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Re: run with me | stimulate & juliall [1x1]

Post by stimulate. » Mon Jul 17, 2017 5:44 pm

    • Claire was getting her escape. It made her happy. No more stress from her family. The brunette knew the place she found was completely deserted, isolated from the hell they were in. Of course we don't want people finding us she said, her voice gritty do to a cold she was suffering from. Claire was thankful she had Maddie. She was always alone and now she had her friend. She wouldn't have survived if Maddie had left and not came with her. I'm glad that was funny she said lightly. I wouldn't give you a lot of alcohol she said, smiling slightly as she rocked of her heels. She watched the large bus, huffing slightly. Her breath hitched slightly, no going back, even though she would never want to. Good she said, smiling at the bus driver as she showed her pass. Claire made her was to the back of the bus, taking a seat near the second exit on the vehicle. I can't wait honestly she said, watching her friend.
      When about forty five minutes passed she got up, taking her friends hand to help her up. I can't wait to show you this place she said, smiling. As the bus slowed she kept herself stay steady. She waited for the light indicator before opening the door. Thank you! she said, waving as she got out. As her touched the ground she cleared her throat. It's a half hour of walking to the woods and nearly an hour to the cabin Claire said, beginning to walk beside Maddie. As they walked through trees she flinched at branches, chewing on her lip. Nearly there Claire said, shifting her bag on her shoulder.

    • Definitely have some weight to me he said in a joking manor. Stripper would always be nice.
      There's always craigslist too
      he said, smiling slightly. He wasn't completely broke thankfully. Bailing was the last thing on his mind. When Wal-Mart was approved he nodded, rolling his eye. Percy shifted his bag, chewing on the inside of his mouth as they walked in. It's all I can make though he said, scratching his jaw. He nodded at the suggestion of a duffel bag. Might as well and light. Like Christmas lights things he said. The house needed light for sure. Yes it had electricity but light bulbs were a pain in the ass. When alcohol was brought up he smiled. We'll find some in the house, we haven't fully looked around he said, smiling.
      Once necessities were gotten he paid, refusing help from Lane for payment. Ready? he asked as they walked, holding the duffel bag of food in his left hand. Percy huffed, looking around as the walked. Hopefully not much attention would be attracted as the walked. That was the only thing he was worried about at this moment. You should sing about trees Percy said jokingly as the walked along the dirt road. Walking was one thing he hated but sucked up too. It was hard, just annoying because he was incapable of walking in a straight line when sober. He wish he could bye alcohol but the legal age had to be 21 to make life boring unless they were in Canada.

      [Same. I skipped a bit also. Also I finally have muse for replies!]

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