AS Afflatus: Issue Ten

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Cocoatuft interview

Sun Apr 29, 2018 3:48 pm

Cocoatuft | Female | Twenty-three moons old | Warrior of Strykeclan
1. How was your character's name chosen by their parents?
"I was born into a kittypet family, and my name was chosen by my parents. Cocoa for my brown fur, Puff for my fluffy chest and tail. When I joined Strykeclan, I became Cocoapaw, and then when I became a warrior I earned the suffix tuft. So now my name is Cocoatuft"
2. When your character was a child, what did they dream of becoming as a child?
"For the first six moons of my life, I guess I just always figured I'd become a kittypet like my mother. Then the Strykeclan warriors found me, and invited me into their clan! Since then I've dreamed of nothing but being a great warrior, annnnd I'll admit maybe one day deputy and then leader"
3. What is the one place your character would love to visit and with who and why?
"Probably the Moon Tree, a silver barked tree where medicine cats go to talk to the ancestors. As for who with, either the medicine cat Twistedbark or...umm...insert crush name here
4. Describe an event that made a huge impact on your character and why.
"Meeting the warriors from Strykeclan for the first time. I don't know why but something about what they were saying just felt....right somehow."
5. Describe the impact someone had on your character and why.
"I think...well...I think the cat that changed my life the most was Wildstar. When he made me an apprentice, I guess it really confirmed everything. I was really going to become a warrior, a true wild cat."
6. What is your character's favorite actor?
"...what's an...act or?"
7. What are your character's hobbies?
"Well I like patrolling, a lot better than hunting. Don't tell anyone, but I still get squeamish about eating raw prey sometimes."
8. What is the weirdest thing your character has done?
"Maybe that one time I went along with Ivypaw, and put fire ants in her brother's nest."
9. How would strangers describe your character?
"Oh total clutz. No doubt. I have four left paws."
10. How would friends describe your character?
"Hmmm..that's a little harder because even now a lot of cats judge me for my origins. Maybe...Loyal, ditzy, and a bit scatterbrained? I go all over the place believe me."
11. How would your character's significant other describe them?
"..." *blinks* "So...about that. I have a crush. He...well I'm pretty sure he hates me.
12. Does your character believe in any religion? Are they deeply religious?
"Starclan. They are the dead, who watch over us at night. They protect us, and sometimes deliver prophecies. For every star in the sky, there is a Starclan Warrior. Ever since I learned about them, I've believed in them with all my heart."
13. Has your character ever broken the law?
"I kinda snuck back to my kittypet den once early on to eat normal food. PLEASE don't tell Ravenstar."
14. What is your character's thoughts on cheating?
"Well...that kinda depends on the situation. In assessments, heck no. In battle, well...use whatever you can to defeat the enemy right? That's the Strykeclan way. But..something about it seems wrong."
15. What is your character's thoughts on love?
*happy sigh* "Love is beautiful, both to be a part of, and to watch."
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Re: AS Afflatus: Issue Ten

Wed May 02, 2018 1:15 am

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