AS Afflatus: Issue Four

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AS Afflatus - Issue 4 - Character Interview - Nova

Fri Oct 06, 2017 5:55 am

  • 1. Describe your character’s early childhood.
    • i don't think he really has a childhood. For the most part, he kind of just started to exist. He's pretty much space personified (we're ignoring the irony of his name) and I didnt want to think of how he came to be. The most I can share is that he lived on a quiet little hillside for a very long time and now lives on that same hillside, just with a husband and a dog.

    2. Does your character enjoy school?
    • hes pretty much been an adult for centuries, existing before schools were even a thing, so he's never actually been to one. But he does enjoy learning, and would probably be ecstatic to know that the stuff he does with stars is taught in schools.

    3. Is your character popular?
    • i think he's kind of just there. In the thing he was created in, he wasn't a huge player. His man is, and his man isn't very well liked, but Nova's a gentler soul and while he doesn't have many friends, he has very strong friendships.

    4. When was your character’s first kiss?
    • Beau, his big old fire boy. Which probably isn't surprising at all considering his relative isolation from all things human.

    5. If the character is a supernatural being, how did they become one?
    • probably? I guess? He's in charge of handling space and everything in it, and that's how's it's been since his creation.

    6. Does your character have any criminal background?
    • does accidentally setting a hillside on fire count?

    7. Is your character an optimist or a pessimist?
    • a whimsical optimist. He's not paying attention to anything and spends too much time doing nothing but he's happy about it.

    8. What religious views does your character hold?
    • none.

    9. What political views does your character hold?
    • none.

    10. How does your character feel about sex?
    • hes not like super into it, but he's not against it. It's kind of just something he does because Beau wants to. It's enjoyable at the time, but he's not really going to seek it out constantly. Loves kissing tho.

    11. Is your character capable of killing? Under what circumstance would they resort to killing?
    • more than capable, doesn't really do it that often. Probably mostly an accident, like he was too distracted when causing meteor showers and oops, there goes a building.

    12. Does your character believe in soul mates/love at first sight/true love?
    • maybe not soul mates, but definitely true love. Absolutely certain that he married his.

    13. How honest is your character?
    • too honest but means well. Doesn't mean to insult people but if it comes off that way then what can you do?

    14. Who or what would your character risk their life for?
    • his fire boy, his rainbow and his rain ladies, his dog, and every single firefly to ever exist.

    15. What kind of costumes would your character consider for Halloween?
    • listen, you could convince him to wear any of those slutty Halloween costumes. He probably already thinks they're part of the holiday. Catch him dressed as slutty Galileo Galeli bc you know that probably exists
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when the clock strikes midnight,

Thu Oct 12, 2017 3:50 pm

  • When the clock strikes midnight, the whole world changes. The flowers open their petals to the moon. They reach to her, whispering woes from the sun.

    When the clock strikes one, the whole world changes. The trees glow silver and their arms climb upward, awaiting her arrival. They catch her, a canopy of leaves that place her gently on the earth.

    When the clock strikes two, the whole world changes. She carves his name in her chest. She whispers his name to the winds. She calls to him, and he obliges.

    When the clock strikes three, the whole world changes. His glow consumes the darkness, his tendrils burn away dust. The earth shakes beneath his feet and the animals flee.

    When the clock strikes four, the whole world changes. He arrives, in a chariot of gold and a halo of fire. He reaches his hand to her, and she takes it.

    When the clock strikes five, the whole world changes. They dance and spin and laugh and love, from midnight's rise to dawn's applause.

    When the clock strikes six, she dies.

    When the clock strikes seven, he leaves alone; the daytime king without his nighttime queen.
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Re: AS Afflatus: Prompt submission

Tue Oct 31, 2017 12:46 am



You know you only have until midnight buddy.

The reminder kept looping through, in and out of his conscious mind. He'd read through and studied so much of the theories and basic practices of time travel. He understood why it was illegal to participate in the activity and all the risks, well almost all the risks. The ones he feared most were madness and erasing himself from the timeline. With getting stuck in a loop running close behind the others. Compared to those any legal repercussions were nothing. The service provider actually run the largest legal risks.

I'll remember. He had assured the keeper. And he had remembered it was killing him because his time limit was soon to expire and his target was not yet acquired let alone in place. Those two couldn't meet. They just couldn't. So much evil could be avoided if he could just direct him to another location even delaying him enough to miss the evening train.

Ten to eleven now. The train was soon. He coukd see the woman waiting in the platform and was tempted to switch targets. Go up and chat a little to her then send her to the tracks just as the train arrived at the station. Sadly though she needed to survive the night she had a little good work left in her. Important work. Work he couldn't risk undoing because it affected so many lives including that of his mother. Killing that horrible woman would mean his mother would die young. Too young. Young enough that he himself woukd never be born. If he was never born he couldn't kill her and then it would become a paradox. Paradox were bad. Heck they were worse than most knew. A shiver ran down his spine just thinking about it.

Finally there was his target! That nearly middle aged man with the briefcase and glasses. Hey buddy you got the time? My watch seems to have stopped. It wasn't a lie it was actually another of the side effects of time travel by the means he had chosen. Time simply didn't flow normally in his immediate area so a watch simply couldn't function as it was supposed to. As a result most stopped.

When the target stepped closer to answer his briefcase suddenly, and mysteriously came undone sending fragments of government files and chemical formulas floating and wafting around the platform. Dear God! Oh oh wow. Here let me help you collect those! I, I really hope you have copies of some of this stuff back at your office? Taking a skeptical glance at what was defiantly a series chemical formulas. ..or maybe it's a lab? I do know I can't read anything like this stuff. I mean Greek or Latin maybe but this kinda stuff nah. You must be a brilliant fella.

Helpful. Small talk. Anything anything to keep him from meeting that woman. The target wasn't pleased with the small talk or the praise and snatched the papers collected back and cramed them back into his case. Eyeing the time traveler suspiciously. I guess maybe no one was supposed to see that hunh? Seriously man I couldn't even tell if I was holding it upright. I just wanted to help you out and umm.. you know you never did tell me the time? The time was spat angrily at him and the target stormed off but unfortunately in the direction of the woman who was now smiling at the target. Flirting with a hand on his shoulder. He'd failed. The world was going to change at midnight but it wasn't going to know for another twenty four years that it had. How could two good people make someone as evil as they were about to? How could their combined brilliance...

A bell tolled and a sensation of falling started to fill the pit of the time travelers belly. No. No! I should have another twenty miniutes!

Forget it buddy. I'm sorry but we got busted while you were out. Had to pull you back a little early. Hope it was worth it.
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