[] izuku [] intro[]

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[] izuku [] intro[]

Fri Aug 09, 2019 11:17 pm

xxi'm izuku, and this is my introduction!
xxobviously. i'm 18 and my interests include
xxand are not limited to: anime, books, xxwriting, reading, roleplaying, and music. xxnice to meet all of you! i'm excited to begin xxrole-playing with everyone!


xx|name; izuku
xx|age; 18
xx|gender; female
xx| i cant code
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Re: [] izuku [] intro[]

Sun Aug 11, 2019 3:50 pm

  • hey there izuku, welcome to AS!!

    i'm gold, one of the attendants here on the site, and if you ever have any questions about anything site-related, don't hesitate to send me, or any of my other blue attendant friends, a message; we don't bite, i promise, and we're more than happy to help c:

    i've seen a bunch of people into anime like you, especially bnha, so i'm sure you'll find a roleplay rather quickly! we're all anime lovers and nerds, you'll fit right in x) and don't worry about the coding, you'll get the hang of it; i remember i had some trouble with it, too, but making forms and setting up threads helped a bunch!

    well, now that i've greeted you, i'll be on my way. hope you manage to make yourself comfortable and find some awesome roleplays along the way! happy writing <3
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