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|| Holiday/Event Thread [OLD] ||

Sun Sep 03, 2017 6:21 am

              • xx
                You have now entered the event thread of the Sagacitans! Here is a place where fellow foxes can submit their work such as prompts or stories for various events! I would love to keep this thread exclusively for members to post their work (and, without a single doubt, complimenting the work of others!) but I'd really like all off-topic comments to remain in our common room! Thank you and please enjoy!

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Sagacitas || Holiday Token Shop. ||

Sun Sep 03, 2017 6:57 am

Greetings, youngster! My name is Hisoka. So you're looking to use those tokens, are you? Well, you certainly came to the right place! I'm the shopkeeper of this token shop and I'd be happy to assist you in your purchase. So did old Night Fury go over what tokens are? I'm sure he did, but knowing the lad he'll end up allowing his explanation to get lost in that common room of yours, so I'll explain it here as well! Holiday tokens will always be the third prize available to you during holiday events such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. The number of tokens totally randomized, I believe Kami rolls a dice to determine it, and those tokens will be added to your collection for future use. With these tokens, you can go back to any sort of holiday event and purchase the prize you wish to for a total of 100 tokens, which is quite helpful if you're not a fan of the current event prizes! Be wary of your token use, though, unfortunately, I will not be taking any refunds so be sure that you really want the prize before you spend them! Anyway, below I will give you a template to use while placing your order. You may post your order after each event to keep things nice and tidy here. It'd be a bit chaotic if people were trying to order things right in the middle of an event! Please keep this rule in mind, as there's a deduction fee of 12 Holiday tokens for those who try to place orders during events!

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[size=80][b]Hello, Hisoka, my name is:[/b] Name here.
[b]I would like to purchase:[/b] Prize you want to have here.
[b]It's from this holiday event:[/b] Link to the event.
[b]I currently have these many tokens:[/b] Amount of current tokens here.
________________________________________________________________ xxxxxx
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Hey there! The name's Skipper, or just Skip for short! I'm sure that you saw Hisoka up front. I'm his assistant! I help him here in the back of the shop, he gets really busy with customers sometimes! So I assist him where I'm needed. My main job though is keeping track of all of the customers' tokens for him! Have you forgotten how many tokens you have? This is the place to check! It's a bit of a bank of sorts just to keep track of how many tokens you've put in and taken out. Feel free to visit me at any-time!
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Sagacitas || Halloween Event!||

Sun Sep 03, 2017 6:58 am

Sagacitas' Halloween Event!


    • All right guys!
      Because 100 days of summer is close to coming to an end, I think it's time I announce our next personal house event! I've been thinking for awhile now on what we should do next, and then it hit me. Halloween is coming up in the near future and what better way to celebrate it than to do something special for it? Now I know that we're still in September, but October will be coming around the corner before we know it so that's why I decided to start this off two months in advance so you all have time to make up creative ideas for it. But here it is!

      On the day of Halloween, I want those who want to participate to submit a short, spooky story. But here's the catch; you must have the following words somewhere in that said spooky story.

      Full moon.

      Preferably, since it is expected to be a short story, I would love if it could be over 1,000 words.
      And of course, there will be a prize for all those who participate. You will be able to pick out of three of the prizes below.

      A customized prompt written by yours truly. (You can pick any theme for it.)
      A personalized Sagacitas signature.
      Holiday tokens. (You'll receive 25 holiday tokens this time around!)

      All stories will be due on Halloween Day!
      You may post them on this thread when that day comes.
      The event will end on October 31st at midnight!
      Happy writing!

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A Better 'Silver Eyes'

Fri Oct 27, 2017 12:35 am

The skeletons of the trees rake the sky over head. The wind that whistles through the night sings a song of warped, childish laughter. Perhaps it is the full moon, fat and yellow in the sky, partitioned only by the bony fingers of the brittle trees as silver light breaks up the dark.

The light of jack-o-lanterns on porches and in yards is familiar, but several blocks behind them. There aren't any pumpkins where they're headed. Martha shivers, tugging her jacket around herself, glaring as Jared pops his gum idly. He gives her a half-shrug, chuckling as if he's caught her in being afraid. Jose stops, flashlight sweeping the ground... "This is it." He glances back at them, his pearly grin cutting through the black of the night. Martha feels instantly more relaxed, but also far more worried. Her dark eyes scan the building.

There are enough letters missing from the sign that DD ZBE IZ I are the only remaining letters. There's an 'F' on the ground, and a 'P', but the other letters appear to have been scavenged. A faded, peeling checkered pattern encircles the top of the building like a crown, once bordered in thick red... Now it's all falling apart and pale. Cracks snake along the walls, a few chunks of plaster torn from the building by one storm or another. All the windows and doors are boarded up.

Jose jogs closer, putting his hand on the plywood that makes the front doors impassible... He chews his lip in a way that makes Martha and Jared smile at each other, and they approach as well, Jared drowned in Jose's red hoodie and still chewing gum. Does Jose understand how much they love wearing his clothes? She's wearing his jeans right now, pretty sure. Jared's sure as hell won't fit. The thought it pushed aside as he steps back in line with them, sweeping his flashlight's beam over the light grain.

"I guess that's it." Martha can't help the way she sounds hopeful. Her breath appears as faint mist. Jose frowns, and she feels a bit bad. Only a little. Jared glanced back at the street around them and she follows his gaze, trying to see If perhaps his bespectacled gaze has spotted something she missed.

The building before them is an eyesore, but the street its on, abandoned and filled with the shells of stores that might once have been reputable, is nearly revolting. There's trash being blown about, and a Martha thinks, for a minute, that she might have seen a rat skitter by. The empty windows, also boarded up, seem to leer at the threesome. She shivers again and rubs her arms, full lips pouting a little, even as Jose pulls his companions into a hug with a low chuckle. As the sound rumbled through her, she thinks longingly of the warm neighborhood lights they left behind about four blocks ago.

"C'mon, cariños. We can't give up yet. You promised." He pulls back, and she hates herself for looking at his face and being pulled in so quickly. His teeth worry his bottom lip just-so, his warm eyes flash, his onyx hair is tousled by the sharp wind. She wants to punch him, because it's unfair how charming he is, and also wants to kiss him. The way Jared tenses beside her and sighs tell her that he has similar thoughts. Its a pity that they are the reasonable ones. She looks down at the blonde beside her, and he up at her. His crystal blue eyes are calculating, and she waits for his verdict. They could overrule him right now, return home to their cats, and curl up in front of the TV and eat candy until their stomachs hurt before they roll into a too-small bed that has just enough space for three.

That doesn't happen. Jared's freckles bunch as he makes a face, and turns back to Jose, sighing again. He blows and pops a bubble just to show that he'd not super pleased, but they might as well. Martha half-shrugs, lifting her hands, still buried in her jacket pockets, and then relaxes, flipping her braid back a bit to get them out of the way. "We did promise." It's almost worth it just for Jose's grin. He beams, and leads the way around the corner of the building.

On this side, there's graffiti, the inane scrawlings of other teens brave enough to come near. It's almost surprising that there was none on the front, but she supposes that it's much easier to get caught when you're in the open. The sides of the building are caged by chain-link, and the back must be similarly contained. Martha entertains herself with the messages others left.


Fuck the Polic
The 'e' is missing. Clearly someone booked it.

Beware the CURSE The way 'curse' is written seems sarcastic.

Many of the other marks are stylized names, unreadable in their artistry. Here are there are pictures, usually depictions of red foxes, and blue rabbits, and brown bears, and yellow chickens. The previous occupants of the building.

When they make it to the back door, the sense of amusement Martha had let herself wallow in vanished abruptly. Over the back door, in a shining red that seemed to catch and hold the moonlight, was the phrase: ARE YOU READY FOR FREDDY? Jared hangs back a little as Jose pulls a crowbar from his bag. This is the thing Jose's been thinking about for a long time, making conspiracy theories on. He's always been fond of ghost stories, one of his few odd quirks, and the agreement to visit the old pizzeria is one that his partners made with a vague conviction that he wouldn't hold them to it.

He lifts his head as the wind picks up a bit, glancing over them. "Are you two scared?" He's still smiling, excited. With a sigh, Martha shakes her head, braids whipping about. "Nosir. But if something comes jumping out of that door, it'll get you first." She smirks at him, and he pretends to be hurt, turning and getting the door open. It squeaks a little, just a little, and that's it.

It's almost... too easy?

"Uh. Nope. No way Jose, there's no way we're going in there." Jared is shaking his head, stepping forward to touch the taller male's shoulder. "That door practically invited us in there. It wasn't even locked..." For a moment, Jose considers it. He seems to scan Jared's face, then Martha's, and then his gaze flicks across the trees, their bare branches raking the sky and clawing at the moon, moved by a wind that promised sweets and candy in the voice of a predator. He thinks about it.

"Five minutes." It's a bargain. Jared blows a bubble and then pulls it back into his mouth. "Five minutes." Jared turns, and both of their eyes, blue and brown, meet her dark ones. Martha considers the door. "I am booking it home if anything comes at us in there." She steps closer to them, hands still in her pockets. Jose grins. "I'll keep you all safe. Promise."

They enter the dusty, damp pizzeria. The checkered pattern that crowned the building lines the walls at waist height, creating what was once a fanciful border. But, like its mirror on the exterior and much like the drawings that are scattered across the floor and barely tacked to the wall, it has seen better days. There are pools of water that catch Jose's light and refract it. Jared searches through the backpack and pulls out two more lights. Martha times them on her cell.

Despite her reluctance, and the bad feeling roiling in her belly, it's kind of cool in here. The ceiling lights don't flicker like a miserable haunted house, though they do cling to the ceiling at awkward angles. There are no tables, but clear spots where they once were once beams of light cast over their rectangular imprints in the dust. There are plenty of footprints, some a little muddy, disturbing the dust gently. Jared's light falls on some odd shapes near a doorway, and two bats fly into one of the side rooms and don't come out. Perhaps they vanished out a disused vent. Martha's beam sweeps the walls, and then lands on the empty stage, joining Jose's light. There are bolts in the stage floor in three pairs.
Jose cocks his head. "I guess that's where the animatronics were... Gone now."

"Hmph. I should hope they didn't leave their most expensive shit behind. Servos cost money."

Jose scans the floor and cocks his head the other way. Jared has wandered off a bit, and returns from another doorway, looking confused. "That was Pirate's Cove. No fox." He still looks perturbed.

"Are you okay, Jerebear?" He nods at her question, and then moves closer to them. Martha puts an arm around his shoulders and he looks up at her.

"There are footprints."
"There are footprints!" The boys say it at the same time, and that makes it all the more scary. Martha hums, the bad feeling a lot worse. Jose immediately begins following them, and Jared shakes his head gently. "Jose, don't follow animatronic footprints. You know the stories!" This doesn't stop the man on a mission. Jared and Martha follow reluctantly, and Martha feels Jared jump nearly a foot and her own heart skip two beats when her phone timer goes off. Jose is standing in the doorway of a different room, and he frowns, shaking his head. They come up behind him and Martha feels Jared still and a gasp bubble in her throat.

There are the remains of four animatronics on the ground. The bear looks the worst off. Its plastic inner casing is cracked, its fur worn away. It is in so many pieces, scattered about, but Martha can already tell some of the pieces are missing. There is a caved in section of the wall to their left, and it might be hiding a few pieces of a dull yellow chicken, its pink eyes long since taken from its head by looters. The rabbit's teeth are worn down to their metal insides, and its red bowtie is so dirty and dusty that it might not count as red anymore. Finally, the fox, so battered and broken that it tugs on Martha's heartstrings. She's supporting Jared, who is even paler than before, and Jose looks... sad. Something about these bodies, empty and full of nothing, brings a kind of pain to her stomach, but quells her fear. Instead, there's melancholy in her chest, and she pulls Jared in front of her, winds her arms around his chest and holds him close. He mutters weakly. "Offering me as sacrifice?" But he doesn't mean it. The ache she feels in herself is reflected in his eyes. She feels Jose's warm arms wrap around both of them, and he nuzzles against them.

There's silence, for a moment. The wind murmurs its story of sorrow and heartbreak, but it seems more hopeful now. Jared swallows. "Whatever spirits were here... if they were here... I think they're free, Jose. I don't think there's a ghost story left here." Martha feels the taller male's nod. "I agree. That's my curiosity satisfied." They stand another minute, and they turn to go.

Martha sees the places arcade cabinets were once in. She had good times playing on those once. Jared glances back at Pirate Cove, and she remembers the countless hours he spent in there, enraptured by stories of the high sea and adventure. Jose looks at the stage as they pass it, and he smiles faintly. She knows that he remembers greasy pizza, and songs, and playing, just like they all do. This place, once of excitement and laughter, is empty and desolate. The story Jose was looking for, the curiousity he felt is unfounded, and there is nothing anymore. The emptiness is not scary. It is bittersweet. The door is secured behind them, and the lights put away. They walk back home, arm in arm.
  • The slam of the door brings life to a figure in the darkness. Silver eyes open and peer out of a desiccated body out of a desiccated body. They do not blink. The sound, like so many others, is over in a second. It's okay. He gave up long ago. He has been left here to rot for such a very long time, and he will probably continue to rot for a long time more, incapable of motion. He manages to lift his head slightly. A sliver of the harvest moon is visible to him through the break in the ceiling. Perhaps it will rain again. At least he can no longer feel pain. He is going to get out of here.
(Tokens please~)
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Re: Sagacitas || Holiday/Event Thread. ||

Fri Oct 27, 2017 2:57 am

It was Halloween once again. The day I dreaded like no other. Having a birthday on October 31st may seem like a blessing to young children, tons of candy along with the birthday presents. If it weren't for my birth year, everything would be alright. But I was born at midnight, October 31st, 666. Yes, I know what you're thinking, it's 2017, how can I be from the 7th century? I don't quite understand it myself. Scary thing, my birthday... I'm nearly 2000 years old, and yet I continue to have the body of a 30 year old man. Most people my age wouldn't even be skeletons anymore, they'd probably be nothing but dust and ashes. Normally my birthday isn't so bad, just stay in the house, keep the lights off, wait for it to end. Kids today don't realize how easy they have it, then again, everyone has it easy compared to me... I've had to fake my death and start a new life more times than I can count. Living in a dark, dilapidated, bat infested house, most people don't even bother to visit, but the bats are the closest thing to a friend I've ever had. One of the bats flew up to my armrest and chittered. I pretended as though I could hear him and said, "No, I'm not going outside, not until tomorrow morning." it chittered again and I said, "Fine... I guess I should just play with the cards I've been dealt." I got on an old black cloak, a skull mask and a plastic battle axe. While I may hate Halloween as a birthday, I still enjoy it as a holiday. We didn't have candy when I was a kid, we didn't even have sugar in general. Closest thing I've had to candy is a Mayan cacao drink, kind of like hot chocolate. I walked out of my house and walked down into town. I figured I could probably find something to do in town. All the bars in town threw costume parties tonight. I heard some kids screaming "FULL MOON!" and looked over to see a teenager doing something people called, "mooning" which was basically showing your ass to them. I chuckled lightly, even though I've never had any, children were cute at times, and at others, they were a pain in the ass. I walked into a bar named "The Drunken Clam" and sat down at the bar and asked the tender, "Got anything for the season?" He said, "Yeah, I got a Mr. Hyde Potion." I smiled and said, "Classic story, I'll try it." The man mixed ingredients into his cocktail shaker and after it was done, he poured it into a beaker. I thought that was a nice touch, when he handed the glass to me I took a small sniff and said, "Lavender and blackberries. An interesting mix." I took my mask off and drank the cocktail. It was a very good cocktail, and I'd had almost every cocktail since they were invented. I paid the bill and went on my way. I heard a voice saying, "Find me... find me..." I figured it was a kid playing a prank, but there was nobody in sight. I kept walking, ignoring the voice until it got louder. I followed the sound of the voice. It sounded familiar, as if I had heard it before. I followed it until I saw a graveyard. It looked different than modern graveyards, this was obviously a tribal graveyard. I looked at some of the names and my head started hurting. The voices became much more clear one of them said, "Son..." another said, "My love..." and the third one said, "Join us..." The voices... they were my family! "Mom... my wife... dad..." I couldn't be with them, no matter how much I wanted to. The curse of my birthday made it impossible for me to die. Suddenly, the ghosts of my family became physical and my wife said, "We know a way to free you from your curse. The moon will be red in one hour. Take the time to collect these ingredients. Wolfsbane, your own blood, an eternal flame, and the essence of darkness itself. When you have them, bring them here at the Full Blood Moon. You will be free..." I went to collect the ingredients and it was almost time. I brought my cauldron to the graveyard and followed the words of my wife. Once the wolfsbane was soaked in my blood, I lit it with the eternal flame, and put in the essence of darkness. A strange fog bubbled out of the cauldron. I inhaled it and coughed a storm. "Finally... I'm free." my body fell to the ground. I was finally dead, after all this time, I could finally move onto the afterlife.

This was the best I could do, it's about 800 words

I'd like a personalized Sagacitas signature
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Re: Sagacitas || Holiday/Event Thread. ||

Fri Oct 27, 2017 3:56 pm

🎃 wc 1027, tokens please 🎃

  • The confused ginger man stooped over the pumpkins scattered through the vast dark damp field he found himself in. He had no idea how he came to be in a place like this. It seemed to be a farm or maybe a u pick but .. looking up the lingering full harvest moon gave a clue to the missing memories accept he was fully clothed and in his human form. What magic was this?

    The man massaged first his aching shoulder then both his temples as a canine whine escaped him. His life was confusing enough right now. In the last few moons he had acquired a mate but had yet to free himself of John's meddling. He was still living in the room in the rectory, still 'volunteering' in the kitchen making meals for those that needed them most. Trying to gain some acceptance again in the community he had helped spread fear .. no terror in while under River's control. He was beginning to come to terms with how broken the relationship had been, that maybe she hadn't actually cared any about him at all. That he had been nothing but a tool and a thing to amuse herself with. Those revelations had hurt him more than John probably suspected. It had made him want the pills more because it was the center of a new pain that he had no way to deal with. Not with a mate now too. Aslinn could be scary when she pulled out her Alpha tactics on him not that he was about to tell her that. Not under this full moon or any other.

    Different tactics had been being tried out with him, to help him deal with stress and pain. He had gotten the most grief over what looked and sounded like a squeaky dog toy thankfully that was not the item he found in his pocket instead he pulled out some bright yellow, orange and white candy that was roughly triangular or maybe conical in shape. Landon was fairly certain his pockets should have contained mints from the desk in John's office not .. candy corn? He popped two in his mouth and chewed thoughtfully before spitting the candy back out into the grass. Nope the stupid ball would have been better! More useful too. He actually did like the noise it made.

    Disgusted with himself he set his sights on what looked like the skyline of mystic city and started his walk back. Time seemed to pass far to quickly and the scenery kept changing in ways it shouldn't. Someone was messing with him and he shouted angrily into the night only to find the stars and full orange moon had been replaced with limestone pillars and stalagmites. His shouts filled the air with angry disturbed bats flapping and scratching at his exposed skin.

    Landon ducked down to protect his face covering up as best he could with the limited mobility in his right arm. The floor of the cave fell away from under him and after a hard landing Landon found himself in a pit filled with bones. Bones that started to rattle and take their human shapes once again. Necromancers were uncommon and dangerous but the voices that began to rise on the wind combined with the torn garments clinging to the bones told him it was not a necromancer that had summoned these souls back to their bones but their hate and anger rightfully directed at him for their deaths.

    He was going to die at the hands of a skeleton army. A army of dead he had made under the command of another.

    "I'm sorry! .. I was wrong.. she was wrong.. I, I didn't know.. I wasn't in control of my actions anymore.. I .. I probably deserve this but .. stop?"

    The skeletons were pulling him, shaking him, hitting him now ..but the voices were changing. He could swear he could hear Aslinn. Whimpering and cringing he knew the next voice he herd was not one he would imagine there because it was John's voice. John's scent and the sting of his hand on Landon's face.

    Landon yelped and blinked a few times to find himself on the cold, worn and splintered wood floor in the room that had been his now for half a year. Aslinn and John over him with matching looks of pity and concern. He hated that look and immediately looked away from them both. The scent of his own fear was heavy in the room but all he was feeling now was shame and guilt.

    "GET OUT! .. GET OUTTA HERE! .. I don't go barging into your rooms when your sleeping do I?"

    He rolled onto his left and used that arm to get back first to his knees then his feet. The one good thing about the tiny room was the bed was never far from where he needed it to be.

    A quieter more defeated voice sounded from him now, though Landon still wouldn't look at the two who had come to his side. "your still here.. why do you even bother with me?" He had wanted to be alone but he couldn't help but crave comfort from his mate either. John's firm hand on his good shoulder might even be welcome right now but he couldn't ask for those things. For the same reason he had finally stopped asking for the pills. The lines between wanting and needing had become too blurry. His hands went up to his ears and temples again instead.

    He couldn't take nightmares like this much more and as the vale was continuing to thin they were getting worse. Maybe he had been cursed by one of the witches he had slain? Maybe the angry souls of those pathetic creatures did want revenge, or just to drive the rest of his sanity away? Maybe the human healers he had been forced to see weekly had it right and he was just feeling guilty over their deaths. He had just been doing his damn job and if he had failed River would have destroyed him in one way or another. He hadn't had a choice!
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the kiss of death

Fri Oct 27, 2017 5:30 pm

The Kiss of Death
By periwinkle
Disclaimer: One sentence suicide mention
wc: 2377

Decaying leaves painted in multiple different shades of orange and red crunched underfoot as the man walked through the woods, heading slowly yet surefootedly towards the sounds of terrified screams and wails that permeated the night air. These cries of fear and sadness were merely background noise to the figure - as common as an owl hooting or twigs snapping as animals fled deeper into the underbrush - who sauntered along through the dark as if he were taking a midnight stroll.

He would never get tired of hearing screams such as these.

As the man walked, the nature around him seemed to instinctually bend closer to him. Had it been spring or summer, they would have shrunk away from the decay the man brought with him. Now, they reached for him because of what he stood for. It was the Grim Reaper’s favorite season, autumn – the season of death and decay – and also his favorite night: All Hallows’ Eve. The night where evil could roam free under the full moon that lit their sins for the world to witness. Human death was in the air tonight; many souls would be reaped by his spindly fingers before the sun arose again. Or, so he thought.

The forest gave way to a small clearing, and in the clearing yawned the gaping mouth of a cave. The screams that had reverberated from within had now quieted, which the Reaper found to be quite disconcerting. Bats flapped above his cloaked head, no doubt screeching furiously in their high falsetto in order to find food, and cast brief shadows on the moonlit ground as they passed under its lunar gaze.

The Reaper stepped willingly into the dark embrace of the cave and headed down the black passage. He went in the same unhurried manner as before, and nothing dared to stop the collector of souls. No rocks dared try to grab his sweeping black cloak that brushed the rocky terrain beneath his feet and no cobwebs dared to clutch at his face as the man strived towards his destination. The scythe held in his right hand was used as an unnecessary walking stick, the sharp blade pointing back the way they came as an unheeded warning to its owner. Eventually the tunnel gave way to a moderately sized cavern, dimly lit by melted down candles. Among the many things that would be considered odd about this scene, the Grim Reaper’s gaze was first drawn to the mangled body – the owner of the soul he was to collect. The young man was mostly buried under a large pile of heavy rocks, with only one arm and the head exposed to the sight of the Reaper. The hand was outstretched, as if the man had begged for help from his comrades before dying a most undeniably painful death via sudden cave-in; and, surprisingly enough, he had a pumpkin over his head. Red blood seeped out of the cracks of the rocks and pooled around the still, stiff body.

Although mildly interested in this development, the Reaper’s eyes feigned boredom as they followed the blood puddle to the edge of what was no doubt a pentagram drawn roughly on the floor in plain white chalk. A summoning? How…unoriginal.

A small whimper drew his gaze from the floor to the group of three other teens huddled together as far away from the body as possible. Two of the teens had gone into shock, but the front one – presumably the leader – still seemed coherent enough for questioning. The Reaper stepped smoothly over to the trio of males and said two simple words in a deep, gravelly voice that had the teens trembling, “What happened.”

“I-It was only supposed to be a prank…only a prank,” the leader muttered, reduced to a simpering mess as the crushing weight of what he and his friends had done slowly gripped his brain in an eternal guilt. The Grim Reaper tilted his head slightly. “And the pentagram?”

“We were just gonna scare him a little, m-make him think we were gonna sacrifice him! I swear!”

Typical human attitude, the Reaper thought in disgust as the teen dropped to his knees, babbling rapidly about the incident being an accident. Always making excuses instead of seeking repentance. The being gave a disgusted sneer, hidden to the teens by his black hood, and used one heavy black boot to shove the groveling blond boy away from him. With a scoff towards the weeping young man now laying on the stone floor, the Reaper turned back to his job and swept over to the body. He didn’t bother to remove the pumpkin over the boy’s head, but instead placed one large, pale hand on the exposed arm. The Reaper sat and waited for the soul to flow to him, but received nothing. Now that was odd. A body with no soul was impossible, so who took his soul?

Grim stood, turning back to the teens with an undeniable anger radiating from him. “Who else was here?” He roared, already experiencing a sinking feeling erupt in his core. There was only one other person who could take souls, and if that person was free…

To his surprise and fear, the three teens on the floor were also now still and unbreathing – and they were skeletons. The life had been sucked from them so forcefully that even the flesh was dissolved, leaving only bare, brittle bones in their place. They had died so suddenly and swiftly, and the Reaper hadn’t even felt it. The collector of souls was certain now that he knew exactly who had taken these souls, and that “person” was here now, in the cavern with him.

She stepped out of the shadows clinging to the corners of the caverns looking just as sinfully beautiful as she had the first day he met her. She was still just as scary as he remembered too, her black eyes focusing solely on him. Her wide, white grin was unnerving. There was no other way to describe her outward appearance, for with every movement she made her appearance changed from one nationality to another. Death affected all, regardless of race, and as a reflection of that she never settled for one appearance. All that remained steady in her features were the haunting black eyes and bloody red lips. She had been brought to existence by sin itself.

“Grim,” she greeted, the lilt to her voice sending a shiver down his spine.

“Death,” the Reaper responded, working hard just to keep from retreating. Even if he had tried to run, it wouldn’t be long before she found him. No one could escape Death unless she allowed it.

Although she couldn’t see his face, still hidden beneath his cloak, Death could obviously sense his apprehension and confusion. “Ah, Allhallowe’en, the night where magic runs rampant. Tonight, I have been freed thanks to this unwilling sacrifice.” Her pitch-black orbs trailed to the mangled body beneath the rocks. “Those unwilling to go always taste the sweetest. Like candy.”

The Reaper did not respond. The bumbling humans had a common misconception that Death and the Grim Reaper were one and the same, but in actuality Death was much, much worse. She didn’t just collect souls, she murdered and pillaged in order to get them. She was plague, war, natural disasters. She was the inoperable brain tumor in your loved one. She was the drunkard that crashed into the minivan, killing the family of four inside it while the drunkard walked away with a mere scratch. She cooed to the stillborn babies and held them in her arms as the once excited first-time parents mourned the loss of their child a few feet away. She was the voice in one’s head, encouraging them to end their own suffering once and for all. Now that she was free, she wouldn’t stop killing. Her freedom meant the world’s ultimate demise.

Grim remained as still as possible and contemplated his options. In this case, it was join or die. He would readily admit that he was not a good man, he had done countless acts of evil in his lifetime and had shown no mercy when it came to collecting souls. The little child that died from cancer? He took her soul without blinking instead of letting her live. The war hero that saved countless comrades but was hit by one single bullet? His soul was sucked away before he even reached a medic. These examples were just two of many in the long list of “unfair deaths” that the Grim Reaper had witnessed. He did his job and got out. No feelings necessary.

But now he thought of the countless other humans still alive. The little boy that survived cancer and would now live to age 108; the firefighter that was burned badly in a fire while saving three children that would heal and live a long, fulfilling life. If he let Death leave now, those and many others – possibly humankind itself – would perish before their time. Humans had numerous faults, almost too many to count, but they also had life. They had feelings, they experienced emotions and pain. They were the most beautifully complex beings in creation, because they had the will to choose to be good. Not all were good, of course, but those that had goodness in them didn’t deserve such a miserable fate as Death.

So, as much as he hated to admit it… “I can’t let you leave this cave.”

If Death was surprised, she didn’t show it. She blinked once, the human act seeming inhuman on a face like hers. Her blood-red lips curled at the corners in a half-sneer, half-smile. “All this time has made you weak, Grim. If you will not let me through, then I will extinguish you as I did the others.”

Grim merely chuckled, knowing his fate and accepting it. He moved a hand to the hood of his cloak and pushed it down in one swift movement. In the place where a normal human face should be, a skeletal head took its place. “You’ve already tried,” he spoke, teeth clacking together as empty sockets narrowed in on Death.

“You ran from me once and got away. I showed mercy because you were once my friend. That will not happen this time,” Death warned, beginning to stalk around him as a cat would her prey. Grim cautiously circled too, the beginning of their dance to the death. He knew he was going to die tonight, but he sure as hell wouldn’t go down without a fight. His grip tightened on his scythe and he moved into a more defensive position. Death laughed.

I gave you that scythe, and this is how you repay me for it?” She questioned rhetorically, moving closer to Grim as the tension between the two grew exponentially. Grim gave a warning swipe towards the woman and she jumped out of its reach easily, still grinning like the Cheshire cat.

With that, the fight began.

Death, who had continued her circling, suddenly darted in and wrapped her lean arms around Grim’s torso as though she were hugging him. The Reaper brought the blade of the scythe down hard into her shoulder, but the woman did not flinch even as it penetrated into soft flesh until it hit bone. Despite the injury, Death launched the Reaper clear to the other side of the cavern, where he hit the wall hard and fell to the ground. Had she not been inhibited by the blade in her shoulder, he surmised, she could have thrown him hard enough to kill him. His empty eye sockets moved to face the female figure, who was ripping the blade out of her wounded flesh. As he watched, she smirked at him before throwing the blade up at the ceiling with her one good arm. The scythe was thrown hard enough that the blade was able to stick into the rock and thus was suspended there in the ceiling. Now, Grim was weaponless. He was no match for her.

He struggled to his feet and Death marched over to him, her useless arm still hanging at her side. It was nearly detached from her shoulder completely, Grim could see the ligaments and muscles barely holding the arm there.
Without his weapon, he was no match for the more powerful being. Although he did attempt to throw a few punches towards the unstoppable force, Death merely dodged them gracefully before grabbing his throat with the hand linked to her good arm. His back connected to the rock wall as she fiercely shoved him against it. A low moan left his throat; this was it. Death didn’t play with her victims for too long, at least not when there were so many left for her to lay waste to. To her, he was just another blip in the universe, a being for her to overpower and destroy.

Black eyes stared emotionlessly into skeletal eye sockets as Death studied him closely. “You have no idea what it was like to be constrained the way I was. I could only wreak my havoc at specific times, only when it was allowed. I was so jealous of you, Grim. You could go where you pleased, as long as you did your job. I wanted to be you for the longest time. Then, I realized something. I’m unstoppable, who was I to be held back? As soon as I got the opportunity, I broke free of my jail. Now that I am finally free-” she broke off with a short “ha” of laughter before continuing, “- I will make known to this world exactly how unnatural, grotesque, and sickeningly beautiful Death is. Thank you for being my inspiration. And, as they say in the language of love, au revoir." Her face twisted into a snarl as she mockingly whispered, "Goodnight, sweet Prince.”

Grim could not struggle in her powerful chokehold as Death leaned forward. Crimson lips met teeth in place of where lips should have been.

The Kiss of Death.

Another completely skeletal body hit the floor face-first - the first of many to come - and Death observed it for another moment before turning and leaving the cave without a backwards glance.

The End

[This was fun! I'll take the tokens please cx]
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ᴛʜᴇʀᴇ ɪs ɴᴏ ᴇɴᴅ ᴛᴏ ᴛʜɪs ʙᴜᴛ ᴅᴇᴀᴛʜ

Sat Oct 28, 2017 7:06 pm

The bitter truth is better than the sweetest lies.
You have abandoned your duties, my child. If this continues, we will have no other choice but to make you into one of the contracts you despise so much. While I personally do not care about your future, many of your brothers and sisters would be quite heartbroken if you were to disappear. On the night of the next full moon, you are to complete your newest contract and bring us proof of your success. Failure is not an option; it will be very wise if you prepare for this particular kill and carry it out without more failures.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDo not fail me again,
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxA friend

A pair of dull green eyes scanned over the letter as a light huff escaped through the woman's pale lips. This was most likely the fifth letter delivered throughout the same week, meaningless threats written on the yellowish paper, the next one being even more gruesome than the last one. It was quite amusing, to be honest. Reading these creepy letters while sitting in the dark, only the light of the nearby candle illuminating her damp room as she sat behind an old wooden desk, simply watching the night go by. A cough from behind her caused the woman to glance over her shoulder. She seemed irritated.

A raised eyebrow indicated that her attention was focused on the elderly man standing in the doorway, his wrinkly face appearing even older in the dim light of the candle. He was dressed in a simple black tux, a worn old cloak covering his shoulders as the man seemingly waited for the youth to say something and acknowledge his presence. The two looked at each other for a moment and then the woman finally relented, sighing quietly and leaning back in her chair. She had always hated such "dramatic" silences.

"What is it?" She asked, turning her green gaze away from him as she focused on the pouring rain outside once more, her posture somewhat tense. "You've done your duty."

"Would you like me to bring a reply to them, Mistress?" The man replied, his voice somewhat cold and apathetic as he appeared to be indifferent towards her. "Or not?"

The woman smirked to herself - he had always been such a loyal follower and servant of their Guild. Turning back to focus on the parchment laying on her desk, she extended her hand to reach for the quill and then sighed, dipping the tip into the nearby bottle of ink, trying to decide how to reply. She held little respect for the rest of their makeshift family and didn't really want to do anything with them, but had to due to a debt she owed. But there was no need to delve into such scary, yet sad memories. The man was waiting for an answer and she was to give it to him, preferably in the form of a letter. Smirking at the parchment, she leant down to begin writing the reply letter.

Dear friend,
Fuck off. It will be done.

"There you go." The woman replied quietly as she rose up from the chair and approached the mysterious man. "Bring this to those bats. Hopefully, they'll get off your back."

The man just nodded, bowing slightly and then disappearing in the shadows of the windowless staircase. His footsteps soon died down and the woman was left alone with her own thoughts, her somewhat sad gaze focused on the storm outside. It was going to be yet another long All Hallow's Eve. Slowly realising that she was going to have to go out tonight either way due to it being a full moon, the youth quietly walked over to an old wardrobe, opening it and pulling out her usual combat suit. It took about ten minutes for the woman to dress in her usual outfit, tugging a leather mask over her face that was designed to look like a skull. The spikes on the ends of her boots and on her knuckles revealed that she was a very handy woman, preferring to approach people using her fists and not the variety of weapons found on the walls of her shabby apartment.

It took but another fifteen minutes for the woman to leave her apartment and walk into the crisp air of the night, looking around as she noticed children skipping around the neighbourhood, dressed in various odd and different costumes, asking strangers for candy and promising tricks if they weren't given any. Their bags were decorated to look like pumpkins and skulls, many children wearing black clothes with bones drawn on them, probably wanting to become skeletons for one day. And even though she would have loved to just sit around on the porch and look at these kids having fun, she had a contract to wrap up and a person to kill. There was no time left to waste in this depressing place; the house where all of her worst memories were locked up. The rotten apartment that was now her home, full of sorrows. It made her feel terrible.

Her target was skipping down the street, a young girl dressed in red, most likely trying to take on the character of Red Riding Hood from the overly popular story. Raising one of her daggers, the woman looked at her reflection on the smooth blade, noticing the skeletal appearance of her own face, a simple skull looking back at her. It was her secret and her true nature; to be the Grim Reaper, who had made a pact with some group of assassins due to a favour they had done for her in the past. And now she had sunk to a low level of killing children and making sure that some parents never saw their kids again. Sighing to herself, the woman slowly moved deeper into the street, following the young girl until she turned around, a frightened expression on her face as she looked at the woman, undoubtedly seeing through her sad excuse for a disguise.

"Are you lost, Miss?" The child asked as her bright blue eyes focused on the woman, a little smile playing on her lips. "It's a really bad night to get lost. It's dangerous."

"I know. I'm not lost, little girl, I've come to get rid of you." The woman replied, the dagger in her hand morphing into a large scythe with glowing skulls on it. "Time to die."

The girl smirked quietly, her blue eyes slowly turning to crimson red as she giggled, revealing a pair of sharp fangs in her mouth, her fingernails growing and elongating as she stood in front of the reaper in all of her glory; one of the elder vampires that had been plaguing the neighbourhood for who knows how long, taking the kills of the Guild the woman was working for. Her scythe screeched loudly as it smelled the chance for a good battle, the blade humming softly as the woman chuckled, her own disguise falling down as the skeleton watched the child vampire, her clothes changing into a long black cloak that wrapped around her body almost perfectly. This felt like home.

She didn't want to murder children or people, who weren't supposed to die just yet. But her contract was there and she had to follow it to every letter. And so she simply swung.

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Sagacitas || Christmas Event! ||

Thu Dec 07, 2017 2:18 am

On to the fun part!
For those who participate, you'll be able to choose one
of the prizes below.

- Holiday tokens. (40 tokens!)
- A golden movie ticket. (You can choose a movie for all
of the foxes to watch!)
- Secret Santa Stocking. (What's inside? It could be something
as simple as a special Christmas hug to a holiday token
jackpot! The way this works is that I will be rolling a dice for
each person and depending on what I roll is what you get as
a prize!)

Welcome one and all to the official Sagacitas Christmas event!
Now before you panic, this event will be really laid back just
like the former Halloween event we had. You'll have till the 2nd
of January to finish it
, and the options that you'll be able to
pick from to participate in the event are all very laid back!
Similarly to the Halloween event, those who participate will
be given a selection of prizes to choose from! If you are unable
to participate, however, don't stress about it too much! You
can sit back and cheer those who are participating on.

Here are the options you may choose to submit for this event!

- A re-write of Twelve Days of Christmas. You can re-write the
song how you'd like and submit it.

- A short Christmas Story.

- Three Christmas Poems for those who have a soft spot for

- Christmas themed artwork. - It doesn't have to be related to
a kitsune; it can be anything you like as long as it revolves
around Christmas or winter!


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Re: Sagacitas || Holiday/Event Thread. ||

Fri Dec 08, 2017 8:01 am

A Christmas of Houses. This is loosely based off of this story blurb here!
    • The fox's eyes glinted in the moonlight as he stepped lightly through the snow, his tails waving silently behind him as he lifted his head, his ears perking forward at the rustling of the chilly breeze against the bare branches above him. His breath shown in front of him as he weaved his way through the silent forest, and a flash of blue made him suddenly pause, and he gazed up towards the clear sky. "You're here early, Amaranthine. I thought you disliked the cold."

      There was a twinkle of mischievous humor in the kitsune's eyes as a certain phoenix suddenly appeared upon the thick branch over his head, and she ruffled her feathers for a moment to stimulate some heat off of them before she narrowed her gaze upon the fox. The cold hardly bothers me. And I do recall you complaining many winters ago on how cold your paws were in spite of being known as the fire fox of the wood." Once her feathers were engulfed with a low flame, Amaranthine took a moment to gaze about, her gaze turning curious as it finally settled back upon the fox. "Why were we called here? I thought Halcyon had a matter of urgency to discuss with us, but he is not present."

      Sagacitas gave a shrug of his shoulders, sitting back as he curled his tails around himself. "I know not. You know how he is sometimes. His "matters of urgency" usually involve something... of little importance to say the least." He gave a light laugh and the two of them glanced quickly up at the deep sound of wings flapping. For a moment, the moon seemed to disappear as a large shape hid it from view, and the fox quickly jumped aside as the figure landed, nearly catching one of his tails beneath its large body. It was a ritual that all of them were used to. Back in the early days of time, he wouldn't have been as lucky - but now he was used to the sound of Vipera's wings approaching.

      The Wyvern gave a mighty yawn, resting in a more comfortable position as she folded up her wings, her long snake-like tail curling slowly around her as she gazed upon the other two with a lazily expression. Not seeming to really pay much mind that she had almost landed upon their fox friend. "I do hope Halcyon has a very good reason for summoning us. I would have much preferred staying in my warm cave for the night." Vipera stated, seeming too have heard the last bit of their conversation. Seeming to notice that Halcyon was missing for the first time, Vipera sighed. "And he's fashionably late per the usual as well."

      Sagacitas chuckled lightly, "It's nice seeing you again too, Vipera. It's been awhile." In fact, it had been awhile since all of them had been together like this. Long ago, they had left each other to pursue their own paths after they left the humans, and after that moment there had been very little interaction between them. While he enjoyed his moments of solitude during his travels, it was quite nice to see everyone together once more like this. There was a comfortable silence between the trio as they waited for their last friend. Halcyon was their chatter box, the one who always seemed to spur the conversation on, so all three of them were content on waiting for his arrival. At last, the sound of pounding hooves caused him to turn his head towards his left. A tall unicorn stepped out, his coat a lightly dappled purple and his horn long and made of ivory.

      The equine gave them a sheepish smile, knowing very well that he was late for his own meeting, but that didn't seem to dim the bright mood that was radiating off him as he approached his friends. "Apologies for the wait. I had a few things to tend to before coming here."

      "Pay no mind to it," Sagacitas gave a dismissive shrug, his muzzle curling upwards in amusement, "Why are we here, though, is the question. I wasn't doing anything too important, but Vipera over there was dealing with a situation of upmost importance." He gave a light purr as he spoke, and that caused Halcyon to glance up at Vipera a bit nervously, almost as if he expected to Vipera to swallow him whole right then and there, and his hooves shifting under him. Vipera's eyes narrowed.

      Amarathine rolled her eyes. "He's jesting, Halcyon. Vipera was just napping."

      "Oh," Halcyon chuckled at that, his eyes lighting up in excitement, "I think I received a sign from the Stag late yesterday evening. I have to show you what I've found."

      The other three spirits exchanged glances, and Amaranthine was the first to speak, her gaze shrouded with doubt. "I do not mean to doubt you, Halcyon. But the last few times you told us this, all the signs were simply coincidence... we haven't heard from him in centuries. He made it quite clear that his teachings for us were over and that we must find our own answers now. Why would he start sending us signs now?"

      Sagacitas gave a slow nod himself, "I would very much love to hear from him, but I doubt he would be sending us signs at this period of time - after what occurred with the humans, don't think he would have stepped in then and helped guide them to the right path? He had many chances to do so, and yet he stood back and watched."

      "You sound quite bitter of that fact, Sagacitas," Vipera mused, seeming thoughtful as she turned her head, the horns crowning her head flashing against the moonlight for a moment as she did so.

      The kitsune furrowed his brow, and then scoffed. "Why would I care about those humans? They ruined all of what the Stag envisioned."

      "Do not lie to me, fox. All of us know you had a soft spot for the humans you watched over." Vipera's chest rumbled with a soft growl, "We all did. They are easy to grow attach to."

      "Okay, fine, maybe I did once," Sagacitas growled, his temper flaring for a moment before he breathed out slowly, "However, that gives them no free pass of what they did."

      "Indeed not."

      Halcyon shook his mane, seeming a bit impatient with their bickering. "Everyone calm down. I am certain that this time is different. I need to show you what I've found. Follow me."

      Given little choice in the matter, the other three followed the unicorn back into the wood. His earlier frustration subsiding to make room for curiosity, Sagacitas stepped lightly over the forest floor, hearing the light beats of Amaranthine's wings above him as he followed Halcyon's trail. The party finally came to a halt when Halcyon signaled for them to stop, and unicorn turned towards them, his light blue eyes shining in a happiness that even Sagacitas was surprised to see. He hadn't seen him this happy for a very long time. Just what was he about to show them?

      "Look into the clearing. " Halcyon nodded his head towards the clearing beyond the shadows of the forest, and all of them leaned forward to take a look. What they saw was certainly not what they were expecting. There were dazzling lights everywhere, and decorations filling up the whole clearing. Music played merrily somewhere in the background, and the warm smells of all sorts of food wafted towards them. It was a celebration of some sorts, and they could hear the sound of humans talking and laughing together. This wasn't much of a surprise to any of them, they knew humans held their winter celebrations annually - but there was something that surprised them about this celebration. It contained people from all of the lands. They could see the colors of Amaranth, Halcyone, Viperan, and Sagacitan together; dancing, laughing, mingling. The very sight of it was enough to make them all silent in their shock. With all the wars between each nation in the past many years, attending something like this would be seen as treachery.

      Finally, Sagacitas broke the silence. "How long has this been going on? Surely for not awhile - there's still wars going on." A old feeling stirred deep within him as gazed upon the humans. Protectiveness. Did they not know the danger of being together like this? They all seemed quite young - likely not even older than being in their mid-twenties. But surely even in their youth, they knew of the dangers, did they not?

      Halcyon gave a smile. "I doubt for very long... this might be even the first time they've done it. I came here yesterday evening. An invitation to it got stuck upon my horn and I went to investigate. Admittedly, I did... eavesdrop on their conversation for a bit. This winter celebration of theirs is supposed to last in secret for the duration of the week. I don't think this is the first time they've all gathered before, they all seem to know each other, but isn't it wonderful?" The unicorn turned his head to gaze upon the celebration once more. "I haven't seen a special event like this between all the nations for so long. Even if it isn't technically official."

      "It is... very nice to see them all like this, but it is quite dangerous," Vipera's own grumpy mood from before seemed to have vanished upon seeing all of them together, "Did you find out who their leader is? Surely an organization this established has someone overseeing all the arrangements. "

      One of his ears twitched towards Vipera, his eyes not moving from the humans as he replied."I didn't stay around for too long yesterday, but I did pick up on a name that seemed to come up frequently. Strider. Many of them kept on saying "take it up to Strider" or "be sure that you mention it to Strider" so I can only assume that he may be the head of it. Or perhaps he's one of the heads. I am not really sure of the structure of this group yet."

      Amaranthine hushed them for a moment, her head tilting curiously as she listened for a moment. "Merry Christmas?" She frowned, seeming slightly confused, "I know of many winter celebrations of the nations, but I've never heard of "Merry Christmas" before."

      "Perhaps they made it up on the spot," Sagacitas gave a quiet laugh, "I don't care what they call it... I'm just very pleased that this younger generation is taking measures to bring peace once more. Perhaps the humans aren't as far gone as we thought." A light snow was beginning to fall from the sky as clouds drifted slowly across it, dimming the stars and the moon as the four spirits watched the celebration carry on, none of the humans seeming too bothered by the chill in the air. The sound of their singing lifted with the breeze, echoing through the hollow forest. It didn't take too long for them to learn the words to a few of the songs - especially the ones on repeat, and the four of them found themselves slowly swaying with the music, humming along.
We wish you a Merry Christmas,
We wish you a Merry Christmas,
We wish you a Merry Christmas,
And a happy new year...
    • The snow swirled along with the breeze, traveling far beyond the forest to one of the great mountains that stood proudly up from the land . A lone figure of a great stag stood upon a ledge, and its ears lifted slowly as the soft music reached them. The Stag listened for a moment, his stance proud as he overlooked the land below him. For a brief moment, something close to a smile crossed his muzzle, and as the snow resting upon his ledge stirred up with the next great breeze, he vanished along with it.