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Sun Jul 14, 2019 5:18 am

My boyfriend is super shy and he's also a gamer. Is it bad that I get mad when all he does is play video games when we hang out? Is it also bad to want him to communicate more? I've talked to him about both issues and his response to my complaint about video-gaming was, "I'm sorry I found something I like to do? Is is really a bad thing to do something I enjoy?" and his response to the communication issues was, "I'm sorry. I just don't like it and I'm not used to it."

I've told him that I'll help him with communicating and that we can work on it together, but it's been a while and we've gotten nowhere with it. And the video gaming issue hasn't been resolved either. I told him that if he needs to know how to prioritize his time. We both met at work and our hours are short because we live in a really small town. The most we work is 3 hours a day and they are usually in the evenings. He plays his videos games before going to work and then after and he gets mad as me when I get upset because he can't put down his controller for one minute. And I know I may sound like a typical girlfriend, desperate for attention but isn't that part of a relationship? Is being paying attention to each other? I don't expect his attention ever second but I'd like it more than what he gives me.

This is my first ever relationship. Is there something I can do better? How can these situations be resolved? In your perspective, what am I doing wrong?

I will accept any advice from any gender. All will be greatly appreciated.
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