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AS Afflatus - Issue 12 - Reminders & Point System

Sat Jun 02, 2018 2:55 am

Reminders Just a couple of reminders for the Afflatus! x
1. When nominating a writing piece for the Featured Writing, keep in mind that nominations should come from the Share Your Writing forum (or the Fanfiction forum). Nominations can also come from any prompt event held and from the NaNoWriMo event. Nominations can also come from house run prompt threads. As long as the nomination is not from a role-play forum, it is fair game. The purpose is to shine light on individuals' personal work and stories, rather than role-plays. Make sure to include a direct link to the post.

2. Please submit all of the following through the Google form, in order to make point keeping easier.
- Dear Stag Submissions
- Prompt Suggestions
- Featured Writing Nominations
- Anonymous Compliments and Critiques

3. When posting submissions to the thread (character interviews and prompts), please make sure the words Character Interview or Prompt are there in the title post. It's not a big deal if forgotten, however. Also, please post each character interview and prompt submission separately. If you submit three things, submit them all on separate posts for easier point keeping!

4. Remember, you can post up to two (2) character interviews per issue.

5. Please keep in mind the fact that we are not professional therapists when submitting your Dear Stags. We love offering tips and trying to help out, but do keep in mind that we are not professionals and some problems may be better discussed with trusted adults or professionals.

6. Going forward, at the end of the month I will post the following on the thread: "Any posts made after this will not count towards points." I will be trying to stay consistent with this and plan on doing this on the last day of every month by 11:30 PM CST time.
x Points System x Dear Stag Submission ……………………... 5 points
Featured Writing Nomination ……………… 5 points
Future Prompt Suggestion ……………….... 5 points
Compliment Submission ………………….... 5 points
Critique/Critique Piece Submission ……….. 5 points

Character Interview Submission ………… 10 points

Prompt Submission
0-500 words ………………………. 10 points
500-1000 words ………………….. 20 points
1000-2000+ words ……………….. 30 points

Activity Participation - will vary depending on level of difficulty
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character interview / calladin

Sat Jun 02, 2018 1:44 pm


            • 1. Does your character have a habit or something that gives away when they are nervous?
              He tends to rub the back of his neck when he's super nervous. Cal managed to discard most other things that he commonly did in response to conversations/interactions/situations that make him nervous, such as averting his gaze or using filler words like "um" to fill pauses with, but that's one habit he never quite managed to get rid of.

              2. How does your character respond to stressful situations?
              First of, he tries his hardest to not let it show. Calladin generally forces himself to appear calm and composed, even when he's been screaming on the inside all day. He does his best to think about everything logically and come to a rational conclusion, which in turn helps come up with good solutions to fix whatever is stressing him out. In reality though, he is a very, very high-strung person who is prone to experiencing anxiety in general, and with just the right amount of pressure, he'll have a breakdown in private when no one is around to see it.

              3. Is your character able to lie to others? Are they good at it?
              Yes. Being a noble and growing up in those circles means that lying is as essential of a skill as, say, reading and writing. It doesn't mean he likes it though; Calladin tries to keep his lying to a minimum and will often times simple stay out of conversations, or give rather vague answers to avoid outright lying to someone. He is good enough at it though, and unless it's someone like his older sister who knows him really well, nobody would ever notice that he's not being honest.

              4. Name three things your character fears - is there one they fear more than the others?
              - Disappointing his family / Losing his family / Damaging his family's reputation
              - Going blind
              - Snakes (which sucks, because his sister actually owns a few snakes)
              The worst one is definitely the family one though. There's literally nothing worse that you could do to this man than ruin his family life somehow. He'd sacrifice literally anything to ensure his family is alright and continues living comfortably.

              5. Where would your character go if they wanted to be alone?
              Both at home and in the war camp, he'd just go to his private quarters. He can just lock himself away in there and, if anyone does bother him, he can actually prepare himself for the confrontation first. Sometimes, he would also go to the music room back home and just start playing the piano on his own, usually when he was just a bit upset and needed to calm himself down. The fountain back home was also one of his favourite places to go to when he was just trying to collect his thought on his own for a short while.

              6. If your character could have any animal as a pet, what would it be?
              He's perfectly content with his dog and his horse, to be completely honest. Although he probably wouldn't mind having a large cat as a pet, like a leopard, or a tiger. A large, fancy parrot would also appeal to him.

              7. Does your character prefer hot weather or cold weather? Or are they not bothered?
              He doesn't like either. Mild temperatures are the way to go - although, if he had to pick, he'd go with hot weather.

              8. Has your character ever kept any kind of diary or journal? If so, why?
              He's never done it for the sole reason of keeping his secrets... well, a secret. Writing them down would just mean that someone could potentially find his journal and read things they aren't supposed to know.

              9. What would you character's dream wedding be like?
              Something super huge and super extravagant, just to impress all of the invited nobles. 500+ guests, a full-course dinner, a huge cake, some of the best (classical) musicians known to earth, etc. Preferably in his family's estate - maybe with the actual ceremony taking place in the garden, if the weather is nice.

              10. What does your character think about kids? Do they want any of their own?
              He's not the type of person who wants nothing more than to be a parent, but he likes kids, as long as they're not absolute brats. He would definitely enjoy raising a kid and getting to pass on his knowledge and values, but he also fears not being a good father, not raising his kids well, etc. There's also the problem that he's pretty damn gay, but since he is the heir of the family, kids are kinda an obligatory thing for him. He does want at least one son, he'd just prefer to not have to marry and be with a woman to have one.

              11. What's the first word that comes to mind to describe your character?
              gay Dutiful

              12. Does your character have a distinct style of clothing that they always wear?
              Most of his clothes are neat, form-fitting and elegant, with clear military-influences. Always dark colours, with a few vibrant & eye-catching colours/details. He rarely wears anything else - "casual" clothes are, for the most part, reserved for when he goes to bed.

              13. Is there a particular skill your character doesn't have but would like to learn?
              He's super interested in music and would love to learn how to play more instruments other than piano. Also, of course, anything magic-y he doesn't know yet.

              14. Who is the first person your character would tell important news to?
              His older sister, most likely. Apart from his little brother, she's one of the few people he actually trusts.

              15. Is your character competitive?
              To a certain extent. He's not over the top competitive and doesn't take absolutely everything as a challenge, nor is he going to just agree to every silly little challenge, but he does definitely like to put his skills to the test and win against others now and again.
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character interview | hadi

Sat Jun 02, 2018 6:50 pm

hadi banister
"the socialite "
                • one. Does your character have a habit or something that gives away when they are nervous?
                  Hadi becomes extremely fidgety when he's nervous, you'll often find him tapping something against his knuckles or bouncing his foot up and down. He doesn't get nervous very often but the few times he does he tends to lose that calm and collected aura he carries.

                  two. How does your character respond to stressful situations?
                  Hadi does not respond very well to some and does to others. In situations he is knowledgeable he becomes the controlling leader who can direct anyone or anything and will take care of the situation with ease. However, in times where he isn't very knowledgeable about what's happening his temper becomes very short and while he tries to remain in control he fills with self-doubt. He'll despise hearing anyone's advice.

                  three. Is your character able to lie to others? Are they good at it?
                  Hadi can lie to others very easily and is very good at it, he enjoys playing with other's emotions and mind and often uses lying as a way to do it. Hadi's talent and skill at lying often means he is rarely caught and is capable of weaving very intricate tales.

                  four. Name three things your character fears - is there one they fear more than the others?
                  -Being left completely, and utterly alone
                  -Losing his vast wealth
                  -Never living up to his father's expectations
                  Hadi fears being completely alone the most even if it will never show it. He thrives off of the company of others and the opportunity it provides him. He fears being left alone with his own thoughts.

                  five. Where would your character go if they wanted to be alone?
                  Into the garden behind his home, he is an avid gardener and has planted and cared for the large garden almost completely on his own. He only employs a gardener when he deems it absolutely necessary. The garden is his own little palace of solitude in which he can be left alone with nature and his own work.

                  six. If your character could have any animal as a pet, what would it be?
                  Hadi does have pets and is an animal lover. As Hadi enjoys regal and noble looking things he does desire to have a peacock as a pet though has yet to be able to get one.

                  seven. Does your character prefer hot weather or cold weather? Or are they not bothered?
                  Growing up in parts of India Hadi has gotten used to the hot weather and so while he's slightly more comfortable in that climate he truthfully isn't actually bothered by either. He'll adapt and make himself comfortable no matter where it is.

                  eight. Has your character ever kept any kind of diary or journal? If so, why?
                  No, Hadi does not believe in writing down one's thoughts and feelings. He believes they're valuable in that moment but once it's gone they're pointless. Therefore the idea of keeping a journal just to recall those emotions is worthless. He wouldn't dare spend money on it.

                  nine. What would you character's dream wedding be like?
                  If Hadi were to ever decide he'd like to settle down and marry his wedding would be partially traditional Indian but largely modern and glamorous. He has a taste for extravagant things and would want his wedding to reflect that along with a regal feeling. His colors would likely be dark purple, dark red, and gold as they're his favorites. He'd invite everyone within his same social circle and would provide only the best. And, of course, an open bar.

                  ten. What does your character think about kids? Do they want any of their own?
                  Hadi hates children ever since one of them ruined a valuable piece of artwork in his home. He doesn't desire to have any of his own and he considers his pets to be enough for him.

                  eleven. What's the first word that comes to mind to describe your character?
                  Hedonistic. Hadi makes it no secret that he seeks out his own pleasures and often at the expense of others. He's completely wrapped up in his own life. He seeks happiness in both physical and materialistic ways and doesn't care what he has to do to achieve it.

                  twelve. Does your character have a distinct style of clothing that they always wear?
                  Hadi can often be found in a modern version of traditional Indian garments which are often richly colored and decorated. His clothes are always expensive and well-fitting. Most importantly, he is never causal.

                  thirteen. Is there a particular skill your character doesn't have but would like to learn?
                  Seeing as Hadi loves classical music, especially the sounds of pianos and violins, he does desire to learn how to play them one day. As for now he's too busy with his life to pick up anything new and stay consistent with his learning.

                  fourteen. Who is the first person your character would tell important news to?
                  Hadi would likely tell important news to his mother first. Though the two aren't particularly close they share many of the same traits and ideals so he knows she'll be the best one to tell him the truth and guide him in the right direction for himself.

                  fifteen. Is your character competitive?
                  Hadi is extremely competitive, no joke. He'd shoot you in the leg if it meant winning the race.
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AS Afflatus: Prompt

Sun Jun 03, 2018 10:17 pm

featuring: an unnamed man and his cute lil pet

“You had one job,” He had called into the darkness, his voice echoing off of the nothingness that tried to press in on him. A hand held up kept it at bay, the inky blackness lingering just outside of his light. “All you had to do was live.” An angry screech poured out from the space in front of him, the terrible sound of bone against rock as something clawed it’s way closer, rattling and whining with each labored movement.

“Your job isn’t actually that hard.” He’d snapped, and the screech simmered down to a croon, idle and dismissive in tone. “If you’d been trying more then maybe we wouldn’t be back here.” He moved then, stepping one foot directly in front of the other as he navigated a thin rock bridge. It widened as he walked, and the stone rounded off to a pedestal when he reached the end. He watched with faint annoyance as claws of bone unhooked themselves from the stone indents and fell away, punctuated by a rumbling growl.

“Now, now, Darling.” He cooed, kneeling down at the edge of the stone tower, hand dangling over the edge and casting light into the chasm below. It only reached so far before darkness consumed it, but it was enough to illuminate the hollowed sockets of the skeleton that was hidden within the cavern. “Don’t be so stubborn. Come on up.” The skeleton shifted below, fading back into the darkness as it shied away from the light pouring from his hands.

“I won’t yell again, just come here and we’ll give it another go.” He tried again, and once more he was brushed off, the podium shaking as the creature’s hip bone bumped it. He sighed, toeing a pebble off the ground and waiting until he heard it bounce off the spine and clutter to the floor. “Ingrid, I know you’re close by. Stop being so difficult. Don’t you want to fly again?” He was answered by a defiant snort, followed by a puff of smoke curling up into his light and dispersing in his face. He reeled up, sitting back on his heels and straightening his spine.

“Fine,” He said, rising to his feet. “I can’t stay here all day so I guess you’ll have to get used to being alone.” He turned on his toes, taking his time to walk back up the stone bridge. He heard a cry from the darkness, solemn and demanding. He ignored it, continuing up the bridge at a meandering pace. The quick upturn on his liis came shortly after the bridge started narrowing, when he heard the tick tick tick of claws from behind. He picked up the pace when he heard the sound overtake him, the scraping weaving through the pillars of the bridge beneath him and starting to rise along the side of the cavern. It was when he reached the cavern entrance that he met her, the long wind of her body arched over the entrance, her tail dangling down and wrapping around one of the pillars hosting the bridge.

“There’s my sweet girl.” He purred, reaching up towards the spiked skull that curved inward and blocked the walkway. The skeleton pressed her nose into his palm, the spike piercing his skin. Light poured from the wound and he moved his hand up her nose, pulling the light with him and pressing it as far along her spine as he could reach. The light pooled out, filling the space between her ribs, washing over her bones and stitching together into muscles and then into scales. She shimmered in the glow, pearlescent gold entangled with the violet of kings, her eyes consumed by white flames. She shook herself out when her rejuvenation was complete, stretching out thinly membraned wings and blinking at him expectantly. He pressed a hand underneath her chin, raising her head above him and walking beneath her.

“Come along, Ingrid.” He called, clicking his tongue. “We have a world to burn.” The dragon released herself from the wall, snaking down to the bridge and following him out.
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AS Afflatus: Activity Prompt

Mon Jun 04, 2018 5:11 am

Image Image
word count: 693
characters: chelsea & important's judas
              • Chelsea squealed as she ran out of the room she shared with Judas, slamming the door shut behind her before he could grab onto her and get his revenge. She'd been bored out of her mind and had started poking at him, only to be told that he wasn't ticklish. And she knew that wasn't true. So, naturally, she had to find his most ticklish spot - his sides - and attack there. The man had burst into a fit of laughter and as soon as she saw him making a grab for her, Chelsea had stood on the bed and ran across so she could run off. Quickly, she ran down the hallway and into one of the other rooms, hiding herself behind the room's door.

                She could hear him walk past the room. Chelsea bit down onto her lower lip, her hand going up to cover her mouth so she could muffle the snickers that she tried to contain. She could hear him calling for her out in the living room. The dark haired woman peered around the door and out into the hallway to make sure the coast was clear - he could be tricky at times - before silently moving down the hall, peering around the corner into the living room. His back was facing her. Perfect. She had another opportunity to strike.

                Quietly, she began to make a quick approach to attack Judas from behind with her fingers. Unfortunately for her, he must have heard her. Judas had turned around just as she was about to land her attack, grabbing her from around the waist so he could lift her from the ground. Chelsea squealed and kicked her legs about, careful about not kicking him, as he carried her over to the couch. "Judas, no! Put me down!" she demanded, her wish soon granted as she was deposited onto the couch so she was laying across it. Her eyes widened as his fingers slipped underneath her shirt to tickle her sides, uncontrollable laughter immediately coming from her, tears following soon after.

                Chelsea writhed underneath Judas, laughing and gasping for breath as she tried to fend off his attack, pleading with him in between her breaths. "Judas, stop, it hurts. I can't breathe," she told him, though she knew it was unlikely he'd fall for that. After all, as vampires, they didn't really need to breathe. She could hold her breath for quite some time. Finally, he had enough mercy to stop his attack. A smug, triumphant grin spread his lips and she scoffed up at him, wriggling her way out from underneath him so she could sit up.

                She was about to get up and leave, fully prepared to pout about having lost the tickle war she had initiated. Before she could, however, Judas had grabbed onto her wrist and pulled her closer to him so she was forced to recline back against his chest while his arms wrapped around her. Chelsea huffed at him, though she shifted herself closer to him, her head resting on top of his shoulder while her arms folded over his. Her eyes closed as she recovered from his attack. In that moment, she was content and completely happy. She never would have thought she'd be this happy, especially without Reynard.

                Her eyes opened, her head tilting back to stare up at him. "I never said thank you, did I?" she asked, the question sudden.

                His eyebrows furrowed as he frowned at her, trying to recall of something he had done recently that he would be thanked for. "For what?"

                "For...well...everything," she answered, before elaborating. Chelsea sat up a little more so she could look at him directly, her gaze holding his as her fingers combed through his hair. "For everything," she repeated. "For staying by my side. For accepting me. For all your support and love." Her eyes grew teary and she shook her head, giving a laugh. "Fuck, I never would have thought I'd be so emotional." Chelsea shook her head. "Just...everything. For teaching me to love and accept myself. I don't know what I would do without you, Judas. I love you. So much."
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i'm sick of all these social standards [ character interview ]

Mon Jun 04, 2018 7:02 am

Image spacing
i. does your character have a habit or something that gives away when they are nervous? when judas is
nervous, his eyes flicker a lot. when especially stressed, he has a nasty habit of scratching at/holding onto his wrists

ii. how does your character respond to stressful situations? headstrong and refusing to backdown from any
situation, judas is mostly confrontational and wanting to defuse any and all situations first. he acts strong in the
face of them, but he does have a breaking point. after such situations, he can often be found drinking a hell lot
more than he probably should be.

iii. is your character able to lie to others? are they good at it? judas can lie, but he isn't too fond of it, as
he knows it's morally wrong.

iv. name three things your character fears - is there one they fear more than the others? judas is afraid of
being alone. that's his number one fear in life, and before chelsea, he filled that void with alcohol and brothel
houses. fifty gold pieces an hour was enough for him to feel worthwhile before chelsea. he's scared of rejection
and failure as well, though those go a bit further down on the list than lonliness. he needs a purpose in life.

v. where would your character go if they wanted to be alone? judas hates being alone, in all honesty.
but if he wanted to be, he'd swipe some drinks and go to his personal chamber, telling his guards that he isn't
to be bothered.

vi. if your character could have any animal as a pet, what would it be? judas has always wanted a dog,
one that he could take out with him on his frequent trips out of the kingdom. he has a horse, but he'd sell his
soul for a faithful dog as a companion.

vii. does your character prefer hot weather or cold weather? or are they not bothered? warm weather, no
question about it. hates the cold, and always has a fire burning in his personal chambers.

viii. has your character ever kept any kind of diary or journal? if so, why? no, and he doesn't plan to

ix. what would you character's dream wedding be like? judas hasn't had much time to pour into thoughts
of what his dream wedding would be like. from the time he was a kid he knew that his marriage would be
arranged, so he figured that the details of said wedding would be arranged by his parents as well.

x. what does your character think about kids? do they want any of their own? he does, he only wants two
or three, though. he's not as obsessed with "continuing the bloodline" like his father, however.

xi. what's the first word that comes to mind to describe your character? comforting. caring. kind. judas
may at first come across to someone as stuck up and arrogant, but deep down, he just wants to help others.

xii. does your character have a distinct style of clothing that they always wear? honestly, whatever's clean.

xiii. is there a particular skill your character doesn't have but would like to learn? judas is pretty damn good
with one-handed weaponry, but he'd love to be more skilled in marksmanship. isn't great with a bow.

xiv. who is the first person your character would tell important news to? chelsea, no doubt about it

xv. is your character competitive? to a fault, absolutely. he's the type that wants to prove himself
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AS Afflatus: Prompt

Mon Jun 04, 2018 9:00 pm

        • Image
          Brandon + Dan + Serena + Xavier || Guns and Love Universe || Blood, sadness, death|| 1,022 words
          He shook his head, eyes closed as he was simply defeated. He fell on his knees, next to the pale body of his partner. The man had to hold back his tears, forcing them back as he slowly opened his eyes. But he was failing, terribly failing. The first tear was already escaping, rolling down his cheek before falling on her freckled skin. His hand was trembling, reaching out to rub her cheek with his thumb. She didn’t move, not a single muscle. “I’m sorry.” he breathed out. “I’m sorry. I swear I am. Please. Forgive me.” Grabbing her hand, he pressed a kiss to her palm, his fingers slowly rubbing her skin as if it would be the last time he would touch her. And most likely he would.

          His gun was laying a few feet away, on the floor and out of reach. He didn’t care, not right at this moment. Feeling a firm hand rest on his shoulder, the brown haired assassin gazed up to watch his leader. “You did what you could.” he spoke, pulling the man up and not hesitating as he pulled the assassin into a hug. “You did what you could, Brandon. There was no other outcome.”

          When he pulled away both men looked down at the redhead laying on the floor. Her eyes were closed, blood pouring out of her thigh and the male simply was unable to look at this scene. It wasn’t often that Brandon got caught up in emotions, but his redhead had always kept a special spot in his heart.

          Suddenly the door opened, three more men entering. “Where is she?” the millionaire demanded, eyes lit with anger. Dan was quick to step aside, giving the man access to his wife. “I’m sorry. I really didn’t want this.”
          “Quiet.” Xavier hissed, definitely not ready to deal with bullshit.
          “You’re the first one I called.”
          “I thought I was clear: that call should have never been needed in the first place.”
          “Someone make that man shut up before I shoot a bullet through his head.” Xavier roared with all of his anger, causing for Matt and Jason to step between Xavier and the two other gangsters. Jason raised his gun, watching Brandon with cold eyes.
          “So that’s what’s going to happen? You are just going to claim her?”
          “She is my wife.”
          “She is my family!”
          “Quiet! You have done enough.”

          He could only watch how Xavier trailed his fingers past her skin, pressing a cloth against her bleeding thigh and watching her with worried eyes. Dan moved past Matt and Jason, sitting down next to Xavier and taking the cloth from him, pressing it to Serena’s thigh. “Neither of us wanted for this to happen.”
          “I shouldn’t have trusted any of you.” Xavier breathed out, brushing some hair out of her face. “How long has she been out for?”
          “Almost immediately when the bullet hit her. She lost her balance and knocked herself out on the concrete floor.”

          The male sighed, closing his eyes as he tried to keep himself together. “Always a hand full.” he muttered, causing for Dan to let out a short chuckle. “I warned you when you got married. She’s a feisty one.” Dan’s eyes moved over to Brandon, who was staring at the lifeless body in the corner of the room.

          “Did she see it happen?”
          “No, but he did shoot her.” Dan said. “That is going to do big damage either way.” The other gang leader seemed to agree, another sigh leaving his lips before he checked on the bleeding. “You’re right about that.” Xavier said, crouching and scooping his wife up in his arms. He could feel her shift in his arms and it allowed for a bittersweet smile to cover his lips. “She is strong. She will get through this.” Dan reminded him.
          “I know.”

          With that, Xavier and his two men exited the bar with the redhead in his arms. Dan turned his focus back to Brandon, the man by now crouched down in front of the lifeless body. “You had one job.” he breathed out, fighting back his emotions. “One job. All you had to do was live. For her. And then you just do this…” he breathed out, reaching out his hand to close Tyler’s pale blue eyes. He felt Dan’s hand resting on his shoulder once more. “We did all we could. We wanted to protect him.”

          “He shot her. I had no choice.” Brandon breathed out. “She loved him like a brother. And I took him away from her.” Straightening himself again, the assassin let out a soft sigh. “Xavier is never going to let me see her again. He was so mad.”

          “His temper will fade, mark my words. He is just worried about her well-being.” Dan said, not being good at comforting people but this whole situation was an odd one. “She didn’t see you fire the lethal bullet. You will both manage.” Dan continued, watching Tyler’s blood stained shirt before bending over, carefully taking his black cap off his head. “Sometimes, things just have to be, Bran. You know that like nobody else.”

          “I killed a brother.”
          “When you injured your whole family on purpose, you are no longer to be called a brother.”

          Patting Brandon’s shoulder once more, Dan carefully led him away from the puddle of blood and Tyler’s body. He himself felt nothing more than sadness and grief deep inside, but the kid had it all coming. He had lost his mind and loyalty a long time ago, and Dan cursed himself deep inside for not handling the problem sooner. If he had, Brandon hadn’t been in need of killing Tyler in front of Serena’s eyes. If he had, Tyler hadn’t shot Serena in her thigh. If he had, Xavier hadn’t been banishing them all from her life, because that was going to happen for sure.

          But the ‘what-ifs’ weren’t going to help him out. Not this time. This had happened and there was no way to turn it back. All they could do from now on, was damage control.
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AS Afflatus: Activity Prompt

Tue Jun 05, 2018 2:21 am

Image "i never said thank you, did i?"
"for what?"

warnings: mention of death & loss
word count: 1,267 words
starring: elijah & spot's eden
              • Something was wrong. He couldn't put his finger on it, but there was definitely something off about things. It was very reluctantly that Eli forced his eyes open, a low groan sounding in his throat as a hand lazily scrubbed across his eyes and he turned his head to see the digital clock that sat by his bed. 8:49am. That was surprisingly late for him, for someone who usually woke at the crack of dawn. He enjoyed having time in the morning to get things done, ultimately freeing up more of his evenings because by the time he reached them he would have finished working for the day. It was unusual, but still he was certain that there was something bigger that wasn't right. A niggling at the back of his mind, as if he'd forgotten something important but the memory was dancing just out of his reach. There didn't appear to be anything out of the ordinary in his room, he noticed as he eventually managed to sit up. His brow furrowed slightly in his confusion but he soon brushed it off as he pushed the covers away and swung his legs round to get out of bed and start his day.

                It was two hours later that the doorbell rang, causing Eli to pause in his actions. He'd gotten dressed, grabbed some breakfast and gotten to work, sorting things for the various resorts that he ran around the world and was midway through clearing out his inbox when the interruption occurred. Was that what he'd forgotten? That he had someone coming to visit? He was fairly certain he would have remembered something like that, seeing as he rarely had visitors. Still, it didn't stop him from crossing the apartment to open the door and -

                He froze in the doorway. It would have been a funny thought, given the nature of their family's abilities, if he would have had the chance to process what was in front of him.


                It hit him all at once, sending him reeling back a couple of steps as he blindly reached for something to steady himself with. "Eli? What's wrong?" His sister's voice was laced with a concern that didn't quite match the grin that was quickly fading from her face. His head stopped spinning long enough for him to really focus on her, and he could feel his heart breaking as realisation washed over him. He knew exactly why things had seemed off from the moment he had woken up. He remembered everything - and it was almost too much for him.

                The plaza. The fighting. The wave of power that had knocked everybody to the ground - everybody but Eden. The sight of her suspended in the air, the focus of Bermuda's attention whilst he was held back by some invisible force was one that had haunted his nightmares since it happened. And the noise. He could hear it in his head now - that sickening crack that had echoed around the plaza like a gunshot. The way his sister - his twin, the person who had always been there no matter what - had dropped like a rag doll. The rush of memories and the emotions that accompanied them made Eli feel like throwing up.

                Eden was still looking at him in confusion, clearly worried about his uncharacteristic behaviour as she stepped into the room enough to close the door over behind her.

                She doesn't even know.

                Wherever he was, whatever Bermuda had done, there was no way this could be real. "Talk to me Eli, I'm not a mind reader." There it was again. Her voice, an almost sarcastic edge to it as she approached him and lightly shoved his shoulder, successfully focusing his attention on her. "You look like you've seen a ghost." All he could do was stare with wide eyes for a few seconds before desperately trying to pull himself together enough to respond before he scared her. "I'm-" His voice caught in his throat and he paused to clear it and hopefully sound somewhat steadier. "I'm fine, Eden. It's nothing." The woman merely raised an eyebrow at him in return, clearly not buying it as she eyed him for a second before pushing past him towards the kitchen. "Do you want to try that one again?" The question was called without a backwards glance, causing him to tear his gaze away from her before following in her footsteps.

                Eden perched herself on one of the counters as she had done a hundred times before, watching him expectantly as he sank into one of the stools and never once taking his eyes off of her. He couldn't lie to her - he never had been able to - but he also couldn't tell her the truth. That she was gone. Dead. "I don''s...I...I never said thank you, did I? " Eli wasn't sure where the words came from, but he realised that they needed to be said - even if it wasn't really his sister in front of him. He hadn't gotten the chance to say a proper goodbye to her, not when things had been so chaotic.

                "Never said thank you? For what?" She was obviously as confused by his words as he was, and slid off of the counter to lean against the breakfast bar across from him. "For...well..." He faltered in his words. What could he say? There weren't really any words to convey what he was feeling. She had always been there from the beginning, everything they went through they had been there for each other and figured it out together. They'd had their fair share of fights, of course, as all siblings did but at the end of the day Eden had always had his back, as he'd always had hers.

                "For everything."

                There was silence in the kitchen for only a second as Eden took in what he had said. "You're scaring me, Elijah." She only ever used his full name when she was genuinely worried or angry. Eli didn't realise until that moment that tears had started to form in the corners of his eyes, and that his shoulders were shaking ever so slightly as he tried to control his breathing before he could completely break down. "I'm sorry, I-" He didn't get the chance to finish his sentence before Eden was there, tugging him to his feet and pulling him into a hug.

                "Whatever it is, we'll deal with it - we always do, and we always make it through things."

                Eli couldn't speak as he wrapped his arms around her and hugged her tightly. He was clearly spooking her with his odd words and behaviour and here she was as she always used to be, ready to help without even knowing what was wrong. And she would never know. Even if he could bring himself to tell her, she would never understand. "I'm so sorry." He whispered, barely able to get the words out as he squeezed his eyes shut.

                When he opened them again, she was gone. He was alone, in a room and a bed that he didn't recognise. Tears were quickly wiped away as he stared blankly at the wall across from him. It had felt so real and in that moment he wanted nothing more than to go back. There was so much more he could have said to her. She deserved so much more. Unfortunately he couldn't change what had happened, and he felt completely defeated as he was forced to confront the reality he was living and that had been stolen from her far too soon.
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AS Afflatus: Prompt

Tue Jun 05, 2018 9:18 pm

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          Serena + Xavier || Guns and Love Universe || Sexual innuendos || 1,032 words
          Tonight was going to be special, the redhead would make sure of that. She had arranged an afternoon off work, telling Xavier that she had wanted to meet with Cecile before she would go back to college. But, that actually had been a white lie. She had been needing the time to prepare for tonight. All had been thought out, the redhead’s artistic mind having put everything together a long time ago. Her eyes wandered through the bedroom, the female glancing at the fake rose petals she had spread around. They were only fake because they would be laying there for a long time, and she didn’t want it to leave any stains. Plus, it was hard to separate them from the real ones.

          The girl had put on the prettiest set of underwear she had been able to find in her drawers, which had been piling out ever since their honeymoon. She knew that Xavier had seemingly fallen in love with a soft pink, lace set, so that was what she had put on. Xavier always said it somehow enhanced her hair color and complemented it, even if the girl had thought for a long time she wouldn’t be able to pull off pink.

          Her underwear was covered up with the dark blue dress Xavier had bought her for their Valentine’s date, and he had always wanted to see her wear. But like Serena had always said: it was for special occasions. And tonight would be special for sure. Her silver heels were put on, her hair put up before she exited the bedroom. They would get there later.

          Heading into the kitchen, the girl took the quiche she had made out of the oven, carrying it outside into the garden where she had set up a table. It had been set down on the most beautiful spot in the garden, next to the small pond it had. Placing the food on the table, she then lit the candles she had set down and made sure the string lights were lined out perfectly between the trees. The whole scenery was breathtaking to the redhead, and she hoped her husband would like it as well. Speaking of which, she could spot a glint of his car out of the corner of her eyes.

          With that cue, she headed back inside. Her heels were tapping softly on the floor, while she could hear the general noises of Xavier coming home. “Rena, I’m-” He paused in his steps as he saw her, still carrying his bag and almost dropping his keys from his hand. Taking in the looks of his wife, he tilted his head slightly. “What’s going on?” Xavier asked, watching as Serena approached him. A sweet smile was curving her lips, the redhead pressing a kiss to his lips. “Welcome home, honey.” Serena said, winking at him as she grabbed his hand. “I hope you are hungry.”

          Turning her head to look at him, she started to walk with him. Xavier was clearly surprised, gazing around as he didn’t really understand what was going on. Was today a special day he missed? “I thought you would spend today with Cecile.” Xavier said, even if Serena paused herself and pressed another kiss to his lips. “Hush. Don’t think about her.” Serena said, smiling against his lips before she continued her way into the garden. Soon enough they arrived at the table, Xavier’s eyes widening at the sight of the romantic setting. “Did you arrange all of this?” Xavier asked, allowing for Serena to sit him down on the chair.

          “Yes, I did.” Serena replied, opening up a bottle of red wine and pouring the two of them a glass. She then proceeded to plate a piece of quiche for the both of them before she sat down herself. “I made your favorite quiche.” she said, seeing that Xavier was still a bit taken back of all of this. It took a few minutes for Xavier to settle down before he focussed his eyes on his beautiful wife.

          “So, what is all of this for? There must be a special occasion.” Xavier said, taking a bite of his food and like always, it sent his taste buds straight to heaven. “It’s just that I realized… I never said thank you, did I?” Serena asked, tilting her head slightly as she watched him.
          “For what?”
          “For… well… everything.” Serena said.

          “Baby, you know you do not have to thank me for all of that.” Xavier said, his face softening as his girl was so incredible sweet. “No, I should. You did so much for me.” The girl really wanted to make Xavier feel special, like he was normally doing to her.

          They sat outside for a few hours, enjoying the meal and their wine until the sun was setting. Serena then stood up and walked over to Xavier’s chair, sliding on his lap as she pressed another kiss against his lips. Her tongue prodded against his lips until she had gained entrance and the two of them shared a passionate kiss. She could feel Xavier’s hand urge up her leg, under her dress to touch her bare skin. It made the redhead smile under the kiss, releasing his lips so she could start to fiddle with his tie, easily taking it off and holding it in her hand.

          “Is that how tonight is going to go?” Xavier questioned, his eyes playful as he watched his wife. “Obviously.” Serena said. “This is my tie now.” The girl laughed, a smirk playing over her lips. “Is it?” Xavier asked, raising an eyebrow as he reached his hand to the zipper of her dress. “In that case, this dress is mine.” he winked at her, pulling down the zipper. Glancing at the table where their dinner had been served, the man shoved the plates and all of the table with his free arm, before setting his wife down on top of the table, pulling down her dress until it was nothing more as a puddle of fabric at her feet. And at that point they both knew: they were never going to make it to their bedroom tonight.

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as afflatus | character interview one

Wed Jun 06, 2018 7:33 pm

    • issue twelve. 2018.
      char. interview one
      • jackson arran locke, rightful heir of house locke.
        i. does your character have a habit or something that gives away when they are nervous?
        avoiding eye contact is one of the first key signs that locke's uncomfortable or nervous about the situation he's in. finger drumming or tapping along with wringing his hands are also telltale signs, which he often subconsciously does right before attempting a contract (though, that's usually general anxiety from rushing adrenaline).
        ii. how does your character respond to stressful situations?
        the previously stated information also falls under this category. additionally, he's usually incredibly restless, often found pacing or practicing with his sword. if approached, his speech is short, blunt, and snappish. thus, he usually prefers to be left alone.
        iii. is your character able to lie to others? are they good at it?
        oh, absolutely. in fact, he probably lies several times on a daily business. due to his occupation, it's probably best that he doesn't use his real name or share childhood memories with random strangers. he's a little too good at it. he'll come up with a different backstory every time, twisting the emotions of his listeners rather easily. really, it's getting him to stop that's the problem. and if he's not to careful, he'll mix up stories. usually, he tries to keep to one story per town/city.
        iv. name three things your character fears - is there one they fear more than the others?
        the fear of magic reigns supreme over everything else, for sure. unlike facing an enemy with a sword or axe, magic is too unpredictable and seems to never lead to anything good in his experience. it makes him feel powerless and not in control. he also lowkey fears not having a purpose, which is why he tries to keep active with contracts and other odd jobs so that he doesn't have time to think about the future or have an existential crisis. finally, while it's not necessarily a fear and more of a general avoidance, he's not overly fond of basilisks--fought one once before and it nearly killed him posthumously with its venom. so he tends to avoid any and all snakes when possible.
        v. where would your character go if they wanted to be alone?
        since he doesn't really have a home base, he'll just go wherever is the opposite direction of whoever he wants space from--outside and away.
        vi. if your character could have any animal as a pet, what would it be?
        if they weren't so feisty, probably a dragon. though, he'd settle for an eagle. during his time in the imperial guard, he had a beloved bay steed, "hemlock," so maybe he'll look for a hemlock ii sometime in the future, especially since that's more realistic.
        vii. does your character prefer hot weather or cold weather? or are they not bothered?
        cold weather. the southern kingdom has more moderate temperatures, but it often sways toward a lower and gloomier level, especially in early spring and winter. however, he'll go wherever the money is with only mild complaining.
        viii. has your character ever kept any kind of diary or journal? if so, why?
        nah, he doesn't have time for that sort of thing. if he did, he's no scholar or poet, so he wouldn't even know what to write down.
        ix. what would your character's dream wedding be like?
        a wedding is not something that has been even remotely on his radar, so he's never considered what a "dream wedding" would look like. but if he had to pick, it would probably be something small and simple, and taking place in a nice building of some kind. lots of food is also a must.
        x. what does your character think about kids? do they want any of their own?
        ironically, unlike a dream wedding, having kids of his own is something he's thought about. but the only reason he's avoiding it now is because he's not exactly ready to settle down. even if he was, he doesn't have a notable name or a grand estate to pass onto his legacy (or at least, he doesn't know that he does). not to mention, he isn't exactly the greatest role model, so he doubts that he'd be a good father. at least, right now.
        xi. what's the first word that comes to mind to describe your character?
        irresponsible (alt, irresponsiblepieceofshit). he loves getting paid and doesn't care what needs to be done to get it, he wants things to go his way, he doesn't like thinking about his future, he doesn't care what people think of him, and he doesn't bother getting involved in other people's business.
        xii. does your character have a distinct style of clothing that they always wear?
        not really. it's usually something simple like that of the middle class--whatever clothing that will let him fight and run comfortably and easily in. sometimes he'll wear thieves' guild grade armor along with a cloak. other than that, the only telltale sign that screams a certain region or faction is that he keeps his beard/stubble and hair short and neat to a degree that reflects his time in the imperial guard.
        xiii. is there a particular skill your character doesn't have but would like to learn?
        how to speak to a large crowd of people in such a way that demands respect, though he'd never admit that. because that's what lords do, and he's no lord (that he's aware of).
        xiv. who is the first person your character would tell important news to?
        no one or the nearest bird/animal he sees.
        xv. is your character competitive?
        oh, he's incredibly competitive. if challenged, he won't back down, especially if it involves drinking or something dangerous like throwing knives. or drinking and throwing knives at the same time. stubbornness, pride, or stupidity--take your pick.
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