ayy lmao

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ayy lmao

Sun Sep 16, 2018 4:38 am


nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere. we're all gonna die. come rp with me.

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hey. i'm henderson, but most people call me henry. i'm twenty. he/him pronouns. obviously, i'm a roleplayer. you know like everybody else here.¯\_(ツ)_/¯. i've been doing it for an atrociously long time. i've been here before but very briefly and i don't even remember what i went by. i've come back to poke around a lil more. i'm really bad at talking about myself. first thing you should know? i'm the self proclaimed alligator king. i love them so much. all crocodilians really. i'm partial to all reptiles, but they will always be my favorite and have a special place in my heart. speaking of- if you have any noodles or scaley dogs feel free to hit me up and talk about them. i've got two little demon dogs of my own right now.

some other stuff i also really dig is ghostbusters, conspiracy theories, pizza, the occult, video games, crying, folk punk music, other genres of music, pinterest, pokemon, and i also like a lot of tv shows n stuff.

anyways if you wanna fight me schedule an appointment and we can meet in an abandoned mcdonalds parking lot at 3 am
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Re: ayy lmao

Sun Sep 16, 2018 3:12 pm

henderson wrote:
Sun Sep 16, 2018 4:38 am
Welcome to the site!

There’s a pet chat if you wanna discuss alligators or demon dogs or just feel like staring at other people’s pets for a bit. That’s here. Pizza sounds great, crying not so much, there’s a ‘what pokemon is the user above you game and you can more than likely find tv show threads on the clubs board or create your own : )

I’ll skip the fighting, but I’ll leave you with a link to the 1x1 search that you can use to find people with a similar rp interest as you. Perhaps there you will find someone who’s willing to have an all out battle with left-over fries. Or perhaps you could take over the local Burger King too and have the two restaurants go to war.

If you're down to chat with anyone, you may wish to join a house by using the quiz and you'll be able to participate in house chats and competitions that way! You might wish to take a look at the clubs board too, and you might find something you like there too. :)

The folks with coloured usernames are moderators, and they're happy to answer any questions you may have about the site!

I hope you enjoy it here :)

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Re: ayy lmao

Wed Sep 19, 2018 11:33 pm

  • Heya!
    I'm cerise, one of the attendants here. Hopefully you've already received a message from one of my buddies with a blue username like my own. If you haven't, feel free to PM me and I can give you the rundown of how this site works!

    As a side note, I have some reptiles of my own. I've owned corn snakes and other reptiles (bearded dragons, African plated lizards, red eared slider turtles) pretty religiously since I was like 8 years old. I currently have one adult corn snake and one lovely leopard gecko. I'm always down to chat about 'em!

    I hope you have fun exploring AS and meeting new people!
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Re: ayy lmao

Thu Sep 27, 2018 12:43 am

as my avatar is a cute little scaley boi, i believe we are going to get along wonderfully. i'm currently but a simple dog mom, HOWEVER i love me some snakes. i really do. too bad my bf hates them. ;-; owell, i'm gonna be a wonderful reptilian mom someday.

folk punk music? oh you MUST tell me more. i'm very partial to folk music, but folk punk? i am intrigued.
i'm also currently eating pizza. best food.

welcome to the site! hope you find everything you're looking for here! <3
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Re: ayy lmao

Fri Oct 26, 2018 6:52 am

Hiya! I'm technically not a reptile...and I'm not much of a fighter...But I love me some MacDonals! Can I make an appointment just for 3am chicken nuggets? I'll share, I swear!
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