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Wed Nov 07, 2018 4:37 am

    • hey guys, do you guys have any tips for a writing block that has literally lasted like 4 months
      I feel so terrible; I wanna get back into the AS community and write like a used to but lately
      everything's been word vomit.
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Thu Nov 08, 2018 1:36 am

hey evergreen!c:

I believe that we all have been there before. I can defo relate. I also can develop a 'writing block' for varying reasons whether an rpg has stayed stagnant for a prolonged amount of time and traction is lost or being on a short-term hiatus due to schooling. some things that I found to be useful to 'cure' the road block are:

-reading. seriously. snatch up a book and read! it gets the creativity flowing. it does not have to be a book. it can be written pieces found online as well, or even here on AS.
-music. create a playlist for your character(s) and/or rpg! try to write with the music designated for them. writing for a badass character? create a playlist that makes you feel like you are jumping into an action sequence or being introduced to a villain of a movie.
-muse boards! I have made a few muse boards on tumblr specifically for a few of my characters! anything that reminds me of them or provides inspiration to them, I reblog on their personal blog designated for the character.
-patience! don't force yourself to write. one step at a time. be a little realistic with yourself. if I came off of a short-term hiatus, I am not gonna give myself the expectation of pumping out a 3k+ reply for an rpg. do what you are comfortable with. baby steps.
-plotting! I feel as if plotting with a partner helps soooo much with my muse! if we aren't talking at all when it comes to the rp, you can bet my ass that I ain't gonna put much of an effort in my posts.maybe it is just me, but giving your rpg and character(s) some luvin with some drama+twists to implement in the future helps sooo much! like, it gives me something small to look forward to! like yes, I cannot wait to see this person's face when they find out the person giving information to the enemy was their ally all this time!

hope this helps!!!
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