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Mon Jun 18, 2018 12:18 pm



Kami wrote:

Now that I have your attention let me just say that I love you to bits and this is gonna be all over the place because I am a mess and too full of love for my li'l owl.

Okay so my Lithuanian friendo, you are one of the most interesting people I have ever met. Like, I ain't kidding you, my bud. I remember that I first met you in 2015 and we got along so well over dark wonderland. You are hella creative and I love how your mind works. Plus your writing is A+++ and I secretly read all of your prompts and gush over them. Not gonna lie, honestly you are legendary how you balance your writing and your exams so well!! Like dude, pass me some of that Kami magic, I am struggling over here. And I know in the future if I ever get in trouble, your lawyer ass is gonna bust my chaotic ass out of prison. You are so fun to talk to and your energy sparks mines and I love our shenanigans together. You literally bless me everyday with yourself. You are a blessing to us all.

I already know you are powerful. Like I know, and I am scared and in awe of your strength. So, I know your ass is gonna fight away all that shit. Goddamnit I should start calling you Wonder Woman. But still I am here for you. I can be the Steve to your Diana if you want?? ;333
No seriously though, I am here for you and I love you soooo much and so does everyone else and never think you are alone, because you ain't, my boo. You are so loved and cherished because your existence saves us.

And this has been my love letter to you. I have attached a virtual lipstick mark on it.

Rim, Roshna, or Crazy Ass Bitch. (pick your favourite :p)
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a letter to my hoes

Sun Jul 01, 2018 6:43 am

Memory. wrote:
Sat Jun 30, 2018 7:18 am
    • ryyyyaan. there are so many stupid things i want to say to you but that was the first thing that really made it to my head. so i hope that made you smile. because you wanna know something i don't think you hear enough of from me? you're worth it. i know, i know, shut the fuck up. don't fight me on this one, because you can't win. face it. i just wanted to give you this as a huge ass hug from your sad reverse weeb man. you mean everything to me, and i need you here in my life. i'm always going to be here for you, no matter what happens. i'm an annoying little shit, and a persistent one at that. i love you so much, alii <3
Snow wrote:
Sat Jun 30, 2018 8:00 am
    • hi lauren! you can't see it but i'm waving aggressively. you are also mom friend, and i really appreciate all of your love and support for all of us. i'm just so happy that i'm able to help out, and i hope to one day be able to show you just how grateful i am <3 you're the best lauren! keep your head up and i know you're going to go a lot farther than that little town. i love youu, lauren! <3
andromeda wrote:
Sat Jun 30, 2018 5:20 am
    • mom friend!!! i have two mom friends and it's a beautiful healthy family situation i'm so in love. you're so amazing! i'm so glad that i've had the opportunity to meet you and become friends! you're the bestest mom a dipshit like me could ask for. i love you, ashley!! <3
ichor. wrote:
Sat Jun 30, 2018 7:50 am
    • i fucking love you, anika. that is an aggressive, all-encompassing i love you. you've always been here to wish me a happy birthday every year without fail and i just learnt your birthday this year of our lord twenty-eighteen. what a fuckin goof you put up with, anii. i value our friendship so so much and i'm so happy for that time you awkwardly contacted me back when you had your little kitty avatar <3 i love you so much, anii! <3
katriona wrote:
Wed Jun 27, 2018 2:26 am
    • mags oh my god come here daddy. i love you so goddamn much, ok? i remember when anika just plopped me on your front steps and i was like a little puppy i was so scared. but we bonded over nugs and alcohol, and now it's set in stone and there's no escape for you. you're mine now. (i bet you like that, don't you, you lil bitch?) i love you so much, mags!! <3
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I don't know where this was going but I love you

Thu Jul 12, 2018 5:21 am

    • Forgive my lack of fancy coding tonight, my words are the only thing that matters here. Tonight I wrote a final say off as someone long dead to cleanse my mind for good, so now I turn to the person that stands with me in new light and possibility. My love. Halonite you are the one greatest thing in my life that I shall never lose or waver from. Nearly a year ago I wrote you 200 reasons why I love you and now I'm here to say it plain and simple. I love you. Since my last post, a million more things have happened and I've grown a million more reasons to love you, yet it still just boils down to the one thing. You are my partner. My universe, my soul, my heart. You have stuck by my side through life, death, and everything in between and we have become so much more than lovesick puppies. We are infinite and amazing and wonderful... and you? I never believed I'd find someone to accompany me like you do. You inspire me to grow and be more than I ever thought I could be. I see no dip in our path or anything but a leisurely walk into the rest of our lives. Or somewhat. I know there will always be bad moments and kinks in the road, but you're the only person I trust to hurtle my ass over a puddle of water or stomp through it with. I've crossed states to be with you and soon I will make sure such a trip away doesn't ever keep us parted so long again. Thank you for believing in me, for loving me, for always being here and for helping me see my real potential. Who I can be. Giving me a purpose... I'm going to be a husband to you. I'm going to protect you and love you with every bit of myself and I will cross with you into many lifetimes. I just don't... say thank you enough to you. So let me say it a few times here. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. This time... just for everything. Everything you've ever done or been to me. I love you. You're not only my partner, but you're my best friend too and together we're fresh and reborn and I couldn't be happier.

      Hidden text.
      caim wrote:
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↪ ɪᴛ's ʀᴀɪɴɪɴɢ ғᴇᴇʟɪɴɢs ɴᴏᴡ

Sat Jul 14, 2018 12:19 pm

    • apathy wrote:
      Wed Jul 11, 2018 2:20 am
      Hidden text.
      So, you know that I've gone through these multiple times, and they got deleted multiple times. Ultimately these were going to be for Christmas, but honestly my heart can't handle it. And besides, these ones are going to be short compared to the Christmas ones. And you're the first victim on my list, so lets do this~

      Honestly, you're the one who opened me up to the possibility of friendships. I was in such a dark place when you PM'ed me for a role-play, and honestly I was so surprised when you stayed. And even more surprised when you asked me to do another role-play with you, like ??? And now here we are, about thirty-six role-plays in and trying to make our way to one hundred by the end of the year. I still want to double it down by the end of the year and make it two hundred, but we'll see where our muse takes us. I can't tell you how much I appreciate you, and just ?? I know I'm annoying sometimes, but please stop asking me how I deal with you, because honestly it's not considered 'dealing' with someone if you love that person. And, I honestly have so much love for you within my cold black heart. You're so lovely, and I just hope that your life is full of happiness and good people, because honestly you deserve it more than most people in the world.
      important wrote:
      Wed Jul 04, 2018 10:08 pm
      Hidden text.
      Dear Ichi, you are super silly and I stumble you. And why are you so good at being such an amazing person? Dude, I honest to God love you! And you know how I feel about God. Our role-play is so gay, and it kills me every night. And oh my God, you are just so special to me? Like ??? We've only known each other for almost two months now, and you've managed to become my go-to vine quoting person, my adoptive father, the person that I love to voice call almost every night, and the person that I rant to on a daily basis. You are a light in my life, and I'm honestly so happy that we didn't lose touch for very long. At first I was reluctant, and I thought that there was no way we could be friends. But low and behold, you have become such a detrimental part in my life. Please come to California! Even if it sucks, you will always be welcomed here!! I love you so much, and you better believe that shit because I'm sensitive Aubrey.
      rogue, wrote:
      Fri Apr 01, 2016 8:59 pm
      Hidden text.
      Ahaha, I found you! But honestly though, you're just ??? the best. And I love and appreciate every single thing that you do. I don't know about you, but you've quickly become a very good friend to me. Even if it's hard to believe. You're just the best adoptive mother that I've ever had, and I hope that I get the chance to get to know you more throughout the rest of our lives! You may never even see this, and hopefully you'll be told about this letter. But !! You're just so lovely and I never get the sense that you're angry or mad whenever I am talking to you! Please send me more puppy videos when I get my phone fixed, and my snap chat up and running again. I also really appreciate all of the support that you give me, and I hope that I can be able to be here and support you through whatever!!
      ichor. wrote:
      Fri Jul 13, 2018 3:26 am
      Hidden text.
      Aniii, I know we've only just met (not that long ago, but still our friendship seems really fresh and new), but honest to God I love you so much and I appreciate everything that you do for the site! You're so precious, and I'm honestly really sorry that you have to (indirectly) deal with me dirty talking everyone else. But either way I love you so very much, and I hope that we can become great friends in the future!! I also forgot to put this in earlier, but I never would have met Ichi, or the rest of the people that I know if it weren't for you. You bring people together, and keep them together, and I hope that no matter what you have people who are always there for you. I know I always will be! Even if we end up not becoming friends anymore and breaking apart, I will still be here for you!
      Snow wrote:
      Fri Jul 13, 2018 6:43 am
      Hidden text.
      Hello, darling! We don't talk much, but honestly you're probably one of the most mature and calm people that I've ever met. I really hope that our friendship works out, because honestly that would be so awesome. Both of our role-plays are already so gay, and I can just feel it radiating off of every word and every post. Hopefully they'll get further, and hopefully we'll be able to plan more role-plays in the future!!
      cerise wrote:
      Fri Jul 13, 2018 4:30 am
      Hidden text.
      Pfft, what's there not to say about you? You're so funny and kind, and honestly I just love you so much! I'm so glad that we're friends, even though just a couple of months I was afraid of you. I mean, I still am, but just not to the extent that it used to be at. And you're probably telling me to stop this by now, but I won't. You are validated, and you will always and forever be validated! Either if it's by me, ichi, or other people that you've known for a long time!! I look forward to where our friendship takes us.
      Bleating Ram wrote:
      Fri Jul 06, 2018 4:30 pm
      Hidden text.
      Okay, so ??? I miss talking to you ??? like a lot. Our role-play is spectacular, and your characters seem well developed. I hope things are going well, and even though we haven't talked all that often I still consider you my nerd buddy! I always cherish whenever we do manage to talk though, and I do appreciate you a whole lot! I hope that your life is filled with nothing less than light and love, because I honestly feel like you deserve that much and more. Don't give up on your dreams! I'm sure you'll succeed in whatever you want to do in life!!
      Cᴏᴍᴍᴀɴᴅᴇʀ Sʜᴇᴘᴀʀᴅ wrote:
      Fri Jul 13, 2018 12:46 am
      Hidden text.
      Shep... shep shep sheeeeeppppp, we just started talking, but I love you way too much not to write you one of these! Where to begin... well, first off I love how you deal with me. There are only so many ways a person can deal with ??? well, just me in-general. You're chill, and never really seem to mind anything, but you can be quite talkative when you want to be. I think that's why our friendship works so well. Because you just allow me to talk, and if you have something to say then you'll respond to it, and I don't know... it's kind of rare. It's nice to just sit in a voice chat with you and just ramble on with whatever I ramble on about. And the sound of your typing ??? its really relaxing, and it helps me keep my focus on one thing or another. Even if it does go silent, it's still a wonderful thing. I look forward to when we can actually voice chat again, whether if it's just the two of us or if it's with the group. I also love that you call me kitten, but not in that kind of way. I know that you don't mean it in that kind of a way, and honestly I really appreciate it. It's nice and endearing, and I live for it honestly.
      Kami wrote:
      Thu Jul 12, 2018 2:14 pm
      Hidden text.
      Okay, hold on. I know we don't know each other, like a t a l l, but that's fine. I also ??? low key feel bad because a while ago I asked for a role-play and basically never messaged you back to inquire if you were still interested in doing such. But!! I'll get on with this. Hi, hey, hello~ I'm empathy, you may know me as Memory., but most just call me Ali. I just wanted to write this to say that I appreciate you, and you just seem like such a lovely person. Your writing is great! And, actually that's partly the reason why I never messaged you back. There's not much I can put here, but I hope that one day I won't shy away from you, and we can actually get to know each other, even if it's just a little bit!
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i love u, bitch. i ain't ever gonna stop loving u. bitch.

Sat Jul 14, 2018 8:07 pm

petrify wrote:
quinn. quINN!! QUINN!!!! the bucky to my steve, my forgetful legend, and my best friend. you had a rough
night last night, and i wasn't there for you which i am really sorry. so here i am making it up to you.

everything you said about yourself? all false. you are none of the things that you said, and in fact you are the
quite opposite of them all. we only met last month, but i can assure you this has been the best month ever.
we quickly grew really close, and i don't think i've opened up to anyone about the shit i have as quick as i have
with you. you were able to find a way to squeeze into my heart pretty easily, and i really wouldn't have it any
other way. you were there for me when i needed a shoulder to cry on, you are there to listen to me complaining
non stop, you are there for me to talk to at 5:04 in the am, you push away all my insecurities and push me to
be the best person i can be. you have done so much for me in the little time that we've known one another and
i couldn't have it any other way. i adore and love everything about you. i love the way you get excited about
anything stucky, i love waking up to many messages from you about some tweet you saw, i love planning with
you because you love everything i throw out at you, i love those dumb videos you send, and so much more. i
could go on, but we would honestly be here for awhile and i think you'd probably hate me for that. so i'll slide
into those dms and say that there c;

to wrap this up, quinn- i love u bitch. you mean the world to me and so much more. you are one of the best
people i have been lucky enough to cross paths with, and hope you know your place in my heart after reading
this. i love you lots, and know i am with you 'til the end of the line <3
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An unfinished boy's highest affection that can't be contained in one post

Wed Jul 25, 2018 4:46 am

        XXXXXIt has been almost an entire year since I came on here and posted the massive 200 reasons why I love you. My ring has yet to come as reward for my loving feat, but I know exactly where it is and I know it waits for me just as yours does for you, so in honor of the post and my love for you I've decided to revisit every reason and make my comments/edits and maybe even add a few. This is going to be a very long sappy post, prepare yourselves. Especially you, angel. I love you and all this year has brought to us. Thank you for being mine and dealing with me being an absolutely hopeless romantic. Here's the original post ♥

        1. I think the most obvious reason is simply because you're you. This was the cheesiest one I could have ever put so I don't even want to count it anymore. Of course I love you because you're you. I'm not here loving you because you're Santa Claus. I love each and every piece of you that combines into a whole. Yes. Even the piece that gets super pouty.
        2. You're a badass witch boy and do badass witch stuff. Actually, we're both badass witch boys now and I am beyond amazed that I even get to say that. We've both come so far and are now working under a mentor who is really fucking cool and its just another way for us to grow and learn together. I think the only thing that makes this better is how far even you have come and how brilliant and talented you are. I always knew that but now I get to see it and hear you gush knowledge first hand and wow.
        3. Your sparkly emerald eyes forged from stardust that rival the prettiest of gems. Now that I've seen them in person.. that description just seems a little off. While it captures everything really well, it has no depth to what I saw in meeting your eyes face to face time and time again. Your gorgeous eyes... when they meet my own I'm home. They're warm and safe and I never believed a simple look would render me so vulnerable.
        4. Your lips, so pink and kissable. Yes yes yes. Since then we've had our real first kiss and then about a million more and I have never been so addicted. I could spend my dying breath kissing you and be the happiest man alive, though I promise that won't be anytime soon cause I need a few billion more chances to continue kissing those warm, lovely, heart shaped lips.
        5. Your hair which is so fluffy and curly I don't know how I'll keep my fingers out of it. I really can't keep my fingers out of it, though I'll admit I never expected your hair to be so wispy and baby fine. It is honestly like running fingers through a full-haired baby and while that image is disturbing I really adore it. I especially love when your head is rested on my chest or shoulder while we're cuddled in bed and I'm just stroking my fingers through, or even when I get that special spot right behind your ear and you melt like an eager kitten.
        6. Your cheekbones that I worry will cut up my lips one day. There is actually very little worry over your cheekbones. While they're as beautiful as ever, the only lip cutting I have to worry about is done with your pearly whites. Speaking of, I can't get over the feeling of your teeth tugging and biting at my lower lip when you pull me in close for a kiss and we just can't part.
        7. Your eyebrows. They're so thick and manly, it's adorable when you move them. I've watched you fill them in first hand now and while the difference is astounding, you actually look gorgeous no matter what. They're thick and fluffy caterpillars all on their own, the added definition is just like giving those caterpillars steroids. It's the best.
        8. Your smile. Anytime your lips part to reveal that adorable smile my heart skips several beats and I find myself smiling back. You actually have the straightest and most flawless smile I've ever seen. Those pearly whites are nearly brighter than my future and that says something because my future is entirely comprised of you. You don't even have to smile for me to start smiling back, you just have to speak or appear on video and I'm this big grinning idiot who is so hopelessly in love with you.
        9. Your body. You've yet to see its beauty but one day I will outline your frame with my hands and kiss every inch of you. I have thoroughly done this and still, your body is the most breathtaking sight to ever grace this earth. Not a single attraction from land to sea could ever top the way your frame dazzles me. You feel right beneath every touch of the hand and every kiss of the lips.
        10. You have this crazy obsession with Craig from Dream Daddy and honestly I love him by simple association. It has been so fucking long since we've discussed Craig, but we would both still threesome with him and I highly need us to play the game together in person. Doing screenshare last time was fun, but not nearly as delicious as it would be with me sitting in your lap as we drool over that hunky virtual dad.
        11. You have this amazing way of making me love everything you love. I'll say it. I have a habit in picking up everything you do and butting my head into things and I know it can be frustrating, I surely never mean to always get into it, but I genuinely fall in love with your interests. The way you gush about them and put so much passion into each one, how could I not? You never do anything halfway and you fall in love with it all the same. The latest one is bujo's and I have never been more excited to look into things with you.
        12. You're so determined to be healthy and get better. Right now you're dieting and trying to find the right fit for yourself because you want to be as happy in your body as I am with just your body in general and I'm incredibly proud. Not even that but lately you've tried so hard to step up and fight away your monsters to be the most amazing partner and man and it really shows. I have to say I am the luckiest boy alive to ever bear witness to your growth and even stand beside you in the process.
        13. You encourage me to be a better person. You make me want to be a better person. Ever since I've known you, I have come the longest way imaginable. You fuel me with strength and courage and confidence which are all things I thought I'd always lack. I know I trip up at times, I know I'm not the best person in the world, but with you I know I can always be better and I can always push to be that guy I've always wanted to be. Thank you. I am getting there.
        14. Your laugh. When you laugh everything in this world feels so right. It's like the sweetest melody. Since then I have discovered you have a million different laughs and that not a single one is ever the same. Sure, you have a good few different categories such as the cackle, the hyena, and the witch, but it is honestly endless and I am always so amused and blown away by each one. Your laughter is incredibly special and those who hear it are blessed by the gods.
        15. Your voice. If I could only hear one thing for the rest of my life, it'd be your voice. This is still true, though if I could switch this around I'd say your noises in general. Whether it be your squeaks, grunts, groans, laughter, or you genuinely talking to me... I love it all. I'd be the most content human being to be deaf to everything but yourself. I truly mean that.
        16. You know me better than I know myself honestly. I know I often say only I could know certain things about myself in regards to others, but you are the only person in this world who could be looking at me with raised brows trying to call my bullshit. You know me like the back of your hand and here I am trying to still discover pieces of myself. I am honestly... amazed you can put up with me like you do. You've done it for over a year now and have definitely exceeded my knowledge of myself.
        17. You're so caring and emotional and it's one of the most beautiful things about you. To add to this, while you can be caring and emotional, you're also a big raging asshole who can be sarcastic and grumpy and funny too. I don't need a sensitive man to think he's beautiful. Every single bit of you is beautiful, I just want you to stop grumping at me okay mister? Too much grumping. I will wipe that grump off your face with a million tree deaths. Or... kisses too c;
        18. How passionate you are. You put all of yourself into everything you do. I already noted this, but it is the single thing I could describe from you every time. You are incredibly passionate and hard working and even patient. Everything you do is done so carefully and fully and you try to give it your utmost attention until its done. Sometimes when its the middle of the night and you've got your mind set on signature, I'm here telling you to wait till morning otherwise you won't sleep because you'll become so focused and engrossed and it is... beautiful. Really so amazingly beautiful. Hell, sometimes you forget to breathe you get so focused.
        19. How territorial you get over me because "possessive" is over what you want, not what you already have. I won't even lie. You are such a jealous, protective lover and I can't deny how hot you are when you tug me to your arms and whisper to me that I'm yours. I have a habit of accidentally making you jealous which is something I'm really trying to work on because you should never have to feel threatened, but honestly you can be possessive and protective all you want. Steal me away and keep whispering that. Literally never stop.
        20. You and I share the exact same music taste whether it be old and shitty to new and just as shitty. I reread this one for you the other day and we were both laughing at it. It is just as true now as it was then, the only difference is we actually think our music is damn good and have embraced our odd tastes that span all over the place whether it be different genres or time periods. Either way, I'm glad because it always makes listening to music with you so easy and fun.
        21. You always seem to know what I'm thinking/going to say and vice versa. By now not even our friends can tell us apart. We thought it was so cute and coincidental then, but no. We may actually be the same person or stealing the signal on each other's thoughtwaves because the way we work is so similar and we know each other so well that we can practically speak for each other and steal the wording word for word out of our heads.
        22. We are each other's yin and yang. This has never changed and likely never will. At heart we will always go together like the perfect yin and yang fit and it makes me incredibly happy. Our crystals still match, our hair still matches, usually our outfits take on similar characteristic. We compliment each other so well and no one ever disagrees when we point it out.
        23. You are dead set on being my sugar daddy even if I refuse you spoiling me. Sad news to myself, you are proudly my sugar daddy now. I love you for all you do for me and even though we're both pretty broke, we do our best to help each other and spoil each other and spread all the love possible. Hell, I'm saving for our polaroid now.
        24. Your noises. All of them. Every single damn one. They're so adorable I just... hnng. I could listen to them forever. You are my sweetest melody, Halonite. That will never change.
        25. The way that when I pout and turn away at night you always coo to me so I'll turn back around. This... was always so cute. We don't get it as much anymore, but I do hide from you when you compliment me and you always joke about how you can see me beneath the blankets.
        26. The way you say my name and call me your baby boy. You also call me kitten now and I love kitten so much more? You... wow. All the nicknames are amazing but kitten makes me shiver and get all warm and fuzzy.
        27. How you have your own language, Halonese, and I am fluent in it at this point. This will never grow old. The language continues to evolve with every passing day. Perhaps I should write a book on it or start a language club about it.
        28. You like tea almost as much as I do.. but not quite. I actually so forgot you loved tea, this was so nice to come back to... I'm going to get us the best teas to use with your machine and we'll be fancy pancy tea drinking lovers.
        29. You are the king of napping even if your naps are more like regular sleeping. You literally can't nap. Its always hours of sleep before you wake up and obliterate your schedule, but I really adore getting to pass out with you anyways.
        30. How you sleep forever and it always gives me a reason to see you in the mornings and curl back up just a lil longer. Waking up before you is a blessing. You joke about how creepy it is for me to watch you sleep, but you are one of the most peaceful sleepers I've ever seen. Your face is so still and soft and relaxed and I have every urge to reach over and kiss you awake.
        31. The way you have to skype me at night now because we both don't want to sleep without another. Its more me now. I hate sleeping without you because then I never get to see you in the mornings or go to sleep as you being my last visual. You keep me safe and warm and in a week we'll be sleeping in the same bed together again <3
        32. How you want to show me off 24/7 and let everyone know we're together. The fact that you are proud of me and love me that much is amazing. Your whole family knows now, the only thing left to do is properly meet them. Your friends know too and they're even my friends now ;w;
        33. You showed me off to your family a few days back and were just so proud... I didn't even know what to think it made me so happy. Same as above. Ahhhh. It makes me so fucking giddy.
        34. That you make me cry endless happy tears because you make me so god damn happy. I literally cry happily over you almost every day. I can't even go through pictures of you without being overwhelmed by love and emotion.
        35. How you shamelessly flirt with me night and day no matter where we are. You were literally flirting with me earlier today and saying so many naughty things while out with your family and my face was as red as a tomato. Some things just never change~ And lets not forget when we were at my college... in the hallway... hehhe.
        36. Your dirty mind and all that filthy clutter you have bouncing around c; The dirtiness is endless, but I think I may have surpassed you at this point... unless you're hiding some. In that case let it out and consume me.
        37. You jokingly propose to me 24/7 and I always say yes. See the end of this post c;
        38. You are my best friend. Forever and always. I will never lose that with you, for friendship like this in a relationship... its everything. You as my best friend and lover is everything.
        39. You adore how much I hate cockroaches and listen to me rant about it. Remember that time I drowned one in bleach? We've since gotten rid of most of the infestation, but now they're in our car lmfao!
        40.You love my writing and read all of it. We tried to do the summer prompts together and you loved every second of my writing but we both got busy and lazy and neither of us can write little prompts. You encourage me though... endlessly.
        41. In turn, your writing is honestly the best. Every word gives me absolute chills. You're so talented. Truly. I think you mentioned wanting to publish poetry books and I fully support it. Let me be your editor? ;w;
        42. Your floofy kitty baby and how you cuddle her and nip at her ears. You also nip at my ears now, but the point is I adore your relationship with Shasta and she is... the biggest princess. I got you art for her and got to meet her myself and just can't wait to see her again.
        43. That you're not a picky eater and want to get me to try new foods too.
        44. That you can cook and bake like what the fuck you are amazing.
        45. Your wardrobe is mostly black clothes. But you look so good in white and red, your white shirt is my favorite. Also those mustard pants? I think you've been adding a lot more color lately!
        46. That one shirt you wore because when I complimented it you thought it was so weird but then started showing it off and smiling and seemed so much more comfortable after.
        47. You literally never judge me for anything and are so so accepting.
        48. You're open minded and hear everyone out even if you don't agree, yourself.
        49. You share most of my dreams.
        50.You want five kids and somehow made me absolutely adore the idea to the point I can't wait for the day we do.
        51. How smart you are.. getting fucking 100's on exams in your final stretch as a senior.
        52. How you laugh about being an old man and that you're my old man <3
        53. You always get hungry right before bed and always end up going to get a snack before sleeping.
        54. How gorgeously strong you are for getting through every day even if it's been such shit.
        55. That you revel in my company even if its just the knowledge that I'm there while you do other things.
        56. How you discovered what I named the stuffed animal I gave you and now refer to it by name.
        57. That you carry the stuffed animal around the house with you.
        58. That our current theme songs come off of the same album.
        59. Your love for horror movies and horror game playthroughs.
        60.Our shared love for watching Shane Dawson's weird ass videos and that we can both relate. //whoops
        61. Your obsession with owls.
        62. That your favorite pokemon is Rowlett.
        63. How at night when we're done talking you roll over and sink into your covers.
        64. That you trust me with every piece of your heart.
        65. That you make me trust you with every piece of mine.
        66. You got me closer to Spencer and I am so glad?? He's aware I'm doing this c;
        67. This little family we've made together.
        68. How you support and want foxes just as much as I do.
        69. That you take care of me...
        70.When I'm sad you're the first person I want to go to. The one I trust to hold me and make me smile.
        71. How excited you got when I found the college of my dreams only 50 minutes away from where you'll be.
        72. Your fear of disappointing people and letting them down.
        73. You have a thing for orientals.
        74. You are learning to speak my favorite language.
        75. The way you speak things to me in German even if you don't fully grasp it yet.
        76. That you plan to make us even more Yoi trash by considering an ice skating class in college.
        77. How you come to me when you're upset and let me help you feel better.
        78. How we're going to be workout buddies soon <3
        79. You boost my confidence whether you know it or not. I have a long way to go but thank you.
        80.You're really fucking crazy and I love every bit of it. Normal people suck.
        81. You always look so comfy and cuddly.
        82. You're my home.
        83. You are the first person to do really cute out of the way things back. Love quotes.. tags.. umpff
        84. You're so quick to calm me when I'm panicking or riled up.
        85. How you let me dad you all the time even if you wanna be a rebellious shit.
        86. That you love rain and storms.
        87. How you feel bad for neglecting A.
        88. That I steal all your attention from him. Sorry not sorry. Okay maybe a little sorry.
        89. You were my first.
        90. How you like planning more than roleplaying and we just casually plan random things.
        91. When you sing to me. Your voice is absolutely angelic.
        92. You love and have seen all my favorite movies and they are even yours too.
        93. That you initiate phone cuddles to make up for the lack of video sometimes over skype.
        94. That somehow we've been deemed rabbits and everyone always assumes we're fucking.
        95. When you pull me to you and kiss behind my ear.
        96. How we can weird out our friends in chats together and all laugh about it.
        97. You so shamelessly love me.
        98. How you can make literally anything sexual.
        99. That you sexualize my food when I eat. Especially bananas and ring pops. >.<
        100.When you get angry. It's quite hot even if I have to defuse you most times.
        101. When the skype call ends and you wake up, scrambling to start another and sleepily ramble to me.
        102. Your homicidal moods that make me believe we'd be the best serial killer duo.
        103. Your sleepy whines and when you stretch. Nngh.
        104. When we can both agree its just one of those nights and end up quietly listening to music together.
        105. That you never get bored of me and I never get bored of you.
        106. How people call us relationship goals.
        107. The nicknames you give me. I mentioned baby boy above but there are so many more.
        108. That you want to travel... and that you'd like to do so with me one day.
        109. When you tell me you love me. You say it in endless ways, sometimes you don't even speak it.. it just shows in your eyes.
        110.When you look directly into the camera. My heart instantly melts and I just... please.
        111. That we can see each other being together in life for years and years to come.
        112. That you've made my dreams and future plans a reality in present time <3
        113. Your tumblr account. Especially when I catch the occasional sappy romance post about us.
        114. The way you pose in pictures. You always have your hand near your face or have this sultry look.
        115. Your humor. It's mostly sexual but also full of puns and dad jokes which is my kinda humor.
        116. You are so fucking attractive, handsome, gorgeous, adorable. All of the above.
        117. That sometimes when you laugh its not even laughing.. it's just you dying for 10+ minutes.
        118. You're a hufflepuff and I've never heard anything more accurate.
        119. You plan to major in psychology and paramedic studies. Similar to my choices.
        120.That you've accepted my need for a million animals and even encourage it.
        121. You don't mind me being clingy or when I gush to others about how much I love you.
        122. That you'll never give up on me and truly want to be with me.
        123. Your excitement. Sometimes you get so excited it's like a puppy going crazy.
        124. You either make me lose sleep or sleep too much.
        125. You are worth losing sleep over.
        126. When you roll your eyes at me.
        127. Your nose ringssss. -Eye emoji-
        128. You honestly have such lovely coding.
        129. How much you want your roommates to like you and the idea of how sick they'll be of our mush.
        130.Your willingness to shit talk with me. I honestly live for it.
        131. How you've infected me with things you say and I've done the same to you.
        132. All of our roleplays and characters and planning.
        133. How badly you wanna see me dance.
        134. Your love for collarbones. Mine specifically.
        135. When you promise to hold me close one day.
        136. When you send me cute things that remind you of us.
        137. You're sensitive and its not a bad thing. Don't let anyone tell you that.
        138. You make me feel safe.
        139. You give me a reason to wake up every morning and push for what I want.
        140.You're the reason I'm graduating early.
        141. How food probably makes you moan more than anything else in this world.
        142. That you'd kill and die for me.
        143. How you always wanna be the best for me even if you already are.
        144. Your love for Howl's Moving Castle.
        145. That black is basically your favorite color.
        146. Your favorite Simon Curtis song is Diablo.
        147. How you are still surprised by the things I remember about you.
        148. That you are extremely obsessed with Seven Nation Army.
        149. How you can appreciate songs for their catchy beat because same.
        150.How you seemingly make time fly. This has been the quickest and greatest summer with you by my side.
        151. That you let me know every part of you even if it scares you.
        152. You are an INFP.
        153. How serious you are about your practices even if you wish you did more with it.
        154. Your sarcasm, salt, and sass.
        155. That you've got ambition out the ass and work so hard for what you want.
        156. That you are an extremely good artist whether you believe it or not.
        157. You're not perfect but to me that's infinitely perfect.
        158. You are incredibly head-strong.
        159. How you're stunning even when you're crying.
        160.You know things about me that I've never told anyone else.
        161. That you sleep with a billion pillows and blankets.
        162. When you whine to me and tell me that you miss/missed me.
        163. How good and loving you are with children.
        164. When you threaten me with that one thing and laugh when I start whining in protest.
        165. Your love for learning.
        166. That we are constantly finding more similarities.
        167. You love watching documentaries and history shit too.
        168. That we can nap together.
        169. At the end of the day, laying down with you is all I crave.
        170.Your nasty habits. Not necessarily them but the fact that you know they're bad and even if they may always be some part of you, you try your best to make sure you're careful.
        171. When we call before bed and your face pops up on video.
        172. The way your voice softens sometimes when we talk.
        173. That you've seen like every superhero movie cause boy I stay caught up.
        174. That you let me start and show a million different tv shows to you.
        175. Your little giggle that usually means you're doing something mischievous.
        176. How you've brought me so much peace and clarity.
        177. How you believe we're twin flames.
        178. You're my partner in crime.
        179. You always believe in me.. even when I don't believe in myself.
        180.When you talk witchy to me. I fucking love it.
        181. Your love for space and the ocean <3
        182. The way you bite your lip.
        183. How much you love jellyfish of all sea creatures.
        184. That even if you're off to college you still plan to make so much time for me.
        185. How easily you accepted me planning to call you three times a day for meal reminders.
        186. That you're a rebel and gave me a fox prince role in your server.
        187. When you pout and whine at me.
        188. How you continuously save my life day after day.
        189. The way you never ever leave my mind.
        190.The fact that you're actually really shy despite being so loud when you're comfortable.
        191. When you get all stern and serious.
        192. The fact that you are mine and I am yours.
        193. All of your quirks and weird tastes and how I share a lot of them.
        194. How apparently my touch and voice calms you down ;u;
        195. That I can continuously make you happy and be for you everything you've always deserved.
        196. When you say you're proud of me. Do I even need to say anything here? Having you be proud of me is the greatest knowledge and blessing that could ever be bestowed. I appreciate and love all of your encouragement and adoration.
        197. That you insist on helping me with work and help me study. Since then, its been more of me helping you. During your college semester of hell, I helped you a lot with math and it made be writhe with joy. We got you through that and now I just get to watch on and read through your books and enjoy every damn second of learning with you.
        198. How the second you came into my life we were instant friends. It was like we had known each other for years, and that still holds true now. I feel like I've been with you for my whole life or at least I've known you. Perhaps deep down in our souls we did and now we're finally united fully.
        199. When you're exhausted and just start laughing at everything. GOD. You have a few sleepy moods. Pissy, loopy, and completely out of it. The other night you were so excitable and loving and you laughed at everything I said even when it wasn't funny and I swear you are the most beautiful creation. Your smile blinds even the sun.
        200.Your flaws. They shape you into who you are and though they may complicate things, I still love every bit of you. We both have our flaws. We've experienced, endured, and learned to love each one we've found in each other and it will always make us stronger. I am proud of us. Proud of you... and that being said... hidden here at the very end, I ask you to marry me. Be mine. Forever. Lets continue enduring and loving together.

        So... pending your answer, I hope you forgive that I didn't finish all of these. I was going through and realized how much was missing and how much could be added and just though... why say it when I can show it to you? Plus... you deserve the pick-me-up. Maybe I'll edit as we go <3 One week, angel. I'm yours and the moment we're alone I will get down on my knees and ask you properly. Then... I will show you every little thing missing on this list for the rest of my life. Unfortunately, we just won't have an audience on the site viewing it which I don't mind. Privacy could be nice. I love you.
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Sat Aug 04, 2018 7:53 pm

    • i wish i was cuter and gooey-er, and just generally better with words so i would be able to write this coherently, but i'm not, and, since i don't have tumblr as outlet to be grossly hetero, i guess i have to come here instead.
      it's always so hard to put into words how much i love you, and it's so frustrating because i wish i could, to the fullest extent, explain just how much i love you - and all of you. no attempt ever comes close, so i'm just going to keep trying endlessly.
      i just... i love you, in every sense of the word. i love the way your eyes light up before you smile, and the sound of your laughter (and making you laugh); i love our little routines and sayings to each other, and all our inside jokes; i love your body in all its tattooed, pierced, and hairy glory; i love your addiction to flaming hot cheetos, and how you could build a small city with the amount of soda cans you have in your room at any one time; i love - let me repeat that: LOVE - your writing, and all of the plots and characters we've created together; i love your strength, and how passionate, dedicated, and determined you are even when no one recognises it; i love your music taste, and watching horror film after horror film with you until the early hours; i love how you hug me, and how it feels to be in your arms (i'll never forget how it felt when you hugged me the first time we met in person - i've never felt so secure in someone's arms in my entire life, and if i hadn't been so fucked from jetlag and stress, i most definitely would have cried); i love how it feels to kiss you, and how you make me feel when i'm with you so much that i could genuinely sob (you make me feel so beautiful and secure, and i've never experienced that before with anyone).
      i could go on and on about all the things i love about you (some a little too nsfw for the little bops out there). you just make me so fucking happy, and i'm so #blessed that i'm yours and vice versa. we've definitely had our fair share of good and bad times (some instances worse than others), but there's no one else i would want to experience those times with.
      i know things are a little difficult now, and likely will be for a little while longer, but one day we'll be on the same slab of land, in the same time zone, living in our own apartment/house together, and we'll never have to say goodbye ever again at the end of it. one day it'll be a single ticket and not a return.
      in the meantime, though, i'll gladly settle with seeing you whenever we can, and i'm so fucking pumped to spend two weeks with you in october after over a year of not being able to see you (and i am still one-hundred percent serious on us dressing up for nightfall - i ain't playin', boi).
      we're closing in on our two year anniversary, and even though i'm sad i can't spend it with you this year, i'm just... very happy and very in love with you, my little eggie. you're my soulmate, my sun and stars, and i'm going to love you forever.
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Sun Aug 05, 2018 9:03 am

    • as you mentioned about yourself in your letter, i, too, wish that i was better with words. i've never been one to enjoy openly displaying my emotions, and so writing anything regarding how i feel is extremely difficult for me and i apologize for that, even if you've always understood. i also wish that i could frame the words i offer you in a way that is beautiful, or poetic, but in the end it always comes out as numerous run-on sentences and phrasing that makes no sense though at the same time you somehow seem to get.
      we tell each other this a lot yet no amount of doing so seems to ever get our points across; i love you. i am difficult to deal with and my moods are spastic and emotions do not come easy to me, they never have, but i love you, so fucking much. we both know that i have said things in the past to make you cry and we both know that you have done the same to me but there is and never will be another person i want to spend the rest of my life with. the good times that we have shared far outweigh any and all of our bad times and i will continue to try and strive for us to be together no matter the fights we will surely have in the future.
      you are my heart, and you are my soulmate, and i don't think anything i say or any actions i perform will ever be enough to fully express my love for you. everything you are, everything you were and everything you will become, is everything that i could ever want or need in a person. you are perfect to me, even if there are times that that can mean perfectly imperfect.
      i am and always will be extremely grateful that you're in my life. my decision to message you to ask you how you were doing after your break-up two years ago was something that i will forever pat myself on the back for because it led to this. and i am forever grateful, too, that you were even there for me during my own break-up, as exhausted and depressed as i was. there was no one else i really had to talk to for those few months and you allowed me to feel safe being worn-out and upset around you; all you did was love me throughout.
      i'm in love with you, i am so in love with you, and i can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you. i'm addicted to how it feels to be with you and the way that you make me feel safe and how you can get me to laugh so easily. i love holding you and kissing you and i miss, so badly, being able to do all of that whenever we wished. i miss waking up to you asleep next to me and i miss rousing you with kisses and lots of inappropriate touching and i can't wait to finally be able to do it all again this october.

      okay, i thiiiink i'm done with my ramble, but i just wanted to return the one that you wrote me yesterday because it'd been a while since i'd posted on here (and my last post was quite horribly written). to end this, i'll just repeat that i love you, and that i am in love with you; you're my heart, one-hundred percent, and nothing is ever going to change that. happy one-week-ish-away-from-two-years.
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Tue Aug 28, 2018 7:27 am

apathy wrote:
Mon Aug 28, 2017 12:37 am
  • Marshmallow<3 You're the best roleplay partner anyone could ask for; You're witty, funny, sweet as spun sugar, and the most understanding person i know. Your posts are masterpieces of inspiration, you always make me so excited to start writing. Whether we're plotting the future of our characters or throwing art and memes at each other, talking with you puts a smile on my face that sticks around for days. You help me with story ideas, watch anime with me when i feel bad, send me awesome tunes when i need muse, and created the idea for the gay restaurant. this world seriously still needs those gay spoons When we first started roleplaying a year ago I had no idea I'd just found such an incredible friend and I hope we're still nerding out together for ages yet. You're creative and generous and you always know what to say to make me laugh. Thank you so much for being patient with me and for being there when i needed it. you're a truly precious bean and ilysm<33

    I know it's technically after midnight but
    Happy one year anniv, marsh!! ♥

    im also working on something for you but it's not quite done yet, shhh
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It’s almost 5 anyway..

Mon Oct 15, 2018 10:32 pm

Meraki wrote: *
For reading my comments and finding some great new resources that may help with the issue!! Gah I am so happy about that; I didn’t know where to start or what might be possible, so I think they will really help.

Thank you for that.
Happy May!

- Finalize the AS survey results
- Finalize Archivist roles and permissions
- Finish getting Smamm set up with sorting ✔
- Create the 100 DoS prompt list ✔
- Update the anon box thread
- Finish PM responses
- Discuss the workshop idea
- Update the afflatus coding
- Prep afflatus images
- Update the team page
Also: discuss themes status

Happy Birthday to all of the June blueberries!
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