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Character Interview • Elijah Manaril

Sun Mar 04, 2018 7:11 am

              • 1. What kind of discipline did your character receive at home? Strict, lenient, none?
                Fairly lenient. His parents raised their children to be disciplined and respectful but still allowed each of them to have their freedom. Although, more freedom was given to Elijah in comparison to his siblings due to his elven heritage and natural desire to roam.
                2. Was your character overprotected and/or sheltered by their parents?
                While he wasn't sheltered by any means, his parents are extremely protective and have a hard time accepting the fact that their children have grown up.
                3. Did your character feel rejected as a child by their parents or anyone else? If so, why?
                By his birth parents, yes. He was abandoned by them as an infant and still had no idea who they are/were. He often feels that he must have failed them in some way to deserve abandonment.
                4. How does your character feel about religion?
                Incredibly open minded and often accepts it as it comes and goes. While he follows no particular religion of his own, he finds respect in the gods that his companions chose to honour and will do his best to educated himself for his friends.
                5. Does your character like school?
                While his family was never wealthy enough to bring in any special teachers to their home and schooled all of their children from home, he does enjoy learning any manner of new things.
                6. Is/Was your character involved in any sports, clubs, etc. in school?
                No, as he was home-schooled.
                7. Did your character graduate? If so, what’s the highest degree they have?
                No, as he lives in a time period in which there are no formal educations.
                8. What does your character do for a living? Are they where they want to be?
                He would work his family's farm, but he isn't quite sure where in life he wishes to be.
                9. Does your character travel? How often and where have they been?
                Yes! He is currently roaming the world with his three favourite people. Currently there is no time limit on their travels and are preparing to set sail across the sea. However, when it comes to home he has spent a great deal of time within the Blackwood forests, and well as the mountains claimed by The Order of the Blood Moon.
                10. What does your character want from a partner?
                Kindness, honour, respect. To be forgiving of his lack of knowledge of the elven world, having been raised by humans, and well as being skilled in wielding a bow. A hopeless romantic. Freckled, red haired-- Ah, yes, essentially Eres Natharia. (Had it not been his love her, he would otherwise consider himself to be aromantic).
                11. What are your character’s hobbies and interests?
                He is a rather skilled in playing the flute, as well as singing. He enjoys whittling to keep his hands busy. He is quite good at hunting when need be. Otherwise he is incredibly social and his friends interests are his interests.
                12. Is your character forgiving or do they hold grudges?
                Extremely forgiving, tries to see the best in people even if it hurts him.
                13. What is one thing your character can never forgive? Has anyone done this thing? Who was it and how did the character feel?
                While he would never admit to it, it's likely he would never completely forgive his birth parents for his abandonment. He has an incredibly strong desire to learn his bloodline and the elven world and often feels that he had that right stripped from him. He wishes he had the opportunity to truly learn his culture and will always be disconnected from the elven people because of this.
                14. What is one strong memory that has stuck with your character from their childhood? Why?
                The day his powers came to light, for he had resurrected his family's horse with a mere touch and had taken its life again within hours of bring the animal back to life with another touch. He was scared and alone, and it was something his family insisted on keeping hidden. However, it was this event that brought one of his dearest friends into his life. For the young boy new of the magic born that resided in the mountains east of the Blackwood forest, and trespassed onto the lands of the O'Meara family in search of help. He had been found by the head of the family, Ezekiel O'Meara, and formed a friendship with his daughter soon after.
                15. What is your character typically doing on a Saturday afternoon? Give details.
                Currently, travelling with his companions. It is hard to say what exactly may happen depending on the day, and if they have brought trouble along with them. But the basics are often what follows; an early morning, travelling from inn to inn while attempting to stay out of sights from not one but two armies, having to watch Kai and Adelaide flirt all day, and settling down for the night with some singing.
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Character Interview • Eres Nathaira

Mon Mar 05, 2018 5:48 am

              • What kind of discipline did your character receive at home? Strict, lenient, none?
                For a while, there was no strict discipline. An elven child was met with knowledge to help them understand possible consequences. They were lectured and instructed. Most children did not act out of line. Eres was no different. When her mother, as well as the queen, vanished- discipline was much more strict than before. In fact, it has gotten worse.
                Was your character overprotected and/or sheltered by their parents?
                No, not at first. There was no danger before the disappearance of the queen and her son. A F T E R said disappearance, Eres's father was much more strict on his remaining children. Often held within the boundaries of their home unless supervised.
                Did your character feel rejected as a child by their parents or anyone else? If so, why?
                Never by their mother, but always by their father. He didn't understand sympathy. Life was a tradition and there was no room for emotions. Eres, unlike her father, is a firey ball of energy and love. All her feelings are seen on her sleeves, and he didn't understand that. He never understood her.
                How does your character feel about religion?
                It is hard not to find faith in the gods when they still touch the earth with their magic and power. Eres is a firm follower of the common religion as well as the elven kind. She trusts the gods, and she finds solitude in their wisdom.
                Does your character like school?
                Somewhat. She enjoyed learning new things but hates sitting still. She hated the dull teachers she was given.
                Is/Was your character involved in any sports, clubs, etc. in school?
                Not technically a traditional 'school' really, but she took part in military training. An optional course for those who wish to defend their kingdom.
                Did your character graduate? If so, what’s the highest degree they have?
                still not exactly a 'school' but she finished her courses and studies some years ago. She's fully suited to run a kingdom.
                What does your character do for a living? Are they where they want to be?
                Well, she's a princess. A Noble in line for the throne. Soon to be married to a stranger. Her time is spent preparing for her future. At least it was before she set off on an adventure in search of something more. Eres understands that her taking the throne is part of her future, but she wishes to see more of the world before this.
                Does your character travel? How often and where have they been?
                I mean . . . yes.
                What does your character want from a partner?
                An understanding. Just pure unconditional love and respect. Someone who knows to give her space when needed and someone who will happily be there when she needs the support. Also maybe this cute boy or his brother who knows.
                What are your character’s hobbies and interests?
                Eres has a deep rooted love for nature. She's one with the forests and all it's creatures. She used to cut flowers and press them in her books. She enjoys learning new things, experiencing new things, understanding new things. Recently she has found an interest in writing.
                Is your character forgiving or do they hold grudges?
                Eres is forgiving for those who deserve it. Most people are given a second chance, even a third or fourth. Those who refuse to learn, however, end up on her bad side.
                What is one thing your character can never forgive? Has anyone done this thing? Who was it and how did the character feel?
                A refusal to understand others and their experiences. Especially her own. Casting her out with little intention to understand her words. Something her father does often.
                What is one strong memory that has stuck with your character from their childhood? Why?
                Eres had fallen in love with her mother's stories, but Eres remembers a particular tale rather fondly. Not simply the story, but the feel of the fireplace against her skin. Her brother and sister sitting on either side, intently listening. Her father in the back of the room, writing on papers with a peaceful ease. Her mother, smiling as though she L I V E D in the story her entire life. Eres holds this memory fondly.
                What is your character typically doing on a Saturday afternoon? Give details.
                Hard to say as every day is different than the last. In fact, no two days are the same anymore. Even before her sudden adventure, she never did enjoy a predictive pattern.
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AS Afflatus: Prompt 9 (in progress)

Tue Mar 06, 2018 10:50 pm

featuring: anja idk & unknown (eudon)

”Think carefully, whoever you write down will die.” Anja squinted at the figure before her, tilted her head in the same direction that he moved. Her eyes tracked him as he glided towards the corner of the white walled room, her weight rocking back to her heels.

”How long do I have?” She asked, half expecting her voice to fall short of sound, half expecting it to echo loudly off the walls. Instead it floated, pressed in on the dark cloaked figure and caused him to pause where he stood. He turned to her, face deep in shadows, and she stared back at the glow of his eyes.

”As long as you need.” He turned his face away from her, seeming to keep watch on the corner of the room, a hand held out up to it, fingers hidden my the cloak. ”Your presence here doesn’t impede my work.” He continued, punctuating the statement in a way that let her know he’d answer no more questions. She asked more anyway, taking a barefoot step in his direction.

”Wait, where is here?” She asked, but her question fell on deaf ears as he pushed into the wall. It rippled around him, bending and folding around his shape and sticking together where it touched. His form faded, the wall smoothing out and stretching back to its original dimension. Anna blinked once, twice, furrowed her brow and bit her lip, and then she moved forward. She stepped in the same places he had stepped, stopping a few inches from the wall to study it. She pressed against it, first with her fingers, and then with the butt of her hand, and found nothing but wall, solid beneath her touch.

Anja had retired to the center of the room when the figure returned, the ripple in the corner of the room catching her eye for a moment before it began bubbling inward. She paused her task at hand, thin red thread trailing from her wrist down her palms and wrapping around her fingers. The beginnings of a woven scarf sat coiled in her lap, and figure paused at the wall when his form had fully materialized inside the room. He didn’t speak, and even with his face cast entirely in shadow, she knew he was looking at her.

“You’re back soon.” She said finally, dropping her gaze back to the scarf. She touched her index fingers together, and she wrapped a pinky around the thread produced from her worst and pulled to create more slack.

“I’m not.” His response was the same monotone that he’d addressed her with during their first encounter, and part of her considered pointing that out. Instead,
“It’s only been 4 hours.” Anja looked up at him then, dropping her hands into her lap completely and allowing her full attention to fall into their conversation. She studied him closely as he stood, searching for any inkling of light reflecting from the floor into his face, but she found nothing but a dark void.
“Time doesn’t exist here. What is 4 hours to you is years to another.” The response was cryptic, and Anja's eyebrows furrowed. She was still for a moment, eventually nodding
“What is it to you?”
“A lifetime and a single breath, all at once.”

“Can I ask you for something?”
“You may.”
“Can you bring me flower petals? Of all different colors?”
“I cannot. I am bound to this place, the only items you may obtain are those of which are provided to you by the living.”

Death stands in the middle of the room to watch her

“What’s your favorite color?”
“I do not exist in color, therefore I cannot see them.”
“You do. Everyone exists in color.”
“I am not one. I am many, and I am none.”
“You’re gold.”
“If that is what you wish.”
“It’s not, it’s true.”
“Truth is a concept more complicated than the abstracts. What is true to one may be a falsehood to another and every true truth is different.”
“You’re gold to me.” She decided finally, turning back to the half-finished scarf coiled in her lap.

Death comes back, this time sits to watch. The scarf is almost done

”Can I write my own name?”
“So I’m not dead?”
“Not yet.”
“What happened to me?”
“A failed attempt at eliminating you.”
“Was it by Greta’s kids?”
“I cannot share the details of the past, I may only point you towards the future.”
“That sounds a lot like you don’t know.”
“A rabbit should not know the name of the fox that killed it.”
“I thought I wasn’t dead.”
“You’re not.”

“Are you like me?”
“Yes and no. I was not the first of me and I will not be the last, but I’m neither living nor dead.”
“I don’t think I understand.”
“No, I suppose you wouldn’t.”
“Can you leave this place?”
“Only when I’m released.”

Anja wraps the finished scarf around the neck of the cloak, death holds her wrist w a human hand (golden skin),
She gives him the paper with the one she’s going to kill.

Scrawled nearly in the center of the paper, he read the name.


He sighed, almost with relief, his fingers sliding over her hand to curl around the scarf. He stepped back from her, his other hand joining the first around the scarf. He tilted his head back, the hood of the cloak sliding down to reveal a ghost of a smile across his lips. ”Thank you.” He whispered, a dark mist floating up from his feet and engulfing him. When it cleared, he was gone, and a door was embedded in the wall behind him.

When Anja opened the door, she found nothing but darkness on the other side, and a light like the point of a pin in the distance. She walked, and the closer she got to the light, the larger it grew, and the more her footsteps were drowned out by the beeping of machines.

As she reached the light, she pushed through it, and she found a hospital room on the other side. It pixelated into focus, a heart monitor chirping to her left, and a red scarf folded neatly in her lap.
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Staff Poems Activity

Wed Mar 07, 2018 5:20 pm

      • NIGHT FURY
        Our beloved fox dad,
        Works without any rest
        In order to keep us happy.

        You are a caring man,
        And we love you a lot.
        But, please, think of
        Yourself and rest a bit.

        We don't talk a lot
        But you are my friend.
        And always will be.

        You area gamer
        And so am I.
        Let's play together.

        You keep everything nice and tidy
        And I couldn't imagine anyone
        Other than you with a purple name.

        We talk very little
        Because of the time.
        But I like you a lot,
        And I want to write
        Stories with you.
      • DEER
        You are my
        Best friend.
        In this whole
        Damn place.

        You understand
        Me and always
        Lend an ear
        When I need it.

        I love you a lot
        And I'll always
        Be there when
        You are hurting.

        I will fight all
        Who try to
        Hurt you or
        Mess with you.

        The one thing
        That saddens me
        Is that you're
        Not really a deer.
      • BLUE
        My beloved salt buddy
        And the one I share
        A literacy hammer with.

        We can talk about
        A lot of things.
        Our problems and
        The fails of short
        Roleplays that we find.

        I just have one
        Little question on
        My mind as of late.

        Are you really blue
        In real life?
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ᴘʀᴏᴍᴘᴛ sᴜʙᴍɪssɪᴏɴ | ᴡᴏʀᴅ ᴄᴏᴜɴᴛ: 867

Sun Mar 11, 2018 2:03 pm

It has always been like this. Ever since the rumours had begun spreading about a room with no doors or windows, more and more people have started appearing inside of it, completing the ritual that was supposed to bring them to the place. Everyone was more than exhilarated to visit a place that appeared on no map and no website; it was alive only in the stories of those, who had made it out alive. Strangely enough, while the few survivors that there were, not a single one of them wanted to talk about his or her experience in the room. All of them were secretive, often telling others not to go to the room with no exit. But no matter how many warnings and threats were given out against visiting the room, people still came to visit.

The room wasn't big. The floor was made out of wood and the walls were painted a dark shade of chestnut. There were no doors, no windows and almost no furniture apart from the elegant brown desk with a single chair in the middle of the room. On top of the desk, there was a single piece of parchment and an inkwell with a quill. Apart from that, it was empty.

The rules were simple. If one wanted to leave, they had to write a single name on the parchment. It could have been anyone; their relative or a close friend, someone they hated with all of their heart or even someone they didn't know as a person but knew their name. As soon as that was done, a door appeared in one of the walls and the victim was free to leave, able to return to the room whenever they wanted to, as long as they did the required ritual again. But no one ever returned, for the person, whose name one would write on the parchment, would die as soon as the last letter was finished. And there was no going back on that decision; there was no way to turn back time and find another way out of the room. There was a saying going around the planet; curiosity killed the cat. In this case, however, it was the curious cat that took an innocent life - a choice that wasn't meant for humans to make. The room made mortals into gods.

He had seen a lot of people appear in the room, sprawled across the floorboards after the ritual moved them inside of the small prison. There were jealous women, who wished to get rid of their lover's mistress. There were men, who wanted to get rid of the child they didn't want to care for. There were elderly people, who yearned for their own death. Hundreds of different people, who wrote the names of those they wanted to erase from the planet. And as an overseer, he was bound to carry out the killings himself. Armed with a scythe and a black robe, he travelled across the world on his flaming stallion, making sure that the person behind the name written on the parchment was dead before the room got empty. It was a boring existence and it was repetitive; he had already gotten tired of sitting on the other side of the room and watching people force him to kill innocent humans. But the onyx shackles around his wrists and ankles were more than enough to keep him bound to his throne. Death himself was a mere servant.

At first, he hadn't expected much from the elderly woman, who had suddenly appeared in the room out of thin air. She was old and frail, barely able to lift herself off of the floor as she began crawling towards the desk, reaching out her veiny hands in order to grasp the quill and begin writing. She knew what to do and that was the first thing that had forced him to lean forward and take a good look at the woman. The second thing that shocked him was the room's walls crumbling into nothing, destroying the barrier that had always kept him from talking to the visitors. The elderly woman barely spared a glance at him before she turned around and left, leaving him in the serenity of the empty abyss. As he looked down, he could see that the chains and shackles were no longer there; he could stand up and enter the room, approaching the table hesitantly.

Only one word was written on the parchment in elegant cursive. He took the paper into his pale hands, laughing quietly as he understood why the woman had been so decisive and quick when it came to doing what she had come to the room for. Pushing the small piece of paper into his pocket, the black-haired man stood in the middle of the room as he watched himself crumble away into nothingness, his being fading away as if it had never been there in the first place. He was smiling until it was over.

Only the paper remained on the wooden floor once the man was gone. The three black letters were bold and screaming at whoever wanted to look at the single word; God.
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Tue Mar 13, 2018 6:00 pm

word count; 1001
.: this is garbage please don't even read this :.
    • It had been many years since she had last seen him. Light Yagami had lost his life. The man she loved dearly was killed by Kira, dying of a heart attack before they could even live their lives together. Kira has always been an idol to her and was someone who had taken the life of the man that had killed her parents. However, her view on him seemed to change. Her idol had killed her one true love. The one man she had given her heart to. Sure, maybe Light didn't treat her completely perfect, but she was happy with him. He helped L and the others try and hunt down Kira, which ultimately ended in his death. Kira must have had found his name and took his life. It was logical on Kira's part, but Misa wished he had never done it. Now she didn't know what to think of her hero, Kira. He did good to her parents, but did so bad to her. Perhaps it was Kira's way of showing her that she was meant to be alone. Except it felt so meant to be with Light. Like the two of them were perfect. And now it was done and over and she never got to be happy again.

      One late evening, as Misa was walking home from a photo shoot, she felt a presence behind her. When she turned, she saw nothing, she saw nobody, so continued on her way. Things like this often happened for her as old creepy men tried to stalk her. Misa's photos were rather revealing now that she was older and of age, so she really couldn't get mad at the men that tried to get with her. Because of that, she took a self-defense course and was no longer bothered when she felt like she was being followed. However, this case felt exceptionally strange. And in the end, she was right to feel as such. Suddenly from behind her, she felt a pair of arms wrap around her. A hand clasped around her mouth and the stench of chloroform stung her nose. Moments later, her vision began to black and she fell, the last thing she remembered was being dragged away by whoever's hands were on her.

      When the blonde woke, for a second she forgot about what happened and didn't realize where she was. Then the memories of what had happened to her came back in flashes as she looked around what looked to be like a cell. She didn't know how long she had been out and didn't know who tried to kidnap her, but this reminded her of a time back when Light was still around. They had been hunting Kira and L kidnapped both of them and held them captive for questioning. She didn't understand why she was ever a suspect, but this all seemed too familiar. She was about to call out to ask what was going on, when a loud voice boomed over top of her. It sounded as though it was coming from a speaker and the voice was disguised, just like it had been when she had been taken captive by L. Strange.

      "Good evening, Misa Amane," the voice spoke, still not recognizable to her ears, "how are you feeling?" The voice was being oddly kind and trying to make small talk and at another time, Misa would fall for acts like this. But right now, she was done with this and wanted to go home.

      "Let me go," she demanded, crossing her arms in front of her chest. "What is the meaning of this? If you want some action, you could have asked me on a date instead of kidnapping me," she added, tone cold and unimpressed. Misa was no longer the immature girl that once roamed. She was a woman now and she could handle herself and wouldn't let anybody push her around. Even if they were dangerous kidnappers.

      "Getting right to it, are we?" the voice echoed, a frightening laugh to follow. "Misa, I am not interested in any action from you besides what you can do with a pen and paper." There must have been a camera because Misa's eyebrows furrowed in confusion and she was about to ask what the voice meant when it continued. "To you right is a table. In the top drawer there is something for you. Open it, and tell me what you see."

      Misa didn't want to obey, but she was curious as to what this person wanted. And it sounded pretty innocent compared to something else, like sexual demands. She was glad that wasn't the case. The blonde nodded and slowly made her way over to the table as instructed, a little unsteady on her feet still from the chloroform. Carefully, she opened the top drawer, surprised to find what was inside. "It's a notebook and pen. It says Deathnote," she explained, remembering that she was told to say what she saw.

      "You don't remember yet, but you are quite familiar with this Deathnote," the voice continued. "Whichever name you write in that book, will die. Pick it up, give it a try. I'll let you free once you do." Misa was frustrated at this point, not having a clue about what this person was talking about.

      "What do you mean?" she snapped, anger seen clear in her expression, "I haven't seen this before in my life." The blonde moved to pick up the book and opened the cover, gently pressing her hands on the fresh front page that was blank. It was in that moment that she felt weak, collapsing to the floor as a flood of memories and visions came into her head, the memories of the past reminding her of what had happened. The Deathnote. Ryuk. Rem. Light. Kira. All of it. She remembered everything. She looked up then, startled to see a figure step inside the cell, her jaw dropping when the figure came into view. "Light?"
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Character Interview

Wed Mar 14, 2018 6:59 pm

character; nakia steele
    • What kind of discipline did your character receive at home? Strict, lenient, none?
      "With my father being Chief of the village, I was under pretty strict discipline. Even now that I'm an adult I'm still stuck under that discipline until I finally take my place as Chief."
      Was your character overprotected and/or sheltered by their parents?
      "A bit of both. Once my mother died, my father wouldn't let me do anything. No training, nothing. I just had to hit the books and I guess just hope for the best. But he certainly didn't shelter me from the challenges of running a village. Deaths, violence, and hard decisions that he experienced I experienced too. He just wouldn't let me train in combat so I had to do that on my own."
      Did your character feel rejected as a child by their parents or anyone else? If so, why?
      "Sometimes I feel like nothing more than a pawn to him, but I do know that he loves me. But I did feel rejected the day I told him I wasn't interested in men and preferred women. He lost his mind and I had never had him yell at me the way he did that day. It still haunts me."
      How does your character feel about religion?
      "We are vikings. Our only religion is violence."
      Does your character like school?
      "I never went to normal school like the other kids. I did when I was little, but was pulled out very early to learn the ropes of royalty at home. I never liked it."
      Is/Was your character involved in any sports, clubs, etc. in school?
      "When I was learning from home, I often snuck out to do some combat training."
      Did your character graduate? If so, what’s the highest degree they have?
      "Like I said, I wasn't brought up like normal kids, so no."
      What does your character do for a living? Are they where they want to be?
      "Currently I'm in training to become the next Chief. I spend my time training when I can and I keep trying to get on voyage's to learn the ropes at sea. My dream is to sail, but my father would never allow it."
      Does your character travel? How often and where have they been?
      "I wish I could travel. I've been to the next town over for meetings with my Father, but that was it. I want to travel the world by sea. That is my dream."
      What does your character want from a partner?
      "Someone who shares the same dreams as I do. Someone who won't see me as just a piece of royalty. And they have to be female, of course."
      What are your character’s hobbies and interests?
      "Fighting, training, and voyaging. That's about it."
      Is your character forgiving or do they hold grudges?
      "Depends on the situation. I hold a bit of a grudge towards my father, but little things I let go of easily."
      What is one thing your character can never forgive? Has anyone done this thing? Who was it and how did the character feel?
      "Thankfully I never had to deal with this. I hope I never do."
      What is one strong memory that has stuck with your character from their childhood? Why?
      "The first time my father took me aboard a ship. We didn't go anywhere except to move the ship to a different part of the dock, but I learned so much and that was how I knew that I wanted to voyage."
      What is your character typically doing on a Saturday afternoon? Give details.
      "My father is typically busy on weekends, so I sneak away to get some training in. I also try to fight with some of the warriors. Usually they won't spar with me, but sometimes I get lucky. Other than that, I daydream of the day I get to live the life I want."
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Character Interview - Kat

Fri Mar 23, 2018 6:06 am

What kind of discipline did your character receive at home? Strict, lenient, none?
"If you've read anything I've said before, it was pretty strict. I tried conforming to what they wanted, tried to make them happy. It never worked. I should've expected it with him, too, but..."

Was your character overprotected and/or sheltered by their parents?
"Um... No. I'm pretty sure that, given half a chance, they'd kill me. Literally."

Did your character feel rejected as a child by their parents or anyone else? If so, why?
"Yes. Like I said, I tried to become what I thought they wanted me to be, but it never worked. Also, for a while, I felt rejected by Asriel. He never really noticed me as more than a good friend, and it hurt, like someone stabbed me through the heart."

How does your character feel about religion?
"I think it's alright. The only god I know of is Huntokar, but that's mostly legends. Many of the religions in Night Vale are... Odd, compared to what I've seen in other places."

Does your character like school?
"Yes! School is fun, and I never feel like I'm learning enough. Asriel and I often study together, too, and work on homework..."

Is/Was your character involved in any sports, clubs, etc. in school?
"Not really. Humans didn't really trust us at first, and I am on the shy side."

Did your character graduate? If so, what’s the highest degree they have?
"I have my Master's in therapy. It took me longer than I would've liked because of the two months I missed..."
She seems distant. Apparently, you're not gonna get more out of her on this question.

What does your character do for a living? Are they where they want to be?
"I'm a therapist, and I really enjoy it. I get to help people, and that's all I could really ask for."

Does your character travel? How often and where have they been?
"Occasionally. I'm not terribly thrilled when I have to leave Night Vale. They accept us here, and most humans outside of here... Well, they don't."

What does your character want from a partner?
"Just love. Pure, untainted love. Asriel gives me that and then some."

What are your character’s hobbies and interests?
"I like to sing, though the words don't always sound right because of my tongue. Er, the lack of it, I mean. It took me a long time to get this good; I had a heavy lisp for years. You can still hear it sometimes. I also like reading, and cross-stitch, and cooking, though Asriel does more of it than I do. He's probably better, too, if I'm honest."

Is your character forgiving or do they hold grudges?
She seems a little conflicted, then sighs.
"I try to forgive when I can, but... There are just some things I can't."

What is one thing your character can never forgive? Has anyone done this thing? Who was it and how did the character feel?
"Using others for an end, violence... I've seen both of these happen. Using others, that was Gaster, mostly. He manipulated Toriel, trying to get her to hate Asgore. For the most part, he succeeded, but then he kidnapped Asriel and Asgore. We rescued them, of course, but he took Mom's Soul and crossed the Barrier. My sister, Kaylee - remember her? - ended up killing him because Asgore wouldn't. The other part of that was my parents." She shrugs.
"Violence - again, my parents, but also him. He..."
She closes her eyes, shudders, takes a deep breath, and continues.
"I've never been the same. He was... Awful."

What is one strong memory that has stuck with your character from their childhood? Why?
"The night I found out I have blue magic. At first it was because I was excited, but Kayla and Nick quickly twisted it to terror. They ensured I wouldn't ever use it against them. It took me forever to get over that."

What is your character typically doing on a Saturday afternoon? Give details.
"Well, it depends, really. Sometimes I spend the day with Asriel, other times my siblings or Brooke or Jana or Mom and Dad, or one or the other. Sometimes, too, I work. Not often, but sometimes. Usually if I'm with someone, we'll at least go out for one meal, then either talk for the rest of the day or find something to do, like hang out at a park that isn't a nonexistent dog park, make sure we don't acknowledge the angels that don't exist, maybe look at the house that seems to exist as it makes sense for it to logically, but really doesn't. It all depends. "
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Character Interview - Calladin

Sun Mar 25, 2018 12:47 am


have his unfinished profile here

i can't focus on actual writing, so have
a shitty interview of one of my children
instead, sorry not sorry
            • What kind of discipline did your character receive at home? Strict, lenient, none?
              Strict. Very strict. There's always been countless of rules to follow, a strict schedule to stick to, and many consequences to be had if anything went wrong at all. The slightest mistake could have had the biggest consequences. They still do, actually. It's just harder to control every single thing he does away from home.

              Was your character overprotected and/or sheltered by their parents?
              Not necessarily. He was kept away by anything they deemed to be a bad influence on him - such as the slums of the city he grew up with, or even other nobles with a less than pristine reputation - but that doesn't mean he wasn't made aware of the existence of such things. He's always known that there's poverty and injustice and war, despite the fact that he wasn't directly exposed to it for most of his life... and despite the fact that he was educated on these things by other nobles/wealthy elves, which shouldn't need any further explanation.

              Did your character feel rejected as a child by their parents or anyone else? If so, why?
              He didn't necessarily feel rejected by anyone. He certainly felt pressured to live up to the expectations of his family, but even though they were the main source of his stress, he never truly felt rejected by any of them even when he made mistakes and was punished for them. The same goes for the small circle of friends he has, or any of his other loose acquaintances. There were plenty of negative emotions and experiences involved in all of his social endeavours and interpersonal relationships, but feelings of rejection were not something that influenced and affected him.

              How does your character feel about religion?
              Calladin is rather conflicted about it. He does believe that there are Gods out there somewhere, but he isn't sure just how involved they truly were in the creation of the world and its inhabitants, or how much they actually care about mortals. Growing up, he was taught to believe in the Gods, but to never rely on them for help and guidance, so his relationship with religion is about as unstable and prone to change as most of his other relationships with anything and anyone are. Most of the time, he doesn't pray, but under just enough pressure, he'll give it a shot - although he usually feels silly for it soon after, since the logical part of him always questions just why the Gods would want to help him when there's plenty of other, more important people than him.

              Does your character like school?
              Calladin was educated by paid tutors and his father at home and he definitely did enjoy learning, he simply wasn't a big fan of the manner he was being taught with. He had lessons over lessons crammed into a single day, with assignments to finish that would often keep him up until the early morning hours to get them all done. Lessons were also rather dry most of the time, and primarily involved reading, writing and listening to his tutors drone on and on about politics, laws and etiquette. His favourite lessons were by far the ones he could actually do something in - horseback riding was very nice, and while his father was a demanding and very harsh teacher when it came down to his sword practice, getting scolded and sometimes even injured in those lessons was a welcome break from sitting inside all day long. His favourite topic is and has always been magic, even though there was little time for it when his day was already completely planned out with other lessons, so he would sacrifice even more sleep and his rare free time to study it on his own instead.

              Is/Was your character involved in any sports, clubs, etc. in school?
              Since he didn't actually attend a school, he wasn't in any clubs, but he did do horseback riding and sword training regularly. Other than that, there wasn't much free time to do anything else.

              Did your character graduate? If so, what’s the highest degree they have?
              It's pretty difficult to compare someone from a fantasy world who ages very differently from us to a human in this world, but he certainly would have a pretty high degree.

              What does your character do for a living? Are they where they want to be?
              He's a war general and I guess he would be pretty satisfied since that's what he was being trained for his entire life, but at the same time he's secretly really not happy with it. All that being a war general ever did was rip him out of his home and throw him into a hostile environment with soldiers that are always angry and enemies that are even angrier than his own, so honestly? He could imagine nicer things that he could be doing with his life instead.

              Does your character travel? How often and where have they been?
              He didn't really travel much in his youth and mostly stuck to his birthplace, the capital city of his homeland, as well as the larger settlements nearby. The colonies to the north that he's stationed in now that he's actually fighting in a war is the first time he's ever been outside of the Empire (and it's the worst experience ever too, so much for seeing new places and making great memories).

              What does your character want from a partner?
              Assuming that he ever gets better at the whole "emotions & romance" thing and eventually stops being denial about his gay™, most likely security and support. Calladin constantly struggles with feelings of restlessness and worry. He tries to carry the weight of all of his responsibilities and problems and fears on his own and he continues caving in under that pressure more and more with each new day, so the best thing any partner could do for him is to really just be there and help him out, even if it's just in small ways that his pride will actually let him accept.

              What are your character’s hobbies and interests?
              He doesn't have many hobbies since he's never had time to really pursue most of them, but he definitely enjoys reading, playing the piano, calligraphy, horseback riding and dancing. He's also interested in anything magic-related (figures), poetry, chess, and ancient history.

              Is your character forgiving or do they hold grudges?
              He's more forgiving with his family (as a matter of fact, he'd probably forgive them about everything they could possibly do to him), but he definitely holds grudges against anyone else. Sucks for you that he ha a natural lifespan of a few thousand years. He's not going to forgive you anytime soon.

              What is one thing your character can never forgive? Has anyone done this thing? Who was it and how did the character feel?
              Essentially anything that could taint his family name and ruin their reputation. Calladin would very likely go against all of his own morals to prevent his family from being negatively affected by anything he says or does around anyone else. So far, nobody has managed to cross that line yet - the fact that he always keeps a close eye on his behaviour himself has certainly helped too.

              What is one strong memory that has stuck with your character from their childhood? Why?
              Probably the first time he ever witnessed an assassination attempt on someone else when he was still rather young and somewhat innocent. It wasn't anyone from his own family and the assassin was stopped and arrested before anything could happen, but it still influenced him greatly. The fact that, yes, there were people out there who would go so far as to pay a small fortune to get someone killed really got to him, and it also was the main source of his later trust issues that would make bonding with others hard on him. Growing up among nobles and being one himself, you never really know who to trust, since most of them only mean you no harm as long as they profit more from keeping you around than they would profit from getting rid of you.

              What is your character typically doing on a Saturday afternoon? Give details.
              Most likely sitting inside of his cozy little hut in his war camp, wishing to be anywhere other than the frozen hell that the northern colonies are. Not much else to do there other than making plans, working on strategies and organizing things, I'm afraid.
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- character interview - pandora

Sun Mar 25, 2018 5:51 pm

  • ━━ ( character interview ) ━━━━━━━━━
    xxxxxtrigger content none &
    xxxxxxx& charrie dory
    xxxxxxxxxx& word count ---
                • what kind of discipline did your character receive at home? strict, lenient, none?

                  "well, my parents are definitely not leniant. they are very controlling and so i would say that back at home it was more strict than anything."

                  growing up dory was the oldest child out of four making her have the strictest childhood. her parents always worried about her well-being and they always had the best intentions. however, their strict nature caused a rebel spirit to grow inside of dory, yet it lay dormant waiting for its' opportunity to awake. whenever dory would do something wrong she would have a strict punishment. once her siblings started to come into the picture her parents became more lenient, but for some reason dory still got the stricter punishments and rules.

                  was your character overprotected and/or sheltered by their parents?

                  "very much so. it was as if they tried to smother me with love and i couldn't escape it.."

                  yes, very much so. however, once she reached the age of seventeen/eighteen she began to take matters into her own hands. her parents didn't necessarily like that and actually tried to shelter her even more. it was suffocating for the girl with the free-spirit. she was independent and no longer needed her parents coddling her. due to being sheltered by her parents during most of her life she has missed out on a lot during her childhood.

                  did your character feel rejected as a child by their parents or anyone else? if so, why?

                  "the exact opposite actually. as a child i saw my parents as these kind of super hero figures. they defeated any evil in my life."

                  no, not really. rather she looked up to her parents as a child, they were her protectors. she felt invincible with them in her circle.

                  how does your character feel about religion?

                  "i prefer to see myself as more spiritual than religious."

                  growing up her family was very religious and believed strongly of christianity. they would attend church every sunday and followed a bunch of various traditions. once dory got older she began to have questions that no one seemed to be able to answer. she began to question her own faith. now you could say she's not necessarily religious, but more spiritual. dory believes that there is a possibility there may be a god and even prays when she is in dire need of hope. however, she's more of a go with the flow and living in the now type of girl. plus she just doesn't understand the fact that if there is a god who is all powerful, then why is he letting so many people and children die and suffer? it just doesn't make any sense to her.

                  does your character like school?

                  "does anyone actually like school?

                  not necessarily. she enjoyed different aspects about school, but school itself she disliked. the system is corrupted and only saw the students as numbers on a spread sheet. however, dory loves to learn new things, but her public school just seemed to destroy learning for her there. once going to college, the atmosphere changed and now she very much enjoys going to school again.

                  was your character involved in any sports, clubs, etc. in school?

                  "nah, that wasn't necessarily my style."

                  sports never really interested dory in the way it did for others. she was never found at a football game on friday nights like most students. instead she was found at home or hanging out with her friends. now she was in fact apart of the equestrian club for her junior year. she loved learning new skills when riding a horse, however, the competitive drive of the others was just too much for her. so for the most part she wasn't apart of any sports or clubs while she was in school. even now that she's in college she isn't too involved with that sort of thing.

                  did your character graduate? if so, what’s the highest degree they have?

                  "i have graduated high school achieving my high school diploma. i also have an associate's degree when i wanted to be a singer. now i am working on my masters degree for zoology dealing with avians in particular."

                  the highest degree at the moment would be her high school diploma and associates in music. she is pursuing a masters degree in zoology. zoology is basically the study of animals, but she wants to study birds specifically. before pursuing her new dream of zoology she had wanted to be a singer, however, that dream had failed miserably.

                  what does your character do for a living? are they where they want to be?

                  "i currently work as a barista at the local coffee shop. i also volunteer at the animal shelter down the road from my house on the weekends. i mean they are great jobs that i enjoy, but they are not my career."

                  the girl works as a barista at a local coffee shop which has been there since dory was born. it doesn't necessarily pay well so she is looking for a second job. on the weekends you can find her volunteering for the local animal shelter and is very involved with the service there.

                  does your character travel? how often and where have they been?

                  "other than my home town in arizonia i have only been to california. i would very much love to travel the world though!"

                  when dory was pursuing her music career she moved to california for roughly four years. however, other than that she has not traveled outside her home town located in arizonia. this girl has a spirit that just wanted to touch every corner of the world though. traveling calls her in every aspect. sometimes she just wonders what would happen if she just packed the essentials and went on a roadtrip living in her vehicle for awhile.

                  what does your character want from a partner?

                  "i've been told i have very high standards, nearly impossible. i guess i just know what i want. loyalty is a key quality that is very much needed. they also have to make me laugh."

                  being very choosy with whom she decides to let into her life makes it difficult in finding a partner. lying is the one thing that dory absolutely will not tolerate and will cut someone off she's known for years right away if they lie to her. so loyalty and being trustworthy is very important. humor is another aspect that is a necessity, they have to make her laugh. if they can cook on top of all of that then they basically have her heart because she definitely cannot cook. they'll also have to be able to keep up with dory's fast pace lifestyle. she's constantly up in the wind and looking for an adventure. also, don't ever try to limit or take away her freedom, that is a sure way of getting cut off for good.

                  ewhat are your character’s hobbies and interests?

                  "everything's an adventure if you make it one."

                  for the most part dory doesn't necessarily have any set hobbies. she just goes with the flow with things. she likes a wide range of things from horseback riding to binge watching netflix. a few more activities she enjoys include scuba-diving, surfing, archery, nature walks, and just exploring different/new places. her interests resemble those of a flower child or hippie type of girl. she is very interested in astrology dealing with the zodiac signs and may even come across a bit strange with how into it she is. astronomy is also a huge interest of hers as well. all things science lowkey really interest her. music is her main interest in life though, it is her life. so when her dreams to become a singer failed it crushed her more than she will ever admit. so she turned to her second main interest which is animals. birds are more than just an interest to her, they are her passion.

                  is your character forgiving or do they hold grudges?

                  "there's that saying forgive, but never forget.."

                  dory isn't one to hold a grudge unless the person did something so unforgiveable. however, even then it would eat her alive holding a grudge like that. so she finds it easier to forgive, but learn from it. never forget.

                  what is one thing your character can never forgive? has anyone done this thing? who was it and how did the character feel?

                  "that's a little personal, now is it?"

                  there has only been one time in dory's entire life where she has never forgave someone. it's a complicated mess really. back in high school, senior year to be exact dory faced the most difficult challenge of her life. she had come out as bisexual at the time and her parents were furious. they even kicked her out of the house for a period of time. for a week she slept in her car before her best friend, wes found out. from there she spent the next two months staying at his family's house before her parents let her come home. even though they let her come home they still shunned her and treated her like scum. this was emotionally abusing and did some damage to dory. for that she just can't find it in herself to forgive her parents for not being able to accept her for who she is.

                  what is one strong memory that has stuck with your character from their childhood? why?

                  "most of my childhood memories include my best friend, wesley. those are always my favorite and i constantly look back on them. one prominent one was back when i was ten and he was twelve. long story short i was rejected by one of my very first crushes. wes helped me back on my feet and build my confidence back up."

                  back when dory was only ten years old she had a massive crush on this guy named lucas. she finally decided to act on the crush only to have been rejected by him. this absolutely devastated the heart of the little ten year old and completely destroyed her confidence. wes told her that she was the most beautiful girl he's ever met and any guy would be lucky to be able to even spend time with her. he then put lucas in his place and making it known how much of a dick he was. the support and protectiveness that wes gave dory made an impression on her and she will never forget this aspect of him.

                  what is your character typically doing on a saturday afternoon? give details.

                  "i hate routines and 'typicals'. i like to spice things up."

                  everyday is different for dory purposely because she hates falling into a routine. routines to her feels like ruts. however, saturday mornings she volunteers at the animal shelter, but in the afternoon she likes to find various adventures. maybe a nature walk. maybe going to the bar for a drink and deep conversations with the bartender. it all depends on what mood she is in that day.
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