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Mon Aug 06, 2018 10:07 pm

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            • What is your character's name and how did they get it?
              "My parents decided to name me Valerie Sanders, even though most people have already begun calling me 'Val'. Also, just a fun fact; my mum wanted to name me 'Jennifer' after her favourite singer, but my dad was smart enough to keep her from actually doing that. Neither of my parents had middle names, so I don't have one, either. I do have a codename, though; 'Fireball'."

              How do they feel about their name?
              "It means 'to be strong' and I think that really fits me. I've always been a daredevil and very few people would dare to call me girly. I live by my name's true meaning and I always come out at the very top, no matter what I must do to be successful."

              What items does your character keep next to their bedside?
              "A journal that I use to write down my nightmares or whatever unusual ideas I get while sleeping. There's also my phone and a small jewellery box; both gifts from my older brother, Lance. I tend to keep the space around my bed uncluttered and tidy; most of the house is full of junk, anyway, so my room is the only safe haven, which is also clean. Oh, there's also a small cactus."

              What did your character want to be when they were younger? Are they doing that or working towards it? If not, why?
              "I wanted to be a lawyer. My father was a doctor and while my mother did work as a nurse in a prestigious hospital, she also had a degree in law, which she never used. I wanted to make things right in the world, but due to some odd things happening in my life, I ended up going against what I yearned to do. Now I serve in an illegal gang as their main mechanic, who keeps everything in check and makes sure no vehicle blows up in the street. I'd still like to get my law degree, though. Even if I'm old by then."

              How does your character feel about family functions and events?
              "My family wasn't exactly a loving one. My parents valued their work more than their own daughter, which kind of made me feel lonely and distanced from them. Our family didn't keep in touch with any other relatives and I grew up without knowing that such gatherings were a thing. I'm sure that going to one of them now would just make everything more awkward than it has to be."

              Does your character make friends easily?
              "Yes. I'm a very bubbly person, who doesn't shy away from going into the crowd. I like meeting new people and expanding my horizons when it comes to making new friends or keeping in touch with older ones. People like me because of my honesty."

              What was your character's first romantic encounter like?
              "There was a handsome guy named Thomas in high school; he had fallen head over heels in love with me and wouldn't stop trying to make something happen between us. I would wake up to a fresh bouquet of roses delivered to my doorstep and he would always send me poems and plushies in exchange for a quick chat with me. I wasn't interested in him, but it was still nice to feel loved and treasured by such a popular guy. Sadly, things like that rarely ever happen to me nowadays; I usually prefer a one-night stand instead of committing to a relationship. It's easier to run away from my responsibilities instead of facing them by myself."

              How does your character display affection?
              "Body language. I like touching other people; be it a friendly pat on the shoulder or a quick hug. Of course, talking with them is also an option, but I tend to let my posture tell everything. It's much easier than actually doing something, you know?"

              How does your character flirt with another?
              "Once again, I prefer to use my body instead of using my words. I can stare at them from under my eyelashes or lick my lips in a seductive way while dancing in a bar. Talking in riddles usually comes when I'm sure that the person is more than prepared to take me into their bed and have fun until the sun rises. It rarely ever comes to that, though; a bit of cleavage does the trick faster."

              What is your character's least favourite food?
              "I can't stand asparagus. Not only does it taste horrible, but it also makes you smell horrible; there's no way I'd ever agree to sleep with a person, who had just eaten asparagus or some blue cheese, which is a close second in this list. I also hate cranberries."

              Describe your character in three words and explain why you chose each.
              "Blunt - I never hold my words if something needs my input. I always say what I think and while that often gets me into heaps of trouble, I prefer to let others know the truth instead of living surrounded by lies. Apathetic - I'm not an emotional person and I don't let things get to me unless they are a big part of my life. While I'd reacted quite well when I learned that Lance was my older brother, I keep breaking down whenever I remember that my soulmate chose another person. Friendly - I don't hold grudges for a long time and I prefer to stay on the good side of other people. At least, until I screw things up by sleeping with them."

              What is your character's greatest regret in life?
              "I like to think that if I had tried harder, I and Serena would have worked out and my older brother wouldn't have snatched her away like that. Of course, I'm not mad at him, but I had envisioned spending my life together with my best friend. Even if our family wouldn't have been a biological one, I could have made her happy. And with a lot less suffering, you know?"

              Does your character keep their promises?
              "I try to. Sadly, a lot of my plans change and I end up doing what I had promised to avoid. It's not a good thing; to betray others."

              What are some values your characters hold?
              "Much like my brother, I value loyalty and trust. I want to know that someone will have my back during a mission or even a petty argument and not throw me away like some toy. There's a reason why I can't trust other people very easily, at least, not when it comes to my life; I've been betrayed many times already and it only proves that trusting others leads to bad things."

              Is your character a leader, follower, or lone wolf?
              "A leader. I'm a dominant person and that never works with followings others. I don't mind being in a large crowd and that doesn't really fit with the whole 'lone wolf' thing. But I prefer to make sure everything goes nicely instead of just watching."
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Tue Aug 07, 2018 4:40 am

Image xx Image space
death+violence occur in this passage.
please do not read if you are a precious cinammon roll.
thank you.:)
Hidden text.
xxEl Dorado. It was a site that was searched far and wide by the conquistadors that spanned over the expanse of South America. Such explorers braved the uncharted terrains of the continent that they have not been familiarized with the hopes to find the lost City of Gold and to be hailed as legend from their country of origin. They hoped to come across such a mythical place of riches, but such expeditions became fruitless with such a city of myth never to be found. He believed that this shall be their El Dorado. The whisperings of a trove of treasure veiled from prying eyes that were believed to be worthy of millions. The duo would never have to work another day in their high-risk lives. They could hang up their armor and their weaponry to live out their days in a retirement lined with luxurious commodities. The dreams that they had shared with one another of how they wanted to propose to the woman that has remained by their side for the years that have come and gone by, to purchase that big and beautiful home that they have being eyeing but never could scrounge up the monetary means to afford such a place, and the numerous amount of jests as to be sipping from glasses of the finest champagne with diamonds at the bottom. They had been simply dreams, but such dreams may become the ultimate reality. He had his suspicions at first. It was to be expected, given that this wasn't the first wild goose chase that he has been dragged into. In their younger years, both he and his friend of all of these years have visited numerous taverns for the hunt on a possible lucky break to local legends. This being one of them. The Hunter splays out a crinkled and faded ink map that seems to have been sketched by a cartographer or lead scout of the region. The detailing to such a map sure made it a treasure itself. It could be passed off as an art piece in a gallery if they were to frame it. The Hunter turns to the partner that he has coerced into joining him on yet another quest to an 'El Dorado'. A wide smile pulls at the corners to the man's lips, as he turns to face the other with such excitement gleaming in his almond shaped eyes. "Just like old times, Gray?" the man who has the possession of the map says to his friend, to which such a friend nods his head in a silent yet nervous agreement. "Just like old times,Julian.", Gray replies with such nervousness evident in his tone of voice. In the previous and typical loops of searching for the promise of riches, such sources were derived from the technology believed to be buried away in the rubble of an era known for its innovation.

xxIt was harmless. There had been other fellow adventurers such as themselves that trekked through the lands to discover Golden Age technology with the hopes of cashing in such valuables. But this? This was an entirely different story. This was the riches that was tarnished by the droplets of blood from the people whose lives were claimed by someone notorious simply by name. Not a soul spoke their name in these wintry parts. Fear was bred into them that the wolves shall come for their families at night, and shall steal away their children and whom else they loved only to never be seen again. Death. It was assumed that they have met death when the wolves have sunken dagger-like teeth into the woolen flesh of the sheep. Their hunger for blood has been sated, or the winds of winter has made the wolf pack laid to an eternal slumber. They vanished, almost as if they never existed in the first place. They have left their imprint upon these lands. Supposedly, there had been mementos of their iron reign from a manor that has decayed and worn down into ruins. In the crypts of such ruins is where the treasures were left untouched. No man dared to venture into such territories. And based on the tales that were spoken in hushed whispers by the natives in the tavern and the inn, Gray could see why.Julian perches onto a boulder with the map still fanned open to survey the vicinity for an indication that they may have been drawing close to the site of interest. He was giddy with excitement of hitting the jackpot, that he seemed to be barely holding his composure of trembling with such joy. It made Gray wonder if Julian heard a single word of the tales that have been woven of the individual that had been the owner to such otherworldly findings. Did every word pass over his head as if it was nothing? This individual whose property they were snooping around in has slaughtered soldiers of the light such as themselves. Their light had been snuffed out, almost as if such a Guardian was a mere and weak flame of a candle's wick to the unyielding wind. People have perished on the premises. This person had been known for such crimes. But whom held a greater power to overtake their throne? None thus far. "It is close-by, Gray. Just three kilos. It is in there. The forest." Julian informs the other Hunter, while he carefully folds the map and tucks it into the side of his belt. "Let's go. We're burning daylight, Gray. We are going to make a shit ton of money off of this mother lode." Julians adds shortly after as he hops from off of the boulder and beckons his friend to follow. With a low huff of air exhaled from his lips, Gray follows reluctantly in the other man's footsteps.

space space

xxIt was than what has been portrayed by the story tellers to the region. It was an eerie place with desolation stark in its mute atmosphere. It was dead here. Not a single form of life in this area. The crisp snow crunched underneath their boots as they approached the iron gates. It had been the only sound that resonated in this forest. It made the hairs on the back of Gray's neck stand on its ends, while he followed Julian closely with caution in his movements. It was strange. It was almost as if the eyes of the forest were watching them from afar. It causes for his gut to twist uncomfortably as he slips past the parted iron gate. He wanted to leave. He felt that this was a horrendous idea for every second that has passed by them. Why did he entertain Julian's adventurous side to explore such a haunting place? He is jarred from his thoughts when Julian shakes him up by calling his name following by pointing something out as he wanders into the manor whose splintered door was laid flat on the marbled front. The manor shared an older and prestigious beauty to it hinted by the chandeliers that were once strung up on the ceilings crashed and scattered on the dust layered flooring. There had been oil paintings whose facing was blemished by deep scourges of a blade. A stained rug leads up to a grand staircase that brings brief attention to the second level of the manor. It seems to be of interest to both parties involved, but such exploration to the upper levels were not the reason as to why they were here. If any soul dared to step afoot onto this dreadful place, chances are, they already have scoured these levels for scraps that they could sell back at home. It was what lays below that was worth more than his weight in shimmering gold and sparkling diamonds. "Come. This way, Gray." Julian calls out to his friend, while he slinks further into the abode. The hazel eyes of Gray linger on the peculiar objects that despite the chaos they were amongst, that such objects seemed to be left untouched with not a single speckle of dust on its surfacing. Has someone been here recently? Maybe someone decided to take the liberty as to move in with their own trinkets and belongings after the previous owner to such an estate has departed. It wasn't uncommon. There had been a Guardian that made themselves at him at a stonework home nestled at the moors. A wizened Warlock that babbled about nonsense and created strange tonics. Some claimed that the Warlock was led to such madness after coming across the pathway to the original owner of this manor. Gods know what they did to make an enlightened scholar twist and transform into a shadow of a man as if they were malleable putty.

xxTheir feather light footsteps carry them through the corridor whose light fixtures were densely covered with cobwebs collected over the years. Gray pauses to allow Julian take a few additional paces onwards whilst the handcrafted and seemingly delicate crown of thorns forged of unknown metals lures his attention. It had been resting on top of a stand amongst the shattered shards of glass carpeting of the display. At one point of time, the crown had been in some sort of glass container to hide it away from those that were curious just like himself. He draws closer to the crown of thorns, allowing for the tips of his index finger and middle digit to brush along part of the crown.  The sharp tip to one of its thorns snags the cloth of his gloves, which creates a knick that dribbles a droplet of blood from his index finger. It creates a small sting, which causes for the man to hiss lowly and back away from the display. He scrutinizes the tip of his index finger, but the flicker of an verdant ember where he had knicked his finger grabs his attention at an instant.His eyes widen with a newly discovered horror, before he turns on his heel to reach out to his friend."Julian! They are still here! They-", Gray cries out as a shadow looms over him followed by a harsh blow to the side of his face. His towering and lanky form falls limp onto the cool floor with blood oozing amongst his short locks of auburn hair. He wavers in a state of consciousness and unconsciousness. He feels someone tugging at him. The faint sound of something heavy being dragged across the floor reached his ears. He felt the presence of light. He felt the presence of darkness. He felt both of them mesh together.  A howl reaches him. Or was it a scream? He could not tell. He feels the pooling of something that had been warm and thick only to be cold to the touch. When he is brought to consciousness once more, his eyes slowly peel open. He was weak. So weak. He couldn't move. Even if he bore the strength to budge, he wouldn't be able to. He could hardly move his arms or wrists for they have been bound. Every little movement he made with his hands, he could feel the material biting into his flesh. His eyes adjust to the dim lighting, only to take in the finer detailing of the predicament that he was in. Nausea rolls through him with the realization that it had not been his own blood. Laying beside him with soft blue eyes glazed and unseeing was Julian. Dead. Oh god. He was fucking dead. The pastel lavender Ghost that was known for her cheerfulness laid defeated beside his unmoving form. Her parts were crushed and mangled. She had been gorgeous. His own Ghost had been jealous of her. Now? They were gone from this world. He wanted to scream, but only a muffled and frail cry leaves his cracked lips.

xxHe hears someone approaching, and without warning, he is yanked from his arms so that he'd be kneeling before his captor. Gray looks anywhere but the sole person that is seated directly in front of him. He doesn't have to catch a glimpse to know it was them. He knew that he shared a doomed fate similarly to Julian. It was merely the time that waded by that kept him alive. A hand belonging to the person that brought him to his knees firmly grasped his shoulder to rein in his attention."Look at them." a gruff and sandpapered voice reaches out to him, and with a great hesitance that is reflected in his movements, Gray slowly lifts his head up so that he'd be looking right at the murderer of his friend. A sickening sensation rolls through him, threatening to upheave bile but he manages to contain himself from doing so. Magnus. This was Magnus. He could feel their sinuous and corrupted light reaching out to his own as if to take a taste of it. They were adorned with a beautifully crafted set of armor that was obsidian in coloration. They were sitting upon their makeshift throne that matches the armor that they have donned. Magnus was comfortable where they were seated with legs slightly outstretched, posture slouched against the cushioning of the chair, arms laid against the arm rests with their fingers curled at the end of it, and he could see his own reflection in the visor of the helmet that they have worn. He could feel their eyes pinning onto him. It was almost as if they could see through him like a pane of glass. Magnus looks at him as if he was a speck of dust in a meaningless world. He probably was in their eyes. His friend's life meant nothing to them. Julian lays motionless in his own pool of blood for what could have been minutes after he has expelled his last breath or what could have been hours. He had been killed, much like the many other victims underneath their ensnaring grip. Magnus adjusts their posturing, and slowly rise to a stand in order to peer down at this lesser being. They almost felt bad as to how pathetic Gray was as he whimpered lowly to himself with stains of tears blemishing his reddened cheeks. Magnus raises one of their hands from where it has been previously resting upon to reveal what has been pressed against the palm of their hand. It was missable. Something so minuscule that it could have been overlooked had he not been watching the movement of their hand. An eerie green tear drop crystal is revealed, and from where he was forced to watch, he can sense the faint trace of his friend's light ebbing from this very crystal. They harvested his light. It was nauseating to even think if his light was stolen away from him before his death or after his death. Whatever Gods that were out there watching afar on distant stars, he had hoped that it was after his death to save him from the blinding and excruciating pain from having something so precious torn from their body and to watch their Ghost shrivel and perish before their eyes. "Your friend served their purpose." Magnus has spoken, which snaps Gray's attention from the crystal dangling from its golden chain to the person that has orchestrated their master plan. The tear drop crystal is obscured from view with their gloved hand clasping around the fragile object, before Magnus continues on with what was to be said."You shall serve a purpose as well." they continue, as Gray was hoisted upwards onto his feet."You shall go to your Vanguard. You will tell them what happened here today. Maybe I shall be gracious enough to send him back home." they speak lowly as they motion to the empty shell of what had been Julian."I never want to see any of you again." Magnus adds shortly after with malice interwoven in their voice."Take him away before I change my mind." With that order carried over to their minions, a sack is placed over Gray's head to obscure their vision, before they are dragged away from the compound.
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мєєт мαgиυѕ

Tue Aug 07, 2018 4:41 am

Hidden text.

1. What is your character's name and how did they get it? It was their original surname in their previous lifetime because 'bastards' (children born out of marriage) do not keep their father's surname. The meaning behind Magnus is 'Powerful' and 'Great' in Latin.
2. How do they feel about their name? It is quite fitting. They use such a name as an alias for the crimes they have committed and to breed fear into the region they occupy.
3. What items does your character keep next to their bedside? Most likely a gun or a dagger in the very rare instance that someone of malicious intent was to try and strike when they are sleeping.
4. What did your character want to be when they were younger? Are they doing that or working towards it? If not, why? They have no memories when they were a child. Though when they were a young adult, they wanted to have an impact in society. They wanted to be remembered as a 'hero' and doing good for society. Such a dream ended in failure after an incident that led into descent.
5. How does your character feel about family functions and events? They do not have a family, and they could care less about family. The only functions they would attend is if expensive champagne or money was involved.
6. Does your character make friends easily? Quite the opposite. They make enemies easily. They believe that such attachments make them vulnerable.
7. What was your character's first romantic encounter like? Romantic? When they had their first (and believed to be) final serious relationship. This was back before 'Magnus' has risen. After that? 'Romance' was saved typically for one-night stands.
8. How does your character display affection? The only 'affection' that a person shall receive if they live to see another day. They don't display their affection. They don't make such attachments.
9. How does your character flirt with another? If they want someone, then they shall have it. They would approach the person with an interest involved. Buy them a few drinks. Keep up the small talk. Throw in a flirtatious comment or compliment somewhere in there. That's it. 
10. What is your character's least favorite food? Anything that is bland to the taste buds.
11. Describe your character in three words and explain why you chose each.
Cruel-They could care less about the feelings of another or the well-being of another. Of it meant that they would have to sacrifice a life if it meant to further progress, then they shall do so without thinking twice.
Wild Soul-They cannot be tamed, much like the wilderness that surrounds them. There is something predatory or primal in their nature. They can never be settled back into the norms of life. There will always be an aspect to them that cannot be changed no matter how hard one may try.
Charismatic- They are charming when it comes to words. Most likely can buy the pants that you are wearing right now. This trait has been useful for the duration of their trade to gain favors and influence others.
12. What is your character's greatest regret in life? Losing the trail of the individual responsible for the downfall of their original pathway to the light. They intend to pick up the pieces once more to track them down, and strike vengeance down upon them.
13. Does your character keep their promises? Nope. 9.5/10, would most likely backstab/betray you if it benefitted them.
14. What are some values your characters hold? They value hard work above at all. Things do not arrive on a pretty silver plate for the taking. Such things had to be earned  whether it be reputation or the items that they have gained over the course of their work. They also admire bravery and ingenuity. They could care less about loyalty. Loyalty can be bought.
15. Is your character a leader, follower, or lone wolf? Hmm. A mixture between a lone wolf and a leader.

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мєєт ѕαgє

Tue Aug 07, 2018 4:41 am

Image Image space
Hidden text.
1. What is your character's name and how did they get it?
My character's name is simply Sage. It is a unisex name,because I use this same character to play female and male roles in varying role plays. For now, I have been using her with the female role. The meaning behind the name is 'wise', 'characterized by wisdom', and to 'have good taste'. She received this name by her mother, for she wanted for her child to flourish with wisdom.
2. How do they feel about their name? She thinks that it is a unique name, and that she does not dislike it. There has been a fair share of others picking on her name with relevance to the herb.
3. What items does your character keep next to their bedside? Usually a book that they would read at night to get them to fall asleep. Sometimes, they also have their sealing pendant in close proximity to her.
4. What did your character want to be when they were younger? Are they doing that or working towards it? If not, why? She wanted to be the ruler to her family's kingdom. The kingdom has been destroyed due to a civil war, but she hopes that someday, she can return and rebuild what has been decimated.
5. How does your character feel about family functions and events? She only knows of her adoptive family that has taken her in upon the dying wish that her father had. She is open to feasts and conversing about the direction of the kingdom that she has been raised at with her adoptive family. She isn't entirely keen on social gatherings with other nobility and kingdoms, mostly due to the fact that she is not a social butterfly.
6. Does your character make friends easily? She is rather easy to get along with, but due to her nature, she doesn't get out much to forge such friendships. She'd rather be sitting in the palace's library than to attend tea parties in the garden.
7. What was your character's first romantic encounter like? She would often sneak out of the palace with someone of a lower class when they were very young. She may had a crush/puppy love for the person, but it wasn't all that serious. They were young after all. Even if such a relationship flourished when they were older to grasp a concept of love, it was  frowned upon to even be with another of a lower status.
8. How does your character display affection? She would do little things. Give them a small gift from the marketplace or bazaar that she thought they would like, handcraft them an item such as a handkerchief, pack a picnic and head out toward the wild flower field out in the back of the palace. She also likes the cute public displays of affection like a small kiss, holding hands, bumping into the other's shoulder in a playful manner, etc.
9. How does your character flirt with another? She doesn't really flirt. If she likes you, she likes you. She'd want to hang out with them more and do fun things together that both parties involved would enjoy.
10. What is your character's least favorite food? Venison. When she was a child, she nearly cried when she found out that it was deer.
11. Describe your character in three words and explain why you chose each. Humble- Despite her royal status, she treats her servants with the upmost respect. She doesn't abuse them like some nobility would do if they made a small mistake.
Strong-She is not the typical damsel in distress. She hates to use her magic, but if necessary, she could defend herself if needed be. Unbeingknowst to many, she has a great affinity with magic. Particularly, the element of air and darker arts.
Polite-She knows her manners. Always says 'Please', 'Thank You', etc. It is not entirely expected of her to do so, but she does it anyway to show respect to another no matter what social class they are.
12. What is your character's greatest regret in life? Not knowing her origins, and not asking about her origins sooner. She had always been curious, various questions have been dodged by the advisors, and she could never find any information related to her family name. She hopes to someday stumble across her linage in some way.
13. Does your character keep their promises? Yes. She would not make a promise if she cannot keep it.
14. What are some values your characters hold?  Honesty, loyalty, and to treat others as you'd like to be treated are some of the values that she holds.
15. Is your character a leader, follower, or lone wolf? She tends to be a 'follower' but she will speak her mind if something goes against her moral compass.
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AS Afflatus: Activity Prompt

Tue Aug 07, 2018 5:54 pm


Characters: Xavier Woods and Serena Woods (deer's girl)
Warnings: slight mention of sex
Word Count: 614

There had been a time in Xavier's life where he believed everything would start becoming normal. Melody's arrival into the world a year ago was certainly interesting, but he just hoped everything would calm down. Sure they hadn't caught Ryan yet, the man always seemingly hiding out somewhere just out of their reach. He always made his presence known by sending a few "gifts" here and there, although more often than not Brandon was already on Ryan's trail. But with their little princess in the mix, Xavier usually tried to keep everyone out of harm's way. He didn't want to put his wife and child into any danger, although their lives were pretty much anything but normal. That sort of came with the territory when you were the leader of a gang and married to the sister of another gang's leader.

But for the most part everything was pretty quiet. Melody was born and a year had passed until something happened that required their attention. And it required more attention than just disassembling a bomb so it wouldn't explode or merely making sure a truck didn't get to its destination. But this time was a little more serious. It always became serious when the people they loved were threatened. Mainly it was Samantha and then Gavin had gone missing, along with Scott from Dan's gang. Sort of random to have the three of them disappear, but there was no other reason for them to be gone other than Ryan and his group had taken them. They didn't have much of a connection, just a tool to get Xavier to react. And he was going to react, but he didn't want to involve his family.

However Serena always knew when something was wrong. He didn't have to tell her for her to know. She could just read him. That night he broke down and told her exactly what happened, and how he needed to go and deal with this. He couldn't just let Dan and his group handle this and he couldn't send more of his people out there without their leader. Serena understood, even telling him that she was coming with. No buts about it. That was how they ended up making sure the store was taken care of for a week and they asked Cece, Zach, Alex, and Max to come and stay over at their house with Melody for the week. He wanted Melody in a familiar location and his place had the most security out of everything. They would all be safe should something happen.

And they were back out on the road, although this time heading in the opposite direction from where they had rescued Brandon and Dan all those years ago. Of course they were both still in charge, Serena having turned back into her Sparrow side which was still hot as hell. Which is what led to some sex adventures along the way. But once they were at the location, everyone split up, Xavier and Serena heading off together. Xavier had a gun in his hand with a few knives on his belt whereas all Serena had was the knives she always carried for a mission like this. Everything had been locked down in their basement for safe keeping, hoping they didn't have to use them again but always there just in case.

Standing around a corner, Xavier smiled as he looked back at his wife. "So...Just like old times?" The two of them were very deadly together, even if technically they didn't really kill anyone. Just incapacitated in order to keep moving. But he saw the gentle nod of Serena's head behind him. "Just like old times."
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ᴀғғʟᴀᴛᴜs ᴘʀᴏᴍᴘᴛ

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Imagexxx WORD COUNT: 1,000
His eyes were focused on the burning castle in front of him. No matter their rush, it was obvious the couple was late to change a single thing regarding Paris' fall. A quiet sigh escaped his thin lips as Ray ran his calloused fingertips through his inky black hair, searching the battlefield for any signs of his friend. It was a useless search, but he didn't want to give up. The assassin had to be certain about Sybil's death; no man or beast could keep him away from the castle if he found a possibility that she had lived. But there was nothing.

Ethne's quiet footsteps didn't wake Ray up from his dark thoughts, only making him shy away from the youth's touch as she crouched down next to him, watching the fight come to an end below them. It wasn't a pretty sight; blood had dyed the ground in a dark shade of crimson with bodies thrown around the courtyard, only adding a macabre touch to an already horrifying scene. Ethne didn't spend too much of her valuable time looking for a person, who had been the most important target of their enemies. Sybil must have been cut down earlier into the day; there was nothing resembling the naive brunette anywhere in the field. A tense smile came to her pale lips.

"It seems we have not been fast enough," the woman sighed, dipping her head in shame. "Paris has fallen. It will not take long until France crumbles away, too. Shall we descend and search for the Queen, my friend? Or do you wish to sit and mope until the barbarians catch us? I do not wish to die."

"Then leave," Ray's voice came in a hushed whisper as the black-haired man refused to spare one glance at his friend. "Ireland could use a girl like you in their ranks. Go home."

The woman scoffed quietly, rolling her blue eyes in a silent act of rebellion. The man crouching down next to her was higher than Ethne both in rank and skill, but it didn't mean that Ray was her superior. There was no guild anymore; no creed to follow. They were left on their own from the moment when Jehan decided they were unfit to protect the Queen or her newest companion. And while that had been nothing more but upsetting, she knew better than to argue. Following Ray and escaping the country had been Ethne's own decision; no one had forced her to abandon Sybil and disappear into thin air. Her eyes lacked understanding, but even the rebellious youth understood that going against the enemy's soldier was nothing more but a path leading to certain death. And she didn't want to part with her existence just yet; there was still experiences she wanted to go through. Dying would be a waste.

"I will not leave you alone," she laughed dryly at his offer to return home and stay there. "Ireland will be fine. I worry about you the most, Ray. Seeing the kingdom crumble must have left an impact on your soul, has it not? We might be portrayed as cruel killers, but we are not emotionless. Hide as you may, I can see that you are hurting. It pains me."

"Is this pity I hear from your lips, Ethne?" He sneered at her kind words. "I mourn the death of Sybil. It may not have looked so, but I cared for her deeply. As I do for you."

A faint blush painted her cheeks a darker shade as the black-haired woman offered him a tired smile. For days the pair had ushered their horses to run faster in hopes of reaching Paris in time. But now, as the castle was picked apart in front of their very eyes, there was no joy in coming back earlier than both of them had expected. It wasn't enough. She threw a quick glance at her black-haired friend, realising that sitting around moping wasn't going to help either of them. While their guild didn't exist anymore, completely destroyed by the sudden attack of the barbarians, they remained assassins. And nothing could stop people like them; Ethne had already learned that not many people dared to stand in the way of hooded, armed warriors. They could rebuild what had been lost moments earlier and, with enough time and effort, chase out the enemy for good. She knew that Ray also wanted peace and quiet.

"Then stand up, my friend," she hummed quietly, extending her arm to Ray as she got up from her position. "Mourning will not get us anywhere. She would not yearn to see you motionless. However, we are more than enough to rebuild what has been lost to these barbarians. The guild can be reborn, stronger than ever before. You need to believe."

For a moment, he watched Ethne's face without saying anything. Then, with what seemed to be an immense amount of strength, Ray forced himself to stand up and grab her pale hand, squeezing it roughly until her bones cracked. The pair of assassins looked at each other for what felt like hours, even though only a couple of seconds had passed since the man moved. A dull smile appeared on his lips, but it soon changed into a grin; Ray was prepared to try again, even if it would leave to another failure. Patting each other on the backs, they pulled on their hoods and stood above the crumbling city quietly, watching as the innocent citizens were slaughtered by the invaders. It hurt, but they couldn't interfere. At least, not yet.

"I was being foolish. It seems that after being so close to me, you have changed, Ethne," his smile was infectious. "Let us rebuild this city together, friend. Just like old times?"

"Just like old times," she agreed with an eager nod, pulling on her hood as Ray did the same, turning away from everything. "I have changed because of your doing, Guildmaster."
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AS Afflatus: Issue 14 // Prompt [805]

Wed Aug 08, 2018 6:33 pm


just like old times
characters: dan, damien, shaana, layla, sebastian, jasmine, logan
universe: alternate of the herd
triggers: grief, blood, death

A chorus of Happy Birthday rang loudly in the kitchen of their home. It echoed clear back the hallways as the whole of the gang sang around a lit cake on the counter. Every year, at the insistence of Damien, Jasmine baked a cake and they sang a song for the Mars Rover. It had touched Day when he learned the robot sang to itself year after year - all alone on the little red planet - and their medic was quick to suggest a party of their own to celebrate. As the song neared its end, the technician leaned down and blew out the candles. A smile broke across his usually straight face, making it impossible for any of them not to smile as well. Logan felt arms coil around his arm and looked down to see Layla hugging it to her chest. The brunette leaned down to press a kiss to the top of her head. He straightened and took in the room around him. Dan stood with arms crossed, leaning against a counter and beaming at all of the children gathered. Jasmine and Damien had already busied themselves with cutting slices of cake for everyone. Shaana - of course - stood next to the pyro with a tub of ice cream in her hands. Usually she was stealing everyone else’s ice cream, but tonight it would be shared. Mars Rover day had quickly become the assassins favorite holiday.

An all too familiar sound met Logan’s ears and he knew it was too late. The excitement had died down just enough for him to catch the tink of something breaking through glass. Brown eyes shot rapidly from member to member until they landed on Jasmine. She held a hand to her chest, blood already seeping through. Tears laced her eyes, a small “ouch” tumbling between her lips. “Get down!” Dan’s voice was harsh, worry lingering heavy. The assassin was already moving. He less than gracefully pushed Layla down and rushed forward for Day. The tech trembled as his redheaded lover went limp next to him. An arm wrapped around the boy’s waist and pulled him down as their leader went for the falling medic. Daniel cursed. “What’s happening?” Damien’s voice came out with a crack. Neither answered him. The tears broke past Jasmine’s eyes and ran down her cheeks. She feebly reached for her friend as the bright red pool began to grow. Tears breached Damien’s own eyes as he took her hand and scooted forward. “I- I don’t understand. Why- Why isn’t she healing?” All Logan could do was look at Dan. Their eyes met. Jasmine’s power only worked for others. They all knew that and it was why it had always been imperative to make sure she was the most protected. Whoever attacked them had either gotten lucky, or they had known.

Dan shifted to rest Jasmine in Damien’s lap. He leaned cautiously to peek around the island and saw no blood where Shaana and Sebastian sat. There were no other shots and no one else had been hurt. Yet. “We have to protect them,” he said as he turned his attention back to Logan. The youth nodded in response, “Just like old times.” Despite all of them being capable now, the two still felt the responsibility of keeping them safe resting on their shoulders. Logan placed a hand on the back of his roommate and looked down at the girl in his lap. She had stopped her labored breathing and lay peacefully. They had lost one and would soon lose others if they didn’t act soon and act smart. “Day, you need to go and get one of the guns.” The boy shook his head aggressively. “I can’t leave her alone.” His words caused a pause in the young man. They all would need to grieve, but now was not the time. Now he needed to push the pain aside before they would need to grieve for him too. “Go get the gun. Then come back and protect her.” It physically pained him to use those words. Protect her from what? Logan bit the inside of his lip to fight away the burning in his eyes. Damien let Jasmine’s head move from his lap to the floor and moved to the room next to them. Knowing he would be back once he took the hidden gun, Logan slid back around the kitchen island to face Layla. He dug up a floorboard and revealed another one of their stashes. With a gun in one hand, he cleared the gap between them and took her chin in his other hand. He pressed the cool metal into her palm. “Be careful, Pipsqueak.” Lips pressed against hers in a hurried kiss before he pulled away and went back to the hole in the flooring.

work in progress
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Character Interview

Fri Aug 10, 2018 6:25 pm


────── (THAN NOTHING AT ALL) ──────
                • 1. What is your character's name and how did they get it?
                  Just something her mother liked. She's not named after anyone speicifc.
                  2. How do they feel about their name?
                  It's a bit old fashioned for her liking, but it's not horrible.
                  3. What items does your character keep next to their bedside?
                  Her bow and arrow in hand at all times. You never know when you'll need it.
                  4. What did your character want to be when they were younger? Are they doing that or working towards it? If not, why?
                  Aubrey wanted to be a psychologist, but considering they are now in an apocalypse, she never go the chance and never will.
                  5. How does your character feel about family functions and events?
                  No family. Not applicable anymore, not in this world.
                  6. Does your character make friends easily?
                  Probably a little too easily. She doesn't like being alone and enjoys human contact.
                  7. What was your character's first romantic encounter like?
                  Awkward as they usually are. It was a quick way to figure out that she was a lesbian though. Kissing men is no fun.
                  8. How does your character display affection?
                  Words. She's not exactly sure how to show it through actions, but wouldn't be opposed.
                  9. How does your character flirt with another?
                  Pretty smoothly, which is surprising for her.
                  10. What is your character's least favorite food?
                  Fish. Which is unfortunate because sometimes that was all to be found to eat.
                  11. Describe your character in three words and explain why you chose each.
                  Compassionate; she feels for others and wants to do what she can to make them happy. Strong; she has been through so much and is still fighting, despite the odds. Sociable; Aubrey loves people and would rather spend her time with someone, rather than alone.
                  12. What is your character's greatest regret in life?
                  Not being able to save her brother. She feels his death is her own fault.
                  13. Does your character keep their promises?
                  She tried. But promising to keep her brother safe was a big one that she broke.
                  14. What are some values your characters hold?
                  Trust, companionship, love, and survival.
                  15. Is your character a leader, follower, or lone wolf?
                  Followers. 100%.

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character interview: sachi

Tue Aug 14, 2018 4:03 pm

    • 1. What is your character's name and how did they get it? Sachi. It was the name given to him at birth. He has no last name.
      2. How do they feel about their name? He has no real opinion on his name. Sachi doesn't know what his name means and therefore can't say it suits him in terms of definition but he finds it sits nicely on his tongue.
      3. What items does your character keep next to their bedside? Considering he has no permanent home the answer is probably nothing.
      4. What did your character want to be when they were younger? Are they doing that or working towards it? If not, why? Sachi had no real ambition of a career as a child but was always drawn towards his sense of wanderlust. He always knew he was going to partake on a journey that lead him to bliss but to settle in an occupation or place? Unfathomable.
      5. How does your character feel about family functions and events? He is not a fan of them - not that he has ever attended something like that.
      6. Does your character make friends easily? Not really. To others of his kind he has a magnetic atmosphere that draws them to him but in terms of a first impression personality he's like a dead fish.
      7. What was your character's first romantic encounter like? Sachi had no idea what was even going on and to this day remains that ignorance. He is largely uninterested in romantic pursuits. The times where he is aware of it is usually in the presence of lunar flowers, particularly Phaechi.
      8. How does your character display affection? He is not a verbally affectionate male but shows it through thoughtful attention to the person and perhaps by advising them when they call for his attention.
      9. How does your character flirt with another? He doesn't know what flirting is. If Sachi were to show interest in someone he would dive right into the deep end and confess devotion to the person. When he falls in love he is always certain of it and doesn't intend to beat around the bush.
      10. What is your character's least favorite food? Vegetables.
      11. Describe your character in three words and explain why you chose each. Unwavering, thoughtful, selfish. The first because he is never hesitant or insecure. Thoughtful because he is a deep and worldly thinker as well as a vigorously intellectual being. Lastly Sachi is selfish because of his dissociative nature. While he prefers to be by himself he is not affected by the general consensus of being the group's representative. This lack of care may seem convenient but he fails to think of the responsibility that comes with letting the others follow him.
      12. What is your character's greatest regret in life? He has no great regrets. Yet.
      13. Does your character keep their promises? Sachi lacks commitment and therefore doesn't make promises. If he does they are more a promise to do his best than a guarantee.
      14. What are some values your characters hold? A constant sense of drive, hope and endurance for paradise.
      15. Is your character a leader, follower, or lone wolf? Sachi is a lone wolf for sure but by some strange series of events he has become the alpha of his little pack. Individualistic but not bitter about this, Sachi is an unassuming leader.
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Re: AS Afflatus: Issue Fourteen

Tue Aug 14, 2018 7:35 pm

1. What is your character's name and how did they get it? His formal name is Guernier the Passionate - dubbed that when given the protective and guiding Crow role. On Earth, he is called Gray Ramsey. That name was chosen at random.
2. How do they feel about their name? Gray hates his formal name. After Aster was claimed 'The Protector', Gray felt as if 'The Passionate' title served no purpose as a Crow.
3. What items does your character keep next to their bedside? Journals filled with horrible, unrelatable poetry.
4. What did your character want to be when they were younger? Are they doing that or working towards it? If not, why? Gray wanted to be in the next line of Crows. However, he wanted to take the lead and become saintly to humans - something he can't do when chosen for the role alongside his older brother (who he assumes will be the most remembered).
5. How does your character feel about family functions and events? Gray has no family aside from his two brothers on Earth and he'd gladly do anything else to avoid having to spend any more time with them.
6. Does your character make friends easily? Gray is grossly persuasive, but doesn't really know what his motive is. He's not shy about sleeping around to become well known. I don't know if you could consider those friends, though.
7. What was your character's first romantic encounter like? Once Gray figured out that his otherworldly assets could be used to his advantage, he considered it life changing. It wasn't long lasting though since that feeling of manipulation and deception left him feeling lonelier.
8. How does your character display affection? Undivided attention during his gigs (poetry) at the Jazz Cat. You'll feel wanted, adored. However, after a while the main emotion becomes jealousy. Either Gray moves on and they feel spurned, or they do and Gray - again - feels second best.
9. How does your character flirt with another? Bad poetry, backhanded compliments. Nothing that's really romantic at all.
10. What is your character's least favorite food? Any bougie pasta dish that Aster tries to cook.
11. Describe your character in three words and explain why you chose each. Jealous, deceitful, persuasive. Gray is eternally jealous of his older brother, doing whatever it takes to be remembered as a saint once shit hits the fan on Earth. However, he wants to be trusted even if he really can't be.
12. What is your character's greatest regret in life? Being born second.
13. Does your character keep their promises? Not at all.
14. What are some values your characters hold? Being outspoken and open minded.
15. Is your character a leader, follower, or lone wolf? Very much so the lone wolf even if at first glance he appears to be in control.
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