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Prompt submission

Tue Dec 05, 2017 11:19 pm

Dorvoal, The White One & Protector Of The Forest
Word count 540

  • Dorovoal was old by human years and his ancient title was defective of that as here were few trees left in this place.The windblown rocks and cliffs also saw few humans now a days and if Dorovoal was honest with himself he missed having the creatures about. Sure they occasionally stole something from his hoard but others brought gifts that made up for it. Gifts that didn't include their stories, songs and company.

    The old white serpent had been sunning himself and reminiscing on fonder times. When the sound of shouting penetrated his thoughts. A human female who was clearly in some distress. In a cloud of dust and sand Dorovoal wax aloft. Hid aging eyes were not what they had once been but it was not difficult to make out the two figures atop a horse. The horse was noticeably startled by the dragon and reared up leaving its occupants behind as it goes back the way they had come from.

    Dorovoal landed near to the spilled humans.
    Children of Adam. ; you do not need to be afeared of me. I heard the ladies screams and came to investigate her welfare. My lady are you unharmed?

    The male was trembling as much ad GE female but she no longer needed to struggle to free herself from his grasp. Both however stood still and silent. He sniffed them with his long serpentine tongue flicking mere milliliters fro their flesh. The female had been in panic far longer and the male smelled of anger and lust.

    I surmise from your scents the tale. My lady come with me. I will keep you safe and then return you to your home. For I might be a dragon but I am also a gentlemen unlike this creature.

    With these words he all but talked the male with the very tip of his long fine white scaled tail. The human male feel with a clatter which gave the dragon the space he needed to rescue the again screaming female. Unsure if the location of her home he returned her to his den to calm her nerves and decent the location of her home. This took three days. It was unbelievable the stories that were told if him now! He had been vilified! This upset him more than he let in to his guest. In learning she was a princess he hoped she might right his reputation in return he would support her rule. For she had told him the king was very ill and she had no brothers to take the crown. So men seeking power had sought her to give it to them. The Knight had been one if those and had planned to have his way with her knowing that impregnated she would have to wed him. The dragon assured her no such thing was true and that the lands had had many a fine strong female leader. She reminded him of one specifically and as such Dorovoal named her not expecting the woman to be her great great grandmother.

    ah! How fortunate. This is only proof positive that you are fit to rule. Daughter of Eve leadership is in your blood. I shall alight you to your throne come dawns light.
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