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New Overseer

Sat Aug 31, 2019 9:04 pm

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      Hello Scribes,

      xxxxxxAs the summer begins to wind down a bit, I would love to share some exciting news with you all. A previous face on the AS staff team has decided to rejoin, and we are happy to have her! Taking the role of Overseer again will be Deer! Recently she helped us out with some behind the scenes things, took a look at our themes and their status, and also rolled out one that Meraki had worked hard on prepping. We are grateful of that assistance and excited to see what more she will bring to the team and to AS! Please join me in welcoming her back on as Overseer!
Happy September!

- Finalize the AS survey results - working on it!
- Update the anon box thread - working on it!
- Announce new Overseer ✔
- Catch up on PMs
- Discuss the workshop idea
- Add new areas to Explicit board ✔
- Dear Stag ✔
- 100 DoS follow up poll
- Update the team page ✔
Also: discuss themes status

Happy Birthday to all of the September blueberries!
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Re: New Overseer

Mon Sep 02, 2019 11:15 am

Well this awkward duck is overjoyed to see Deer back on staff and in a position she clearly thrived in previously. Even as not staff I've always appreciated everything she has done and tbh had my fingers uietly crossed those last tooling and updates she helped with were a step in this direction. Thank you Deer for returning from your retirement. I mean I could make you a ice cream cake to celebrate but I'm sure it would melt in the mail. So you'll have to settle for a virtual hug. ♡
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Re: New Overseer

Mon Sep 02, 2019 6:47 pm

Thank you for the warm message, Gren! I will definitely settle for that virtual hug, as I wouldn't want that ice cream cake to get ruined c;

I am excited to be back on the team, and grateful that staff has offered me the oppertunity to get back out of retirement. I'm looking forward to be able to help AS out again behind the scenes. Hopefully I will be able to improve some things along the way which will result in a better user experience!

That being said, I also want to mention that my inbox is always open. If there are any issues you are experiencing and are uncertain if you should post it on the bug report thread, please feel free to message me. I'll be happy to help. The same counts for BBCode issues you may be breaking your head over -- I'll be happy to help out with that as well when I have the time!

Hi, I am Deer! I am an overseer on AS. Feel free to reach out to
me if you are experiencing any issues on the board. I love coding
and spend a fair share of my life doing it. Other than that, I am a
big fan of Arrowverse, and always open to chat about anything of it!

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