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perfect polish
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Sat Aug 10, 2019 5:03 am

Hey yall,

I'm perfect polish but you can call me polish. I came over from chickensmoothie because of the decrease in activity and more freedom here. I've been looking for another site for a while and happen to stumble upon this one while looking for a horse picture. I've been roleplaying for about 5 years now. I'm kinda out of practice as I stopped for a while but I'm back now! I'm big into equestrian roleplays and enjoy a good romance rp. I also enjoy horse, dog, wolves, warrior cats, Harry Potter, and star wars for other topics. I'm a fan of all of the above.

Outside of rping I'm in my early 20s and a college student. I'm passionate about agriculture and am studying agriculture education. Chickens are another thing I absolutely adore. I'm a musician and play saxophone in jazz band but in the past I've done marching and symphonic. Im a huge Star Wars and Harry Potter buff and activly follow both. I'm also into gaming. Some favorites are Undertale/Deltarune, Kingdom Hearts, Animal Crossing, Ori and Blind Forest, Hat in Time, Battlefront II, Binding of Isaac, Fate, and We Happy Few. I'm currently learning to draw and me and my best friend are trying to design our own game.If you enjoy any of these PM me. I'd love to chat.
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Re: Hello

Sun Aug 11, 2019 3:44 pm

  • hey hey polish, welcome to AS!! <3

    i'm gold, one of the attendants on the site, and if you ever have any questions regarding anything site-related, feel free to shoot me, or one of my light blue friends, a message; we're all here to help, after all c:

    and oh, another CS member!! we've recently had a surge of CS members migrating to AS so they could roleplay mature themes without having to worry about mods badgering them with censorship and such. i myself came from CS, so i know just how... limiting that place can be when it comes to writing, and i'm really glad people are coming over!! i've seen a bunch of people with similar interests as yours, i'm sure you'll manage to find someone to roleplay with

    well, now that i've greeted you, i'll go and leave you to explore the site. hope to see you around, and happy writing!! <3
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Re: Hello

Mon Aug 12, 2019 2:46 am

High five to a fellow HP/SW fan!!!
I don't really game, but I do enjoy some of the expanded universe. I'm still adjusting to the idea of it all being 'inspiration' rather than canon....
Happy November!

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Happy Birthday to all of the December blueberries!
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