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✦ | a song of ice and fire

Post by electra » Mon Jul 17, 2017 7:38 am


This roleplay will contain gore, alcohol and drug use, sexual situations and profane or vulgar language. Reader discretion is advised. Additionally, credit for the original plot of A Song Of Ice and Fire goes to George R.R. Martin and any information pertaining to the world of asoiaf goes to the Wikia. Many thanks to the actual legend @roulette- for writing the original storyline for the roleplay and her extensive research.

Image Image Image
By the time the last Targaryen arrived from the East to claim her throne, the seven kingdoms were in shambles. Tommen, the last hope for a just king, had just mysteriously died, rumours circulating citing suicide to be the cause. With a new ruler that nobody knew, the citizens of the realm were wary and it didn’t take long for that mistrust to fester into fear and then hatred. The plague that swept across the continent claiming thousands of lives was blamed on the silver-haired queen as well. The citizens of King’s Landing revolted, convinced that the Queen’s dragons were too unpredictable—that Daenerys would be like her father, the Mad King Aerys. Needing only a little urging, the rest of the Realm followed suit and the seven kingdoms were engulfed in a civil war that would last for five long years.

Ravaging Westeros, the war swept across the continent consuming land bit by bit. Fear and mistrust bred quickly, as brothers turned on brothers, tearing whole families apart. As the young queen grew more and more desperate to cling to power and keep her crown, she became more brutal. Her dragons descended upon the kingdom, in unearthly plague of fire and fury, leaving little in their wake save for smoking ruins—nowhere was safe. She took out the Lannisters first, followed by the Boltons and so on. Each Great House was obliterated, even mere babes in cradles—nobody was spared. Eventually, Targaryen was the last Great name left. People feared that name, hated to even whisper it lest they feel the dragon’s fury. The queen’s hasty marriage to a lordling was a last-ditch attempt to reconcile the carnage that had happened during her reign. But by the time the year was out, the pregnant queen was murdered in her sleep by somebody in the Red Keep…somebody she trusted.

Queen Daenerys’ dragons disappeared, taking to the skies, never to be seen again. Some claim to hear their haunting cries on dark nights—lost and searching for their mother. As the years passed, dragons became creatures of myth and legend once more. New houses rose to power, making their names known. Now, the king on the throne is young, untested and unfit to rule. Nevertheless, he manages to cling to power, thanks to the support of a few, powerful families. Never the less, those ties are slowly beginning to erode and the king must look elsewhere to secure allies. In a bid to improve relations, he has summoned the Great Houses of Westeros to King’s Landing for a season of tourneys, balls and other frivolous events.

Image Image Image

It is a blistering summer in Westeros and tensions are rising. Westeros is a continent located in the far west of the known world. It is separated from the continent of Essos by a strip of water known as the narrow sea. The majority of this continent, save for the lands beyond the wall, is known as the Seven Kingdoms. This is ruled by the king or queen of the realm, who sits upon the Iron Throne in the capital city, Kings Landing. The regions of Westeros are as follows: the North, the Vale, the Riverlands, the Westerlands, the Iron Islands, the Crownlands, the Stormlands, the Reach, Dorne and lastly, beyond the Wall.

The North (claimed by @roulette-)
Bastards born in the north take the surname “Snow”. The main port and city of the North is White Harbour. The North is the largest of the regions of Westeros, but also the most sparsely populated, due to the harshness of the long winter. The north also includes the Wall and the lands under the protection of the Night’s Watch. The borders of the North are the sea to the west and east, the Wall to the north and the hills and bogs of the Neck to the south. The religion in the North most commonly practised is that old the Old Gods of the Forest, or the Seven.

The Vale
Bastards born in the Vale take the surname “Stone”. The principal port and city of the Vale is Gulltown. The Vale is dominated and mostly covered by the Mountains of the Moon and its offshoot chains. It borders are prowled by hostile hill tribes. Unlike the Westerlands, which have gently rolling mountains, the mountains of the Vale are much less hospitable and more difficult to traverse. Further, while the mountains of the Westerlands are filled with precious metals such as gold, the mountains of the Vale are not particularly rich in resources. The valleys scattered between the harsh mountains, however, are as fertile as any in the Riverlands. The religion in the vale is most commonly that of the seven.

The Riverlands (claimed by @b a b y)
Bastards born in the Riverlands take the surname “Rivers”. The principal ports of the Riverlands are Seagard, Saltpans and Maidenpool. The Riverlands are one of the most fertile and populous regions in Westeros. The Riverlands have a true temperate climate with warm summers and moderately cool winters, which increase in severity north of the Neck. Rainfall is moderate and adequate, providing for the fertility of the region. The religion is most commonly that of the Seven. R’hllor is worshipped here as well, though it is in the minority.

The Westerlands
Bastards born in the Westerlands take the surname “Hill”. The principal city and port of the Westerlands is Lannisport, named for the Lannisters’ of old. The Westerlands are noted for their hills and low mountains which are rich in silver and gold, providing whoever controls the area and their vassals with immense wealth. Predominantly mountainous, the Westerlands are well-defended from external attack. There is only one major pass through the mountains in the east of the Westerlands, near the headwaters of the Red Fork of the Tridant River. The faith in the Westerlands most commonly practised is that of the Seven.

The Iron Islands
Bastards born on the Iron Islands take the surname “Pyke”. The major islands of the chain are Great Wyk, Old Wyk, Harlaw, Blacktyde, Orkmont, Saltcliffe and Pyke itself. The Iron Islands are rain-lashed and cold, home to a hardy, warrior race known as the ironborn. They live for warfare and reaving, and are the most troublesome and rebellious of the Seven Kingdoms. They are the smallest and among the least-populous of the regions of Westeros, but the naval skills of their population are unmatched and they enjoy great mobility due to their ships. The Ironlands are small and rocky, swept by fierce storm winds, with poor soil and hardly any natural resources. The few poor crop fields that are present have their rocky soil plowed by men captured in raids and forced into servitude, as they usually cannot afford draft animals. The ironborn worship the Drowned God. A common prayer of the Drowned God here is, “What is dead may never die.” The expected reply to this is, “But rises again, harder and stronger.”

The Crownlands
Bastards born in the Crowlands take the surname “Waters”. The Crownlands are ruled directly by the King of the Seven Kingdoms, seated on the Iron Throne. He rules the Crownlands from King’s Landing, which is the most prominent city in the region. It is the newest of the regions in Westeros and does not have much of a distinct “cultural identity”. The Crownlands consist of two major regions: the mainland area which is ruled from King’s Landing itself, and the islands of Blackwater Bay, which are ruled from Dragonstone island by the heir to the throne. The religion in the Crownlands is most commonly that of the Seven, with minorities such as R’hllor, the Drowned God, the Many-Faced God and the Black Goat of Qohor.

The Stormlands
Bastards born in the Stormlands take the surname “Storm”. The Stormlands include several offshore islands, most notably Tarth. The Stormlands are wracked by frequent storms off the Narrow Sea, and experience significant rainfall. The Stormlands are also one of the most densely wooded areas in Westeros, particularly south of the Neck. It contains not only the Rainwood (which covers the southern half of the Stormlands), but also shares much of the Kingswood (spilling across the northern border with the Crownlands). As a result, the climate is in general that of a temperate forest. The faith in the Stormlands is most commonly that of the Seven.

The Reach (claimed by @electra)
Bastards born in the Reach take the surname “Flowers”. The principal city and port of the Reach is Bright Harbour, the second largest city in Westeros. The Reach is the second-largest region of Westeros and by far the most fertile and populous. The reach also includes several offshore islands, such as the Shield Islands and the Arbor. The Reach is watered by the immense River Mander and its many tributaries. This makes it the most fertile area of Westeros. They have vast fields of crops and flowers and numerous, well-populated villages and towns. The Reach traditionally helps supply other less fertile parts of the Seven Kingdoms (most notably King’s Landing) with grain, fruit, wine and livestock. The faith most commonly practised is that of the Seven.

Dorne (claimed by @whoaeasytiger)
Bastards born in Dorne take the surname “Sand”. The principal ports of Dorne are Sunspear itself and the Planky Town at the mouth of the Greenblood. The people of Dorne are isolated from the rest of Westeros by the Sea of Dorne and the Red Mountains, giving them a greater sense of national identity that most of the other peoples of the Seven Kingdoms, even more than the ironborn and the Northmen. As a result they have very different customs and traditions compared to the other regions of Westeros. Unlike Westerosi customs, the Dornishmen have the custom of equal inheritance laws for male and female heirs. Things from Dorne are known as “Dornish” while the people of Dorne are properly known as the “Dornishmen.” Dorne contains the only desert on the entire continent of Westeros, and due to its arid climate it has only one of the smallest overall populations. It is the only part of Westeros where citrus fruits and spices grow. However, the coast of Dorne is rocky and mostly consists of towering cliffs, making it a poor place to trade. The religion in Dorne is primarily that of the Seven.

Image Image Image

• There is a limit of nine spots available in this roleplay. First in best served. Reservations will be held for one week only (updates will appear frequently on occ topic). Please contact me via private message if you wish to be involved.

• If you have questions, ask me or my fellow mods (@roulette-, @whoaeasytiger and @b a b y). We will help as best we can.

• The descriptions of the roles are merely to influence the family, not define it. Additionally, a basic knowledge of the asoiaf world is required. I’m not saying you need to memorise all five novels, but please have at least watch (a few seasons of) the TV show. If you feel as though your info level is inadequate then please acquaint yourself with the wikia page.

• Please be considerate and do not make world-changing alterations to the plot (for example, assassinating a member of the royal family or hatching a dragon egg etc.,) without consulting the mods and other roleplayers first.

• Please leave occ drama at the door. In character drama is highly encouraged.

• If you have a large gif and/or quotes in your signature, please hide it. It detracts from your writing.
• A minimum of three-four paragraphs per post (two if you’re got writer’s block). Since you will be writing for a family of 5+, this shouldn’t be too hard.

• Coloured or bold dialogue while not compulsory, is highly appreciated. Please also include banners and/or write your character’s names at the top of each post in legible font so other role-players are aware of their identity (their location would be helpful as well).

• Strong language, violence, nudity etc. is fine so long as it’s not done to the point of excess, resulting in the roleplay getting shut down.

Image Image Image

You are able to alter your application in whatever ways you want, on the condition, that all fields listed below are addressed. Please attempt, to the best of your ability to make these applications pleasing to the eye.

• house sigil, an original sigil supplied as either an image or describe it to the best of your ability.

• house words, for example “Winter is Coming”, “Fire and Blood”, “We are the Fury” etc.,

• house name and history, nothing exceeding 200 words for the history please.

• house traits, traits shared by the family members, a minimum of three

• region, the land that your house rules over

• family members, no less than five members, including the head of your house. Include full name/s, age/s and a realistic image (no manga/drawings) of each member. Brief personalities and/or biographies of your characters are optional

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Post by electra » Mon Jul 17, 2017 8:28 am


H O U S E ᆞ R O Y D O N
cunning ᆞ intelligent ᆞ ambitious

The Roydon’s of Eveningfall are amongst the most ancient and influential of the Great Houses of Westeros. While their exact origins are shadowed in mystery, historians believe that their ancestors, traders and seafarers, by way of Volantis or Braavos settled at the mouth of the river the Whispering Sound, founding the original incarnation of Bright Harbour sometime during the Dawn Days.

Traditionally, the Lords of Eveningfall have preferred trade and commerce to battle and have grown with every generation to become one of the influential and most affluent noble families in Westeros, their wealth easily rivalling that of vanquished House Lannister. Subtle and sophisticated, the Roydon’s have always been great patrons of learning, and it is said that certain members of the family have be known to dabble in alchemy, necromancy and other sorcerous arts.

Grand Maester Malleon observes the Roydon’s of Eveningfall in his manuscript The Lineages and Histories of the Great Houses of the Seven Kingdoms as being fair of skin, with light eyes, often green or blue in pigmentation and having an abundance of thick, dark hair. The house arms show an two serpents, one black one white intertwined beneath a gold crescent moon upon a field of grey and their words are born to great things.

Lord Daemon Roydon ᆞhomme ᆞtwenty-six
Daeron is the eldest son and heir by Westerosi law of Lord Robert Roydon and Lady Dyanna Costayne and due to the privileges afforded to him due to his birth and high station, where most men look at the world and seek to find their place in it; Daeron looks at the world and knows instinctively that his place is at the top. To this end, he is forever obsessively seeking more power, more wealth, more status and will lie, cheat and steal to possess whatever (or whoever) he firmly believes to be his. He’s spent so long manipulating and controlling everyone around him that he no longer knows how to have a relationship with someone without trying to bend them to his whims. As his father’s heir, Daeron is under pressure to provide a legitimate heir to secure his line’s future birthright. However, his first wife, Lynesse after four successive miscarriages presented him with a daughter before succumbing to birthing bed fever. As the first born son, Daeron carries the Roydon’s most prized possession, a Valyrian double edge great sword called Dusk.

Lady Erena Roydon ᆞfemme ᆞtwenty-three
Lady Erena is the second born of Lord Robert and Lady Dyanna’s children and the couple’s eldest daughter. A woman of un-surpassing loveliness, it is frequently commented that she takes after her mother, who was also a notorious beauty in her day. What many people remain fail to see when they fall prey to Erena’s smile and charm is her capacity for manipulation, her hunger for intellectual ascendance, moral leverage and her aptitude for dealing abuse. Outwardly she diligently maintains her façade of grace and vivacity, seducing all those in her orbit, but privately, she observes all with the calculated gaze of a serpent, patiently biding her time until the opportunity presents itself to sink her poisonous fangs into the neck of her unsuspecting victim. Her most recent victim was her late husband, Lord Rowan of Goldengrove who was grievously wounded during a hawking expedition when he fell from his horse, due to a defective girth strap. Within the fortnight, he had succumbed to his injuries, drunk on milk of the poppy leaving his young widow an exceptionally wealthy woman.

Eon Roydon ᆞhommeᆞtwenty-two
Eon is the second son and third-born child of Lord Robert and Lady Dyanna and the great unspoken subject of the Roydon family. He was disinherited after going against his father’s wishes to annul his marriage to Raakel Vanhanen, a noble-born northerner of Skagos and remarry a more suitable bride (naturally, of his parent’s choosing). After his wife’s untimely death giving birth to their stillborn son, hounded by remorse and guilt he fled across the Narrow Sea to the free cities where he was last heard, joining a company of sellswords.

Ashara Roydon ᆞfemmeᆞseventeen
The youngest of all the Roydon children, Ashara is a delicate maid of seventeen, touched by madness. Born with the cord wrapped about her throat, it was believed that she would not live long past infanthood. While Ashara defied the maester’s grim prophecies, she did not manage to escape death unscathed. She suffers from the shivering sickness, a rare and depleting illness characterised by long periods of lucidity followed by sudden, frenzied fits. When consumed by one of these infrequent fits, Ashara collapses, convulsing uncontrollably, eyes rolling back in her head as she foams at the mouth. During these seizures it is not uncommon for Ashara to speak in strange tongues. The maesters who study these episodes believe that the fits trigger a unique experience of foresight, a gift from the gods. Ashara however, once brought round, is left with no recollection of these fits. Save for the infrequent violent seizures, Ashara is generally mild mannered and sweet tempered, preferring to sit in the library and spend hours pouring over her father’s many leather bound volumes and treatises rather than practise her needle point.

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Re: ✦ | a song of ice and fire

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“Wise is the Way”
house values // wisdom, honor, justice
common traits // kind-hearted ⟴ honorable ⟴ dogmatic
⤨ of Andal blood // seated in the Riverlands

The history of House Rhaenar is a long one, as they are an old family that has crested and fallen in their glory like a wave. Their family built their wealth on winemaking and the trade of produce, due to the crops that grow so prosperously in their region. But after they had established themselves, the Rhaenar family also became known for producing some of the finest warriors and musicians in the Seven Kingdoms as well.
In the recent decades their wealth and status have slowly fallen away due to monumental misfortune. They are a rather small house now, after a large fire burned down not only their Keep but also destroyed an important section of their lands and rendered them financially useless for many years while the land recovered. This same fire killed Lord Merek III and his wife Lady Ysmay of House Ashvyer, along with their eldest son Doran, his lady wife, and their son Merek IV.

The members of House Rhaenar have a set few characteristics that link them. They are a fair-haired family, with shades ranging from icy blonde to the shining gold-brown. Similarly, they are known to have light eyes, ranging from a cold, crystal blue to a green like polished jade.

Lord Destrian Rhaenar - twenty-six - homme
Second son to Lord Merek Rhaenar, Destrian was never meant to grasp his family’s power. And just so, many would say he is unfit to for the position of Lord of the Riverlands. He is a gentle giant of a man, with a hard exterior and a soft heart. Though some might mistake his gentleness for a weakness of will, he is quite dogmatic, and often honorable to a fault, as Eddard Stark was said to be so long ago. His strong sense of honor often triumphs any sense of self-preservation he has, and he has an uncanny ability to make enemies due to the fact he doesn’t know when to shut his mouth for his own sake. He has an infant daughter, named Loreena after her mother, who died after a difficult pregnancy that required a maester to cut her daughter out of her womb.

Lady Laurel Rhaenar - twenty-four - femme
Laurel is a woman that many would say is unwell. Third child to Lord Merek and his lovely wife Ysmay, and first daughter, she was doted on heavily as a child. Once lovely and vibrant as her mother before her, she has since fallen from the lovely grace she once possessed. She is a shell of her former self, and a ghost of a woman. Though she is of the same gentle temperament of her brother, she does not possess the same strong sense of dogmatical will. She is stoic and emotionally distant, as she is terrified of people taking advantage of her weakness. Her affection is a quiet sort, only emerging when she trusts deeply. She suffers from insomnia, night terrors, and in rare instances, fits of panic.

Rowan Rivers - eighteen - homme
Rowan Rivers, Fourth Child to Lord Merek, born a bastard of a mysterious woman that many say was a witch. He grew up among the other children of Lord Merek, and though Lady Ysmay tried with all her might, the pair never forged a mother-son bond. As unlike his father in looks as he was in temperament, he grew into an angry young man. He has a way with women, but has little interest in social graces and manners unless it gets him what he wants. He is a cunning and ambitious boy, his only conscience being his half-sister Thea. He is blunt and, be it shared blood with his father or growing up around the Rhaenar boys, painfully dogmatic, though without the honor-driven aspect of his half siblings.

Thea Rhaenar - eighteen - femme
Thea Rhaenar has every bit of the heat the flame that took her parents possessed. Fifth and final child of Merek Rhaenar, she had little time to be a soft young girl if she wanted to keep up with her elder brothers. She excelled in all the arts of a true lady, and still enjoys things such as needlepoint. The youngest Rhaenar has a sharp wit and a sharper tongue. She is a graceful and beautiful young woman, but has a bit more fire than most men would be accustomed to in a wife. She is often quick to anger, and like her brothers, oftentimes defends her beliefs to a fault. Because all has been provided for her throughout her life, she can at times be a bit lacking in empathy for the struggles of others. She is very close to her bastard brother Rowan, and many make jokes that they are two halves of one soul, separated when they entered the world by two different mothers.

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Re: ✦ | a song of ice and fire

Post by whoaeasytiger » Sat Jul 22, 2017 8:05 am


residing in dorne



Located in the heart of Dorne, House Silarus is one of the most well known
and influential Dornish families in the Seven Kingdom. Their roots grow deep as
they originate from the beginning - ancestors settling after crossing the narrow sea.

They are a house of luxury - Silarus known most for their highly imported embellished
silks and their talents for sailing. A House of great wealth, House Silarus has deep poc-
kets that relies heavily on trade. Silk isn’t their only import - they also trade heavily
on citrus, wines, olives, and other goods. Note: Their wealth isn’t as extensive as Hou-
se Roydon or House Lannister.

Common traits passed down from generations is dark hair, sunkissed skin, and
deep, brown eyes. The crest of House Silarus is depicted in royal purple and
embellished with a golden viper. Their motto is ‘As one, we raise ourselves higher.’


C U R R E N T ━ M E M B E R S


Carrying the family name on his shoulders, Duran bore it proudly. As expected, Duran learned the family trades - from maintaining trade to wind sailing. Duran grew to have a natural talent for both. Duran’s charisma and mysterious charm helped him maintain decent relations with other families. Duran also performed a certain level of athleticism - his strength aiding him with his mastery of wind sailing. He soon became one of the most talent sailors in the region - which Duran promptly passed down to his sons years later. Duran married at the age of 18 to a Dornish maiden. She gave birth to Duran’s first two sons - Alias and Adarean. Unfortunately, the first Lady Silarus passed away. Duran then wed Lelani Nightingale from King’s Landing.


Lady Lelani Silarus, originally Lelani Nightingale, was born in King’s Landing. Lelani’s family was a rather small, insignificant one. Once, House Nightingale served the King’s Guard - but now we're just among the masses of soldiers. The only notable thing was Lelani’s father who was a commander for a small battalion. After word got around that House Silarus was in need of a new bride, Lady Lelani’s charm seduced Duran - where she wed Duran at age 17. Stepping into the marriage with Duran was an immense amount of pressure.Not only had there been two or three years had passed since his previous wife had died, but Lelani also had a family legacy to keep. Unfortunately, Lelani failed to keep her family name intact. An affair that is kept on the downlow happened with the birth of Aalya Sand.


One thing that Alias gets often is that he obviously, his father’s child. The eldest son of House Silarus has followed in Duran’s steps almost perfectly - from taking up wind sailing to learning the keys of trade from a young age. Alias strives to be everything his father is and one day, lead the family legacy on. Often though, the people of Dorne revere Alias like his father, but bolder. Alias is just, but still clings to his charm that can light up gatherings. Due to his younger, bachelor lifestyle still at the age of twenty-six, Alias takes more risks than Duran ever did.


If there could be a crown for the beauty of Dorne, Lady Amelira would easily take it. The jewel of House Silarus, Lady Amelira’s Dornish blood runs heavily through her veins. Dark, heavy lidded eyes and a nimble body, Lady Amelira is idolized by the people of Dorne - almost as much as her brothers. Instead of following the family tradition of sailing though, Lady Amelira takes practice in the art of fencing. To Amelira, fencing is almost a dance in of itself. There’s a beautiful grace to it that she adores.



Only nine months apart, these two brothers are an inseparable pair. Both looking rather similar in appearances, with long shaggy hair and dastardly grins, Adarean and Aeron are the definition of trouble. Unlike their older siblings, these two stray from the politics of their family. Instead, they show off their various talents and attractive appearances. Adarean and Aeron are closer than most twins - the jokester brothers preferring to sail together than apart. Anyone who got in the middle of these two brothers better expect hell.


Aalya Sand, the second youngest, was born out of an affair. Secrets always shrouded the identity of the man who laid with Lady Lelani, and the last person who would probably find out would be Aalya. While she grew up rather painlessly, Aalya couldn’t help but feel different from the rest of her siblings. She struggled to create any sort of bond. While Alias openly accepted Aalya, Amelira would always treat Aalya with scorn. Still, Aalya kept looking up to Amelira with the same adoration as everyone else in Dorne. In secret, Aalya would watch Amelira practice fencing - which peaked Aalya’s same interest in sword craft. With Lord and Lady Silarus’ permission, they struck a deal with Skagos and sent Aalya there to learn more about her craft.


The youngest of House Silarus, Anysa is a wild child, like the rest of her siblings. She is commonly spotted wandering the vast, endless orchards barefoot, lost in her own thoughts. Rather absent minded, Anysa’s ladylike manners need to be put in check often. Lady Anysa is often misjudged though. She absorbs as much information she can, even though it’s unconventional for a girl to have a thirst for such kind of learning. Rumors say that Lady Anysa has been seen practicing in the arts of magic.

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