AS Afflatus: Issue One

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(Read the Adventure section below for description) You look in the mirror and see the reflection of-

A girl staring back at you
A boy staring back at you
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AS Afflatus: Prompt Submission

Mon Jun 26, 2017 5:11 am

      • p r o m p t
        • "I'd take a bullet for you, you know that."
          "You're immortal, and i'm going to kill you if you keep on saying that."
      ──It was by unanimous decision that when the circle had summoned a spirit, that none of them would cater to it except for one. The 'one' being a rather foulmouthed male, who had all but pestered the others in the group to help summon a spirit for the 'funsies,' because what could go wrong?
      ──Everything, apparently. Which shouldn't have been as surprising as the man found it.
      ──The spirit, as attractive as its supposed form was, was a nuisance.
      ──And while the man, with fine features that consisted of bleached silver hair that was often kept tied up loosely, and dark azure eyes which were framed by fine eyebrows and high cheekbones, was rather easy on the eyes, the spirit had taken form into a little, writhing nightmare of doll like proportions - brown doe eyes, burgundy hair that was decorated with loose curls that accentuated the pixie like face and small lips, the man had appreciated the spirit at first.
      ──That was, until it opened its mouth.
      ──As quickly as his appreciation had made itself known, it withered away almost as quickly.
      ──The spirit was demanding, insistent, and although not childish, it was a manipulative, tiny (well tiny to the man, because what could compare to someone like himself who stood at just over six feet? certainly not someone who just brushed past five) little heathen. Of all the time he had spent with the damn curse, the little shit had gotten on his nerves, and because the man had first asked it to protect him from harm and to stay by his side, the nightmare had only proved once more, to be a smug little bastard.
      ──And it was till finally, not even a week, with it, that the man regretted everything.
      ──"I'd take a bullet for you, you know that."
      ──"You're immortal, and i'm going to kill you if you keep on saying that."
      ──Because for fucks sake, he couldn't even play his goddamn Call of Duty, without the little shit interfering with the only good thing in his life.
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