AS Afflatus: Issue Eighteen

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Character Interview #2

Mon Dec 17, 2018 2:33 am


1. What are some unconscious quirks your character performs? Is there a reason?
"Unconscious ones? I'm not exactly sure. You'd have to ask my husband Darren to have a more exact answer."

2. How long can they go without showering before feeling gross?
"A couple days I suppose. I mean sometimes jobs take awhile. But if I'm home and able to take a shower, I'll take one every day. I don't care to be stinky all the time, unless Darren is in the mood for that."

3. Do they leave their clothes on a floor or chair? Or neither?
"They are normally on the floor where I just end up taking them off on my way to Darren."

4. Do they sleep with the bedroom door open or closed?
"Darren likes it closed, so we sleep with it closed."

5. What animal would they be?
"Some kind of large dog I think? Like a werewolf."

6. If they could only eat one thing for an entire month, what would it be?
"Pasta. You can make so many different things with pasta if you know how to cook."

7. Would your character want to know the exact time and date of their death?
"No thank you."

8. Would your character want to know how they die?
"Pretty sure I said no."

9. What is your character's favorite mythological creature?
"I enjoy dragons because they remind me of Darren. He's damn hot wink wink."

10. What is their favorite song?
"I'm So Sorry by Imagine Dragons is on the top of my playlist right now."

11. Does your character procrastinate or stay on top of things?
"Stay on top of things. I can't procrastinate because you never know when a life might be in danger."

12. What does your character indulge themselves on?
"Netflix with Dar. I also enjoy chocolate shakes from time to time."

13. How do they react when they're injured?
"I'm pretty must used to it by now. I tend to get injured quiet a bit. I always know that when I get home, Darren will make sure my mind is off of my pain and on other things."

14. How does your character celebrate their birthday?
"I kind of have two celebrations. I mean there is the Xavier celebration with presents and the family, and then there is my more intimate one with Darren back at our own home. Just the two of us if you get what I mean."

15. What was their first kiss like?
"You want the actual first one or the first one with Darren? Cause my first kiss was actually with Darren's brother Matt. We were both young and drunk and both realized we were into guys and so we tried it out. We ended up realizing that we didn't feel really anything for each other and remained friends. My first kiss with Darren was in high school. We were just doing some shooting with the basketball and playing a game of "you miss, you tell a secret". And it was innocent enough until I missed and instead of saying anything I kissed him. Thank god Darren actually liked me back, otherwise that would have made being on the same team rather awkward."

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Re: AS Afflatus: Issue Eighteen

Fri Jan 04, 2019 7:54 am

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