Search for 1x1 RPs [Pt 3]

Have a permanent thread here outlining your style, availability, preferences, plots, etc.

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Re: Search for 1x1 RPs [Pt 3]

Post by irishman » Tue Jan 10, 2017 10:29 pm

              • hello, i'm irishman and i'm currently in search of a few one x one
                roleplays to keep me busy when i have some spare time. i've been
                roleplaying for a few years now and consider myself to be semi-
                literate to literate depending on my muse. i am on once every two
                days at the least and will reply about that frequently as well.
                however, i am in school and sometimes my work load piles up and
                replies will have to be put off, of which i'll inform you. i am able
                to play male and female characters and can do mxf pairings and
                fxf pairings as well. i'd like my partner to be about the same and
                who will be able to push me to write longer posts.

                dandy x lady / sugar daddy x sugar baby / mobster x
                citizen / gang life / criminals on the run / this plot /
                original ideas / domestic life / werewolves / open to ideas!

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cause i'm a fighter, fighter. (open // updated: 01/10/17)

Post by tofu » Tue Jan 10, 2017 11:03 pm

        • x
          MY GODDESS, BRING ME VICTORY ━━━━━━━━━━
          ━━━━━━━━ CAUSE I'M A CHAMPION, CHAMPION !
          dork/tofu ★ 300-2000+ words/heavily mirrors ★ un&realistic fc's ★ time: 5/10 ★ muse: 7/10
          any gender/pairing/# of characters ★ some limits on main thread ★
          full search + plots mal

          ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━
          yoo, i'm lily, and i cry really easily over kpop mv's and anime movies. the frequency of my pos
          ts depends on my time and muse, but expect a post every one to two weeks usually? if you f
          eel like i've forgotten about you, don't be afraid to shoot me a pm. i don't really ask for much
          from you besides patience and help with plotting. communication is also pretty important to
          me. check my full search out for more topics and plots!! highkey miss doing small group rp's.

          ★ inspired by "secret" - wjsn (realistic fc's preferred // small group material)
          witches?? magical girls?? aliens?? to be honest, the music video just gave me muse for something fun and supernatural. possibly a small group of something somethings saving the world? idk it's cheesy but good. it'll be easier for me to come up with stuff once i start talking to someone most likely; just to bounce ideas off of you and such. there's a second plot on my full search thread that could go with this (school for the occult).

          ★ seven wonders (realistic fc's preferred // small group material)
          just something that came to me?? took some inspiration from some shows:
          ● in ancient times, there was a sacred treasure that would grant its holder unbelievable powers. to protect it, the last king who owned the sacred treasure broke it into seven pieces and distributed it across the kingdom. it has long since been spread out even further, leaving what was the former kingdom for other modern day countries. the legend has died down, but still, some hidden societies (perhaps some are descendants of the ancient people who had the sacred treasure/they have powers maybe because i'm a sucker for magical abilities n stuff?) are fighting and tracking down these parts to restore the sacred treasure to its glory and potentially take over the world... or maybe they just want to keep it so others don't get greedy. either way, it's a global treasure hunt with fighting and all that character development involved.

          ★ kimi no na wa / your name (unrealistic fc's preferred)
          i don't really have any plots, so i'd say we can just follow the movie's story line. it'd be cool if maybe they had powers as a twist? sort of like in the anime charlotte (can be explained; not particularly complicated; just powers with quirks aka limitations) i would like to use this character, but i'm open to making a new one. a mxf pairing is preferred, but i'm also open to fxf, or if i make a new character, mxm.

          ★ kyoukai no kanata / beyond the boundary (unrealistic fc's preferred // have three plots)

          ★ song-based (realistic fc's preferred // check thread for plots/songs)

          ★ shingeki no kyojin / attack on titan (unrealistic fc's preferred)

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Re: Search for 1x1 RPs [Pt 3]

Post by momoko_kumori » Wed Jan 11, 2017 5:06 am

momoko_kumori wrote:
momoko_kumori wrote:About Me:
Hiya, friends. I am looking for new friends to role-play with. I have a whole list of role-plays that I would love to do. But I will get to that later; I want to give you a little bit of information about me.

What You Can Expect From Me:
- I am a semi-literate role-player (One to three paragraphs; more if needed)
- I live in EST (Eastern Standard Time)
- I am straight, but I am not against Gays or Lesbians (Though, I will not role-play them, unless it deals with a shipping that I know of)
- I can play both genders (Strangely enough)
- I am on most of the day, besides when I am at work
- I reply whenever I get on
- I will tell you when I am leaving for a vacation
- I love using OCs, so please make your own characters if you want
- I will try my best make my forms and replies fancy if you want it fancy

What I Expect From You:
- You can play both genders
- You tell me when you will disappear or when you have writer’s block
- You tell me when you are going to be busy and when you are leaving for a bit
- If you think we need to change something, please…PLEASE let me know (We can work out a new plot)
- You are a semi-literate role-player as well (One Paragraph at least)

My List of Role-Plays ((Bold, Underline, and Italic are topics I really want to do)):

Red vs Blue (7/5)
Marble Hornets {Based of the game 'Slender'} (8/5)
X-Ray and Vav (5/5)
RWBY (10/10)
Camp Camp (10/10)

TV Shows
Naruto (both series and Konoha High) (100000/5)
Power Rangers Samurai (7/5)
Power Rangers Dino Thunder (5/5)
The Secret Saturdays (5/5)
Star Wars: The Clone Wars (5/5)
Loonatics Unleashed (4/5)
Young Justice (6/5)
Psych (4/5)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (5/5)
NCIS (5/5)
Supernatural {CW version} [I have a plot; it would be a CastielxOC] (5/5)
Sleepy Hollow {Fox Version} (5/5)
Arrow {CW version} (5/5)
The Vampire Diaries {CW version} (5/5)
Doctor Who {9th, 10th and 11th Doctor} (10/5)
Miraculous Ladybug (20/10)
Gravity Falls (15/10)

The Avengers (5/5)
Any Marvels Movie (5/5)
Thor Movies ((LokixOC role-play)) (10/5)
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 ((Best Movie Ever! :D )) (10/5)
POTC (5/5)
Star Wars ((Original Movies or Clone Wars {Animated})) (5/5)
Harry Potter (5/5)
Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas ((Animated)) (6/5)
Disney Movies (Any Disney movie that you can think of) (5/5)

Video Games
Kingdom Hearts (All) (5/5)
Team Fortress 2 (5/5)
Assassin's Creed (6/5)
Rooster Teeth/ Achievement Hunter (6/5)
Minecraft/Minecraft YouTubers (10/10)

I'm willing to try anything new. Please message me if you would like to One x One role-play with me. I look forward to meeting all of my new friends.

Good-bye! :D

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crypt's search --

Post by cryptology. » Wed Jan 11, 2017 7:40 pm

    • I have a few vague plot ideas i'm looking for partners for ;;
      • reaper x human
        "I first met the reaper when she came for my hampster,"
        a rp where the reaper has made frequent visits in this person's life. it would follow the
        life of Muse B, as Muse A(the reaper) visits throughout their life. we will build off that.

        dragon x prince
        "when the dragon finally comes, he looks like everything you feared- but behaves like
        nothing you expected."
        a typical, cliche, dragon takes prince hostage. however, he is convinced to return the
        prince. the dragon had grown attached to the human however, and came back every so
        often to steal away his prize.

        " that's what you are."
        typical best friends. but something has always been just a little bit.. off. Muse A is a
        supernatural being, while Muse B is their completely human best friend. Things have
        been off between then for many years, and one day it finally came to a head.
      If you're interested in any of these, my pm box is always open! I hope to hear from you soon.

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Skullsy's Search

Post by skulls and flora » Thu Jan 12, 2017 2:34 am

  • Hey, I'm skulls. I'm looking for a good RP and I mirror posts and I prefer the female role. I would like a romance, only mxf though. I do not RP smut of any kind, and prefer fading to black, but inuendos and jokes or things of that nature can easily be made, as for drugs, I haven't tried any so I wouldn't know of any types of effects or how certain makes you feel so I wouldn't be able to RP that. I am in the EST time zone and I'm always up late. I'm on pretty much all day, and I check in during class. I am very easygoing and will respond to PMs almost immediately. I'm very flexible but I'd love a partner who's online more often than not.

    I have plots for all the ideas bellow, and I'm open to plot suggestions. I can give you more detailed ideas through PM. I've italicized the role I'd like

    • Soulmate AUs (I have many ideas)
    Shy girl x Outgoing boy
    • Bad boy x good girl
    • Renaissance Artist x rich woman
    • bad boy x bad girl
    • Graffiti artists romance
    Bookstore owner/librarian x tattoo artist
    • Street performer x Princess
    • Something with pirates (I have a few ideas)
    • Something with vampires (I have a few ideas)
    • Dark plots (talk to me about it!)
    • I'm open to ideas!

    Official Listing!

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simplicity itself [closed]

Post by sullivan » Thu Jan 12, 2017 2:49 am

sullivan/sulli | 300-2000+ words per post | mirrors | unrealistic/realistic faceclaim friendly | mxf or mxm | prefers male

only roleplays through forum/thread | enjoys planning | little to no limits w/mature themes | penchant for action/fantasy
hello! my name is sullivan and I'm on the market for a specific onexone. with the re-release of skyrim remastered, my
muse for an elder scrolls-based roleplay is through the roof; I'd like to do something within the province of skyrim, if
possible. namely, I'd like to use this character. I don't care about the pairing (and romance isn't a necessity, so if it isn't
your thing, no problem)—I'll take whatever I can get, honestly. as far as plots go, it's pretty open-ended; I don't have
anything concrete, so being able to bounce ideas off of my partner would be awesome!

aaand that's about it. thanks for taking a look!
found, thank you!
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Re: hallo out there!

Post by winchester1701 » Thu Jan 12, 2017 7:36 am

      • hi there!

        a bit about me: I'm a female turning 18 in a few weeks. my username is winchester170 (you can call me whatever though) and I've been roleplaying for about six years or so. I haven't roleplayed now for several months though, so I'm looking to start up one new ones. I try my best to mirror your posts, and can do upwards of two paragraphs if need be. I tend to prefer mxm, but i'll do mxf and fxf as well c: I am 100% okay with all mature themes and have no limits when it comes to that.

        I pretty much just ask the same of you.

        I'm mainly interested in these things at the moment:

        Star Wars
        - ***** OCs (mxm)
        - Skysolo (Luke/Han)
        - Stormpilot (Finn/Poe)

        - ***** Noora Amalie Sætre x William Magnusson
        - Isak x Even

        - Destiel (Dean/Castiel) AU preferably

        DC's Arrow/Flash
        - Olivarry (Oliver/Barry) My babies, always have plots, AU and not <3

        - Merthur (Merlin/Arthur) Modern day AU

        - Stony (Steve/Tony)
        - ***** Spideypool (Peter/Wade) I have an AU I'm dying to do!

        Just anything romance
        - ***** I am open to pretty much any realistic themed original plot you'd have or even something based off of a song, just PM me your ideas, or for mine. Craving something dark, angsty and drama filled.

        So that just about does it! I hope to hear from someone soon, and if you think you might have something that is related to one of these fandoms I might be interested in just ask c:
        - winchester1701

        ***** most sought after
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dusk's search [o p e n]

Post by Dusk » Thu Jan 12, 2017 7:36 pm

Image ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
dusk xxxxxthey/them xxxxxstatus- open
      • Hello! My name is Dusk and I’m looking for some rps!
    A bit about me-

    I’m a 20 year old agender trashcan who lives in the North Pole (I mean Canada whoops). I’ve been role playing for quite a long time and I really want to practice writing more so hopefully this will be both fun and improve myself. I’m in college so I’m a bit busy but I can post once a day minimum and if I’m having a bad week at least every other day but I’m pushing myself to write more. I’m moving from Chicken Smoothie and a few other sites, hopefully making this one my ‘main’ site since many of the sites I joined were…. Not right for me lol. I usually mirror my partner for length, but I have no problem at all writing large amounts of words but usually my average is 500-800 words. Anyways if you have any more questions about me, then feel free to ask! I’d like to think of myself as easy going and friendly so if there is something you really wanna do or a person you really want to rp as just tell me and we’ll work it out!

  • Rules:
    -If you want to do a NSFW rp with me, you have to be 18+. Not trying to be an asshole but for legal reasons I don’t want me or you getting in trouble.
    -Although I consider myself a tough cookie, I have PTSD and feel uncomfortable with subjects of non-con and domestic abuse. To be specific, I don’t mind if a character has been assaulted in the past, etc or that the character talks about it (if a character has PTSD in general then that’s totally fine), BUT I can’t role play it (i.e.- role playing rape, domestic violence or just going into detail specifically about the sexual assault). Other than that I’m pretty much good with violence, drugs, other mental illnesses, whatever but if you’re unsure don’t be afraid to ask me! It can be confusing since I LOVE dark plots, but those are the only two things I basically cannot do.

    • Plot idea I
    Character 1 is an angel, a criminal who used to be high in the hierarchy of angels that is now exiled to Earth, doomed to roam as an immortal being with no power. He becomes a priest, but doesn’t stick to the average rules of one as he steals, drinks, etc. Meanwhile. tensions rise between Heaven and Hell, Lucifer threatening to return to Heaven as he was once and archangel. Character 2 is a messenger, lower in the hierarchy but nonetheless takes pride in his work. It was his job to try to convince Character 1 to fight with Heaven and ward off demons that were slowly rising and disguising themselves as humans. But unfortunately, Character 1 couldn't care less.
    Setting: modern town
    Genre: Drama, Romance(?)
    Preferably mxm but anything works
    • Plot Idea II
    Character 1 is young witch in training. She is a studious and ambitious and is determined to be the best witch she can be. She finally feels like she is ready to summon a familiar, a shape shifting being that has both a human and a creature form. Familiars are helpers, servants and companions, usually helping their witches for spells or can spy and help fight off enemies. These familiars are already bound to their witches, but you don't really know who you are bound too. Character 1 summons her familiar, who quite honestly is a bit irked that they were just plucked from their home into a weird new apartment. Character 2, the familiar isn't as obedient as Character 1 hoped. The two struggle to adjust, but eventually fall for each other since they are bound, after all.
    Setting: modern city
    Genre: Romance, drama, fluff
    Preferably fxf but anything works


LGBT+ relationships
dark plots
NSFW (18+)



NBC Hannibal 10/10
BBC Sherlock 6/10
Harry Potter 6/10
Supernatural 6/10
Night Vale 9/10
Steven Universe 7/10
Eddsworld 9/10



dark themes
anything c:

I’m open to most things. Besides non-con I don’t really have any limits, and I’m open to pretty much anything! So shoot me a PM if you’re interested!

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➵ the lovers that went wrong

Post by doxophobia;; » Thu Jan 12, 2017 8:36 pm

hi i'm sage and i'm looking for like one or two rps

about me
rps through pm
only does homo romance
has absolutely no limits
1-3 paragraphs per reply (not picky about partner length)
decent spelling/grammar
on daily/nearly all the time tbh

what i'm looking for in a partner
rps through pm
lgbt+ friendly
tells me limits
friendly ooc
decent grammar/spelling
replies once or more a week

what i want
mxm or fxf romance, mxf platonic [prefers mxm]
dark themes (violence, drugs, sexual stuff)
enemies to lovers (gangs?)
r o o s t e r t e e t h (fake ah crew)
idk man that's all I can think if hmu if you want lmao

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Post by maître noir » Thu Jan 12, 2017 9:07 pm

mags or noir • nineteen • cst • posts weekly on average • 3-5+ paragraphs • FxF ONLY
characters 20-30 yrs • pm preferred, can do thread • smut only w partners 18+
little to no limits • patient af • can give kik for easier communication
official search thread
            • Image
              • The 100
                • Clexa - Lexa & Clarke
                • Lexa & Luna [have a plot for this]
                • Clarke & Niylah
                • Doctor Mechanic - Abby & Raven
                • Octaven - Octavia & Raven
                • OC Grounder x OC Sky Person
                • OC Grounder x OC Grounder [diff clans]
              • The Last of Us based
                • it can be Ellie x Riley, or two OCs. Two best friends that are separated while escaping the Infected as young teens and are reunited as adults. Muse A thinks Muse B was killed by Infected years ago, but Muse B actually survived. Years later, they run into one another.
              • Mutants / Experiments / Maximum Ride based
                • bunch of experiments escape the lab n all that shit. been years since I read maximum ride but I'm down for a plot based off the series too
              • Warrior Cats / Wolf Pack
                • all of a sudden I'm craving an animal role play or two. mostly craving warrior cats as I've read a lot of the series, but I'm also down for wolves. with warrior cats I wouldn't mind if it was a 1x1x1 either.
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