AS Afflatus: Issue Eleven

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AS Afflatus: Issue Eleven

Wed May 30, 2018 11:30 am

    • Theon Nakajima
      i. How would your character describe their childhood?
      • Theon would describe it as the building of a hero. Heroes usually don't come from your run of the mill litter and if they do, they crave a change of fate in the recesses of their mind. Unruly upbringing had Theon dreaming of more. He was a self sufficient youngster who petted his own ego and ambitions. His childhood was a series of 'no' and rejections flying over his head unacknowledged. If the impossible punched him in the face he would probably still believe himself capable of achieving it. Theon would describe his youth as trial, error, improve, fail, repeat. Always a dance of one step back, one step forward until he began to gain the sturdier step, the wider stride, leading him to devour the courtroom with provoking rhythm. His success rates rose, his margin for failure slimming and his growing maturity garnering a higher need for expansion beyond his provincial and somewhat unfortunate childhood.

      ii. What were your character’s favorite childhood activities?
      • Mostly it was to talk. Theon could spin up the wildest of stories, the wider the eyes of his audience the further he stretched his tales of adventure in his weekends. Besides that he was always with his eyes glued to the screen of some electronic, usually on the digital hunt for even more electronics.

      iii. What was your character’s fondest childhood memory?
      • He had many, Theon wasn't one to value one memory over the other. They were likely times of victory among his pairs.

      iv. Is your character a virgin? If not, when did they lose their virginity?
      • He lost it in a gay foursome when he was a wee bit too young to know what virginity even was.

      v. Who has the greatest influence on your character? Why?
      • Theon was a big fan of Baruch Spinoza. He always said there was so much to learn from a man who could challenge scriptures that had founded his entire society. Spinoza's challenge against the conditioned thought processes of people at the time really encouraged Theon to find more ways of thinking and living than what he saw around him. He believed there were ways to be both religious and a man of science, so to speak, when it came to his life journey.

      vi. Is your character able to kill? Under what circumstances do they find it acceptable?
      • Theon believes people are simply pieces on a chess board and he, with great narcissism, believes himself one of the players that governs over such pieces. Death is but a move dealt to achieve victory.

      vii. Is there anything your character refuses to do? What is it and why?
      • Harm a child. As a father he would find it heinous. Theon can push the threat of it against others but in the end it would be distasteful
      viii. In general, how does your character treat others?
      • Nuisances to him until proven otherwise.

      ix. Who is your character’s best friend? How did they meet?
      • His best friend is a man named Blaze. They met at an embassy when training for their career. He met all his other close friends this way as well.

      x. If your character died or went missing, who would miss them?
      • His followers. Those he had saved. His family.

      xi. What does your character look for in a potential lover?
      • Intelligence. Innocence. Charisma. Morals. Someone who wants to always better themselves. Someone who is never satisfied.

      xii. How can someone impress your character?
      • You can't.

      xiii. What are your character’s pet peeves?
      • Homophobes seriously annoy him. Anyone with an old or set way of thinking won't attract Theon. He believes evolution is a constant thing.

      xiv. Name three things your character is good at. Name three things they’re bad at.
      • Technology, leadership, manipulation. Being quiet, accepting help, trusting.

      xv. What would your character want to be remembered for after death?
      • Theon was a behinds the scene guy, he likely wouldn't be remembered for much other than causing chaos. But if he had a choice he would probably like to die with the knowledge that he had impacted his family positively and that they acknowledged his love for them.
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character interview / desi

Wed May 30, 2018 5:46 pm


aka a horrible character that i
probably shouldn't love as much as i do
              • 1. How would your character describe their childhood?
                A starting point on the path to greatness, yet essentially a waste of time. He has always resented his mother for holding him back from unfolding his true potential at a young age. She certainly did mean well, but Desi would argue that she was simply jealous of him and couldn't bear the thought of her own son being more powerful than her. He thinks of his childhood as a time in his life were all of the doors were open, but he could only briefly glimpse into each before his mother would shut them right in his face. Still, he is grateful for the experiences he made and the knowledge he amassed as a kid. It's the only reason he would never call his childhood a complete waste of time.

                2. What were your character’s favorite childhood activities?
                He used to spend a great amount of time exploring on his own. First the home he was born in, then the city he was born in, then the land he was born it. He also adored observing and conversing with people, always looking for something, or someone, new and exciting to learn from and broaden his horizons. His mother would always be horribly upset with Desi when he came back home after being gone for days, or even weeks on end, and he usually got grounded and locked in his room after. It annoyed him more and more the older he got, but he also knew plenty of ways to keep himself occupied "in captivity" - he read tons and experimented a lot, using whatever experiences he had made prior to being locked up to breathe new life into his own magic & alchemy.

                3. What was your character’s fondest childhood memory?
                He recalls using magic around his mother for the very first time when he was still a tiny little kid. Her eyes lit up and she looked nothing short of amazed when he managed to conjure up the tiniest of ice shards. At that moment, there was actual love and adoration in her eyes and she picked him up and hugged him tight. Desi would never admit that he's actually fond of the memory, especially with how strained their relationship became when he got older, but it was one of the first moments that motivated him to tenaciously work on his magic further.

                4. Is your character a virgin? If not, when did they lose their virginity?
                He isn’t. If we’re going with human ages because elf ages are hell to determine & i don't know how DV elves age, he lost his at 15 – some meaningless fling that was as shallow and short-lived as most of his "relationships" are.

                5. Who has the greatest influence on your character? Why?
                There really isn't anyone who has a great influence on him nowadays, since he cares little about what others think about him, or want him to do. When he was very young, definitely his mother, and when he was a bit older, but not yet an adult, whoever he was fascinated/obsessed with the most at the time had the greatest influence on him as well.

                6. Is your character able to kill? Under what circumstances do they find it acceptable?
                Definitely. Desi doesn’t really have any qualms about hurting others, and he wouldn’t shy away from killing someone either. It doesn’t really matter to him whether he kills to defend himself, or if the person just so happens to be in the way of a goal he’s trying to achieve. If his usual methods of sweet talk, manipulation and other, shadier things don’t work out… well, you’re just out of luck, because he’s not the type to simply stop and give up. If spending extra time on finding another solution benefits him, then sure, he'll do it. But if not? The drastic measure of killing it is.

                7. Is there anything your character refuses to do? What is it and why?
                Let others dictate his life and actions. There is a very slim chance someone might influence him to do something, but that usually just means that he was considering doing that thing in the first place. He might manage to make you think he cares about what you think, or how you feel about him, but he really doesn't. Caring about someone else's opinion would only hold him back and limit his options, and that's something he can't stand at all.

                8. In general, how does your character treat others?
                That highly depends. Overall, Desi has two extremely different "personalities". At first glance, he is a man o intellect and very pleasant, silver-tongued charmer, if a bit too honest at times. Deep down, he is a cruel, egoistical and selfish being who cares little about most people and measures their worth by how useful they are to him. That being said, he doesn't go out of his way to treat others badly - he might think someone's beneath him, sure, but the principle of "you'll never know who might be useful to you later" keeps him from being downright malicious. Rest easy that he will have judged and degraded you thoroughly mentally five seconds after meeting you though. If someone really interests him, he might even be almost kind to them, even if it is in the most manipulative and deceptive way possible. Once his "object of interest" starts boring him though, or becomes useless to him? He'll just toss them aside to find someone new, someone better.

                9. Who is your character’s best friend? How did they meet?
                Desi really doesn't have "friends". He has acquaintances. He has people he finds interesting, or even admires to a certain extend, but he really doesn't have anyone in his life that he would call his friend. Except for his pets, maybe. He's very fond of them. Considering that he has created all of them on his own, that's how they met. Magic.

                10. If your character died or went missing, who would miss them?
                Not a lot of people, if anyone. In the universe he left behind, his mother might be missing him, although she would probably be fretting about the possibility of him doing utterly terrible things more often than not. In the current universe he's stuck in (DV), all of the pets he has animated from inanimate objects would most certainly miss him. He actually cares well for them and they depend on him, so it's only natural that they would miss him.

                11. What does your character look for in a potential lover?
                Primarily good looks. Given that he doesn't really form meaningful relationships, he’s mostly interested in flings and “arrangements” that don’t require any emotional intimacy and faithfulness. So, of course, he primarily cares for the shallow, superficial thing that beauty is, too. His more intellectual partners, however, are usually those he prefers to keep around for a while in those open arrangements, as more simple-minded individuals tend to bore him more quickly. Still, a pretty face is a pretty face, and he’d never say no to a bit of pleasure and excitement, no matter how fleeting and short-lived that might be. He's also attracted to other things though. Especially power. Anyone powerful is definitely an object of interest, and possibly desire, for him.

                12. How can someone impress your character?
                That's a rather difficult question. Desi is very hard to truly impress since he's so damn indifferent to most people. He might be impressed by someone who stays loyal to him even after he shows them his true colour, but it will be heavily tainted by him feeling some kind of "condescending pity" that someone would be so desperate and pathetic to follow him around like a lost pet. He might be impressed by someone who is more powerful than him, but it will be tainted by jealousy and the desire to prevail in time. He might be impressed by someone's intellect, but it will be tainted once he "figures it out" and grows bored of it. Impressing him and impressing him are two entirely different things. There might actually be no way to truly impress him.

                13. What are your character’s pet peeves?
                he really can't stand when people interrupt him while he's working on something, especially when it's something he's trying to keep hidden. he also dislikes people who ask him too many questions about who he is, specifically if they keep pushing and won't relent when he gives them vague answers. another thing he really hates is when people waste his time. and when someone enters his home with dirty shoes. lowlife heathens, all of them.

                14. Name three things your character is good at. Name three things they’re bad at.
                + magic; ice magic primarily, as well as some basic divination skills)
                + reading; he's a fast reader and rarely ever stutters or stumbles over words while reading something out loud
                + manipulation; if he wants something, there's a very high chance he'll get it somehow
                - relating to other people & their feelings; he just... really lacks empathy
                - any kind of team work; he works on his own 99% of the time and is very difficult to work with
                - athletic skills; he's definitely more of a scholar and, while his stamina is decent enough, he lacks physical strength & resilience

                15. What would your character want to be remembered for after death?
                for being a great mage & hopefully discovering something new and exciting that could change the world (for better or for worse).
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to me i'm a god

Thu May 31, 2018 1:34 am

Image spacing
i. how would your character describe their childhood? ryker is the type to openly talk about anything,
not caring about sensitivity and lack thereof. she is absolutely accustomed to her own issues that she
will talk about it very bluntly and honestly, as it is normal to her, even if it isn't for others. she has no
emotion attached to her past, and has long since learnt how to deal with the fierce emotions that used
to haunt her, causing her to turn to inflicting pain upon herself and others -- through contract killing.

ii. what were your character’s favorite childhood activities? ryker had always been the type of kid that
was fond of the outdoor and natural world, spending all of her time away from home amongst the trees
that surrounded her heavily wooded childhood home. she loved scaling them and spending hours in the
highest branches with her sister, just sitting in the calm silence. once she learnt how to handle weapons,
she took her anger and frustration out on the animals that would often times cross through those woods.

iii. what was your character’s fondest childhood memory? ryker isn't exactly the type with "fond
memories", but if she was forced to choose something, she'd have to pick the times spent in those woods.

iv. is your character a virgin? if not, when did they lose their virginity? no, she is not. she doesn't
believe in the construct of virginity necessarily, but the first time she had sex, it was with yngve. don't
even ask her what she considers her relationship with that man is. they both hate each other, and even
when they were having sex, it was more like a fight than it was anything else. and that's how she likes it.

v. who has the greatest influence on your character? why? definitely her older sister, blythe. the two
may fight more often that is probably acceptable, but at the end of the day, nothing will break their bond
with one another. ryker would kill for her sister, and vice versa. they are fiercely protective of one another.

vi. is your character able to kill? under what circumstances do they find it acceptable? oh, absolutely.
with zero hesitation, as well. she will use any excuse to torture and kill any man, even if they could be
found innocent without fault. ryker thoroughly enjoys it -- perhaps a little too much, some may say.

vii. is there anything your character refuses to do? what is it and why? ryker has absolutely zero
boundaries, and she makes that much obvious to anyone and everyone she comes across.

viii. in general, how does your character treat others? she comes across as almost... flippant, in a
way. she makes bad jokes at very bad times, and has absolutely no concept of manners. she curses
like a sailor and is sarcastic to a huge fault. although intuitive, she doesn't exactly care how other's feel

ix. who is your character’s best friend? how did they meet? best friend? ryker? fuck all of that. ryker
doesn't have best friends, let alone even a friend. the closest thing she has to a friend is her sister, but
she'll teasingly call yngve her bestest friend in the entire world. she loves giving him a hard time, and
knows how much it irks him. she met him when he was doing guard duty when she was a lot younger,
the man put in charge of watching her cell when thrown into a high-security prison after a minor slip up.

x. if your character died or went missing, who would miss them? only blythe, her older sister.

xi. what does your character look for in a potential lover? ryker doesn't do love, and that's final.

xii. how can someone impress your character? anyone who can deal with her shit, honestly.

xiii. what are your character’s pet peeves? oh god, she has an absolute laundry list of things that
piss her off. she hates it even if someone is breathing too loud for her liking, and will make damn sure
said person will never be able to take another breath for the rest of their life. her biggest thing, though,
is lying. don't fucking lie to her, or else she'll give a damn good reason to wish you never did.

xiv. name three things your character is good at. name three things they’re bad at. ryker's really
good with guns, that's a damn fact. has a too-happy trigger finger, in all gut-wrenching honesty. she
boasts about this often, too. she's also pretty damn good at making dumbass jokes, just for the sake
of making people laugh before she digs her blades into their skulls. lastly, she's really good at making
others absolutely hate her. it's a talent, you know? now, she's absolutely terrible at following rules.
her sister will be the first to tell you that. she sucks with commitment as well, simply because she doesn't
want to, not because she can't. and of course, she's really bad at good timing. queen of poorly timed
comments and jokes, she knows how to make situations really awkward, really goddamn fast.

xv. what would your character want to be remembered for after death? she doesn't want to be
remembered, really, except maybe for how big of a pain in the ass she was for her sister and yngve.
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character interview / calemir

Thu May 31, 2018 11:11 am


              • 1. How would your character describe their childhood?
                There's actually no childhood to describe. Calemir simply started to exist one day; he wasn't born in the traditional way that any mortal being is born. Although his very first memory is looking upon his creator. The only time he's ever felt genuine fear - but also pride to have been made by them and be their servant.

                2. What were your character’s favorite childhood activities?
                Calemir obviously doesn't have any childhood activities either. The first orders he followed were not much different from the things he does (and enjoys) now - wreaking havoc on mortals, essentially. Maybe with a few pranks that don't really cause much harm, or by literally wiping out an entire village.

                3. What was your character’s fondest childhood memory?
                Once again, he doesn't have any "childhood" memories, but the moment of his creation is very important to him. That, and invading the realms that mortals inhabit for the first time.

                4. Is your character a virgin? If not, when did they lose their virginity?
                Nope. He lost his pretty quickly - but, given that he's some kind of draconic demon who has always presented as an adult (and who has always had an adult mindset), it shouldn't come as a huge surprise that he indulged himself in those "sinful" pleasures rather quickly.

                5. Who has the greatest influence on your character? Why?
                His creator primarily, and the demons that rank above him as well. They're the only ones he will listen to, but it's only his creator that he is completely obedient and loyal to. He gets into fight with higher ranking demons often enough to be known as a uppity little bastard among them. Sometimes he actually wins, sometimes he loses. Surprisingly enough, he doesn't mind losing too much either. Submission can be fun now and again too, and it has saved him from being destroyed by the victors so far as well.

                6. Is your character able to kill? Under what circumstances do they find it acceptable?
                Yes. Killing is second nature to Calemir, and he genuinely enjoys it. Usually, he will actually turn it into some kind of game, making his victims think they have a chance of escaping their death. They don't, of course, but there's nothing more thrilling to him than hunting someone down and seeing that flicker of hope in their eyes slowly die.

                7. Is there anything your character refuses to do? What is it and why?
                Go against and betray his creator. Calemir would literally rather be tortured for eternity and die than do that.

                8. In general, how does your character treat others?
                Honestly, if he's not trying to kill someone, Calemir is almost easy to get along with. He enjoys joking and playing around, he loves to have fun and could even be called friendly, jovial and easy-going. Whenever he's not actively seeking to cause chaos, he genuinely seems to enjoy relaxing with a drink and a pretty boy or girl in his arm, or browsing the wares in old antique stores, or even just having a nice chat with someone that caught his interest. But once he decides to cause some trouble, it's wise to stay far, far away from him. He's extremely sadistic and merciless, a ruthless killer who will watch someone die with a smile on his face and not a single twinge of guilt whatsoever, even if he was joking around with them just a minute ago.

                9. Who is your character’s best friend? How did they meet?
                He'd probably jokingly call Araquiel his best friend, even though they're far from friends - Araquiel sees him as a vile and corrupted being, an enemy, while Calemir sees him as an amusing, if awfully obedient and straight-laced plaything. They first meeting was on one of Araquiel's missions. He'd been tasked to wipe out a small village that had started worshipping a demonic deity... just to find everyone dead upon his arrival, with a smiling Calemir teasing and mocking him for "not being a very punctual angel". They run into each other occasionally now (more often than not because Calemir actively works towards making the meeting happen), and it usually ends badly. If Araquiel's main task wasn't to protect humanity, a lot of people would definitely die during their fights. But he's usually more concerned with keeping mortals out of the "crossfire". That's also the main reason Calemir always seems to get away when things aren't going in his favour.

                10. If your character died or went missing, who would miss them?
                Nobody, to be completely honest. He's essentially replaceable, so his creator wouldn't care much, and there's nobody he really has a strong, positive bond with who would miss him. He doesn't really care though, he's satisfied just doing his thing and having fun while serving his master.

                11. What does your character look for in a potential lover?
                He doesn't really have any standards, he'll just fuck anyone. He loves the kinky ones though. If someone likes to experiment, he's their demon. They could request the strangest thing and he'd probably shrug and go "Sure thing!" with a smile.

                12. How can someone impress your character?
                If you're better than him at ruthlessly slaughtering people, chances are he's gonna be impressed and stalk you for ages.

                13. What are your character’s pet peeves?
                He doesn't really get pissed off easily over anything. Calemir really can't stand anyone who speaks ill of his creator though. Not in the "he's a horrible being who kills millions to devour souls" kind of way, that's a compliment. Anyone who talks about how they're going to destroy him and how he doesn't have a chance to prevail though? They all seem to disappear, and they always re-appear mangle and dead. Another thing that irritates him are extremely prideful, arrogant people, but he takes great enjoyment in revealing their unfavourable sides in public. In his experience, the arrogant ones always hide the darkest secrets and desires, and getting them to admit to those is always fun.

                14. Name three things your character is good at. Name three things they’re bad at.
                + Killing; he's a pretty creative being when it comes to murdering someone
                + Holding his liquor; dude will drink you under the table, no prolem
                + Hunting down and collecting ancient artefacts; he's like some kind of "artefact-sleuth hound"
                - Following orders & laws, unless they were given to him by his creator
                - Dealing with animals; they all despise him and he honestly isn't super fond of them either
                - Taking things seriously; he's like a carefree, childish brat and thinks life is just one big game

                15. What would your character want to be remembered for after death?
                Serving his creator faithfully until the very end, successfully finishing all the task given to him.
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AS Afflatus: Prompt wip

Fri Jun 01, 2018 2:22 am

  • “I don’t think I could ever stab someone. I mean, let’s be honest, I can barely get the straw in a Capri Sun.” Garrett had his back to Dakota when he spoke, more focused on flipping through the racks of hunting jackets near the display case. He wasn’t particularly interested in this part of their outing, he’d only gone inside the store because of Dakota’s insistence, and he definitely wasn’t all that interested in looking at the rows of pocket knives lined neatly under a sheet of glass that felt like a breath could break it. His curiosity had been peaked when Dakota had come home one night, wild eyed and seething, hands balled so tightly into fists that Garrett had to unwind them slowly, pressing kisses to his palm and trailing invisible lines up his forearm with his fingers. He’d explained nothing to Garrett, bet on the trust he’d seeded and nurtured within him during the months they’d been together, and Garrett had let him get away with it; he’ll come around soon, he thought, he’ll say something when he’s calmed down, and he tried to bury the unease he felt deep inside.

    Dakota hummed in amusement, just as distracted, and there were a few seconds of silence before he responded. “You’d be surprised what people can do when they’re scared.” Another pause, this time swelling with something sinister enough to rouse the nerves Garrett thought he’d hidden. They pooled in the pit of his throat and twisted down his neck, a snake winding around its prey. You should be scared. ”And I thought you said you hadn’t had one of those in years.” Dakota spoke swiftly, studying Garrett closely, eyeing the way his movements lost their easy flow, tension rendering them rigid and jerking. He’d cleared his throat, drawing Garrett’s attention and waving him over with an outreached hand. Garrett took it, gliding into the space beside him, molding himself to each curve of Dakota’s body and tucking his face against his temple. Dakota’s arm snaked around him, wrist settling on the point of his hip, fingers following the lines of the tattoo hidden beneath his shirt. ”Something about that diet of yours not allowing it?”

    “I donated blood recently, that’s not the point. I think it would be a lot easier to adopt a guard dog.”

    “I’m sorry, I don’t kiss men who have no respect for keeping dog hair off of couches.”

    ”Funny, I’ve never had that respect and you were-“ Dakota cut him off with a kiss, locking him in place with an arm around his neck, the bend of his elbow overlaid on his spine. Garrett smiled into it


    Garrett stabs someone (who?)

    The knife dropped onto the tile, clattering across the floor and fractures zigzagging across the blade

    He plucked at his shirt, scrambled to get the stickiness off his skin, partial handprints staining the fabric beneath his palms. The tattered clothing gave way to his movements,

    Garrett: come home please
    Garrett: I need you
    Garrett: you were right
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Re: AS Afflatus: Issue Eleven

Fri Jun 01, 2018 6:13 am

Any post/submission made after this will not count towards points. Make sure to participate in the June issue!
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