Search for 1x1 RPs [Pt 3]

Have a permanent thread here outlining your style, availability, preferences, plots, etc.

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i would code this better but oh well rip | komo's search

Post by komorebi » Mon Jun 19, 2017 8:12 am

about me || hello! it's komo here and i'm excited to bring you my first (now second) search post on this site
and the first one that i've written in quite a while! i haven't roleplayed in probably a years time, but this
entire year i have been strengthening my own voice in writing and finding what it really means to create a
good piece (at least for my own personal standards!) Obviously I still have so much space to improve and
that's why i'm excited for the summer prompts and to get back into writing with others again! i've
missed it so much. so feel free to check out some of the plots i suggested (of which i'm open to many
more). also just letting you know that what i'm looking for generally reflects who i also am. i can write
up into a literate category too, but i prefer quality posts that don't drone on about details that aren't so
important. i find it just bogs down the writing if you feel space needs to be filled up with something.

and don't be afraid to message me! i'm just a big bundle of nerves and skin and like life is just so short
might as well just do some things that make you happy. like writing or taking chances or ya know
whatever. you get what i mean! just go with it, man. just go with it.
looking for || someone who will be okay with having a conversation once in a while (i think it's fun to get to know the people i'm writing with), semi-literate to literate, interested in collaborating on plots, would be willing to do mxm (although if you really don't want to, i'm super hella flexible. yes, i just said hella), like one reply a week (it's not a big deal if you even uphold to this as long as you're letting me know what's going on), be honest about the level of muse and be willing to switch things up if it isn't going so well, be just an overall nice person!! which i'm sure you are if you're here right now and taking the time to read this!!
interesting plots || this, this, maybe similar to this idk??? the usual opposites attract, demons vs angels, rich vs poor, hero vs villain tropes. apocalypse stuff (which i always really like if done well idk), vampires or werewolves, original plots. like basically i like lots of things. road trips, best friends to lovers, model x photographer, trying to act tough demon x totally not buying it human. soulmates, something with a thief character, something like the show shameless with ian and mickey cause i'm living for dysfunctional families and cute bois, a plot with a stripper or prostitute kinda thing, anything with troubled sad boys tbh. the only stuff i'm really NOT into is things to do with animals, noncon, incestual type things, slavery stuff, and anything you are not entirely comfortable with.


  • x

    hello everyone I have been talking to recently! I don't have a computer to use at the moment which is why I haven't been posting as frequently or responding to pms. I'm working very hard to fix this problem so please just be patient with me. I haven't forgotten about any of you. Alright then! Have a great summer and I'll speak to you all asap! Might try to do some stuff on my phone, but we'll see!

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;; i've got some serious cravings going on right now;;

Post by Mobius » Mon Jun 19, 2017 8:50 am

Image Do you know that burning desire? Yes, that one inside that itches away at you? Those cravings that you simply can't ignore? Those cravings that simply have to be satisfied? Hopefully you're following me because I'm experiencing those intense cravings right now! Yes, right now! So let's get to it! I'm Mobius and I'm 19 staying up all night (literally) in the EST. Timezones won't be a problem due to how late I stay up. I enjoy writing most lengths, from a few lines in PM all of the way up to 2,000+ beefy monsters. My average is around 1,400 for literate and 400 for relaxed. I roleplay in both PM and forum, although I prefer forum. If the RP is going to be full of smut or have a consistent theme of smut, I like to keep those RPs in PM as I won't do smut in threads. At the moment, I have very few limits and they can be discussed during PM as needed. I will do smut, non-con, bestiality, etc. I love fluffy, but I love dark plots/scenes/all of that even more and have no problem with whatever dark sort of thing, smut of otherwise, you want to be included! I only do MxF and I will only play female humans, but prefer male animals (I have no problem playing a female animal, though!). I greatly enjoy building on settings/basic plots and plot twists to having a detailed/fleshed out plot that doesn't have much room for building in the RP. I also include the basic information of my character as I enjoy building them during the RP as well.From my partner, all I want is somebody who will be pretty active; friendly; open to plot twists. I want somebody who will tell me if they want to quit and not just leave me hanging. How much or how little, how experienced or how inexperienced, doesn't matter! Alright, now to what I'm craving...

Something loaded with smut (PM only!) I can't begin to explain why I'm craving an RP that is loaded with smut, but I am. I don't think the plot really matters at all, so hit me with what you think will work! I've got a couple of ideas that I think might work well, but I'm open to almost anything! As long as it's loaded with smut! It can be romance or it can be dark. Doesn't matter. Just know that my character will probably end up enjoying it really quickly... unless I change my mind on that due to the plot. Um... yeah! For this, obviously, you'll have to be okay with smut and smut-themes. As mentioned, PM only as I won't RP smut in forums (I love using tabs to organizing the PMs I'm actually RPing through in case you're worried things will get cluttered!). You will be playing the guy, I will be playing the girl. Hit me with your ideas! The only things I won't do are some fetishes, futuristic/strong fantasy/dystopian plots, and scat. Ick on the scat part.
Bestiality (PM only!) Ugh, this is such a guilty pleasure. I love bestiality RPs and I'm dying to have more of them. My favorite is with horses, but I'm done for others! Wolves, dogs, donkeys, zebras, lions, tigers, bears oh my! Okay, so maybe not the bears, haha. Seriously, just ask if I'm up for whatever animal you want it to be and I'll let you know! I most likely won't say no, unless it's like a house cat or a bird or something. I don't want anything with shapeshifters, werewolves, or anything like that. You will play the male animal and I will play the female human. Plenty of settings will work for this and it could even be mashed in with some other ideas! I don't care, I just want this soo badly. I feel like this especially works in a more historical plot (medieval, Ancient Egypt, etc.), but anything works! I just won't do futuristic, dystopian, or anything high on the fantasy.
Something where men own women. (PM or forum [most likely PM]) I'm very shocked that I like this sort of thing/theme as the thought of how women used to be treated/are still treated in some societies sickens me, but I love when, in an RP's world, men own women as slaves. Again, I'm down for almost any plot, although I do have a couple in mind that I'd love to share with you! You would play the guy, I would play the girl. I'm down for one where the guy considers the girl his equal, but I've done a lot of them in the past and not many where the guy doesn't think that way so I would prefer one where the guy character does consider women to be beneath him. He can still be caring and stuff if you want! It obviously wouldn't be in our "world/Earth", but pretty much the only difference would be the whole gender rank difference thing. Modern, historic (medieval, Ancient Egypt, Roman Empire, etc.) or a combination or our own time period that we create would all work!
Master x Slave (PM or forum) Another guilty pleasure of mine (I guess all of these are guilty lol) is slavery RPs. I just love them! Whether the slave is rebellious and the master is trying to break her or the slave is an obedient little thing, I love them! I'm down for labor slaves or sex slaves this time around, although if there is going to be a consistent appearance of smut (such as a sex slave) I want to RP through PM so keep that in mind (if it's here and there, that's no biggie! We'll just hop on over to PM for that scene and return). I have many plots in mind! The one I'm most craving is a plot that would be done over PM to put it that way. I'm definitely down to hearing your plots, too! If you want to hear my plots, please let me know if you want a labor slave sort of plot or a sex slave sort of plot (or a mix of both, we can totally do that, too!) so I know which ones to type up! Modern, historic (medieval, Ancient Egypt, Roman Empire, etc.), our own time period, and many others will work for this! I just won't do futuristic, dystopian, or extreme fantasy plots.
A combination of these (PM or forum [most likely PM]) These are the types of ideas that would work perfectly if some of this one and some of that one were thrown in together. Some of the plots I have in mind, do! The third idea pretty much, actually, is a slavery idea. Heavy smut could go in with all of them. It could be very fun if we combine some or all of them!

If you're interested, please message me! I am seriously dying for these and will love you forever if you'll do them with me! xoxo[/size]



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Re: Search for 1x1 RPs [Pt 3]

Post by LupusAvani » Mon Jun 19, 2017 11:07 am


My name is LupusAvani, but you can just call me Lupus or Avani. I'm here to find some new 1X1 role-plays.
I am online pretty often and I try to reply as fast as possible.
English is not my native language, but I believe I have quite good spelling and grammar. I might make some typos, if I'm in rush or on my phone.


* Can play both genders;
* Can't role-play MxM or FxF pairings, sorry;
* Semi-literate (300-350 words per post). If I have muse, I can do more, though;
* I'm fine with intense romance, language and violence. My limits are rape, incest and bestiality;
* Time zone is GMT +3.


* Inform me, if you get busy, want to take a break or quit the RP!
* Literacy, spelling and grammar;
* Can play both genders;
* Doesn't mind explicit scenes;
* Likes romance in their role-plays.


* Original plots
* Any of these AUs
* Zodiac signs/Elements/Seasons personified
* Mythology (gods, mythical creatures, etc.)
* Angel X Demon, Demon X Demon
* Animals

Feel free to PM me, if you're interested!
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Re: Search for 1x1 RPs [Pt 3]

Post by sangue » Mon Jun 19, 2017 11:34 am

  • hey so uh, i'm sangue and i'm new to this site, so please be patient with me. you can call me oliver or sangue, whatever works for you. i'm looking for a possible partner to write with, so if you're interested in any of the topics below, hit me up, my dudes. okay so a little bit about me: i'm eighteen with about eight years of roleplaying and out of those eight years, i've considered myself literate [3,000+ words] for about five years now. i have a plethora of interests when it comes to roleplaying, from apocalyptic eras to the supernatural. as for genders and relationships, any and all are welcome. it's rare that i'll turn down an idea, so don't be afraid to suggest your own, aight? speaking of ideas, there really isn't any strict limits but i would prefer to avoid pedophilia, incest, and beastiality. maturity isn't a problem and i don't mind excessive violence if it pertains to the plot. it's virtually impossible to anger me, i'm honestly too tired to spend my energy on that so lol i'm pretty chill, I guess. anyways, that basically wraps it up for me.

    i'm not picky on partners, really. i'm only asking that you're a generally friendly person who can match my literacy and contribute to the plot. once again, just toss some ideas at me and we'll make something work out for the both of us. trust me, I understand having a busy schedule so I do not expect you to answer every day nor will I bug you about it. listen, if you are uncomfortable in any way, please please tell me. you can only be as happy as much as you're comfortable, right? I want this to be enjoyable for the both of us and i'm a flexible person so i'll gladly bend a little if one of us isn't having as much fun as the other.

    what i'm looking for currently: honestly, i've been craving some good ol' fashion science fiction with aliens, monsters, and the such. besides that, I always love a good mobster, prohibition-era roleplay. I admit, I don't have specific plots for the two but I'm more than willing to collaborate on something with you. some other interests of mine: dragon age, noire-esque plots, superheroes/villains, investigators/criminals, various cartoons, and lots of other good stuff.
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Re: Search for 1x1 RPs [Pt 3]

Post by randompersonH2O » Mon Jun 19, 2017 1:40 pm

Image Hi everyone! I'm randompersonH2O, but you can call me Random if you would like. I'm an eighteen year old college student who just got back from a long, unintentional hiatus and would like to start roleplaying again. I've been roleplaying on and off for about six years now on various sites - tumblr, chickensmoothie, and here - and usually average anywhere between four hundred and two thousand words depending on my muse and how much my partner writes. I'm in the Eastern time zone, can play both male and female characters, and am one hundred percent lgbtq+ friendly.

I'm not looking for much in a partner except someone with decent grammar that can be patient if I need to take a small hiatus to focus on school and work, and that can write a reply in the word count range I just gave. Also, I would like someone willing to play both male and female characters. If you can do that, we'll be great writing partners.

As far as topics go, my main interest at the moment is a Sons of Anarchy roleplay. I've been searching for a partner willing to do it for ages, but no one has been very enthusiastic about it. If you're not familiar with the show, or simply aren't a fan of fandom based roleplays, I would love to do something based on it with biker gangs as well. I'm also really craving a Sherlock rp, so if that's more your area then feel free to message me about that. If neither of those work for you, I also have some plots for other fandoms available on this thread, so if you aren't a fan of motorcycle clubs and still want to write with me then feel free to pick one or send me one of your own. I'm always open to suggestions! Fandoms that I'm involved with, along with other information, can always be found on my main advertisement thread.

If you have any further questions about me and my writing, or would like to plan something, don't hesitate to send me a message!
Attention RP partners: I have a lot going on in my personal life right now, so I have very little time to write replies. If you have concerns about the continuation of our RPs, please message me personally.
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Re: Search for 1x1 RPs [Pt 3]

Post by wolf; » Mon Jun 19, 2017 4:30 pm

Imagehello everyone! i'm looking for a couple of one x one partners to roleplay with. i would like some
one who can write around 500-1k+ words on average. i can usually post at least once a day
but i can post more depending on my time and my muse level. i have no limits when it comes t
o mature themes
and i only have experience in mxf pairings with a greater preference for t
he female role
but i am willing to double up where we both play a male and female each. i onl
y use realistic faceclaims
and can do both elaborate and simple forms.

what i'm looking for
bolded = high muse

werewolves/skin-walkers/shape-shifters (werewolf x human, werewolf x werewolf, twilight based, soulmates/imprinting)
supernatural creatures in general (vampires, demons, angels, creature x human etc.)
soulmates/imprinting (can be human x human, or werewolf x human)
canines (domesticated, wild or a combination of both)
apocalyptic (zombies, aliens, disease, mutations, etc.)
disney themed (beauty & the beast, red riding hood, lady and the tramp, etc.)
clique pairings/slice of life, angst, drama, fluffy stuff
equine related (specific disciplines include racing & show jumping)
marvel (children of the avengers, oc x canon preferred, canon x canon)
teen wolf/the walking dead/z nation/supernatural (the show),shameless
open to suggestions and combing different themes together!

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Re: Search for 1x1 RPs [Pt 3]

Post by kitty » Mon Jun 19, 2017 8:15 pm

xxImagexx Image
i. supernatural:
sam/dean, castiel/dean, oc/dean, oc/sam, sam/lucifer, castiel/crowley,
charlie/dean (non-romantic)

ii. marvel/dc:
natasha/steve, natasha/hawkeye, natasha/loki, natasha/thor, thor/loki, harley/daddy j,

iii. grey's anatomy:
meredith/derek, april/jackson, meredith/alex, amy/hunt, christina/hunt,


i. animal:
omega wolf/alpha wolf, loner female/alpha male, medicine cat/leader, loner/clan cat
ii. supernatural:
angel/demon, angel/human, human/demon, human/vampire, human/werewolf,
werewolf/hunter, witch/witch hunter

iii. realistic:
arranged marriage (any pairings), slave/master, kidnapped/kidnapper,
citizen/gang member


i. royal love triangle:
a princess has just been told she is going to be placed into an arranged marriage
with a prince from another nation, and the roleplay will start at a banquet where the
announcement is going to be made. however, the princess is already in love with her
best friend from childhood, a knight that was assigned for her protection. you could
play the arranged prince, the knight, or both. if you pick one, the other role can be
shared or we could find someone else to take part in the roleplay.

ii. dancing with the devil:
you already know the story of lucifer being cast down to earth. however, in this roleplay,
a young angel (male or female) was eavesdropping on his banishment, and ended
up being sucked down to earth along with him. now he/she is left to walk alongside
lucifer as he/she tries to find a way back to heaven.

iii. curiosity killed the cat:
a reporter is assigned to try and capture a photo of an infamous criminal in NYC,
but after capturing the picture her phone rings and the criminal catches sight of her.
she manages to get away, but after that day the criminal continues to show up every-
where, making her life a living hell or exposing him.

iv. so many secrets:
set in the victorian era, a female werewolf lives in secrecy in a small town that
is run by the authority of a werewolf-hunting monarch. there is a haven of other
werewolves in the town, however she has been a loner since she was turned. the
leader of the hunters, your character, is a dark and sadistic man who is used to
getting what he wants, which just so happens to be the dark-haired woman he
met at a ball a few days prior. he just has no idea that she is the werewolf he has
been hunting for years.

v. the real threat is the living
this is a walking dead type of setting. there are two civilizations of survivors left in the
central georgia, called the saints (living in st. jude) and the wolves (living in santa
lucia). after a skirmish between the two groups gone bad, a hard-headed female of
the saints is taken captive by the leader of the wolves, separated from her brother
and other members. she is kept in the quarters of a sickeningly charismatic, sadistic,
and cruel leader of the wolves, who plans to use her as martyr. angst and romance
can ensue, as he may decide to keep her for himself, instead, though she won't
stay willingly.


i. about me:
hi, hi, hello everybody! i'm kitty, and this
is my search thread! before i get started
with all the details, here's a little abut me
i am a nineteen y/o and have been role-
playing since i was thirteen, all on cs. i am
in the EST so expect me to reply in times
ording to that. i have also just started college,
so i am a bit busy, though i make time to
reply pretty often. i'd rather rp than do
homework, fml. you can use she/her pro-
nouns when addressing me, and know that
i am a bisexual female, just if you were
curious, heh. i am obsessed with the tv show
supernatural, so if you catch me making ref-
erences i am super sorry in advance. my fav-
orite color's purple, i plan on becoming a vet-
erinarian one day, hopefully. and.. that's prob-
ably about it. look below for the stuff that's
actually important, and why you're here!
let's get to it.

ii. what to expect:
okay, so you should expect me to be
horribly active, for starters. i will reply
very often, and you will hardly ever be
stuck waiting on a reply for more than a
day. also, i am fine with playing both gen-
ders/sexualities. i have never, however,
played a trans/non-binary character,
though i wouldn't be against it, you would
just have to talk me through it. i am fine
with all pairings, though in mxf pairings i
almost always prefer to play the female
character. my characters are normally in-
dependent by nature, but not at all rough-
and-tough. i am a complete sucker for
dark, rougher plots, so if that's up your
alley please pm me. my only limits are
scat and beastiality. everything else flies
with me, including non-con, gore, heavy
smut, etc.

iii. all that stuff to the left:
okay, so as far as fandoms go, the
ones that I am used to/would be good at
playing are listed to the side, with my
preferred role underlined. please don't
ask to play out those ships but with you
playing the character that I have under-
lined, because I will say no. for the general
plots, you can spout of literally any idea
you have because heck yeah I am up for
most anything when playing those roles.
as far as the planned out plots, you can
pm me with any questions you have, or
if you want to suggest any small changes
to them please feel free! like i said, i'm
flexible with plots. lastly, if you don't see
something that you're dying to do, but
from my description you think i'd be into
it, don't hesitate to ask. most likely, i'd
be up for it. so if you see anything at all
that you think you might be interested in,
please pm me! thanks for reading!







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pls rp something gay with me

Post by the blue adept » Tue Jun 20, 2017 12:54 am

Image Hey there! I'm the blue adept, but Blue is my preferred nickname. I'm eighteen years old and in college, but I'm not taking summer classes so I have a lot of free time to reply. This means I'm pretty quick at replying, but I don't skimp out on word count. I usually mirror, but I can type anywhere from 300-600+ words, and consider myself semi-lit. If my muse is strong, I'm more prone to write a lot!

I'm a big chatter and don't mind some OOC shenanigans, I consider myself pretty friendly and open so don't be afraid to approach me! In terms of rping, I strongly prefer mxm, but I can also do fxf. I'm willing to do mxf if the characters have good chemistry.

I prefer to rp things that involve romance somewhere in it, but I don't usually rp hardcore smut. Gore and violence is fine though. My limits are the usual ones. I'm okay with any kind of face claim! Rping on thread is welcomed but I'd be okay with PM too.

Although I haven't been a member of this site long, I have 6+ years of roleplaying experience. I'm not super picky on my choice of partner(s), but I prefer someone who can be semi-active, though I'm also perfectly fine if you take a day or two to reply. Semi-lit is also preferred!
- My interests:

- Post-Apocalyptic/Mutants (im really craving this one)
- Zombie apocalypse, dystopian, etc.
- Supernatural creatures - vampirexhunter, werewolfxvampire, etc.
- I'm very weak to the enemies to lovers trope, as well as opposites attract.
- Hitmen/spies as well as gangs
- Superheroes ( villainxhero )
- Percy Jackson/CHB rp w/ OCs
- Harry Potter w/ OCs
- Futuristic rps/robots!! I love robots
- Knights/Medieval fantasy

I'm also open to suggestions, feel free to shoot a plot at me, I love to brainstorm!


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Re: Search for 1x1 RPs [Pt 3]

Post by amon » Tue Jun 20, 2017 5:13 am

Image really simple, very plain looking search.
looking to put together an overwatch roleplay, information below ❤︎

: this is a group search, OCs allowed but restricted to 3 spots
: will take place on a discord server, please have an account
: no naughty things for people under 18 ,,
: look below for available characters

characters: [o] open [x] taken
tracer [o] [o] genji [x] hanzo [o] mercy [x] mccree [o] bastion [o] junkrat [x] lucio [o] mei [o] pharah [x] reaper/reyes [o]
reinhardt [o] roadhog [o] soldier 76 [o] symmetra [o] torbjörn [o] widowmaker [o] winston [o] zarya [o] zenyatta [o]

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Re: Search for 1x1 RPs [Pt 3]

Post by jcp1195 » Tue Jun 20, 2017 6:20 am

jcp1195 wrote:Hello. I'm Jcp1195 but you can call me whatever you wish within reason.

I'm looking for 1-2 partners for two very specific rps that I need help developing.

About me:

-I'm Semi-Lit to Lit depending on multiple variables.
-I'm lazy enough not to format or make my posts fancy so that won't be happening, as I'm sure you can tell.
-Will play MxF or FxF, both would work for either of the plots. I have no issue with MxM but playing it makes me uncomfortable.
-Works part-time and doesn't sleep much. I'm typically awake from 3 pm to 5 am Eastern.
-I'll do my best to post at least once a week, though since it's the summer time I can probably get more out. If it's been longer than a week and I haven't, please, please bump the topic.
-I'm very friendly and I love talking OOC.
-I can try to play canonical characters but I'm not great at it.

And that should be enough for now. If you're still here, and you're interested in the ideas we can talk about limits and I'll answer any other questions you might have. Now onto the meat of this post:

I don't have a lout written out or thought out for these plots, but if anyone shares my obsession with them I'm sure we can make something good out of them:

The Leviathan Trilogy: A trilogy of books by Scott Westerfeld detailing an alternate history of World War 1, fought between the Steam-powered armies of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Bio-Engineered armies of the Darwinists. This plot can be MxF or FxF and it can follow the main plot to a degree or we can think of something brand new. (I would prefer the latter).

Ruby the Galactic Gumshoe: I only heard about this recently, as my local station has started playing them but I'm obsessed with it and I'm specifically interested in Ruby 9.5. Ruby is a radio show created in 1982 in short three minute episodes for Drive-Time Radio. Ruby 9.5, the most recent iteration was released in 2015 and is played in 30 minute episodes in the way of classic radio shows. It follows the adventures of the titular Ruby, an intergalactic gumshoe solving crimes, causing mischief, and searching for answers to her mysterious bloodline and time altering powers in space FAR into the future. The main character of this plot would of course be Ruby or someone similar (I am perfectly happy with the "ruby" character being an OC). This plot may or may not have a main pairing based on Ruby's personality, depending on your preferences and what we decide for the plots.

Anyway, I've said enough and I hope to hear from you soon.
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