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I've been Roleplaying for about 5-6 years and feel that I've made great progress with my roleplaying. This village I have created is 4 years in the making and is always expanding. Im also available on Wattpad and kik. If you'd prefer either of those, I'm willing to share them, just message me. Here's a little intro:
Just a few miles away from the ocean, perfect landing dock for pirates, is the village of Arkala. A nasty, dirty, evil place; filled with the most dangerous and villainous creatures known to man. At the heart of the small village sits a pub, where nightly fights take place and the local baffoon yelps about killing the devil and wearing his bleeding crown. Behind two buildings is a coliseum, where gladiators fight to the death in bloody battles and the only way to get to it, through a dark alley, is even bloodier as locals make game out of racing and killing each other to get to the coliseum first. A fun sport for those in the village. At the beginning of the village is a blacksmith, who slaves away bringing his hammer down on hot metal all day. Out of place is a small bakery, ran by twins, who aren't exactly what they seem. In that bakery sits a stranger, wrapped in a blanket, hiding behind a bird meets plague doctor mask. Across the pub is an inn, protected by gangs of Minotaurs, goblins, and werewolves. Just around the corner, just about a mile away, up a top a hill, is a large castle, taken over by the most menacing bunch of vampires known across the lands. Angels of darkness and light hide amongst the villagers, one angel of darkness in particular, being stalked by a demon and occasionally, Satan himself. This village is a journey and full of dark surprises, ready for you to explore. If you dare....
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