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Thu Aug 15, 2019 9:46 am

not fantastic with the introductory scene ; bare with me whilst i deepthroat this size nine foot between my lips.

i’ll weave you a tale, albiet unconventional : i’m a literate bullwhip teetering on the unbecoming precipice of snobbish ; my enthusiasm toward the written paragraph is nothing short of geekish. at heart, i am but an academically incapable low–life, and you’ll never guess this by a short exchange. a minimalist, they call me : i am a single–character damsel whom shuns the doubleups and split–second characters. call me an outsider.

this enough information? we crammin in TENFOLD tenfold.

i migrate to twitter a year, correct? good good, good riddance : terrible mistake. i was positively wrecked. the shoehorning tendencies of largescale social media shoved me face first into a crowd of nasty little crones. they wrote musing sex ; rotting concepts which make the skin above my bones crawl with fury.

mayhaps i lowered my standards, just a little.

and, ah! my name is cuthulu, crowned queen of edgy française and sticky–fingered crowd control. i have the music taste of a man proudly donning some double philosophy and art history majors —— my inner circle claims it something else, far more simple, but i wish to destroy the indulge of double standards, like china glass to cement. i wish to have my age kept a secret, known to none but the seldom admins of this tribe.

( tribe? tribe. i wish to partake in the intiation ceremony ; will i become one with the soil? death can be an option, for i am flexible. )

see? heed my warning, next time! for my foot is wedged far, wedged inbetween my lungs, approximately. oh, it’s so extremely uncomfortable.

so, with that, i spill one more droplet of tea : i roleplay on mobile, and mobile alone. my coding knowledge is most pathetic. do not assure me otherwise in any circumstance —— praise makes me cocky, and in that i am far too fruitful.
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