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spread some positivity

Post by caladrius » Tue Aug 01, 2017 6:17 pm


if you're surprised to be on this list of users... well, yeah, it probably came out of nowhere. but i've seen a lot of negativity as of late and, honestly, i've felt a lot of negativity here lately myself, to the point where i've played with the thought of quitting once or twice. but instead, i sat down and thought about how, rather than running from it all, i should (and could) instead try to channel some positivity inside of me & spill it out. i don't know many of you - or, well, i'm not particularly close to the majority of you, most of which is undoutedly my own fault. still, i wanted to include as many people as i possibly could in this. people i love, people that inspire me, people that just deserve a few kind words. so i'm sorry that this isn't overly detailed and long, but at least i tried, right?

❥ sixer: my amazing bro, my wonderful skooma-dealer, my precious science nerd. honestly, i've gushed over you often enough both on here and offsite already, but it wouldn't have felt right to just exclude you from this list because of that. i mean, you're still my best friend on this site, so if anyone 100% needs to be on this list, it's you. you're an amazing friend and an amazing writer. i love chatting with you about everything, be it life-related stuff, or just dumb roleplay headcanons. i love hanging out with you on rabbit while just listening to music and freaking out over fandoms and our stupid gay sons and shitty ships. i get overly excited whenever we actually get anywhere with our roleplays and i see you've replied to one. i appreciate you being there even when i'm totally shitty and down and im so glad to have you as a friend to support me when i need it the most, because let's be real, there's not anyone else that i'd turn to out of my own free will. i love you. - your thalmor scum

❥ cricket: my lovely husband. no matter what, i'll always call you my friend. you're precious and deserve the best in life and i'm sorry that it all seems to get you down so often. i assure you that i'll forever be there for you, i'll always listen and support you to the best of my abilities, no matter how often you need to take a break from everything and everyone. your writing is utterly amazing and inspires me so much, i love all of your characters and your art is utterly gorgeous (i did find the one piece you made for me quite a while ago again too, by the way). i wish you the best of luck with everything you decide to do and i genuinely hope that you'll be able to live a happy and wonderful life that fulfils and satisfies you. i love you, stay safe. - your loving wife

❥ algorythm: hey there! honestly, i was rather surprised to see my name pop up in the warm fuzzy you wrote a while ago. to know that i was able to inspire someone really warmed my heart, because it's the one thing i really want from life: to leave a positive impact and help as many people improve and reach their goals as i possibly can. needless to say, you inspire me a lot too and honestly? i always thought that your writing was much better than mine. i adore the way you portray your characters and their inner workings, it seems so real and lifelike, which is something that not everyone manages to pull off. you're such a creative person and i think that's amazing too; anyone who can write such amazing stories and characters is admirable in my opinion. nonetheless, i'm glad that i could push you to further improve your writing. i hope that you'll continue to write and improve in the future as well, and i promise i'll get you the reply i owe you someday!

❥ 76heart: hey! you were one of the first people i've ever started a roleplay with on this website, i think? honestly, that was a while ago, so my apologies if that's not correct. but it certainly feels like you were one of the first people i ever interacted with. i really enjoy your writing, you manage to write fantastic replies even when mine are short and horrible and i think that's utterly amazing! you seem like a very kind and considerate person, and i'm sure you are. the only reason i say "seem" is because we aren't particularly close (my fault, don't worry) and i always feel it's weird to just say someone is this or that if you don't know them well. anyways, before i ramble too much, i'm sorry that i kept dropping off of the face of the world and our roleplay kind of... died since i never responded to that PM. but, if you ever are in the mood to pick it back up/start something new, feel free to hit me up!

❥ majorpoland: 'ello to you! you were also among one of the first users to ever really interact with me on this site, i think? once again, it's been a while, so i'm sorry that i can't say an exact date/time zone, haha. nonetheless, i'm really grateful that you messaged me about a roleplay back then. we might have never really gotten that far with it, but i still enjoyed it immensely while i did write for it! i can always appreciate others who enjoy the same fandoms as me and i adored having someone who indulged me in the kind of odd and rare pairings that i'm into. i don't know, i just enjoy roleplaying asshole characters that are 99,99% different from me i guess and you were more than happy to make it possible for me, so thank you for that. i enjoyed the interactions of our characters and i'm sorry that i just stopped replying at one point and never kept my promises of writing a reply up until now, but hey, if you ever wanna pick it up again/start something new, feel free to shoot me a message!

❥ errickon: hey! i have so many people on this list that i've barely interacted with and/or disappeared on a lot of the time, and you're one of them. i'm sorry for that, but keep in mind that it's my fault and not yours. i really did enjoy our roleplay, i love your character and the way she interacts with mine, and i still love the plot. your writing always manages to keep things short and sweet, without 10 paragraphs of unnecessary fluff (something i struggle with now and again, let's be honest) and i admire you for it! i'm glad that we started the roleplay back when we did, even if we haven't gotten too far with it, and if you would like to continue, or start something else, you're also more than welcome to come talk to me about it!

❥ forlorn: hi! to start things off, the reply you gave me yesterday wasn't bad, don't worry about it! and you know what else? i admire you or giving that reply to me. i admire you for pulling through and writing your owed replies for all of those users (yes, i saw that) and i hope that, someday, i'll manage to do the same - pull through and actually write all those replies i owe people and promised i would get done. that being said, i also love your writing, it flows very nicely and you portray your characters in a way that just... feels natural, i guess? i also don't know you very well, but you strike me as a very kind person too, and you are also very patient (which is something that my partners obviously have to be, haha). i'll see what i can do about the reply i owe you now, i'll try to get it done as soon as i possibly can, but for now, thanks for being patient with me & kudos to you for managing to write all those replies, good job!

❥ fletch: hey! you're one of many people who had to suffer because i'm a pretty shitty partner to have, and i'm sorry for that. i'm sorry for never replying to our roleplay, i'm sorry for not responding to the message(s) you sent me, i'm sorry for possibly making you feel bad about yourself. but please, please don't. remember how i told you once that i think your writing is amazing? well, i still do. i love the way you write, it's detailed and flows nicely and it's just the perfect balance between getting things done and elaborating on fancy little details. your writing really manages to pull the reader in and put them into the head of the characters you write and the worlds you portray, and i love it. i really regret that we had to start something when i was slowly slipping into the worst version of me that i could possibly be, and i hope you have it in you to forgive me for it (although you wouldn't really have a reason to do so tbh). nonetheless, your writing is amazing and i hope you keep showing the world your talent!

❥ ember: yo. once again, i'm sorry to you for never replying to our roleplay and your message(s) either. you seem like an amazing person, creative and kind, and i did enjoy the few replies we did manage to write for each other before i disappeared on you. don't worry, it wasn't that i lost interest in the plot, or that i didn't like your writing, far from it actually! i loved the plot idea and your writing was amazing, it was all my fault for getting overwhelmed by a lot of things, including other roleplays, real life and my own emotions & mental health. still, i am glad that we got to roleplay for at least a little while and if you ever wanna pick it back up, feel free to let me know!

❥ thunderofthedrum: uhh, hey! so, this is kina awkward because we've never really interacted with each other (too much), as far as i'm concerned... save for some very short and super awkward conversations on the chat threads, i think? but i wanted to include you on here. you seem like such a kind and good and considerate person, someone who wants to make sure that everyone is happy and content and gets along, and i dunno. i'm just naturally drawn to that kind of people and want to protect them with my life i guess. but you obviously don't need me protecting you (it sounds kind of ridiculous to be honest, let's be real). still, i think that you deserve some kind words for what you do for the AS community and i hope that plenty of people other me appreciate and value you for being such an amazing staff member. i ran out of decent colours, can you tell?

❥ mundane: i knew i had forgotten someone haha, so let me add you to this list real quick before i end it. so hey! i saw that you returned recently, so... welcome back! let me just say that i'm glad that you were always so patient and chill with me taking ages to reply to anything, i appreciate it a lot! your writing is lovely, i enjoy the way you portray your characters and everything flows so nicely, and i'm glad that we started that roleplay (even though we still haven't really gotten anywhere with it, haha). anyways, this is like super rushed now because you're a last minute addition, but given that you also were one of the first people i roleplayed with on here, you still deserve to at least get a spot!


to anyone who isn't on here, i'm sorry. i'm quite sure i forgot some people i wanted to include and, if i do remember, i will definitely add you to this list later on! and to everyone who reads this, please keep in mind that you're always more than welcome to shoot me a message if you need anything at all, even if it's just for a short chat. i'm like... super bad with opening up and seeking people out on my own (as shown by me avoiding any kind of group thing that could give me the opportunity to connect with others, pfff), so it is incredibly hard for me to really get to know all of you, even though i lowkey want to. so i welcome nothing more than people contacting me (because then i at least know i'm wanted & not annoying you, lmao). i always try to be available and kind and i admittedly can't always keep up with being social (mental illnesses are a bitch, wouldn't you all agree?), but i'll be damned if i don't try my best to be there for anyone who's willing to deal with my horrible ass and bad humour.

additionally, if you are reading this, you are wonderful. you don't need a random stranger like me to tell you that, i know, but you are and please, never forget it.

peace the fuck out y'all

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stale cupcakes

Post by nio » Mon Aug 14, 2017 6:15 am

- - -
i went on an animal crossing nostalgia spree and then i started listening to stale cupcakes then i just went ahead and let life get to me and?? how did this even happen idk tbh but i was collecting this over a bit so yee haw!!

throughout my time i've met such amazing people, they make my day whenever i see that i have a message from them and i need to thank all of them for making me so happy. i can't put in words of how grateful i am to know them, i just hope that you know that just this is never enough, each of our conversations i think i should say something like i love you and how much i appreciate all of you but!!!! i'm bad at that and instead send you ,, i don't know something like nosebama or something just as ridiculous as that sounds. i'm afraid that these people will never know how much i love talking with them, that they think i don't like talking to or something among those lines so here's just a bunch of stuff to let them know how much i fukin love my pals!!!

you know who you are mq's but johnny, shasha, & cali; thank you so much. i didn't expect to grow so attached to a chat that came out of no where but i'm so glad that i did because each of you always make me s m i l e every time i see a message in mq, i feel so comfortable around all of you and honestly i wouldn't have it any other way. i love each of you with every ounce of my heart, i'm so glad i got to meet you even if it was under circumstances that were uncomfortably and itchy and not expected. all of you are so patient with me, help me with things that i never knew i needed help with, and i hope that i can pay you all back eventually. from so many calls we shared and all those minutes spent laughing with all of you, every second i spend with you guys is one that warms my heart and gets me going throughout the day or the next. i love you john, josh, kevin, whatever nickname comes to mind, i love quill and your pets and the fact that you're you no matter how much u call yourself bitter and salty i know ur a he c kin sweetheart, thank you for listening and letting me rant and you can always do the same!! caligo, cali, i love your accent and your laugh which always makes me die along with you, your culture that you show me sometimes, you're a treasure, thank you for listening to me and thank you for ranting to us. please tell zoe i love them i love your pets too i'm crying?? shasha, shababy, i love your humor and your presence. it's always something that makes me laugh if you haven't noticed, i love cocoa and how strong you are and when you're not strong but still are there. i love all of you so mu c h every little thing about you guys and i hope as time rolls along we continue to grow and see each other once again. i wouldn't change anything about this, p e a ce o u t ily john voice mis S S M E WI TH T HAT--

tofu !!!! i had to bc ily and i'm so glad i met you too, starting all from that one pm over a kiznaiver one x one, i'm glad i pmed you and we started chatting because you're such a lovely friend and i wouldn't give you up for the world, from those v regrettable but still lit 2 am/probably 4 am for you?? chats we had, a slip of the tongue and now you're ochinchin and i'm baeguette, i always get happy when i see a message from you bc our conversations make me super happy. thank you for letting me rant to you a few multiple a lot maybe a lot y e a h times, just know if you ever need to let something off your chest i'm here for you too !! i'm sorry i'm super slow as a partner and i need to get my shint together bc you literally do everything which i'm so s o sorry for, just know that i'm eventually going to do !! stuff!! one day,,,, i know we didn't talk as much before so i'm really glad we started talking again, even if it's out of little petty things, thank you so much for staying in touch i hope you don't regret it too much yet !! i love you

hachi; you thought i wouldn't but i have to include my bestest pal, you're mean but so the kindest person at the same time so stop sending me mixed signals am i asscheek or cinnamon?? chop chop on a nickname sweaty ok but really i love you and even if we fight and say things i know i'll cry over later i'm so grateful to know you and be able to be so comfortable with someone. thank you for opening up to me and letting me open up to you, i don't say it enough but i love you and i hate you

only love (you know i t elmo loves u all); all of you are so important to me. you make me feel comfortable, loved, and i love you all so much to the moon and back, speaking of to the moon it's a rlly good game anyWAYS i'm so glad that all of you have made prints in my heart and remained there, i know it isn't active and i'm not active and i sometimes never talk to any of you on there but just know that i remember all of you on there and miss you if i haven't talked to you in like,,, a day or an hour, thank you so much for how positive it is and how easily i can feel comfortable there.

i want to say thank you to anyone who tolerate me in general. even if i wasn't specific about you here, i'm grateful to anyone that let me chat with them and even if some of it seemed forced and i was a dumdum child who made typos like their life depended on it, thank you so much for letting me speak with you and get to know you even if it was for just a little while. it means a lot and i'm thankful that people like you allowed me to socialize and grow, even if we don't talk as much anymore. thank you so much !!

i'm actually really old and don't know how to tag people let me google how to do that really quick

thank you for sticking by me, thank you for being people i can love and trust and i hope it's mutual !!

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wow how fucking sappy I'm ruining my rep

Post by darkness. » Mon Aug 28, 2017 4:40 am

    • I've never posted on here before bc I've never had a reason. it feels really fucking good to have a reason now.
      I tried to post this at exactly 11:11 bc I believe all things in life should occur at that time but I underestimated how much time it would take oops.

      dear ol ;;
      thanks for being my husband. you're so adorable and lowkey the only one who understands my need to get drunk every single night. you belong to bria and kase now which is okay but that doesn't mean you weren't my husband first. I heart you lots man.

      dear ani ;;
      you're constantly offering to let me vent to you. I never ever accept the offer but I do appreciate it and everything about you. you're such a little ball of sunshine you deserve someone who is going to love you as much as you love everyone. but for now we can be single together.

      dear deer (hahahaha) ;;
      okay so I don't like transformers but I do love day and I don't love when you heart him. you have like six hundred wives but I'm thankful I'm one of them. you brighten up literally every situation you're in but at the same time you need to leave day alone the poor boy just needs some love.

      dear bria & mouse ;;
      you're together bc your love is so overwhelming. briar you're one of the first people I ever got close to on AS and I really appreciate you as a person who is always willing to do kinky shit with me. mousey you're just adorable that's all. you guys are always willing to defend me no matter what and I love you for that.

      dear elil ;;
      xanday is still the only ship that matters. I will 100% be posting for you soon, but I decided to write this instead. we're not super close but that needs to change and also your hair is my life. you're the only sophomore I can even stand to associate with so feel super lucky.

      dear halo (dad) ;;
      wow I love you a lot. you're always willing to cheer my up when I've had a been day (or ten) and I am so grateful. you also look like you could kill me which is nice. you deserve all the fucking happiness in the world. whenever I see your icon black it makes me sad bc I never want you to hurt. you're my dad and I'll always be your babygirl. I love you.

      dear mernor ;;
      awe fuck I'm already crying. you're the only reason I'm on discord and for that I'm forever indebted to you. you are literally always the first person to jump to help me (along with your dumbass lover) when I'm feeling down. somehow you know how to make me feel better. also you don't get annoyed when I have a meltdown approximately twice a week which is really nice. Jordark really fucking loves you Mer.

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Re: Warm Fuzzies

Post by original sin » Wed Aug 30, 2017 4:55 am

      • Dear Strider,
        Thank you. For everything that you've done for me. You've been helpful and kind in ways I'm sure you don't think you have.
        When I doubt myself or others doubt me, you lift me back up and put me on a shelf (sometimes literally, although usually that's when I'm being a Shit, lmao). My biological family has been hard on me, has cut me down and told me I would fail and in turn, you have told me things I know but I doubt. I will succeed if I try, and I'm going to try my damnedest to make you proud. You've been one of the few people to stay by my side when so much has happened these past few months, one of the few who loved and supported me when others turned their back on me for my choices. You're a fantastic person- sometimes a bit of an ass and inexplicably stubborn, but even still -and I couldn't be happier to call you my friend and be considered one of yours.

        Thank you for being there for me when I need it, for sticking with me and believing in me when so few other people do. Thank you for being my friend, for appreciating me when I felt worthless, for making sure I knew I was loved when I doubted everything around me. Thank you for being someone I could and can trust. And thank you for trusting me.
        I sincerely hope you'll be around long enough to see me graduate from college, because I know you'll be proud.

        I love you, Strider. Thank you for everything you've done for me.

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Strider wrote:
Sun Aug 28, 2016 10:13 am

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Re: Warm Fuzzies

Post by DeerInYourHeadlights » Mon Sep 11, 2017 9:15 pm

I just felt like this was needed to write. I don't know why, I just felt like it.

Dearest sis,
I just want you to know that I enjoyed our time spent together incredibly well <3 It was so nice to see you again and be able to hug you. I felt blessed to finally meet your wonderful family and of course Aaron. He is such a silly goofball I love him (even if I kept yelling PIANO at him or whatever the word is). I love you so much and I feel a bit bad that we didn't meet up as often as planned. I had no clue these mosquitos would affect me so much and yeah... They are just annoying.

I just want you to know that I promise right here and now I will see you again soon. Perhaps not during this stay in Italy because fate doesn't seem to allow it, but I will make sure to see you again soon. And I promise we will have that PJ party then, and eat sushi, and do all the things we wanted to do.

I love it how you took the time to show me around, to take me to San Gimignano and into the mountains towards the wonderful church. I love it how your family was so welcoming to me and despite the language barrier they truly made me feel like I was at home. Did you tell your grandma yet she made the best lasagna? And meatless meatballs lol.

Either way, I love you sis. And I am sorry that things didn't work out the way we intended this time.

- Your Dutchie.

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Maya Moon wrote:
Mon Sep 04, 2017 11:56 am

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Post by rakuen » Wed Sep 13, 2017 6:18 am

  • Normally don't do these but I feel the need to address the new people in my life.

    Taylah: I appreciate last night. Sitting in the car, lighting up, talking. We have so much in common and we are facing similar issues and it felt good to listen and talk. We both seem to talk over each other and it's kinda funny. I like it. Either way, I hope last night isn't the last time I see you.

    Nico: God. I don't know. You'll never see this but fuck. I never thought someone else could worm their way in. But you did. It scares the shit out of me and I know I confuse you because I'm going in circles. I haven't even figured myself out and here you are with me. It fucking hurt what you did, reminded me of flick and his disregard, but you made it up to me in a way no one has ever fucking done before. I don't know what my feelings are doing rn but it isn't normal and I kinda like it.

    Gabi: You are probably the most valued person in my life. I wish I had your faith, the ability to trust in Him and let him guide you. I tried, to please you if anything. But I feel my faith was so plastic and I was just pretending. All I got was silence. I guess I'm kinda accustomed to my hope not being returned. I wish I could connect with you deeper, somehow. You're so fucking perfect. You deserve everything and more. Thank you.

    DYSG: Em, Ash, Bri, Fia, Mog, Eleni, Katie, Lauren, other Lauren, Molly, Skye. Idk, you're all innocent, hurting girls. But thank you for giving me a sense of family. I hope to not let you down and in return, I hope you all remain safe and flourish.

    Caelum: I want you to know that you are so much more than what everyone says. The way flick hurt you, the way they narrow their eyes at you, it's all bullshit. I know the real you and I know that all you fucking want is to protect people. You hang out with the wrong people, sure, but who doesn't. I know what it's like to be the target. I hope you discover yourself and realise how strong you are.

    Briar/KC/Oli/Cricket: Ty for keeping me company and being the ones to help me get back into AS. You sadistic bickering children.
    - Briar the cinnamon roll.
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Post by soft » Tue Sep 19, 2017 5:49 am

    • here's some cheers to just a few of the incredible people in my life. i hope i'm not too, uh, cheesy lmao.

      seki : ryo // you probably won't see this, but i hope the feeling reaches you anyway. i know we hit a time in our relationship a bit ago where we didn't talk much. but then i saw that message from you, and we just picked it up right where we left off. i just want to say thank you for messaging me that day. thanks for not giving up on me. you are an incredible person, so loving and loyal. i wish you could see yourself the way i see you. because i see you as a champion. a courageous lion that can overcome any obstacle. a caring friend that's always there for me. and a pal to joke around with. please, for the love of all things good and right with this world, start loving yourself. you deserve so much more than you think you do.

      kito : isla // speaking of courageous lions, dang girl, you are incredible. you've gone through thick and thin and are still the incredibly forgiving, accepting isla i know and love. just, wow. i have no words to describe how much you impress me. even after that little bump in the road we hit, you still put on a brave face. i just want you to be truly happy. i want you to have the best life you can possibly have. go on dates, get married as long as i approve of your spouse-to-be ofc ofc, and just, have the time of your life. you only get it once. so don't be sad! cheer up for real, love! because i know how incredibly talented and beautiful you are. you can rule the world, sweetheart. you just have to reach out and grab it.

      roni : vero // okay time for the cheese. i just...i love you, my dude. you've been there for me through every rant, every discussion, every joke, and every tear and laugh. i just don't know how to thank you. you've made an incredible impact on my life. you're an incredible person as well as my best friend. i can only hope to repay you for everything. you deserve so much more than a dork like me for a friend, but i don't intend on packing my bags and going anywhere for a long time. we had some rough times too, but i am unspeakably grateful that we held on to our friendship. i just love how we can go from talking about morals to crying over slaine, mikayuu, and other crap together lmao. you've always had my back. and i'll always have yours. so keep on keeping on, my friend. and i'll keep on keeping on right beside you.

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here come the fuzzy

Post by calliopë » Thu Sep 21, 2017 7:45 am

    • some of you probably won't understand why I'm putting you on this list, but just know that I've had a really hard time recently. If your name pops up here it's because you make it all that much more bearable. ♥

      there really aren't enough words to tell you how much you mean to me. we've talked for a short while, sure - known each other perhaps a bit over a year -
      but it honestly feels like a lifetime. there's not a moment during the day that i don't look forward to talking with you, seeing your pretty face, hearing your gorgeous voice. if it weren't for you i don't know where i'd be right now. i have you to look forward to, i have a future - where previously, i had none of that. every time i see your name pop up on any sort of notification my heart weighs a million pounds with excitement and bliss. whatever time i have left on this earth is not enough to spend with you. it never will be. we have great things in store.

      viktor / rom
      i hope this isn't too weird of me to say - but your encouragment really helps me out. i don't have the best confidence ever - and knowing a spectacular writer like yourself enjoys my crap makes me really excited and happy to know.

      aurora is the single best thing in my life and i dont think i have to say any more for you to get my point (and aGREE WITH ME)

      (removed one cuz she won't see it anyway. so im gonna give it to her myself cx)

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Post by seki » Thu Oct 12, 2017 12:50 am

  • o-kay i'm feeling super happy and not wanting to do everything i should be so here we go

    anxi : can i just. there's literally nothing i can say or do that would show my immense appreciation and love for you anxi. ok. you're the taehyung to my jimin. the < to my 3. my sunshine, my warm blanket, my virtual cuddle buddy, my everything and everything. you've always been there for me and i'm sorry for being so damaged but you're helping me, and you're always there to help fit my pieces together and even if they're too shattered to slot together you're glue, and you'll stick me back together. even though i'm splotchy, i suck at keeping in contact, i try and you're patient and i'm so glad we didn't give up because i'd be so much worse off without you. i love you so so so much anxi, and i know it's been just barely a year since we met but still, i love you.

    grim : grim. griM. GRIM. didja know that i was scared (terrified, intimidated, petrified) of you barely five months ago? but you're super chill and i'm so so glad i can consider myself not scared less scared of you now. i love your writing and your characters and i just. adore you in general ok man. ok

    feather : feaTHERRR hey. i know i can be annoying esp w my faces and jokes but you've stayed and thank you so much for that my man. again, i've only really known you five months but it feels like a long time and i love your art and your characters and how you can put up with me x3 love ya my man

    mika : hey, mika. we're just like magnets, aren't we? i like to think of us like that. the sides that attract. no matter what stands between us or how long it's been we always snap back together. i love you, and i hope nothing will ever come in our way

    vero : verooo my child my buddy my good friend. i've barely known you long but it feels like i've known you for so much longer. i love your jokes and your ALL CAPITAL TYPING and we like all the same things and we're just so compatible u know? like matching socks. two chopsticks. twins. yahh ilu man

    renn : hey renn i knOW you're busy w college life and i know we haven't talked in like, forever, but i still love you and you're still my precious mother and i love love love you and i wish we still talked and thank you so so much for the past year. love ya mwah

    kaede : KAEDE. NOYA. i dunno what to say bc i've used up all my metaphors and similies but no metaphor or simile could tell yA how much i cherish both you and sink and i know we've barely talked in the past few months and i'm sad that we've been drifting apart but you'll still be my #1 libero my man. i love you, i love sink, thank you so much for the past few years and virtual ice creams. *finger guns*

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Re: Warm Fuzzies

Post by original sin » Mon Nov 06, 2017 7:13 pm

    • I ended up not being able to write that fuzzy I meant to all last month because I just.. wasn't in the mood. So I guess this is me writing it now.

      I'd like to start by saying Happy Birthday and reminding you that I love you.
      So few see the heart of gold that you carry, that you hide under armor you've molded over the years to keep yourself from getting hurt, but I've seen it. I've witnessed firsthand how quickly you can get up in arms when someone says something you don't like about someone you love. I've seen you tear into people and come out wounded but victorious. But I've also seen how willing you are to open your arms and accept affection, how willing you are to offer it.
      You're so easy to flatter- which I think is funny, because someone once told me how hard you are to please.
      As I'm writing this, I'm actually listening to your playlist again, because.. well, you know. I find your music soothing- and our taste in music is so similar it's like listening to my own.

      This is significantly shorter than any of the other fuzzies I've written for you, but.. yeah
      Love you, dad,

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