i've said it before but without you i wouldn't have been able to gather the
      courage to go to university, i wouldn't have had the courage to push myself further
      in life and for that i'll never be able to thank you enough. i'm so glad we met, i
      can't believe it's been nearly two years! it honestly doesn't feel like that long! i know
      it still isn't technically your birthday yet all the way in 'Murica but it's just reached
      midnight over here and i wanted to be the first sooooo, love you my fellow marvel
      nerd and hope you have a wonderful birthday <3

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so yeah, thank you..

Post by noceurro » Sun Apr 09, 2017 8:19 am

                  • Honestly, I just want to say thank you, Spencer. I feel like your affections and gestures of kindness are often overlooked, and I know that in the past I've been guilty of that as well. But honestly, your efforts to keep me calm after not only one but several really stressful waves of events hit me unexpectedly are...so appreciated. I feel as though sometimes others look at me as if I cry wolf over things that matter little, but you never were one for turning me away. You listen with a light silence and then voice your opinion, though never forceful or domineering- always gentle and free of any desire to be rewarded for your help. You are always there, even if we're both crying or sad. Even tonight when we both sat there contemplating, thoughtful you just kind of held me and held my hand and I didn't feel so breathless. Typically, I dissociate and have a mental breakdown and I end up blacking out and doing stupid things to myself and others. But, not tonight. And it was definitely you that kept that from happening. Thank you, so much. Actually, thank you is probably an understatement to how deeply grateful I am. I know when I thanked you, you told me that I didn't need to- and that made me smile even through the tears that threatened to brim...because you meant it and your intentions were only for there to be warmth and to ease the tension that filled us both. So, let me say it again for the tenth time and then maybe I'll shut up- but thank you Spencer. I love you dearly and I would be a lot more of a wreck if you hadn't been there to grip me tightly like you did. I hope you rest easy tonight and know how loved you are by your family and friends. We'd be so unbelievably lost without you.

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Post by gay; » Sat Apr 15, 2017 8:51 am

                • so. i should be sleeping. but here i am.. at almost 4 am writing this fuzzy for you. i'm curled up in my bed and i tried to do coding on my phone (i know a big sin i'm so sorry) but hey look i did it! i won't say any names, but when you read this you'll know who you are. (as if the fox doesn't give it away) but hhhnnn okay enougb stalling let's just get to the point.
                  i wanted to say thank you. for everything. you've been a shoulder i can lean on, and you've been a great friend to me. i know sometimes i'm not the best friend in return, and sometimes i'm not the best person to be around and i am very sorry for that. but you always are quick to forgive me. why i have no clue, but thank you for that.
                  thank you for always being there when i need you, and listening to my stupid rants or vents. thank you for always being there when i need an escape from the world for a few hours. thank you for having the sane exact music taste as i do, and just.. thank you. for being my friend.
                  i'm too lazy to go ovsr this and check for spelling errors and with my luxk there are a few. when you read this, i'll probably be sleeping, and just rolling your eyes at how much of a mess this is.. but hey. thank you.. again. and i love you <3
                  • ~ your little dragon boi

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to my angel, the moon of my life

Post by buck » Sat Apr 15, 2017 10:02 am



                    • so it's about 2 in the morning and i have work in a few hours, but i can't sleep until my laundry is done, so instead of doing that i'm writing you this (because, let's be real, you're a million times better than sleeping anyways).
                      i know things are kind of tough right now with shitty job pay and shitty job hunting and shitty trying-to-figure-out-work-visas-for-movement-to-the-us, but i promise you you'll get here in the end. even if you can't make it in august, and even if you can't make it this year, or next year, i can one hundred percent assure you that i will still be here, waiting. and, sure, i do miss you with my entire being and want you down here so badly i almost can't breathe at times, but if this is the best we can do for now, i'm satisfied with it. as long as you're in my life and i can talk to you, i'm happy.
                      despite this, i can't stop looking at apartments and imagining what it'd be like for us to have one together (and with luke or john, of course, but ignore them for now) and be able to decorate it to our liking and have as many animals as we want (within reason, though, since it'd be an apartment with pet rules and pet deposits which are friggin' expensive). and i can't stop imagining what it'd be like to come home to you after work physically, and be able to nap with you, or put on a dumb horror movie, or simply make you tea and myself coffee and chill until i come down from that god-awful work adrenaline... or fuck, to be quite honest.
                      honestly i'm just so in love with you it hurts, and i want to finally be able to do all of these things and more with you without the thought of you leaving plaguing the back of my mind like it did when you were here for two weeks. granted, those two weeks were still the best two weeks of my life, but at the same time all i could think about was you leaving and me forgetting what it felt like to finally hold you in my arms and kiss you and just... be with you, and it was terrifying.
                      i've never loved, or been in love with, someone this much - i didn't think it was even possible. yes, i've been in a few serious relationships, and i did love my partners, but this... this is nothing in comparison. you're all i can think about and when i'm feeling down or i'm splitting or i'm just at work and want to go home, i think of you being here and suddenly all of the bad things are okay. suddenly i'm doing everything for you and it becomes bearable. you're worth pushing through the days where i can hardly drag myself out of bed, let alone think about working an eight hour shift on a hot day with annoying ass customers and annoying ass coworkers and that one guy where all i want to do is shove a sock into his mouth
                      and this is kind of off topic, but there is nothing poetic about any of this. i've run out of ways to turn how much i miss you into poems and make it out to be something beautiful because it hurts. it hurts it hurts it hurts and i don't want to miss you this much, i never want to have to miss you this much again, but i know that i will every day until i get to see you again and then after that, too, until you can be here permanently. there is nothing poetic about the light from my computer or my phone screen that sometimes keeps me up at night or the delay between the things we say on the phone or the silence when one of us is upset and can't reach out for comfort. this is not beautiful and it is not something i would wish on my worst enemy. at the same time, however, i absolutely would not give it up for the world. it is all that we have right now and i will cherish it as much as possible.
                      ... so, anyway... this got kinda deep and rambly so i'm going to end it here, mainly because the washing machine just went off which signals that i can sleep because boy do i need sleep when i'm about to work five days in a row. i love you, though, with all of my heart, and i'm so in love with you it's honestly kind of pathetic. i can't wait to see you again, angel, and i hope your day goes okay since i'll be at work and not there to comfort you if anything goes wrong.
                      again, i love you, and thanks for loving and supporting me as much as you do, because at this point i'm not entirely sure where i'd be without you. when we started talking again i was at an awful time in my life, having just started my job and dropped out of school whilst dealing with relationship issues, and you helped me through all of that and became the love of my life. you mean everything to me. happy eight months.

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♥ Happy Birthday ♥

Post by Meraki » Sun Apr 30, 2017 8:01 am

    • Image
      Made you a little something to listen to while reading.

      There were about a million things I wanted to do with this whether it be code or ideas, but we both know things came up and I almost didn't do this at all because of it. Even though I shouldn't, I am though, and you can kill me for it later.

      Kasey where do I even start? I've been through the whirlwind fuckery that is life, I know how to handle myself and how to go it alone, how to take the things thrown my way, but when I met you this whipping whirlwind I've been caught in slowed. The more we talked, the calmer things became, at least within my own mind. You weren't just an escape or a paradise I'd dreamt up. I'd never belittle your worth like that. You were so so much more. You were my friend. Probably the best one I'd ever been lucky enough to stumble upon. We talked and bonded and nothing was ever boring. I'm pretty sure everyone knew what was happening between us before we did, though even then it didn't take us much longer to find it ourselves. All the late nights, the shit talking, the movies and shows, a sharing of ideas, skyping for an insane amount of time, falling asleep together... god. Falling asleep together.

      Forgive me for derailing here, but nothing will ever compare to falling asleep with you just out of physical reach, trying to hide your gorgeous smile beneath covers while your fingers curl into a heart before finally growing cozy. I wish I could say I could lay there watching you like that forever, but the truth is I always fall asleep first. I think I fall asleep so quickly because laying there with you, that's the only thing on my mind. Everything is so calm and quiet and I'm actually comfortable. Granted sometimes I will sit there rambling to you for hours even though you probably grow tired of it long before its end, though that's just because I want to lengthen the time spent watching you and being with you in waking hours. I've never quite met someone who can make me do that. Lose sleep no matter how tired I previously was, just rambling about anything stumbling about my mind... nights where we aren't curled up together just aren't the same. It misses the 'I love you's and those shared smiles.

      Waking up is so much easier knowing most times you'll still be curled up sleeping soundly thanks to the time differences. Call me cliche, but you are literally the last thing on my mind at night, and the first thing on it come morning. It makes my days so much easier. So much brighter.

      My gorgeous sun, you will never know your full worth to me or the love I feel for you. Nothing, not a damn humanly thing can possibly capture all that is felt. It just sits within my heart and soul like an overwhelming warmth, bubbling over and dripping into other areas of me. It's overflowing. There's so much sometimes I find myself in the best kind of tears, busting with the happiness and love you sparked within me. I always find myself wondering how I came to be so lucky after a lifetime of mostly shitty luck. You're nothing short from my prince charming. My fairy tale boy, who couldn't be more real. How are you real?

      You make me happy. So so so happy. All I ever want to do is be the best I can for you and give you all the things nobody else ever did, because you deserve it. You deserve every shred of good in this world and I'll be damned if I don't help capture it all for you. This message is kind of becoming a sappy mess now, more so than I intended and maybe I'm oversharing here and saying far too much but there is no way I can go into something like this thinking small and not come out with something big. Not when it comes to you, there's just too much to say. Especially considering all you've given to me without even realizing. We met before the whole discord business. Bonded over grotesque CAH games, skyped once or twice, were even part of a group chat, but then of course we kinda fizzled out until I joined discord. And god you know I had been so scared to join? I felt like I'd be out of place and too awkward but I'm glad I did. I'm even more glad that I stuck around. Had it not been for you and maybe a few others, I wouldn't have.

      There are many that contribute to this, but since it's you're birthday and this is for you, I'm only going to really highlight you in it. You made me stick around. Kasey, I loved being around you and talking and planning our roleplay together. Not a single moment between us was ever awkward, you made things so easy, and it felt like we'd just known each other for years. Sometimes it amazes me that we haven't. Then again, it's always felt like that, like we fit together like two puzzle pieces. Perhaps we don't have the same design on us and have our fair share of differences, but when fit together we work so well, we complete a broader picture. Without you, things would be so incredibly different. You've given me happiness, motivation, confidence, something to work towards, hope, a best friend, a lover, and... a family. I don't think I've ever truly known what it was like to belong until you settled into my life and unintentionally helped me grow attached to many others. Do you know how much that means to this sappy boy? You've saved me.

      *Takes a deep breath* Heh. I just... thank you. Thank you for giving me something I never knew I was missing out on and opening my eyes to other things in the process. Nobody will ever compare to you. My sun, my mouse, my baby boy. I love you with all of my heart and soul and will continue to do so for the rest of my life. You're nineteen now. Flaunt it you adorable old man. I'm so proud of you and where you are and where you've come from. It's all fallen so perfectly so that we can be together right here, right now. I'd never change any of this for the world and god do I hope you have the most amazing birthday ever.

      There's so much more I could say, but then this fuzzy would never end. So enjoy this lovely one hundred things I love about you like it's totally a better alternative and not just my idea of limiting myself without actually stopping. Thank you bitanic for this idea. Get ready. This is about to be one hundred layers of sap.

      Again, Happy Birthday my gorgeous boy ♥


      1. I love the way you always find these games to drag me into. I always try to say no, but the look of excitement in your eyes when I finally cave is so worth it.
      2. I love how passionate you get about things. Sitting there and listening to you explain whatever it is with this light in your eyes makes my heart swell with happiness and nothing else can compare to how attractive it is.
      3. I love your laugh... which is mostly squeaks and giggles if I'm being honest, but it's the sweetest melody I've ever heard.
      4. I love how every time I get sappy or start to tease you, you flick me off and pout.
      5. I love that sleepy look you get in the mornings when you've just woken up and are squinting at your screen.
      6. I love that you're so open and honest and cut the bullshit out of everything.
      7. I love your moles. Even the bad ones that will eventually be removed. One day I will kiss the places they used to be as I hold you in my arms.
      8. I love that you're always here for me even when you don't have to be. It's your choice to continuously be there and it makes me the happiest boy in the fucking world.
      9. I love how you're the first person who has ever made me feel a shred of confidence about my appearance. Even though I don't love it most times and one day wont look entirely the same, you love it just as you will love the changes done to it.
      10. I love how we can gross out the entire discord with our disgusting and totally amazing sap.
      11. I love that you inspire me to be a better person and to keep pushing for what I want in life.
      12. I love how shamelessly fucking emo you are.
      13. I love that you play with the ring I gave you and always try to wear it, even though sometimes you forget, but don't necessarily have to.
      14. I love that you except me for all I am and still love me anyways.
      15. I love your crazy. Because yes. Babe. You're crazy on all days ending in Y.
      16. I love your smile. Holy saemkflmlkreg. That smile is the best smile in the whole world and I live for every second I see you wearing it.
      17. I love your fashion even if its usually the same thing every day. But damn do you look amazing in flannels and a beanie.
      18. I love that you procrastinate everything. Even though its frustrating as hell, I love getting to tell you how proud I am of you when you actually do finish what you need to do.
      19. I love our future plans together and how you totally accepted living on a big piece of land with a lot of animals like it was nothing.
      20. I love how passionate you are about becoming a lawyer.
      21. I love that we've both doomed ourselves to 10 or so years in college just to help people.
      22. I love that you love cinnamon rolls with satan's ass juice on them.
      23. I love how even if it'll be a huge struggle, you're still going to find your way to me this summer.
      24. I love your obsession with phantumps and mushrooms.
      25. I love our sinful roleplays and all the angst we come up with for them.
      26. I love your writing. It gives me chills. Hopefully soon you'll get the time to write more because I'll read every bit of it. <3
      27. I love your coding too. You sometimes come to me for help, but I know you can do it on your own and it always looks amazing.
      28. In addition to above, I love how big you always make your forms and then when you complain about having to fill them in.
      29. I love the way you call me your angel or foxy boy or babe. Honestly just... nicknames.
      30. I love how you always say or type 'I love you' like 'I loooooove you'
      31. I love how the green apple jolly ranchers are your favorite because they're my least favorite and I can give them all to you.
      32. I love the songs we've deemed our songs over time.
      33. I love taking on the world with you and how that is also the title to one of our songs.
      34. I love our skype sleeps and how sleeping is never quite the same if we don't get on for them.
      35. I love being able to pull others into our skype sleeps with us sometimes.
      36. I love how loyal and loving you are to me.
      37. I love when you get all serious about my health or time management because I know you care.
      38. I love how possessive you are over me and how at random you'll go 'mine mine mine'
      39. I love that you love me too.
      40. I love that after a long day we can come home and just nap together.
      41. I love that I can learn so much from you just as you can learn so much from me, too.
      42. I love that we can spend so much time together and it never ever get boring or dull.
      43. I also love that we can sit in total silence too and just drink in each others company when we don't particularly feel like talking.
      44. I love your taste in music because most of it is also music I like.
      45. I love how even though your music is music I like, some of the music I like makes you question who the hell you're dating.
      46. I love that you left skype up while you went to a birthday party so I could stare at your wall and the call wouldn't end.
      47. I love that you're such a nerd.
      48. I love how you make me out to be the sap, but you're just as sappy too.
      49. I love that even when we argue, we still know we love each other and try to help each other out. Makes me feel like no matter what we can overcome just about anything. Also the arguments are so silly and can't ever really be called a fight.
      50. I love our weird conversations and all that comes from them.
      51. I love how much you love showing me off and embarrassing me. It's cute seeing you share things we say, even though I mostly pout at you for it.
      52. I love how you're asexual and genderfluid for the sake of titles but also question it frequently, because hnng. Whatever you go with you're still mine <3
      53. I love how if you could only eat one thing in the entire world for the rest of your life, it'd definitely be cheese.
      54. I love that you're a hufflepuff... and that I'm a slytherin because hot damn do we compliment each other well.
      55. I love that Deluca and Mercer are versions of ourselves.
      56. I love your slowly growing crystal collection and how lazy of a witch boy you are.
      57. I love how you react to me randomly sending you things on pokefarm.
      58. I love that you've let me send you and your family pizza and breadsticks so you guys didn't have to worry about finding something even if it was a confusing mess.
      59. I love that you want lots of chickens and ducks when we move in together.
      60. I love your handwriting and drawings because they are so cute. XD
      61. I love that right now as I am typing this out you're showing me these sigils you drew and are waving the paper around until I say something in approval.
      62. I love that you plan to steal my chocolate mountain when you come down here during the summer.
      63. I love the thought of curling up with you for real one day and cuddling into oblivion.
      64. I love your promise to kiss all my freckles when we meet.
      65. I love how you joke about stabbing your uterus out when it gets angry because it only motivates me more to get you to a place where you actually can get it removed and start your transition.
      66. I love that you put up with my weirdness and even go along with it most times. Like c'mon. We've eaten Briar's finger together.
      67. I love your hair. It's so fluffy and I swear I am going to floof the hell out of it.
      68. I love that you're so determined to help people no matter what. Even if they've done you wrong before and I admire that so much.
      69. I love how gorgeous you are even if you deny it.
      70. I love that you're my literal bright and shiny sun, warming my life and lighting my way.
      71. I love the fact that your patronus is a mouse. It's so cute that I made it your nickname and holy fuck did that stick.
      72. I love that we're both comfortable enough to cry around each other now even if we've both expressed we hate crying in front of people.
      73. I love how smart and capable you are.
      74. I love how ever since I gave you that phantump plush, you haven't slept without it.
      75. I love that we can be so open with each other. Even about weird sexual things. I've never met someone I could just talk about anything with.
      76. I love that you will never give up on me no matter what.
      77. I love that sometimes you forget to do things like eat or take your binder off. You're forgetful, but I will always do my best to remind you.
      78. I love your calculus face. Point blank.
      79. I love that throughout all of this, you are also my best friend.
      80. I love showing you off and gushing about you to other people because you give me so much to work with.
      81. I love that you shampoo your underarms so you aren't an entirely filthy mess.
      82. I love that you can read my mind and innermost thoughts.
      83. I love how our humors work together perfectly.
      84. I love how you can rock a dress or a fancy suit/button up no matter what the situation is.
      85. I love that we can communicate everyday even if we don't necessarily have to. It's just nice and something I know others don't often have access to.
      86. I love your name. Especially how perfect it sounds with mine.
      87. I love that come Tuesday you'll be calling me on skype so I can hear the speech you wrote about a proposal to me.
      88. I love that I often have dreams about you and they're never bad.
      89. I love when we argue over who loves the other the most.
      90. I love that you're always giving me a reason to smile and to live even when things are so incredibly hard and I want to do anything but.
      91. I love how I still get butterflies around you like its some schoolboy crush.
      92. I love that you love toebean and all of her kitty weirdness.
      93. I love how you don’t just tell me you love me, you show me.
      94. I love that we both love each others friends and are mostly friends with the same people.
      95. I love how you treat me like no one else has before.
      96. I love that our future together is so clear and only a short time away.
      97. I love that you mean more to me than anything else in the world.
      98. I love your typos and how the more tired you are the worse they get and the more "fucks" you follow them up with.
      99. I love that you are you.
      100. I love that making this was so easy and yet so hard because I had to pick and choose what to put, seeing as there are far more than one hundred reasons why I love you.
      101. Because you just did it and sknefgllmrh. When you try not to smile. You little shit.

      Basically... I just love you, okay? Now onto birthday wishes from others <3


      *cracks knuckles* HELLO BEAN
      so, i’ll start with a happy birthday and i love you c:
      mine compared to mer’s is probably going to look like nothing but we both know he has a lot of sap all bottled up inside himself so c: anywho~
      so i’ve said this once, and i guess i’ll be saying this a million times but ;; thank you for holding a knife to my throat and pushing me to discord and just holding me there until i was able to come on without being scared of all the other beans there. little did i know that you’d help me find a group of people that helped me become the confident little smol bean i am today. so uh,, *clears throat and shifts around with note cards* i really enjoy all the time we spend together, whether it be us trying to murder each other when i call out your typos or murder time. it’s also really funny when i stab your boi and you murder me back or threaten to take my teddy bear’s life c’: *wipes a tear*
      i’d also like to just say sorry for my shitty pf gift. i’m like dead broke rn and that’s all i could afford so like i’ll make it up to you with more gifts at a later time. oops… heh.. >.>
      okay so i guess i should get back with the sap.
      i know we aren’t the closest friends ever, and you are closer to others than me, but i really do look up to you. you hold a very special place in my heart for multiple reasons, and i can’t seem to find the words to say what i want to say. i guess the biggest reason is that you didn’t let me disappear. you always seemed to make sure that i was comfortable and you didn’t push me. well. you didn’t push me too far. you pushed me just enough to squeeze myself into this little fucked up discord family, and you helped me realize “hey. everyone here isn’t scary, they are just big ol fucking dorks with no lives” i don’t think i’ll ever be able to find the words to say thank you enough, so i’ll just be simple about it; thank you.
      thank you for being a big nerd, thank you for always coming on and screaming about something, and just thank you for being there. its always amusing to watch you fight someone over your boi and then you two disappear to go snog each other or something. sorryihadtomakeonejoke
      okay but seriously, jokes aside, thank you. i hope you and mer have a wonderful day together because let’s be honest here. you two will be skyping all day and just gushing all over each other. but i mean hey,, remember to use protection c;
      ~ your little dragon child

      !!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HORIZON!! I hope you have a freaking fantastic birthday because you’re amazing and deserve a day just as amazing, if not even more c; I’ve loved having the opportunity to get to know you better because of discord, even though we don’t talk a whole lot outside of the servers >o>’ You are an amazing person though and seriously thankyousomuch for all the help you’ve given me. You’ve helped me word thesis statements and you’ve supported my frustration about group papers. A+ friend material there xD Not to mention the beautiful forms you’ve coded for me for the demigod rp ;u; Thank you very much for that, seriously. I can never not thank you for it. I promise I will fill information out in them soon >.< Ahh I really hope we get to do a roleplay together very soon, but I’m excited for all the rps we’re taking part in together. Especially for our little sibling duo that we came up with. They are precious. AGAIN HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND REFRAIN FROM MURDER. I know you enjoy it and enjoy blood, but that’s less people to celebrate you. You can do it after. Maybe. thiswasreallylamesorry
      ~ Anika

      Hey there sunshine.
      Between you and Connor, you definitely keep me on my feet and functioning properly. And, I mean, what would a moon be without its complimentary sun, am I right? I still remember meeting you back in September and for some reason, I was lowkey terrified of you, which is amusing in part because you're not only an inch shorter than me, but secretly a sap who has made me a very happy child. Anyways, you're nineteen, holy shit? When did that happen boy? Like? I'm honestly so proud of you for getting this far in life- as that is one of the hardest things for people to manage to accomplish or to do without giving up or giving into obstacles, downfalls and other negative blockages. But hey, guess what? Not you. I love being able to talk anything witchy related with you and your annoyed comments over my puns in the am never cease to make me crack a smirk. I love how you are opinionated and take charge in terms of your education- it’s something a lot of people lack. You’re honestly one of my guardian angels, babe, and I’d be a little bit more lost without your light in my life.
      Your compliments make me squeal and writhe in happiness because I know you mean what you say and you never compliment just for the hell of it. And honestly, I am way too eager to see you grow up into a kickass sassy lawyer once you get to that point in your life. If someone ever fucks with me, I know who I’m calling for my lawyer, cause I trust you with ever fiber of my happy hooting little being. Honestly, I wanna spend more to with you Kase, because you really do make me happy and I would steal both of you and Mer away and have us live as a big happy family if I could, cause you both mean the world to me, both of you. So again, happy birthday you walking sass bomb who may or may not be covered in the blood and guts of your enemies, another thing I love about you. So proud of you and hope we share many more years together as friends and basically family. I love you. Always.
      ~ Your star boy

      I still think it's hilarious that we basically fawned over each other's writing for months before we ever actually spoke. I don't think I could ever be more glad to have ended up befriending you. You're one of the kindest, most open-minded people that I know to date, and I would be more than happy to consider you one of my best friends. I guess I'm here to say thank you for always being there when I needed someone to talk to. So.
      Happy birthday, mouse. <3
      ~ Briar

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Re: Warm Fuzzies

Post by Deer » Sun Apr 30, 2017 8:39 am

Phantumps are brown, phantumps are green.
When i see you, it's on a screen.
Nevertheless, i love you deerly,
even if we dont talk a lot bc i go to bed early.
Omg i got so far with my rhyme,
Who would think i could do that in such a short time?
Anyways, like oli said: a happy birth,
I hope i can finish this before i get weird.
I hope your day will be full of surprises.
Idk what rhymmmess uhhh fuck i'll say dices.

I love you horizon you are very precious and kind,
Always considerate, keeping others in mind.

I dont know why the fuck this fuzzy rhymed,
Let's just say, it's badly deer-timed.

Ok but for real i love you and happy birthdayyyyy
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happy b o r t h to a special boi

Post by canine, » Sun Apr 30, 2017 9:35 am

                    • Image
                      ─── ──────────────────────────────────────────────── ───
                      //careens out of the void six {6} thousand years late with this hot mess

                      man oh man, where do i even start? i'm not a very sappy person, my heart is literally darker than a black hole?? okay maybe not but. firstly, happy birthday and welcome to old man club hell. i can say without a fraction of a doubt that you are (shhhh, and mer too) my best friend, although i'm prolly not even close to being one of yours bc wowee lbr i suck and not in a good way //shot. unlike a lot of people who've been in my life, you've really stuck there with me, unwaveringly so, and i literally cannot thank you enough for that. people tend to just fall out of my life, but ever since i met you way back you've always been there, and i know you'll always continue to be there for me if i ever needed someone to talk to about anything, or to help me out when i'm down. and you're always so enthusiastic to see me come online and you have nothing but kindness for me and even to this day it just warms my cold, dark heart so much. you are such a strong, humorous and respectable person, it still kind of baffles me that you'd ever think anything of a small loser like me. you are so, so confident in ways that i wish i was, and i can only hope to build myself up to be even a fraction of how astounding you are.

                      you're just so genuine, like? hands down one of the best people i've ever had the pleasure to meet and be able to call a friend. i really, really can't express just how much you mean to me, it is literally an impossibility. i just know that i would have missed out on so many happy memories and feelings if i hadn't of met you, and i definitely wouldn't be the same person i am today. you've really had an impact on me, and not many people have.

                      i wish you the best birthday you've ever had, and all the luck in every single one of your future endeavors, no matter how small. you deserve all the kindness and affection that comes your way, every last ounce of it. i love you so much, and i hope that we'll be able to get even closer in the coming days, weeks, months, and years.

                      ps. i know i said the same thing in my christmas fuzzy and it never happened, but wE GOTTA SKYPE MORE OFTEN. KICK MY WHOLE ASS.

                      pss. i may or not be writing a shameless drabble to add on to your borthday gifts. i am.

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♡ to my baby, my best friend, my sun and stars

Post by stevie » Sun Apr 30, 2017 8:44 pm

        • i've been meaning to write something like this for a while, but nothing ever sounds quite how i want it to.

          i know you say that you have trouble getting out your feelings eloquently, but honestly everything you've ever written for me has been perfect and so, so beautiful - and it frustrates me because i can never seem to put my feelings into words quite as beautifully as you do. each time i try it never equates or sounds like just how much i love you and appreciate you and all of you... if that even makes sense. you make me a hopeless romantic, but the second i try and actually write about how you make me feel, and how much i adore you, i just... can't seem to verbalise it. words just don't do my feelings for you any justice. but i want to try again, and i'll keep trying and trying, because i know no amount of times of me writing this will ever be enough.

          plus i know you've been tired and stressed out with school work, and brain stuff, and work, and your family, and just Everything... so hopefully this'll make working tonight a bit more bearable for you.

          god, this is going to be sappy and gross, but i want to write this seriously. because i'm being one-hundred percent serious when i say i love you. i love you i love you i love you i love you. i love you so much it physically hurts and sometimes even brings me to tears.

          i love the way you stutter and stumble over words. i love the way you sing off-key. i love the way you make those little frustrated whining noises when i refuse to go to sleep. i love how comfortable you make me feel - even when you're over five-thousand miles away. i love how you always sext text me when i'm at work so i have something to read and respond to during my lunch. i love the little snuffly noises you make in your sleep, and how, when i was over there visiting, you'd sometimes twitch and mumble or pull me closer to you. i love listening to you go off on tangents about things that you really love/are passionate about. i love how witty and intelligent you are - even if you think you aren't either - and how supportive you are, how you're always there for me.

          i love your curly, crazy hair, and your scruff/beard, and your piercings, and your eyes, and your hands, and your mouth, and your thighs (don't even get me started on those), and your hips, and just- fuck, just All Of You.

          and i miss you.

          it's only been a hundred-and-two days since i was last with you but it feels like a lifetime. any amount of time is way, way too long. i miss you so so so much that it overwhelms me. sometimes it's like a physical weight on my chest, and fuck, it hurts. it hurts it hurts it hurts. like you said in the last piece of writing your wrote for me; this sort of pain isn't poetic. it sucks. it really, really does. and knowing it hurts you makes it hurt even more because there's no real quick fix to it other than my visiting once or twice a year. but oh my god, it's so fucking worth it. i didn't think it was possible to love anyone or anything as much as i love you, and yet here we are.

          and i can't wait to spend an entire month and a day with you this summer. i'm still pissed and upset that i can't be there for your birthday next month, and probably will be for the rest of eternity since around about now was when i originally planned to see you next, and it won't make me leaving any less painful (actually, it'll probably hurt even more if that's possible), but knowing i have more time with you this time around makes me so giddy you don't even know. plus i'll be there for our one-year and my twenty-first birthday, and i can't think of any place better that i'd want to spend either of those things than with you.

          god, i just... i honestly love you a heck of a lot, you dork, and i'm so in love with you. it's probably gross, actually... this all sounds so inadequate in comparison to how i feel for you, but i hope it gets across at least a fraction of it. eighty-seven days to go, baby, and i'll be back over there with you for over thirty days. i'm love you, and i'm so proud of you. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
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Re: Warm Fuzzies

Post by Cᴏᴍᴍᴀɴᴅᴇʀ Sʜᴇᴘᴀʀᴅ » Sun Apr 30, 2017 10:53 pm

  • Hello everyone.
    This is not a warm fuzzy, but a bit of an announcement. It has come to the staff's attention that this has turned into more of a birthday thread rather than a warm fuzzy. To combat that, I've been tasked with making a strictly birthday related thread. You can find that here.
    Thank you!

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Re: Warm Fuzzies

Post by Deer » Mon May 01, 2017 4:39 am

          • It's 5:30 AM and I have been awake for 2 hours because my finals are creeping closer so yay for insomnia and excuse me for the sudden sap but I just felt like writing this.

            I've been thinking a lot about us lately, especially around the time you visited me. I still, to this day, can not believe that I have been blessed to find a wonderful sister like you. I know we are mostly far and seeing you a few weeks ago made me feel so strong. Our connection is strong when separated but when we are close it might even be stronger. I just... I love you a lot and I can't wait till september. The idea of seeing you again and spending time with you again just makes me so happy, and definitely gives me the strength to get through the upcoming few weeks. (Even if i will starve at your house bc you eat at inhuman times cx cx)

            Sis, you mean so much to me. I just can't put into words how lucky I feel to have you. I really wish we were closer at times, physically, because it is so hard for me not to see you in real life. I think this fuzzy is rambling but then again I am always rambling and I just love you and let's sail some ships. And I want you to smile so that is why I am being an idiot on here but you are special and you should know that. Everyone should know that. and that you're mine bc i dont intend to share.... Jk jk. I will share you a little.

            Pappagallo. Parrochetto. Avanti <3

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