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Re: Halcyon Common Room

Posted: Mon May 06, 2019 4:41 am
by Spiritstar3
ichor. wrote:
Mon May 06, 2019 4:31 am

@spirit: it was done anonymously through the google form, so we don't know who for certain. they marked halcyon for their house which may or may not be true. but even if we did know who it was, we definitely wouldn't reveal who they are xD

and you should use it more! we love getting all the submissions we can

@everyone: y'all are killing it with the afflatus like damn you guys make me so proud every time i tally up the points xD
ah, kay
XP will if I get more ideas

XP glad to make you proud

Re: Halcyon Common Room

Posted: Mon May 06, 2019 7:56 am
by HiddenWoods
Hey guys! It's been a hot second since I've been here!

I'm sorry things like that happened with the anonymous sheet. That isn't okay, and I hope things do improve. I also hope people aren't using it to troll because it's supposed to be used to help the staff run the site and make sure ACTUAL issues are addressed, not to bash others.

ON A BETTER NOTE! I hope everyone has had few to no issues in their lives. Plus to all who are taking exams, LOTS OF LUCK TO YOU!!

Re: Halcyon Common Room

Posted: Mon May 06, 2019 3:59 pm
by ichor.
hey mickey! good to see you again!

house points have been updated! we're currently in second place with vipera in first eue

Re: Halcyon Common Room

Posted: Mon May 06, 2019 5:13 pm
by Gamora
    • Wow go team! We were pretty far behind after the 1x1 comp, but that one Afflatus got us so close to the lead again. Lets keep it up team!

Re: Halcyon Common Room

Posted: Mon May 06, 2019 6:14 pm
by ichor.
yes yes yes

okay so my semester is nearly over
unfortunately im doing summer classes rip me
but what would you guys like to see more of so that we can get some activity back up here? i know questionnaires were something y'all were interested in. i gotta find some good questions xD

edit: found a questionnaire on tumblr xD will pretty up post later

Posted: Mon May 06, 2019 6:32 pm
by important
    • YES NINA questionnaires & prompts

      i'm pretty happy with myself for today, gettin down two questionnaires and uhh i'll probably work on the two prompts throughout this week and maybe pour over into next (:

Re: Halcyon Common Room

Posted: Mon May 06, 2019 6:53 pm
by ichor.
i am now nina
new nickname obtained

and i saw!! go ichi go <3
i'm hopefully going to be able to get some questionnaires done. maybe not the prompt. but yeah eue

and i can definitely find another prompt for the halcyon prompt thread but no one seems very interested in it? i would love to continue it i just dont know how to provide incentive for it

Re: Halcyon Common Room

Posted: Mon May 06, 2019 7:10 pm
by Deer
i haven't really been active lately but I feel like the prompt thread may be better to be substituted with something else? I mean, there are quite a few places already that we can write prompts for. E.g. Afflatus, Social Media. Not to mention that 100 DoS will be coming next month as well? But either way, perhaps the more active people may have a better say in this cx

Also, Nini, I wanted to point this out earlier but the Halcyon Staff list is quite... outdated ^^' Perhaps it can be updated? :)

Re: Halcyon Common Room

Posted: Mon May 06, 2019 7:18 pm
by python regius
  • I really like prompts even tho there's lots of opportunities for prompts on AS, mostly because it pushes me to write something different than roleplaying , which I won't do unless there's at least some minimal feeling of obligation. But I'm not sure how to provide obligation in this setting.
    One suggestion (maybe? Cause it's more so something that I just want) is a place for feedback on your writing? Like a specific thread in which if you post in that thread you're opening yourself to feedback (constructive criticism obviously)??? And you might say "can someone give me feedback on the dialogue in this" or just ask for general thoughts. Could be a house thing or an AS thing
    But I also see problems, namely how to get feedback to people, as I know some people wouldn't be comfortable having their name attached to their feedback.
    Idk it might be a terrible idea, but I just feel like theres a need for some way to get better at writing and talking with partners usually only gets an "it's great" or something similar which is like minimal help.

Re: Halcyon Common Room

Posted: Mon May 06, 2019 7:19 pm
by Gamora
    • yo I filled out the questionnaire already because I'm trash for them, but dumb question, do we post the answers on the questionnaire thread or on here? c:

      also hi python i love you.