Introductory Welcome and Rules!

A place where new members must introduce themselves before being able to participate on the full forum.
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Introductory Welcome and Rules!

Sat Jul 07, 2018 4:30 am


Hello and welcome to Advanced Scribes! We'd like to introduce this new forum system where newly registered users
can drop in and introduce themselves in a designated board. This section is hosted specifically to monitor as well as
prevent an influx of spam accounts designed to advertise on our site. That being said, all newly registered users are
to post an introductory post explaining a bit about them and respond to another recently joined user in order to gain
access to the full site! Currently it is set up that all new users must post twice in this board to be able to post within
the rest of the site, however they can still view everything a normal user can so they may explore the site and view
any rules or fun going on within.

Attendants are to be directly in charge of welcoming all members who post here and answering any questions you
may have! Other than that, it is advised you check out the site rules as well as the FAQ beforehand so you are well
equipped to move on to the rest of the site.
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