AS Afflatus: Issue Twenty-Three

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Sun Jun 02, 2019 7:09 pm


"I'm not who I was
one year ago and
maybe, just once,
change is good.""

1,009 words
          • Brandon had been watching Serena and Xavier from his chair. Ever since he had spoken to Arthur he didn’t totally feel like himself. He hadn’t expected to ever see Arthur again. Or anyone of his old life, that is. Because come on, how big was the chance that he would run into someone of his army time in Los Angeles? He had carefully picked the place he had moved to, to minimize the chance of ever running into someone he had known in his previous life.

            A smile curved his lips as he saw how happy the redhead was once she had realized that she was getting a girl. And honestly, a girl would be perfect for Serena. He could totally imagine her with a daughter. It would be perfect. And Brandon hoped that Serena would find a place for him again in her family. The road was tough and he was totally getting it. He had deserved the doghouse he was in, but it had been taking a few months so far and he hoped to be making progress.

            Once Serena and Xavier had opened most of the gifts, Brandon stood up and headed over to the table. He picked up the gift he had put aside, letting out a soft sigh before heading over to Serena. He glanced down at her with a somewhat insecure face, wondering if this would be the right time. “Rena, Can we talk for a moment? In private?” He asked, trying to make this sound as unimportant as it was. It wasn’t a problem he wanted to speak about but he wanted her to look at the gift. The pregnant woman glanced up at him and nodded, putting aside her glass of children’s champagne before getting up.

            They headed towards one of the nearby rooms, where they could speak privately. Brandon sat down on the couch, waiting for Serena to sit down next to him. “What’s up, Brandon?” she questioned, and Brandon could hear the worry in her voice. He scratched his head, glancing down at his feet before a dorky smile showed on his face. “I had a gift for you.” he said. “I wanted to give it to you in private.” Brandon said, handing the wrapped package over to her.

            He felt how Serena watched him curiously before focussing on the present. Her manicured nails tore the wrapping paper away, only to reveal a photo album. The cover read the rather cheesy phrase ‘Two birds of a feather flock together’, and a selfie of the two of them together. He glanced at Serena, who seemed to be speechless for a moment. Without another word, she opened the album, glancing at the first pages. Every page had been carefully put together by Brandon, with the plenty of pictures they had made in better times. He had added in quotes and poems, mainly from artists and things that Serena would understand.

            “I am aware that a lot has happened. And that I did things that made you less proud of me. I broke your trust and I made mistakes I can’t turn back. I am not who I was one year ago, but over the last few days I have wondered that maybe, just once, change is good.” Brandon said, allowing to let everything sink in. “You mean a lot to me, Rena. And I have been beating myself up over the mistakes I made. I was not the man back then I am today. If I had known you the way back then I know you now, I would have declined the job. I’m terribly sorry about everything I did. All I wanted for you was to heal and carry on.” Brandon added in, waiting for a reaction from the redhead. She remained silent some longer, studying the pictures in front of her.

            He could see the tears well up in her eyes, the girl turning her head to watch him as the first tear escaped and rolled down her freckled cheek. She placed the album aside, remaining silent for some longer. A smile curved her lips and before Brandon realized it she was wrapping her arms around him. Her face buried against his shoulder as she held on tightly. The assassin was momentarily confused but then he wrapped his arms back around her. And he just held her, safe and sound like he had done many nights before.

            They sat there in silence for a few minutes, Brandon just letting the woman be and allowing her all the time she needed. He wasn’t in any rush. He always had all the time in the world for his birdie. He pressed a gentle kiss to her forehead, watching the girl move away. “This gift… is perfect, Bran. It is just what I needed.” the redhead said. It caused for Brandon to smile brighter and reach out with his thumb, wiping some of her tears away from her face. “I’m glad you like it. By all means, take all the time you need. I don’t expect for us to be back where we were again. I know this needs time, and I am willing to fight for us, Rena. You mean the world to me, you know that. All I want is for you to be happy. And I want to be at your side to help you out.” he said, not wanting to push his luck.

            “Thank you, Brandon. That means a lot to me. All of this does.” Serena said, a happy smile curving her lips. It was all Brandon needed at this moment. Serena brought a light to his life he had been searching for. He hadn’t felt alive for a long time until he met Serena. And while the girl had grown up and spread her wings, she would always have a special spot in his heart. Even if he had a new birdie at his side now, Serena would always be the most special one. And Brandon hoped that the girl next to him realized that herself.
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Re: AS Afflatus: Issue Twenty-Three

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