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November Hiatus

Thu Nov 02, 2017 12:51 am

  • hello everyone and happy november/beginning of nanowrimo!
    first, i'd like to thank artio for being our sole participator in the halloween event despite midterms and all that ick. please make sure you read her post and give her some compliments because i know she worked hard on her entry.
    i want to make the formal announcement that the prompt event will be on a hiatus during the month of november so those of us who are participating in nanowrimo can do so freely. the event will continue in december and will open the door for some free time over christmas break afterward. i know we've all been itching to have some free time again.
    i will discuss the start of the prompt event more as we get closer to december but for now, please enjoy nanowrimo and have a whole bunch of fun writing your heart out!
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Sun Jan 14, 2018 9:06 am

  • hi guys^^
    after a few weeks of the prompt event thread being rather dead, i've decided it's time to make some changes.
    commander shepard had a wonderful idea that we both thought would benefit the prompt event and make it a bit more appealing to participate.
    as staff members, in addition to our modding duties, we keep an eye out for users with exceptional behavior and we are able to reward them each month with a point that goes toward their house total. shep approached me with the idea that in return for participation in the prompt thread, the winner of the favorites poll would receive a point from each me or commander shepard that would go toward vipera house totals. this new addition will be enacted starting monday, january 15th
    shep is aware that i started this event with the intention of keeping it as casual as possible, making a point to avoid strict competition between users. i know that a few of us don't always enjoy competitive atmospheres and i intend to maintain that aspect of the prompt event.
    to be as clear as possible, the prompt thread will function in the same way it always has: two weeks to write and a weekend dedicated to voting for your favorites.
    the point given at the end of the prompt round will not be a reflection of writing quality, as it is merely serving as an extra 'thank you' from me for participating. if you don't receive a point in a given round, it does not mean your writing is lacking in anyway. i personally will not vote for someone in the favorites poll with any bias or for who i think "deserves" a point. it is not up to me to decide who put in the most effort. it's important to me that the favorites poll is merely used as a way to express your love for a fellow housemate and their writing. most importantly, i put a good amount of work into running the thread so i would really like you guys to feel rewarded and recognized at the end of each round if you do choose to write.
    it is also important to note that entering the event each round is not a guarantee that you will receive a staff point; the poll will still be decided by our fellow viperians and shep or i will log the winner and their participation point at the conclusion of the poll. each prompt will be given the equal amount of attention and it is still highly encouraged that you go to the common room to give some compliments for each entry; not everyone can receive a point so it's important that each user that enters each round receives recognition for their hard work from their housemates. also, the same rules apply as before, although all points go toward our group house totals, i won't include any users in the favorites poll that won the previous round to avoid any assumption of favoritism.
    lastly, the process of the addition of mine and shep's staff points towards our total is not something i have the exact details about and will be updated as soon as i know the protocol. the points might not end up being visible instantaneously but be sure that the winner of the poll will definitely still be receiving points every round!

    shep and i really hope that this is incentive enough to get some good activity going in the thread again. you guys sacrifice your time for my little thread so you deserve some recognition for your efforts. i look forward to reading some of your writing soon!~
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Week 12 ◈ Ambush

Tue Jan 23, 2018 9:40 pm

Notes: No fandom; 1096 words; if there's two things I know nothing about it's archery and coffee so sorry if anything's screwy
Warnings: Mild violence, some sorta iffy themes but you'll see c;

indentHe’d spent the last week weaving himself into the background of Nia’s daily life. Her schedule was becoming second nature to him, from the time she left her apartment each morning to the area of the parking lot she tried to find a space in at work to the walk she took through a nearby park during her lunch break. Even the exact coffee order she got each day was beginning to imprint itself in his memory.

indent“A triple venti no foam latte with soy milk,” She recited like a well-used prayer, as he followed along with every word in his mind from behind her in line. She paid, digging through her purse for the exact change as she always did, before going to a sofa in the corner as they made her drink.

indentWhen it was his turn he accidentally almost ordered the same thing but decided to pick something simpler instead. It was the day, he couldn’t seem suspicious now. Or worse, have them take too long so he couldn’t get set up in the park before she made her way through it.

indentHe gave them his order, fake name, and money then found a seat at the last empty table in the small, packed shop. Nia was too invested in her phone by then to notice him anyway, if she had a reason to.

indentHer high heels, tights, pencil skirt, and fitted blouse made her the perfect image of someone who worked in one of the nearby office buildings. He knew she just worked the front desk but if there was any position that required someone to upkeep their appearance, that was the one. And it showed. Her makeup was perfectly applied, her long hair was always styled and trimmed, and her manicured nails clacked away at the screen of her phone, just blurs of color as she typed. It was a shame she relegated herself to being “too busy” to date. He knew by the way others looked at her that there was plenty of interest. Only he could know that her self-exile from relationships wouldn’t last.

indent“Blonde roast cappuccino for Nyle,” a barista called. He stood up, shaken from his thoughts, and grabbed his drink. The fact that it came before Nia’s for once worked in his favor. It gave him a head start to get to the park, but not much of one as her name was called as soon as he was walking out of the door.

indentFrom his previous days of scouting he already knew the perfect spot. Along the path Nia favored were a few park benches, one in particular that was almost always empty as it was on a section of the path that was cut off from the rest of the park’s view by a bend in the pathway and tall foliage lining it on either side. Not that it mattered too much, he’d do it in a large crowd if he had to, but it’d help keep unintended targets out of the way.

indentWith the coffee he was casually sipping in one hand and his bow in the other, he claimed his place on the secluded bench. He tucked his quiver against his side, removing an arrow in the process, and settling in for a short wait.

indentSure enough, it was a few moments later that Nia came into view. She was still typing away on her phone, not paying attention to the coffee in her other hand let alone the usually unoccupied bench. As she approached, he set his own coffee down next to him and notched the arrow. Nia didn’t glance away from her phone. A couple steps further put her back to him as he lined up the shot. He calmed his breathing, double checking that no one else was near. The arrow left his bow between the beats of his pulse. It embedded itself between her shoulder blades.

indentShe took a single step forward, then fell to her hands and knees. Not from the arrow, nor the nonexistent wound it created, but from a dip in the path she had failed to notice. Another woman came jogging around the curve in the path headed the opposite direction, right on time. She rushed to Nia’s side at the sight of her hunched on the ground and crouched down to put a reassuring hand on her shoulder. “Are you ok?”

indent“I think so,” Nia responded, pushing herself back onto unsteady feet with the other woman’s help. Her hands had pebbles digging into them and her tights were torn, but a scrape on one knee so minor it didn’t bleed was her only injury. The arrow had already disappeared, even from his sight.

indent“That was quite the tumble you took there.” The other woman looked at the cup of coffee splattered on the concrete.

indent“I was looking at my phone instead of where I was walking,” Nia admitted, though her attention was solely on the woman in front of her now. “I kind of didn’t want anyone to see me make a fool of myself like that, but thank you for helping me.”

indent“No problem. I’ve taken a few nasty falls in this park too, it just happens sometimes. I’m Alex, by the way.” Alex pulled her earbuds out and extended a hand.

indent“Nia,” She replied, a little breathless as the two shook hands. “Guess I’m down a coffee. And I owe you one.”

indentAlex pointed at Nia’s phone. “You also going to get me one of those?” She joked.

indentNia stared at the freshly cracked screen but laughed. “I don’t think I have enough time left on my break to go buy a new phone.” She focused back on Alex. “But I have enough time to double back to the Starbucks up the street real quick, if you want.”

indentAlex took a second to consider then nodded, a smile growing on her face. Her ponytail brushed across a strap of her athletic top as she looked Nia over. “I’d say race you there but you don’t need to do anymore damage if you have to go back to work soon.”

indentNia grinned. “A slower pace is probably best for the rest of the day.” Still chatting, they started off down the path towards the coffee shop together.

indentHe’d have to check in with them later on to see if Alex needed an arrow of her own. For now though, Eros let his bow and quiver dematerialize and leaned back in his park bench, mentally checking off another name on his eternal list.

indent ◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈
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