Salutations I am DG

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Salutations I am DG

Mon Feb 25, 2019 10:41 pm

My name is DangerousGirl115 but you can call me DG for short if you wish. There are many things I would like to share about myself to help find writing partners. I suppose the first thing I should address is my writing style. I can write as many words as I can with what I am given. This means I will mirror what my partner writes. I usually write from a first-person point of view (90% of the time) though there have been moments that I decide for an RP or story that third person POV is better.

Moving on to the next order of business: genre. I enjoy a wide variety of realistic & modern day to fantasy and medieval. That scope is very wide and I understand that so it would be easier to tell you what I DON'T do. I do not RP anything that relates to Aliens that invade earth or whatnot, only because I am quite awful and writing it (I read and watch a lot of it though). My only exception to that is is anything related to "I am Number Four", I have found that I can write that quite well.

I have many OC characters which means I usually have one that can fit into the role needed for the RP. As for Coding and such I am very good at HTML and BBC coding but have recently found (in making this post) that Advanced Scribes does not offer the full range of BBC coding, so I ask to be patient with me while I scope out how this thread words because I do not use the cheat icons. I am an Avid reader, therefore, I love book talk. My favorite book series is by Sarah J. Mass, A Court Of Thorns And Roses I also am very into the harry potter franchise, among many others.

On an important note i am a Senior in highschool and I do horseback riding which means while I will be sure to be on as often as possible there will be days that I cannot write a full 300 words at the minnimum and will not respond until I have the time to do so.

If you would like to learn anything more about me please feel free to send me a PM or just ask below. Have a wonderful day and I look forward to writing with you
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Salutations, you can call me DG
or Danger if you wish. I enjoy RP's
of all types. I enjoy coding and
reading books. I am really busy
with my classes most days but
I usually find time to get some
writing in. If you have any ideas
you wish to try out with me just
send me a message.

"You cant pick and choose which
parts of her you love" -Sarah J. Maas

or forgotten
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