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Day 18: Fling

Post by RaElWriting » Mon Jun 19, 2017 3:48 pm

Image Day 18: Fling Complete It had started the day we decided to enter the competition. Pair skating. Who would have that I could have ever got to a level where I was good enough to compete. For the last five years they had told me that I would never be good enough, that I would never place high enough to take home anything to be proud of. My partner was one of the ones who had truly pushed me to become a figure skater. Even though I competed with him, people still teased me saying that I could never make it on my own. I knew that I could.

This inspired me to push through boundaries that I had no idea that I had set for myself. Over the months in the lead up to the competition I continued to improve my technique and I even managed to jump for the first time. Something that I knew that I would never be able to achieve all of those things without people pushing me forward to achieve them.

The day of the competition arrived at an alarming speed, partly cause I was excited and partially due to the nerves. I got up, had a shower, put my hair up into the bun and put on my tracksuit then had breakfast. Then I had breakfast and got into the car. I felt nervous about the competition. Partly due to the fact that I had people there to support me, but mainly because of the people who did not support me. Those who want me not to succeed would also be in the crowd. They were the ones that I feared the most.

Then it was time. I arrived at the ice rink and got changed then headed out onto the rink to begin my perform. My solo performance was first. It was nice to be out on my own but I missed my partner. I was never one for being in the centre of attention so now that my performance was being televised as well as performing in front of hundreds of people. That did not scare me though, what scared me was the thought of my family being here to watch me fail. I had to remind myself that if I thought like that then it would almost definitely happen that way.

The it was time for my partner and me to take to the ice. We had been working on the routine for just shy of a year and now it was time to perform it. This was not going to be an issue. I was quietly confident because of my partner knowing exactly what he was doing. His skates effortlessly glided across the ice as he picked up speed. He grabbed hold of my waist as I prepared to be flung into the air and be caught once again. For some reason I held my breath as my feet left the ice, the only thing keeping me calm was that I could still feel his hands around my waist supporting me. I let out the breath that that I had been holding as he placed me back onto my feet and allowed me to continue to skate by myself. The lift was difficult and somehow we were one of the few pairs to be able to land it. The crowd cheered for him and I
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Day 19: Shell

Post by RaElWriting » Mon Jun 19, 2017 3:50 pm

Image Day 19: Shell Olivia had always been shy. Her first day of nursery had been stressful. Until she remembered that her older brother was also going to be there that day. After that she began to look forward to going. Primary school had been the same. She was small for her age so she feared that the older and bigger kids would tease her for being different to them. That didn't happen. I was clear that when you have two older brothers, one a year older than you and one five years older that people are going to be slightly wary about picking on you. Although in her third year of primary school her eldest brother left but she still had her older brother.

Her first year of high school was the same. Her brothers were sixth year and second year when she went into first year. This made her first day much easier for her. They gave her support and advice, as well as answering any questions that she may have had about going into high school. They made sure that she was okay at breaks and lunch times.

This made her life a lot easier. Her eldest brother was in the "Cool" group at school for lunch, so nobody dared to mess with hi only little sister. Even once he had left school she was still protected under the fear that people had of her brother.

All of that changed when she started university. Both of her brothers moved out of home to attend the same university but the course that she wanted to do was not available at that university. So she had had to choose another university to do nursing. Now her first day was just around the corner and she had never feared anything more in her life.

She had woken up that morning feeling sick. Walking down the stairs to breakfast she could feel her heart beating. She took that as being a good sign, the fact that it was still beating. The uneasiness of her stomach made her not want any breakfast but she knew this would cause an interrogation at the table and that was the last thing that she wanted to suffer through.

She ate in silence. Her parents, if they could tell that she was nervous, said nothing. Then it was time to go. Her dad had offered her a lift to the station the night before which she had accepted. Now she sat wondering if that was the right thing to have done. If she had said no then she would have taken the bus. She would not be asked questions nor told to enjoy her first day. Which at that point seemed impossible for her to do. The nerves and the nausea was making it hard for her to even answer the questions never mind listen to what he was telling her.

She arrived on campus, left the car and walked towards the building. Every step that she took she had to continue to push herself forward, she knew that if she stopped she would never get started again.
To make matters worse she did not know anyone and so it was a completely fresh start for her. She wasn't too sure how she would cope.

She wanted to be able to make as many friends as possible as many of them had gone to other

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