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Posted: Sun Feb 10, 2019 7:11 pm
by Grengirl
Prompt: "I've never felt more alive."
Wordcount: 613

The cold sun shone brightly that morning when the huddled mess of a man as he shambles out into the windblown litter of the empty streets. It has been over a month now since he had seen another living soul meandering around. So few had survived and he frequently wished he had not been one of those few. Hell he'd been sick most of his life so why hadn't he succumbed to this virus like all the others? Why had his weak lungs and overtaxed immune system not just given up on life the moment this had begun to spread like wildfire? He had definatly had contact with the sick and contagious. He had even tried to take his regnant neighbor Emily Grant and her young daughter Sarah to hospital during the early stages of the epidemic. There he had learned the city was in quarenteen, there he had learned just how bad things really were and him being healthy looking they had put him to work despite his complete lack of medical training and telling them he had failed a simple first aid class. The place had been falling apart when he escaped. Emily had already died and Sarah would soon be joining her then and he couldn't watch that. No he couldn't even tell the girl her mom was gone living to her until he bitter end. The girl had fallen unconscious with no hope of waking so yeah, he had walked out like the coward he was. The city wide quarantine hadn't been enough and now it had expanded to the whole of the eastern coastal states. Mark headed then out to the countryside thinking he would die there as he now had a fever and a cough. No luck there though after sleeping soundly in a cabin he had broken into for a few days and dining on canned soup that had been left there in the pantry by its owners he had felt much better! Now Mark was thinking the while thing had been blown out of proportion so he had headed back to the city on foot only to find no one there. No one alive anyway. Not even the stray cats or feral dogs from horror movies seemed to be roaming around. Had the virus gotten to them too? 

That was a week ago and he had cried himself to sleep every night but today, today out in that cold harsh winter sun there was movement! Today Mark actually felt alive as he ran out there to meet with whatever was out there. It was big and moving quickly on four long legs tangled masses of dark hair and trash streamed behind it as it ran and Mark began to recognize what he was chasing after and laughter took him. Mad laughter that echoed through the empty city streets. The horse stopped recognizing the sound and hoeing for food as much as familiar companionship returned to the crazy laughing man nickering and nudging him with her soft nose. Then nibbled at his scraggly hair with her long lips. Before snorting in disappointment. Mark smelled of strong liquor and salty tears not sugar and straw as she had hoped. Still she patiently nosed him up to his feet then less patiently waited for him to mount her. When he didnt she just began walking back toward her barn where two other hostages remained and one very young girl aged maybe five and who, if she ever could, did not speak a word. 

When Mark saw the girl he howled in delight, finally feeling alive, properly alive once more. He wasn't alone! .. and now neither would she be.

OTP Interview

Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2019 5:25 pm
by Gamora
Gamora x Peter, based off this roleplay.
    • 1. Who would hog the blankets at night?
      *answered in previous OTP quiz*
      2. Who tends to fuss over the other the most?
      "Peter worries a lot, but so do I, so I'd say both."
      "I always gotta look after my girl, you know."
      3. Who does the cooking?
      "Not Peter. Except for the one time he made me breakfast in bed on my birthday. That was sweet."
      "And it was actually edible!"
      4. Who would finish the other’s pizza crusts?
      "What's pizza?"
      "Oh, babe. I'm about to rock your world."
      "You've said that many times before. I'm still waited for my 'world' to be 'rocked'.
      5. Who would take care of spiders and such for the other?
      *answered in previous OTP quiz*
      6. Who is most likely to make up/forgive first?
      Definitely Peter. Trying to get Gamora to give in and apologize would be like pulling teeth. Though she does try and even if she's upset with Peter, she still wants to be around him. They tried not sharing a bed once. Never again.
      7. Who is the pet more attached to? (or hypothetical pet)
      "Would Rocket be considered a pet?"
      Peter laughing his ass off, "Oh my god, yes. He totally likes you better, though."
      8. Who keeps their space cleaner?
      Gamora shoot an unimpressed look to Peter.
      "Hey, what's that for? I'm totally clean!"
      9. Who cries at the end of romantic movies?
      "We haven't watched any, but probably Peter."
      "You're probably right."
      10. Who takes longer to get ready for date night?
      "Neither of us really take that long to get ready."
      "Gamora always looks the most beautiful, though."
      11. Who tends to be more inappropriate?
      "Do you really need to ask?"
      "I can't deny it." Then he smirks. "You're pretty inappropriate behind closed doors though."
      Gamora smirks at the innuendo. "That's because I can't help myself with you," she teased, knowing it would drive him mad.
      12. Who is the silly one?
      "Again, do you have to ask?"
      "I'm fucking hilarious, Gamora. And don't pretend you don't love it."
      13. Who apologizes first?
      "Peter, usually."
      "Because Gamora is always right," he smirked.
      14. Who is more likely to bring home a stray animal?
      Probably Peter. He'd suggest it and Gamora would agree for a few days and try and find it a new home, but then she'd totally fall in love with it, but deny it too.
      15. Who stays up later?
      "We usually crash at the same time, but Peter could sleep for days."
      "I like my beauty rest."

OTP Couple Interview 2

Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2019 8:21 pm
by Jazzyleia

1. Who would hog the blankets at night?
"I mean....why do I need blankets when I have my own personal heater always by my side?"

2. Who tends to fuss over the other the most?
"I think we are pretty even with that. We both look out for each other, that's what partners do. When the other does something stupid, we aren't afraid to tell them and call them out on it. But overall I think we both generally keep an eye on each other's safety."

3. Who does the cooking?
"It's so sweet that Brandon does the cooking sometimes. Honestly if it were up to me we would probably have a lot of takeout. Not that I won't cook of course, but sometimes you are just tired after a job that you don't want to cook anything."

4. Who would finish the other’s pizza crusts?
"Brandon for sure. I'd say it is because he is a guy and eats more, but....yeah no that's the reason."

5. Who would take care of spiders and such for the other?
"I don't need anyone to take care of spiders for me. I'm more than capable of handling them myself."

6. Who is most likely to make up/forgive first?
"Probably Brandon, although I don't like to be in a fight either. But I think it's just something that girls take longer to cool off and Brandon is too sweet and normally apologizes first."

7. Who is the pet more attached to? (or hypothetical pet)
"I think if we got a dog it would be attracted to Brandon. He seems like a good guy who could use an animal like that."

8. Who keeps their space cleaner?
"Me. It's totally me. I mean I have everything organized in places people can't find them and I'm always prepared with everything in my car as well. Trust me, I'm more organized and keep everything cleaner."

9. Who cries at the end of romantic movies?
"I don't really think I do, but I know for a fact that Brandon doesn't. I mean I'll cry when we have a girl's night with everyone and Nate. Because you see him and Rena crying and you can't help but cry too."

10. Who takes longer to get ready for date night?
"Me, although I don't spend hours in front of a mirror getting ready. Sure it takes a little time to curl my hair and put on some makeup, but normally my outfits tend to be the same unless we are going somewhere special."

11. Who tends to be more inappropriate?
"Brandon. The guy can take us sitting in a park and somehow turn it into wanting to have sex. And of course he never just says it, but he has to use my weakness of him talking in poetry and I'm already a goner."

12. Who is the silly one?
"I'm getting Brandon to loosen up. I think Melody and Andrew really help with that. When the two of us baby sit it is getting easier to see him smiling and having a good time."

13. Who apologizes first?
"Brandon for pretty much the same reason as before."

14. Who is more likely to bring home a stray animal?

15. Who stays up later?
"Brandon. I mean it's really only because he is a night owl and the regular schedule for Dan's gang is all night activity whereas I do my business in the light of the day, unless I need Brandon's help. Then I'll work something out."

AS Afflatus: Prompt

Posted: Wed Feb 13, 2019 11:33 pm
by Jazzyleia
Prompt: The sun did not rise this morning
Characters: Matt Black and Nate Collins
Universe: Guns and Love
Words: 503
Warnings: Nate in a coma, cuteness overload I think, Matt being adorable

Somehow Aiden had been convinced to let Matt into the room and to actually leave the room and leave him some privacy with Nate. Okay sure this wasn't the first time he had seen the male he had come to care for in such a short amount of time like this. He had been in a coma for quiet some time and they were all just anxiously waiting for him to wake up. Since Jasmine had woken up and transferred Nate from the general hospital to the one run by the Shadows, it was a lot easier to get in and see him without a doctor breathing down your neck. But Aiden was still very much the protective brother in not letting many people in to see Nate, saying the male just needed his rest. But Matt had a feeling it was Jasmine, Scott, and Sammy which had convinced him to let Matt see Nate.

So once everyone else had cleared out, Matt took a seat in the chair right next to Nate's bed, reaching forward to gently take his hand. He wanted Nate to wake up just as much as anyone else did, and yes Matt still held some guilt on his shoulders about this whole thing. Had he just let his brother keep an eye on his network they would have been notified of the attempted murder. They would have been able to warn everyone. They could have stopped this. Yet Matt told him no and they had missed it. It had led to a lot of problems and no matter what anyone would probably say or do, Matt would continue to hold the guilt until Nate was one hundred percent better.

But this being the first time he had been given permission to actually sit in Nate's room by Aiden, he felt that it was pretty appropriate to actually talk to Nate. "I never wanted anything so much Nate. I just want to drown in your love and not feel your rain. I don't want to fall another moment into your gravity. Here I am and I stand so tall. Or at least I think I try to be. I live here on my knees as I try to make you see. You are everything I need right here on the ground. I can never let you go Natey. The one thing that I still know is that you are keeping me down."

The sun did not rise this morning. It felt like the sun hadn't risen for quiet a long time. He was continuously in the dark and cold until Nate would wake up. He needed Nate to wake up. Matt probably sat there for a good half an hour until he felt it. It was only slight, but he had certainly felt Nate's fingers move only slightly. And yes he was immediately excited, standing up and yelling into the hallway for everyone to get in there. Today was going to be the day that Nate would wake up.

rosalee and petyr -- otp quiz i

Posted: Thu Feb 14, 2019 12:17 pm
by important
Image Image
    • i. who would hog the blankets at night?
      "rosie does. she practically cocoons herself."
      "not always! petyr's just as guilty."
      ii. who tends to fuss over the other the most?
      "i know she can take care of herself just fine, but i definitely fuss the most."
      "he fusses over me like i'm a child, but i'm not better myself with him."
      iii. who does the cooking?
      "me. the last time rosie tried to cook something, we had to replace everything in the kitchen."
      "the fire wasn't technically my fault..."
      iv. who would finish the other’s pizza crusts?
      "rosie, i always let her eat whatever i can't finish. she'll eat anything, honestly."
      "i'm not picky, that's all."
      v. who would take care of spiders and such for the other?
      "me. i don't mind spiders, honestly."
      "not a fan of them. won't go near them."
      vi. who is most likely to make up/forgive first?
      "rosie likes grudges too much, so it's usually me."
      "i don't like them. i'm just not good at forgiving like you are."
      vii. who is the pet more attached to? (or hypothetical pet)
      "i'm pretty good with animals, but there are times when i've seen the cat cosy up to her."
      "i like animals, they just don't usually like me."
      viii. who keeps their space cleaner?
      "him. way more organised than i am, let's be honest here."
      ix. who cries at the end of romantic movies?
      "oh, me. rosie is a brick wall."
      "petyr, the lovable, emotional little pup."
      x. who takes longer to get ready for date night?
      "rosie, definitely."
      "guilty as charged."
      xi. who tends to be more inappropriate?
      "rosie, i think. she tends to make comments at the wrong moments."
      "you're pretty infamous for saying dumb shit, petyr."
      xii. who is the silly one?
      "oh, definitely petyr."
      xiii. who apologises first?
      "me. rosie doesn't like admitting fault, usually."
      xiv. who is more likely to bring home a stray animal?
      "me. i'm weak in the knees for anything that gives you those sad little eyes."
      "myself included."
      xv. who stays up later?
      "rosie. she has trouble sleeping sometimes, but i don't mind staying up with her."

RAMJAC - Vipera

Posted: Sat Feb 16, 2019 10:35 pm
by ramjac
1. What is your favorite dessert? Homemade milkshakes, cream cheese swirl brownies, and shortbread cookies have been steady favorites.

2. What is your favorite color? Grey!

3. What is your favorite book? This is so hard! Anything by Kurt Vonnegut.

4. What is your favorite place to be alone? My bed. Nothing like it.

5. What is your favorite fictional character? Rabo Karabekian right now.

6. What is your favorite fast food place? Subway all the damn way.

7. What is your favorite movie series/universe? I don't think I really have one.

8. What is your favorite class? This semester I like my ethics class.

9. What is your favorite game? Yhatzee. Classic.

10. What is your favorite song? Changes frequently. Right now it's Copilot by Toth.

11. What is your favorite genre to roleplay? Realism with a bit of fantasy/sci-fi.

12. What is your favorite social media platform? Reddit!

13. What is your favorite style of art? Surrealism.

14. What is your favorite time period in history? I don't have one.

15. What is your favorite beverage? Water all the way.


Posted: Sun Feb 17, 2019 2:50 pm
by Deer
The sun did not rise
this morning.

1,003 words
          • Even if he had finally made his way back home, Nathan still felt incomplete. He would find himself sit on the porch which came with the house the twins were living in, glancing at their backyard. The sun was setting behind the treelines, coloring the sky in a beautiful rainbow hue. His throat felt dry. A soft breeze was surrounding his face and body. It was a perfect day to run. To be outside and exercise, but Nathan was unable to do so.

            He didn’t even dare to move his eyes downwards. He refused to believe his current situation. Even if it was only temporarily, the spirit of the man had been decreased greatly. Most people tried to cheer him up, said that things would get better, but Nathan didn’t want to hear any of that shit. He had almost died. He had almost caused for his brother and Jasmine to die. He had been worrying everyone by laying in a coma for a little over a week. And now that he had returned home, he was stuck in a wheelchair. His legs had had too much damage for him to walk properly. He would need to revalidate, learn everything piece by piece again. To walk, to run, to jump. Even if the doctors said that they didn’t expect for the revalidation to take long, it still prevented Nathan from living.

            “Do you think he will-” he heard Matt say in the background, starting his question as he was clearly talking about Nathan to his brother.
            “He will. He just needs some time.” Aiden assured the man, even if it caused for Nathan to scoff slightly.
            “I just want to see him smile again. He has been grumpy ever since the doctors told him he would be in a wheelchair.”
            “He is unable to do anything he loves, that would make me pr-“
            “I can hear you, you know?!” Nathan snarled, voice rising to a loud and angry volume as he snapped his head back to glance at the two men standing behind the glass door. “Stop looking at me as if I’m a zoo monkey! If you have to pity me, do it elsewhere.” He felt his body quavering, trembling. His hands were shaking even if Nathan tried to keep himself together. He tried to grasp onto the wheels of his wheelchair but the rapid quivers made it impossible for him to use any strength.

            Brad had been right. He was an useless imbecile. Nathan Collins had been smart enough to endanger not only his own life, but also the ones of his twin brother and girlfriend. And now he was stuck inside a wheelchair, needing Matt to push him around seeing as Aiden was still unable to do much with his broken clavicle. And any form of anger management that Nathan normally had, had been taken away from him. He couldn’t get up and run. He couldn’t work out. He couldn’t cook because their kitchen was nowhere near wheelchair level. Nathan even needed his almost-boyfriend to assist him if he needed to use the bathroom. How fucking pathetic was that?

            No, the medic wasn’t someone for self-pity. He had never pitied himself, as he didn’t think he deserved it. This was probably some greater power punishing him. Maybe for leaving Brad, maybe for being gay. He didn’t know what it was but he probably deserved this one way or the other. His head had turned back to the sunset, Nathan watching the colors fade slowly from the night sky. Just like the colors were slowly fading from his life. What if he would never be able to function normally again? Maybe he was doomed to be a failure for the rest of his life.

            He sat there on the porch until Matt and Aiden had both decided that it had been getting too chilly for Nathan to sit there. Despite his protest of wanting to watch the stars, Matt was firm in deciding that Nathan had to get inside. They didn’t want Nathan to get any sicker than he already was. Which was totally understandable but Nathan hadn’t felt like getting inside already. He avoided eye contact with Matt and Aiden, as clearly this was a shitty day for Nathan to go through.

            Maybe the only good thing about today was that Matt had prepped him a smoothie, handing the plastic cup over to Nathan so the man could sip from it. Carefully Nathan took it from the male, sipping from the straw and tasting the nutritious liquid as it slid down his throat. The grumpy medic was silent as he enjoyed the treat, even if he felt himself becoming more and more drowsy the more time passed.

            The look in Aiden’s eyes gave him away, Nathan wanting to accuse him of drugging his one and only brother, but he felt his eyes close not too long after he had thought up that idea. He felt how Matt raked his hand slowly through Nathan’s hair, petting his head until the medic was slowly moving off to dreamland. “We are sorry, Dino.” he could hear his brother apologize, even if it was faint. “It is clear that the sun did not rise this morning. We do hope that in this way, our sun will be there again tomorrow.” Aiden finished, Nathan feeling a warm hand brush against his cheek before he was finally off to dreamland. And like Aiden and Matt, Nathan was desperately waiting for this nightmare to end. For him to be able to wake up in the morning and be the Nathan again that he once was, or had been.

            They would all be waiting for that morning where the sun would be rising again, only to stand high at the sky to warm up everyone’s heart. Because Nathan was one of those rare bundles of joy, one everyone wished they could have in life. So yes. The sun would rise again. Maybe not tomorrow, but definitely one day.

Member interview -- Amaranthine

Posted: Thu Feb 21, 2019 10:58 pm
by NeverNever
1. What is your favorite dessert? My girlfriend’s mother makes this amazing chocolate tart. Honestly, no other desert competes, not even other chocolate tarts.
2. What is your favorite color? I really like deep vivid green, it reminds me so much of life. The colour plants are after a good rain.
3. What is your favorite book? Currently loving a book called ‘How to Read the Solar System’ by Chris North and Ben Abel just because it’s such easy terms for me to understand and brings something so complex as the universe into story.
4. What is your favorite place to be alone? Nature, the outside world. Probably halfway up a tree.
5. What is your favorite fictional character? Really love the Harry Potter Series, and Luna Lovegood
6. What is your favorite fast food place? Costa Coffee.
7. What is your favorite movie series/universe? Harry Potter
8. What is your favorite class? Damn, it’s been so long since actual classes but since I’m not a fully fledged scientist, I would have to pick science. Chemistry.
9. What is your favorite game? Sims4… I may or may not have a habit of watching Kelsey attempt the 100 baby challenge and be currently trying that myself.
10. What is your favorite song? At the moment Youth by Troye Sivan.
11. What is your favorite genre to roleplay? Fantasy, leaning towards demonology.
12. What is your favorite social media platform? I only use facebook, mainly to talk to people or store pictures.
13. What is your favorite style of art? Drawing. There’s a beautiful exhibition near me where an artist has drawn several trees, my favourite part of the exhibition is the huge pile of pencil nubs that were the result of the pictures.
14. What is your favorite time period in history? I was always interested in Egyptians when younger, mainly because of the whole brains out of noses thing.
15. What is your favorite beverage? Apple juice. I have a problem.

Prompt - 513 words - Amaranthine

Posted: Fri Feb 22, 2019 1:28 am
by NeverNever
The alarm was blaring, screaming that it was eight in the morning. It’s hard to locate the button to snooze, the room seems a little darker than usual. I groan, roll over, grab my phone from the cradle and check the time. I have work in just over an hour. I click the light on. It’s only twenty minutes later with a coffee in hand that I finally make the discovery – we’re out of milk.

A groan leaves my throat and I toss the empty carton into the trash can, “Emily hon- When we’re out of milk, don’t put the dang empty carton back in the fridge.” She always does it, I’m not sure if she even notices that she’s doing it. I’m also pretty sure that she’s unaware she plays with her hair when she’s thinking or that she tugs at her shirt sleeves whenever she’s nervous. I love her quirks but dammit, I wish sometimes she’d just mention that we’re out of milk in a morning.

I’ve tried supplementing milk with other dairy related items before. Yoghurt wasn’t a good idea that one time I tried it, it separated and went clumpy. I don’t dare try the whipped cream because I’m sure that’s been there for a few months. It’s probably green on the inside and growing colonies of it’s own. I don’t fancy dealing with that today so I end up settling for a splash of chocolate milk. Not the worst decision I’ve made, in fact, I might do it more often.

“Emi, babe-“ I moved into the hallway and headed up the stairs, flicking the light on as I move. “I’m going to turn the heating on love. It’s a little cold this morning for some reason.” The thermostat is thankfully on my way, just at the top of the landing. I take a couple steps forwards and lean against the stairway banister as I click the dial around from it’s usual 20 Celsius up to 25 and pray for my wallet because I know we’re going to keep it at 25 for the next few weeks. We’ll likely pretend we live in the Mediterranean. Then the bills will come in and we’ll pretend we live in Alaska.

I smush my frozen toes into the carpet as I continue heading back to our bedroom, trying to get friction to warm my frozen toes. To no avail. My toes remain resolutely frozen and as I trudge back to the bedroom I wonder if we’re having some kind of polar vortex in the middle of May.

“Hey honey.”

“Morning my love.” Emily grins at me from the warm sheets and I can’t help but smile. “Get the window will you? It’s dark in here.” She’s got a book propped open against her stomach, and is fiddling with the settings on her bedside lamp, nothing is quite bright enough anymore.

So I do as she asks, grab the curtains and pull. The world outside is dark and cold. The sky is empty. Stars twinkle mutinously. The sun did not rise this morning.

Member Interview

Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2019 10:18 am
by Cᴏᴍᴍᴀɴᴅᴇʀ Sʜᴇᴘᴀʀᴅ
No pretty coding this time. These were last minute. rip.

1. What is your favorite dessert?
Cheese Cake!

2. What is your favorite color?

3. What is your favorite book?
Currently, The Host by Stephenie Meyer

4. What is your favorite place to be alone?
Everywhere, honestly. I value my alone time quite a bit.

5. What is your favorite fictional character?
Commander Jane Shepard from Mass Effect.

6. What is your favorite fast food place?

7. What is your favorite movie series/universe?
I'm not really a movie fan unless it was from a book that I read. So... Harry Potter. xD.

8. What is your favorite class?
My favorite class was shop. I like working on cars, okay?

9. What is your favorite game?
Mass Effect Series. All of them.
Destiny 1 & 2 are a close second.

10. What is your favorite song?
I have three at the moment.
Red Cold River by Breaking Benjamin
Skeletons by New Years Day
Natural by Imagine Dragons

11. What is your favorite genre to roleplay?

12. What is your favorite social media platform?

13. What is your favorite style of art?
Hmm, no idea? Maybe Concept art?

14. What is your favorite time period in history?
Archaic (Early Dynastic) Period (c. 3100-2686 B.C.)

15. What is your favorite beverage?
Dr. Pepper, The White Monster Hydro, Mango Loco Monster.